Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6-16-2010 The Weekly Claw

Sooooo much of the news this week was either repetitive or boring. BP and Obama’s anger at them was the big theme, but I just didn’t find most of that schtuff Claw-worthy.

This is a really sad statement concerning the City of Brotherly Hate and the rest of the nation. Having lived on the outskirts of Filthadelphia for 7 of the past 15 years, I can’t claim to be surprised one bit.

Let us all hope that if it comes down to it, this story is actually true. I THINK the Saudis would play ball, but you can never be sure with muslims and Israel.

Meanwhile, there is no denying that the Obama Administration opposes the continued existence of Israel. The Obamites will support a UN investigation of Israel’s actions against the terrorism flotilla, but note that the investigation will not be looking into the purpose of the flotilla and the roles that Turkey, Hamas, and many groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood played in the event.

James Cole is The Chosen One’s nominee for the position of Deputy Attorney General. In 2002, James Cole proved himself to be an idiot of the highest order. He proclaimed that the attacks of September 11, 2001, were NOT an act of war, but rather were just “criminal acts”. Sorry Mr. Cole, but they were just another of the acts carried out by Islam in their Koran-mandated war against the rest of the world.

Then again, what would you expect of an Obama nominee? I mean, let’s take a look at what Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Terrorism and Homeland Security has to say. Since that’s his job, you’d think he’d have a clue, right? Uh…no. He says that “violent extremists” are VICTIMS of “political, economic, and social forces.” Say WHAT? First of all, they are not “extremists” at all, but rather are warriors of Islam carrying out the commandments of the Koran, which says that all non-believers must be converted, enslaved, or put to the sword (that means murdered or otherwise killed for those of you who voted for Obama). Secondly, they are not victims of political, economic, and social forces. They embrace those forces, since those forces are called ISLAM!

Regular Claw reader “Peppermint” sent along an article that will probably only be a surprise in that Obama admitted this before his time in office was complete. He told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he is indeed a muslim. Was there really any doubt?

The next head of the Church of England is a lover of Islam as well, which is probably good for him since his family and the British government have been allowing the muzzies to take over parts of the country.

At least one official in the Church of England is on the right track! Thanx to Poll Katz e-mailer “Bill” for this one. Now can we get this done for firearms here in the USA?

What is more important right now: cleaning up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico or appeasing unions? Well, since the Governors of all of the Gulf states are Republicans and those states gave all of their electoral votes to McLame, you can bet your paycheck that Obama considers his union base to be much more important than those states. As you read this article regarding the Jones Act, note that the White House and the unions are using the same lies, saying that American ships are already doing the job well and that there is no need to bring foreign-flagged ships into the cleanup effort.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. That has been the mantra of the folks in this Administration, and they’re at it again. They are using the oil spill as a campaign point, a fundraising point, and as part of their push to get Crrap-And-Tax passed immediately.

The Crawfish didn’t bother to watch His Majesty’s televised speech on Tuesday. I’m guessing it was a good decision, considering that even the crazies at PMSNBC were trashing it and comparing him to Jimmuh Cahtuh.

Another liberal judge has imposed his will upon a village in Noo Yawk. Since the village is mostly white, the Hispanics haven’t been able to get one of their candidates elected as a village trustee. The solution? Give everybody 6 votes, which they can use for 6 candidates, or even give all 6 to a single candidate. Where does the Constitution give the government the right to interfere with local elections? Oh, that’s right…IT DOESN’T! The judge says he’s doing this because the village was violating the Voting Rights Act, but since anything in that act that deals with anything except federal elections is Constitutionally null and void, the judge is full of (the rest of this sentence is self-censored).

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Well it may have been boring but you will soon have some nifty stuff to comment on from the Garden State. Teachers Union is gearing up to fight the Governor from what I can tell.

    As for the BP thing, etc. There was actually quite an interesting development, IMO. After meeting with BP execs, the President declared that the 20 billion BP is putting up is "not a cap." The irony of that statement is beyond belief.

    Great round up, Claw. Keep em' coming.

  2. Yet more insanity from the Obama administration and apologist whimps giving in to muslim intrusion into good sense and law and order.

  3. Good summation.

    I laugh like a mofo when I look at Barry the Bungler shaking down BP like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (race warlords) shake down Toyota and other corps.

  4. 1. I heard the Saudi's gave Israel "fly-over" permission on the radio 2-3 weeks ago.

    2. Unverified email said Oklaoma along with 14 other states were toying with the idea of re-establishing a state milita. I'll send it to you. If I still have it.

    3. "Jones Act". Woodrow Wilson strikes again...

    4. I don't believe Tuesday's speech brought in enough viewers to start a game of checkers.

    5. The judge is right out of Animal Farm. However. He may have screwed up. Maybe his decision could be swung around so a person's number of ballots would reflect directly upon the amounty of taxes he paid.

