Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-23-2010 The Weekly Claw

Egad! The Crawfish has met the enemy and he is….me? As of this past week, I am officially a card-carrying member of the UAW, and yes my local union hall does have signs out front supporting the Dim-ocrat candidate in the Texas gubernatorial race. I’m gonna have to work on some of these people.

I really don’t understand why there’s such a fuss over these comments by Joe Barton, who was MY Congresscritter until the last round of redistricting after the 2000 census. He’s got a legitimate point and takes care to point out that BP should be completely liable for all damages and subject to possible prosecution. I e-mailed his office (here’s the link…link courtesy of fellow blogger AfterShock), and this is what I said:

Representative Barton,
When my wife and I first bought our house, we were in your district. Even though we are represented by Kay Granger now, we still support you.
What the GOP leadership did to you this week was reprehensible. I have watched the entirety of your comments regarding BP, and you were spot on. You stated that BP was liable for all damages and was possibly criminally negligent. What more do the leaders want? Oh, that's right. You called out the Administration for their anti-Constitutional tactics and their Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton-style shakedown. It is about time somebody in the GOP had the intestinal fortitude to call it like it is with this bunch.
Keep up the good work!

In another case of “do as we say, not as we do”, the Administration is heavily criticizing BP’s CEO for participating in a yacht race over the weekend, but defending Hi s Majesty’s golf outing, saying he needed to “decompress”. I could understand that if he was actually behaving Presidential. Anyway, does he not think that the BP CEO might need to decompress as well? I do believe the BP CEO has been under a bit more stress lately.

This is too rich. The Chosen One and his sidekick Gaffes are kicking off a six-week campaign and media event that they’re calling “Recovery Summer” to highlight all of the jobs that they and the so-called “stimulus” have created. This comes just a week after the latest jobs figures showed that in April there were 431,000 jobs created, but that 411,000 of them are temporary census jobs, and it comes on the same day as the latest unemployment numbers came out showing an increase in first-time claims to 472,000. You really can’t believe a word that comes from those two idiots.

A tribe in Connecticut whose casino earned every single man, woman, and child of the tribe almost $30,000.00 last year (more for those who also work there) benefitted greatly from their friendliness with retiring Senator Chris “Countrywide” “Freddie and Fannie” Dodd. He managed to steer $54,000,000.00 from the so-called “stimulus” to the Mohegan Tribe. I wish I could get a check for almost $120,000.00 for my family of four every year without working at all and still get porkulus money sent my way.

But wait…I found yet another waste of quite a bit of your tax dollars! Actually, Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin found it, but I found it on her website!

This waste of taxpayer money is even more appalling! Why do we need to study condom use for IV drug users, and an even bigger why for having that study in KAZAKHSTAN! IV drug users just need to assume room temperature, and who really cares about condom use in the central Asian republics? The hat tip goes to Poll Katz e-mailer “REC48”.

The artist of this editorial cartoon gets it!

Bless you, boys! Now for an encounter with Ghana on Saturday.

Anti-American moronity seems to have no bounds when you are dealing with the left and unionized public schools. A boy’s patriotic hat is “not appropriate” because it has little green Army men on it and (HORROR OF HORRORS!) they have GUNS! The principal said he could wear the hat if the Army men were replaced with ones that have no guns. So….medics and chaplains only, although the red cross on the medic helmets is a Christian symbol, so he’s verboten, and the chaplain is only okay if he’s a muslim chaplain. A tip of The Crawfish’s patriotic hat goes to Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” for that story.

Does the Obama Administration really want to take care of the oil spill, or do they just want to use it as a political tool to get Crrap-and-Tax passed and to bash Big Oil? First they get the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to halt Louisiana’s plan to build sand berms to stop the oil from reaching the coast (which was a part of the Coast Guard’s approved contingency plans), with the excuse being that there first needed to be an Environmental Impact Study. Which is a bigger environmental problem: sand offshore or oil onshore? Now Governor Jindal’s usage of oil-skimming barges has been halted by the Coast Guard even though the barges have been proven to work.

Governor Jindal eventually started building the sand berms anyway, but now the Moron in Chief has sic’d the US Fish and Wildlife Department on the State of Louisiana, halting the berm construction once again. The excuse this time is that the dredging operation that gets the sand for the berms is taking place in a sensitive area, and that the sand needs to be taken from another area farther offshore, which will take more time to do and will cost more money. Ain’t it amazin’ how the anti-capitalists use supposedly environmental concerns to ruin the environment in order to attack capitalism in the form of energy companies?

Obama’s Labor Secretary is setting up a phone line for non-drybacks to call in if they’re not treated “fairly” in the workplace. For them to be treated “fairly” should mean that they are deported and their employers jailed.

The Crawfish ain’t sayin’ that the border situation under the Obama Administration is completely outta control, but stories like this one and this one and even this one seem to point out that we’re at a critical point down there. It really would be nice to have a government that gave a damn about our national security.

