Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6-2-2010 The Weekly Claw

Okay, Memorial Day weekend is over. The Crawfish is somewhat recovered. There’s lightning in the area, so I’ve gotta get this posted before we get a power hit. Let’s Roll!

The world is condemning Israel for their actions against the terrorist-supporting flotilla, but it was all a set-up by the terrorist groups, the nation that wants to lead the Islamic world like it did from 1453 to the end of WW1 (Turkey), and the leftists of Europe and the United States. The main group organizing the event, International Humanitarian Relief Foundation, is based in Turkey and is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the main Islamist organizations. Al-Jazeera had a film crew aboard the lead vessel, and they documented the preparations for battle a day before the Israeli actions. The whole exercise was designed to provoke a response from Israel, and that’s just what they got. If these were really “peace activists” like they claimed, then why were they wearing masks and wielding pipes, knives, and firearms when the Israelis attempted to board their vessel? Why did they attack the Israelis with deadly force before the Israelis so much as pointed a single weapon their way? This video shows clearly that the Israelis were NOT firing on the terrorists as they came down the ropes. They were being attacked from the first instant.

While the Obama Administration quickly expressed “regret” over the incident and fully supports the UN’s investigation, which will be run entirely by arabs and other anti-Israel nations, there were actually a few Democrats who saw the incident for what it was and support the Israeli actions.

Here we go again with one of The Crawfish’s pet peeves. Some dumb-bass judge in Connecticut has ruled that two high schools cannot hold their graduation ceremonies in a church because it is an unConstitutional endorsement of religion. Is the school district Congress and is the decision on where to hold the ceremonies a law? If the answer to either question is “NAY”, then the “establishment clause” of the First Amendment, which reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, is not applicable, which means the judge has no clue what she is talking about and is not qualified to be a judge in federal court.

It ain’t just Connecticut this week. There’s a monument in Corruptionois that is eleven stories tall and in need of repair. An atheist is complaining that the repairs would be unConstitutional and is threatening a lawsuit. You see, the monument is a memorial cross, so this MUST be a separation of church and state issue, right? This just proves yet again that liberals not only refuse to read their own bills in Congress, but that none of them have ever really read the Constitution.

This week’s winner of the Golden DUH! Award is British Airways. Somebody’s definitely gonna be unemployed over this gaffe. Actually, probably more than one person, since somebody made the image and somebody else approved it.

A slightly different award, the Golden Bovine Turd Award, goes to Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy, for having the unmitigated gall to say that as a Catholic, she must pursue public policies that are in keeping with the values of Jesus Christ. Just how in the world does support for abortion and opposition to a ban on partial-birth abortions come anywhere close to the values of Jesus Christ? She’s just reminding us that she is a hypocritical liar.

President Obama is going to send 1200 National Guard troops to the border. Well, that is a start in the right direction. Wait…what was that you say? The troops aren’t going there to secure the border against illegal aliens? They’re going there to stop the fictitious flow of guns into Mexico and drugs only into the US? They’re doing the job that Mexican President Calderone requested, and not the job that is required of the federal gummint??? Only in the Era of Obama.

It doesn’t pay to be a union stooge when you try to speak out against someone who knows what he’s talking about, especially if you are too stoooopid to know how much your paycheck is! Noo Joisey Guvna Chris Christie schooled this teacher!

Looks like Tipper Gore has finally had enough of her husband’s going off the edge and is kicking him out of the door to protect her sanity. Can ya blame her?

Everybody outside of Holland knew that Joran van der Sloot was involved with the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, but his father got him off. Now we know van der Sloot is a serial killer. He is the only suspect in the murder of a woman in Peru over the weekend, and he may get away scot-free yet again. He slipped over the border into Chile before the authorities could catch up with him.

The Crawfish is glad to see that there’s at least one politician who agrees with one of my main ideas regarding illegal immigration. Rand Paul says we shouldn’t be giving citizenship to babies of illegals. Back when I wrote my (only partially tongue in cheek) American Tradition Party Platform 2008, I said that a Constitutional amendment would be required to make this happen. The amendment could be written so simply as to fit right in with the rest of the early amendments, unlike any of today’s bills that are 2000+ pages long and are never read by the people voting upon it. Here’s what it would say, “This Amendment changes the first sentence of Section 1 of Amendment XIV to read ‘All persons naturalized in the United States or born within the United States to parents who are within the United States legally, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.’” I’d be willing to bet that 80% of the American populace would have no problem with that language.