  5. As to all things spill-related,THIS is what happens when the clueless lead the idiotic. Onto the rest of the steamer....A)The dumbing down of the urban areas has been more successful than these asshats who caused it could have dreamed.As to not allowing tattoos when they sign up? Big deal. If they are otherwise qualified,TAKE THEM. Chances are excellent they'll get MORE tatts while enlisted!B)IF the Saudis are smart,they'll allow it. However,I do not trust them to keep their word. It is a winner for them,in that Israel does the dirty work,and the Saudis can bitch about them bombing fellow muzzies.C) I think Obama believes anything he can do to hasten the demise of Israel makes him look good in muzzie eyes.What a fool. They hate HIM as much as they do Israel. He simply ain't smart enough to see it.D) I'm shocked to read this. Another asshat in high places? OK,OK,sarcasm off!E) See D).F)Pepp had sent me this as well. Talk about a "Gee,no shit" moment.G) And they will be among the first to be beheaded and paraded as infidels in the Britsh streets.H)While I do agree with this,watch for the Parliament to outlaw this. Can't have the folks PROTECTING themselves now,can we? Nor teaching their children how to.This'll get flushed like a turd in the new loo.I) Simply what happens when a supposed leader has no concept of how leading actually works.BTW,I did not know Allen was the infamous "Heck of a job,Brownie" second in command. No wonder the response has been less than inept.J) The "Article That Got Him".Like the two have ANY fucking relationship.Does this stupid ass have ANY goddamn idea of how idiotic his mouth farts are? WHERE the hell are his advisors? HJC,man,THINK before you open up the lie chute. Stupid mofo.This,and that God-awful speech from the Oval Office(which amazed me he even knows where the hell it is)is proof-positive this assmunch is WAY in over his head. K)You missed nothing.Just his usual lying bullshit. Incoherent is the BEST word I can come up with for the idiotic thing. HJC,he could have gotten this speech out of a Cracker Jack box.As to the moronic,slavish droolers from any media outlet who shilled for this disaster,SUCK IT. YOU mofos WANTED this guy,so YOU could say YOU made history. YOU GOT HIM,now live with it. Dumb ass non-thinking bootlicker,shitheads,all of you.L) Allow me to finish it for you. BULLSHIT.Hey,your "honor",moron,have EVER read the Constitution? I fricking doubt it. Ahhh,this is like stress relief,to go off on these idiots. Thakns,man. C ya next time!!

  6. I am not sirprised to read obummers own words!!good for pepp !I posted on Helen Thomas's true colors! come on by. I turned off The speech---I could not stomach it!

  7. Mrs. AL,
    Guvna Christie is in for a fight with the teacher unions, and I think he's not only ready for it, he's WANTING it!

    As for the $20B...I agree with Joe Barton.

  8. B-mom,
    I still can't figure out which of his allies he wants the US to surrender to...the socialists or the muslims!

  9. Gunny,
    that's who he learned from!

  10. Buck,
    1) I heard that as well, but it was pretty much unconfirmed and just a rumor then.
    2) Lots of states have them already, including Texas. We have a whole section of the forum at for the State Defense Forces.
    3) Did that idjut do ANYTHING right?
    4) Except the pundits and commentators who has to watch as part of their jobs...
    5) Now that could be an interesting concept...with those who paid zero taxes getting zero votes!

  11. Clyde,
    a) As long as the tats meet current regs, there should be no problem.
    b) Then they could raise more international funds for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    c) They only hate him because he hasn't completely sold out Israel and hasn't completely pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    d + e) It does seem to be a never ending story, don't it.
    f) I'm only surprised at the timing, not the content of the admission.
    g) Yet they're too stooooopid to realize it. So far has fallen the crown of Richard the Lionheart.
    h) That law was responsible for great victories, such as Agincourt.
    i) Like Gunny and I were sayin' a couple of years ago...he wanted to be "President" but not BE PRESIDENT.
    j) Sometimes, you outdo yourself!
    k) So I take it you don't care for the supposed gentleman?
    l) Exactamundo!

  12. Well, Crawfish, you and I may agree with Joe Barton but evidently he is unwilling to stand firm. If the report is true that "He was told, apologize, immediately. Or you will lose your position, immediately," (according to a GOP House aide) then I have to conclude that he is as wishy-washy about his convictions as many other politicians. On a really cynical note, Barton was willing to submit to a "shakedown."

  13. Mrs. AL,
    while he was forced to apologize, he still had the cojones to make the statement in the first place. It got some folks talking.

  14. Yeah, I have to say that Bat Ears's holdup of BP is simply more political theater... which happens to be part of the title of my new essay at my place on that very topic! What a coincidence!

    Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

  15. It's getting insane out there Crawfish. So much so that Alice in Wonderland is looking like a journalistic work of non-fiction.

  16. Brian,
    I'm absolutely shocked that he used Jesse-Be-The-Jackson/The Not-So-Reverend Al shakedown tactics. SHOCKED I say!

    Okay...maybe not.

  17. AfterShock,
    When these folks are making Teddythedrunk (DEAD-Chappaquiddick) look sane and statesmanlike....sheesh!

  18. What a spread a left me. I've found plenty to crew on here! So let me get this straight, all of hisrelatives are Muslims, he bows to muslims, he studied Muslim and he's tols Muslims he's a muslim. Wow, what's that mean? I'm pretty confident he let the spill get worse deliberatly. He needed a ditstraction for the mess he made of the economy and he needed a crisis to get Crap and Tax through. I guess he figured oil covered pelicans was just the thing to take attention off the screw-up-in-chief. Funny how the Marxist are like sharks in bloody water, they's bite each other.
    Nice spread MudBug, sorry I'm late, on travel again.

  19. Jim,
    deys justa screwin' up everytin dey touch, and we'z justa laughin' at dey dumb-basses


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