Blogger “INTHENOW” gets credit for sending this story to me. While the Administration says he’s lying, The Crawfish is inclined to believe Senator Kyl of Arizona when he says that Barack Hussein Obama told him that he won’t get serious about border security until the GOP gives in on “comprehensive immigration reform” (aka AMNESTY). Senator Kyl doesn’t have a track record of lying, but as you will see once again in the next paragraph the Obamites do have such a history.

We told you that the promises that Dear Leader made regarding Obamacare were nothing but lies, especially his promise that if you like your current insurance plan you can keep it. This week, Dear Leader quietly made sure that most plans that were supposedly “grandfathered” in will not be allowed to carry forward. The Crawfish wonders why there were no headlines about this. Thanx to Congresscritter Kay Granger for sending me that bit of info.

Blogger “Gray Ghost” sends us a nice piece about our good friends at CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations. You know them don’tcha? The Crawfish was once on their “watch” list because of some of the truths I put forward about the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet. Anyway, they are supposedly a civil rights organization, although they have had numerous ties with muslim terrorist organizations and were once named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in an Islamic terrorism-related case. For a civil rights group, they sure don’t seem to CAIR one little bit about muslim victims when the perp is an imam. They’re probably miffed that a muslim leader got some bad press, since it is bad for their image. Sorry, but they can’t all be beheaders…

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley


  1. Ahhh,Claw Time. Here we go... A)Man,that has GOT to suck.Your new General President,Bob King,who assumed the throne,is WORSE than Gettelfinger EVER thought of being. Join a dissident group in the area,I know there must be one,especially the Arlington local. I was in the Teamsters For A Democratic Union (TDU) for a LONG time. Proudly so. Being blackballed like most of us were was a badge of honor.B)This could be it. The Story,well,you know. Barton is spot-the-fuck on here,and the COWARDS leading the damnable RNC KNOW it. WHY the hell are THEY not out DEFENDING Barton,and pointing out the ineptness,intentional,whatever the fuck you want to call it,of this bunch of shitmunchers in D.C. who cannot think their way out of a wet bag.C) The ONLY way the asshole-in-chief would do anything about the spill if someone had told him the GOLF was filling with oil.D)Let's see,summer of recovery,eh? New and existing home sales at damn near lowest levels EVER,U E still around 10%,NO expansion whatsoever in the economy. These two sphincters are,at best,delusional.E)And the asshats BRAG about getting Fed dollars. Casino skimming ain't ENOUGH??? F) A bridge to nutwhere. Love it. About par for the course with this bunch of fools.Wonder if they'll do an environmental study first? I hope if they do,they find the rare red-ringed fly. It ONLY eats squirrel shit.THAT'LL stop this project DEAD.G) Yep. Especially when it is MONEY WE AIN'T FUCKING GOT.H) Like it. However,it COULD have been improved. Namely,the names of the leading Israel bashers on the legs. You know,like Obama,Ahminajihad,Hitlary!,Ban-ki-Moonbat,et al.I) Soccer. Dangerous for kids to play. Get'em into a MUCH mellower sport. Say,hockey!!J) Moronic indeed.WHAT asshattery. Educators,huh? MY ASS.K) Easy answer here. Obama simply HATES white people. ESPECIALLY bald Cajuns!L) Hey,Gov.Jindal: TELL'EM TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES,AND ANYONE WHO DOES NOT LIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING,THEIR MOTHERS,THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON,AS WELL AS THE MOTHER OF THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON. I would be HONORED to tell them for you.
    M) A goddamn phone line.Yep,THAT is the ticket! Just when you think these assholes cannot get any dumber...N)OF COURSE they care. About the damned red squirrels. Piss on Arizonans.O) Man,this is a toughie. Who to believe? A man of honor,and integrity,or a purple-lipped,KNOWN serial liar? Choices,choices. I'll take KYL for $200,Alex.P) Yep,and those moronic droolers who STILL depend on the asinine,absolutely DISGRACEFUL OLDM for their news will not hear it,either.By design.Q)Screw CAIR. I do not give a hoot in hell if it is a Catholic priest,a Rabbi,a vicar,the Pope,or one who is following in the pedophilic false prophet's steps,they simply ought to be SHOT TO DEATH.NO excuse for molesting a child. NONE.Goes for teachers,and ANY "person of authority". HJC,ANIMALS do not molest THEIR children. Hmm,sounds like the tornado siren. Gotta go,C ya!