Joe Sestak wasn’t the only Democratic politician offered a job by the Obama Administration in return for avoiding a primary battle that would use up Democratic Party campaign funds. Andrew Romanoff of Colorado also has some ‘fessin’ up to do. Bribery, just another trait of the most transparent administration in history.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Everyone in our house asked the same thing. If those were peaceful ships, why were they so heavily armed? Well, their sponsors answer that question. We're gonna get an earful here pretty soon. One of the Americans is from my town.
    Obama and his regime are intent on insulting any and every real ally we have. Jimmy Carter redux.
    Chris Christie ROCKS!!
    I hope the whole job offer law breaking actions of the thugocracy regime in the WH goes down harder than Nixon after Watergate!

    So much going on Craw. It must be tough to choose just a couple of things for the blog so it doesn't turn into a novel.

  2. B-Mom,
    -Cynthia McKinney was probably handing out the pipes before the raid and hiding below decks during it.
    -Making Carter look GOOD!
    -Gotta like Christie. Hardball player!
    -The media is starting to press the issue. If the GOP takes the House in November, impeachment proceedings will start in February.
    -That's why I just choose what peaks my interest!

  3. Made me some Jambalaya the other night just to get me prepared for this claw. A good jambalaya is kinda like General Tso's chicken, the perfect Yin/Yang. The tender flavor of shrimp with spice to fog yur shades. Now on to the claw! If Israelis are going to get accused of attacking the smugglers they should have just sunk the ship! The founding fathers wanted to keep governmnet out of the church, not the church out of government. p-Lousy my spontaniously combust or be struck by lightning at any time (I'll have to send her a new umbrella with a wrist strap.
    Someone told me to leave poor Algore alone. I said, I might as well, his wife already did! BWAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry, got carried away. Did you see the Jan Brewer video? If not it's on my Blog, frickin hilarious!

    That was a nice claw, comfort food!
    Thanks for the grub you cantankerous old yabby.

    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
    George S. Patton

  4. I'm all for Israel killing these vermin. After all, it was Billy Ayers libpig wife, fellow terrorist Bernadine Dorhn, who organized the "peace" blockade and named it after Saint Pancake.

  5. Geez,Claw time again...A)&B) No surprize,seeing as how these muzzie militants are instructed in the art of deception,and outright lying. You know,like democrats. At Rush's site for yesterday,he had Netanyahu's response to the criticism. Read it if you get the chance. THIS is how LEADERS react.Unlike the polished turd in the White Crib.C) Just typical. I wonder if law students are required to study the Constitution. Sure doesn't seem like it.D)Yep,get this into a court that would take the case. About damn time these asswipes tactics are used AGAINST them.E)Since the article ends with the issue of labor problems,would not be a surprize to me if some union goon HAD done that.F)Red Nan,firmly securing her spot in hell.G)Not surprizing to me.These fools can't even breathe without instruction.H) Gov.Christie. As Ivan might say,"what's not to love?" HEY,IDIOTS running the GOP,HERE is the model for your candidates. LEARN IT,LIVE IT.Morons.As for that "teacher",it was GREAT to see her get taken behind the woodshed. Now,if only we had THAT here in Michiruit...I)There is a LOT more to this story. Obviously,if your marriage of 40 years is ending,it HAD to have long-term festering troubles.Clyde's guess? The house of cards known as AGW is coming down,and this is a good way to shield assets.Just my humble opinion.J)Too bad the Arubans didn't just summarily execute the cretin. Good luck finding the asshat in Chile. You watch,this sucker will show up in the U.S. via Mexico at some point.K)If Rand makes a run in '12,I may get behind him.See no one else on the horizon.L)BWAHAHAHAHA. Obama cleaning up corruption in D.C. about like he is the damned oil spill.Which leads to Rant Of The Week.Unless he is going to shove lawyers head first down the goddamn pipe,WHY would he send them in? Simple. That is all the moron knows. His GLARING lack of experience is going to DEVASTATE La. WORSE than Katrina.Instead of frigging lawyers and professors,how about the BEST AND BRIGHTEST OIL FIELD ENGINEERS summoned to the White Crib? The asshole hasn't given THAT a moment's thought.I have a way to help get the oil cleaned up. EVERY LAST ENVIRO-NAZI,and Obama voter,HAUL ASS to the Louisiana coast NOW. YOU are the asswipes responsible for this disaster. PLENTY of oil,EASILY obtained on LAND,and SHALLOWER water than 5000' + under the surface.IF our oil industry were allowed to drill THERE,when these ACCIDENTS happen,they can be cleaned up FAR frigging easier,with MUCH less permanent damage than this will be.HJC,the stupidity of some people is stunning. Good heap,Craw. C ya.

  6. 1. You know and I know what is right and what is wrong but how the heck do you get it across to the multitude of folks brainwashed by 12-16 years of government endorsed indoctrination?

    2. The United States should announce its withdrawl from NATO in the same speech it announces its intention to revise its share of the UN budget to an amount equal to the average of all the other member nations and the UN should seriously consider looking for another "crib".

    3. The reason the USA remains in the UN would be to VETO all resolutions coming out and thussly rendering the whole thing emasculated.

    4. Why did the "humanitarians" arm themselves? Simple. They were on a ship which carried only humanitarian cargo but they refused to stop for Isralei boarding TO CREATE AN INCIDENT. The Jews should have known and allowed the first ship to pass and then boarded the 2nd or 34d and caught them with the rockets, concrete and AK's.

    5. "Democrats who saw the incident for what it was..." What do you want to bet these Democrats come from heavily Jewish districts? Politics as usual.

    6. The federal courts interpret the Constitution as they do to enable themselves to make laws respecting the establishment of religion and the free exercise thereof. No brainer. The federal courts system is the most dangerous thing to our freedoms there is. Hell, Obama is an incompetent fool and we may repair his idiocy some this November some in '12 but the incompetents/fools/communists who have been appointed to the federal bench are there for life and have taken the bit in their teeth and are runing away.

    7. Yeah, Pelosi is a hypocritical liar. You know it and I know it and 99.9% of the country knows it. But do you really believe San Francisco will elect someone else?

    8. The Guard is going to do nothing. They will be 8-15 miles North of the border manning computers.

    9. Re The Guard... Calderon's statement about drug cartels getting American assault rifles is so blatantly absurd Helen Keller could have seen through it. American assault rifles are semi-automatic. The drug cartels already have fully automatic rifles. If Calderon's concern is about the cartels acquiring fully automatic rifles maybe we should quit shipping them to the Mexican government which is probably where the cartels are getting them.

    10. Gore lost the election. He has been exposed as perpetrator of a hoax. What took Tipper so long to realize what a loser she was living with??

    11. Sestak and Romanoff. Another reason to regain control of Congress. Methinks there is yet to be uncovered enough on this administration that will be impeachable offenses...

  7. And America continues its decline into Godlessness,immorality,corruption,ignorance and super greed,there is no turning it back,America basically has no future and it will continue to get worse.

  8. Jim,
    -If they'd sent those ships to the bottom, it would have caused a HUGE uproar, even if they had done so within their own waters...although I would have applauded.
    -Too bad you couldn't have given her that gift for her to wander around here yesterday evening. We had a heck of a lightning storm that killed our power for 4 hours.
    -He embarrassed her a few too many times.
    -Good video!

  9. Gunny,
    I saw that Dorn and Ayers both were part of the organizing group. Typical.

  10. Clyde,
    a&b) The Turks say that they will escort the next run. The Israelis will just wait until the ships are 100 yards into Israeli territorial waters before making any moves, and if the Turks intervene it will officially be an act of war by the Turks. Israel will then be completely justified in sinking the whole lot of 'em.
    c) Only the liberal "living, breathing" version.
    d) Let ME be the lawyer!
    e) Nah. Just a moron at the ad agency.
    f) Satan doesn't want her, either!
    g) Chutzpah of the first degree
    h) Another union idjut put in their place
    i) At least SHE will still have some assets!
    j) Chile arrested the jerk. Now if they could extradite him....Peru's prisons are among the most horrific in the non-muzzie world.
    k) Crawfish 2012!!!!!
    l) Nice rant, and I can't disagree with a single word.

  11. Buck,
    1) Brain Bleach???
    2) That's part of President Crawfish's First 100 Days agenda.
    3) The NATION of "NO!"
    4) The terrorist-supporting grooups have been offered the use of port facilities in Israel, with free passage to Gaza, if all shipments can be examined upon entry, but that isn't acceptable to them for some unknown reason.
    5) Well, DUH!
    6) Gotta impeach them for opposition to the Constitution.
    7) Welllllllll...some folks there believe she is too CONSERVATIVE....
    8) Checking Facebook
    9) REAL Americans know that, but the Obamites will believe whatever the anti-2nd Amendment press says.
    10) Waiting for his fortune to peak, so the half she gets keeps her in her happy place until she's dead?
    11) Making Carter look competent and Nixon look honest.

  12. Donnie,
    unless we make SERIOUS gains in November.

  13. as usual Craw, all the news that makes ones blood pressure go up. put together in a neat and concise package. DD

  14. Mr Crawfish- I get a lot of news from Daniel Pipes---he knows the middle east like Reagan knew tax cuts. He says this fiasco was WELL planned and has the jedhadis quotes to prove it. As far as "queen Nanny" P lousy is conserned I have some words from Jesus for her: "Thou HYPOCRITE!" keep the fire goin craw!

  15. Crawdaddy,

    Speaking of AlBore being given the boot. Here is another story about progressives trying to scam the world. Remember the Swine Flu scare (ala Globull Warming Scare)?

  16. If the Middle East erupts into a full war, Israel will be completly on her own. Does anyone expect our Muslim president to do anything but bluster? (I hope that Israel goes after everybody involved.)

    As for North Korea, unless the midget idiot fires an ICBM at the West Coast again I expect nothing but bluster from our Fearless Leader.

  17. DD,
    maybe that's why I'm on BP meds.....

  18. Chariot,
    As soon as they declared their intentions to sail to Gaza, I knew there would be blood and the whole world would blame Israel instead of the aggressors.

  19. Flame,
    color me complete unsurprised. I knew someone was making bank on it and that it was a false pandemic.

  20. Ghost,
    The Muslim Socialist will support the arabs if war breeaks out over there and will fail to notice the newspapers and the rest of the media if the NorK's go haywire.

  21. Israel was right. Period, end of story. There are some Americans who should be in deep kim-che right now for helping to organize and provoke.

    BTW...Obams supports the blockade and it's obvious who is right- too bad the COWboy in chief doesn't stand by his policies.

  22. Nee,
    he supports whatever will get him a few more votes. If you pay attention, he does play both sides of many fences depending on what day it is and who his audience is. Since he owns the press, they make sure to not make his two-faced actions and words are not seen

  23. Omar Bradley quote is spot-on and shows that those who keep blathering on and on (like Nancy P.) have zero clue what we are about out here in the real world!
    Keep Clawing away, sir.
    Mrs. AL

  24. IMO, the 14th Amendment doesn't have to be changed, because it only applies to people "subject to the jurisdiction of" the United States.

    Follow me on this, now. If an illegal comes into a Post Office asking for a passport, does he get one? Of course not... because he's NOT "subject to the jurisdiction of" the USA, so we can't issue him one. He's subject to the jurisdiction of his country of origin.

    Same deal with kids born in this country to foreign diplomats assigned here. They don't get US citizenship, because they're subject to the jurisdiction of their parents' home country.

    The whole idea of "anchor babies" is a misapplication of the 14th. I don't know why those arguments haven't been made in a challenge, but SCOTUS could simply issue a finding supporting what I wrote.

    Of course, this would be a great time to simply pass an amendment repealing the 14th, just like the Volstead Act (Prohibition) was repealed.

    On another topic, new essay at mi casa.

  25. Happy Memorial day--and D day Craw! The few who actually supported Israels defense are few indeed--come on by I posted on this as well. As far as the white house bribery scandal goes all i hear form the press is ZZZZZZ

  26. Check out this hilarious YouTube:

  27. C-fish--P-lousys claim reeks in her hypocrasy. When does these big-government gurus will realise they are swimming in their own #@%^%?

  28. Charles Krouthammer has an excellent article that exposes the hypocrasy around the anger at Israel' good greif what in the Hell could israel do?as far as Plousy is conserned even "progressives" are giving her an earful(new post up)


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