  2. Clyde,
    a) Dunno if Local 218 has any dissidents
    b) Agree 100%
    c) Dat's a good'un
    d) Delusional or just perpetual liars?
    e) What was the code word in the "Addams Family" movies? GREEEEEEEED!
    f) They're gonna raise taxes for THAT?
    g) They've got plenty of money! They're getting it from the next 8 generations of taxpayers.
    h) Gotta point!
    i) I played soccer from age 7 until 5 years into my Navy career, including a year in the NCAA
    j) Educating in the UN-approved manner!
    k) wife's a Creole. She's beyond pizzed at this mess.
    l) I like the sentiment, but let me be the spokesperson. I can do it with a few less "fucks" and with some words that they'll need to search the dictionary for.
    m) How about a phone line to tell the Border Patrol where the non-drybacks are so they can seize them?
    n) I want every one of the jerks in this Administration put in prison in 2013 for treason and fraud
    o) Anyone who believes a word from Obama, Biden, Gibb, Rahmbo, Reid, P-Lousy, Fwank...well, any of 'em, needs their head examined for lack of content
    p) Plans within plans within plans...Cloward & Piven
    q) Molest a child, get executed within a year. 'Nuff said.

  3. That soccer game was intense, seeing England was up against Slovenia, and we were scoreless until extra minutes. Congrats to our team and lets avenge that last horrendous loss we had to Ghana in the 06 World Cup.

    Dutch officials offered us special tankers that would have helped clean up the oil, which Obama stupidly refused. I saw just how they worked and they separated the oil and water very well.

    Glad to be back blogging. My first son is now 8 months old and he is in good health, just loves to be awake at night!

  4. Eric,
    good to see you back in action!

  5. Obama obviously wants the oil spill to continue as long as possible. It's a crisis he doesn't want let go to waste. Otherwise, why would he refuse help and stop every measure the states are taking to protect their shores?
    So transparent. Hey! He did say his administration was going to be transparent.

    The cartoon is a good one.
    Here's a link to a video of the "peaceful" people from that now infamous flotilla:,7340,L-3907170,00.html

  6. Here's another example of islam being bowed to from Dearborn, Michigan.

  7. My favorite quote from your round up Crawfish is, "It really would be nice to have a government that gave a damn about our national security." For me that translates across many of your observations/reports here.

    Going after a different topic here ... what do you think of the likes of "Dr. Phil" on Capital Hill talking about teens being bullied on the internet? Seems to me if you don't go online you won't be "bullied." Maybe it's just me but the fix is simple isn't it?

  8. 1. The only thing Joe Barton did wrong was apologize for his apology.

    2. Squirrel Bridges...Turtle Bridges (in FL)...Studies about condoms...All government grants and give-aways could pay for the funding of Social Security while at the same time allowing new employees into the job force to opt out and be responsible for their own retirement plan.
    Or it could go a long way on the national debt.

    3. Gee, that cap with toy soldiers on it was inappropriate. When I was in HS we had "Ranch Day" timed with the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo every year. Most dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls but a friend of mine dressed like a hillbilly and came to school..complete with a double barrel shotgun (unloaded, of course). The principal told him to take that damn thing back home...and be back before that period was over!

    4. Obama is using the oil spill to further his agenda. "Never let a crisis go to waste!" He might not have been responsible for the disaster but neither is he doing anything to clean up the mess. Matter of fact he is impeding efforts. I still believe he is treating the Gulf disaster much like Hitler did the Reichstag fire.

    5. If the illegal situation alone doesn't contribute to a tidal wave of conservatives going to DC nothing will. What part of "illegal" does the government not understand???

  9. B-mom,
    He wants the crisis to continue until October. At that point, they will take credit for fixing everything just before the mid-term elections.

  10. Mrs. AL,
    whaddya expect from our nanny-state society? That's the result of the Great Society and it's children.

  11. Buck,
    1) Agreed
    2) If we limited our spending to what is Constitutional, we'd have a huge surplus.
    3) In high school, a friend brought a .45 with 4 rounds. It was authorized, since we were using it to record a sound effect for the school play. I did the recording and fired two of the shots aimed at the banks of the Trinity.
    4) Not quite. The Reichstag fire was to consolidate power and get rid of the opposition parties, and do it with public support. He'll need an attack of some kind to do that. This is just to get more of his agenda passed.
    5) All of it!

  12. Craw as per Usual I Love Your Post It is Timely, Factual and Lively.

    I Think The Quote of The Day by Army General Omar Bradley is My Favorite!

    "Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

    Your Dang Tootin' Right Mister, General, Sir!!

  13. From Peppermint (this will be in two parts)


    Great stuff as usual. And you covered a ton of stuff again.

    I want to tell you what my theory is on the Gulf oil spill and why the clean up is not going in a timely manner. Obozo wants this disaster to happen to the Gulf coast and the states involved. It's more unemployed people, more ruination of our country and it gives him a reason to shut down drilling for oil. In fact I would not doubt that the oil rig was sabotaged to begin with. I put nothing past this administration and its' pack of Chicago thugs and commies.

    However, LA was upheld in court as you know and given permission to go back to drilling so people would not be out of work. But, of course Obozo is appealing it. Does this sound like he is rooting for the American people? I daresay he is NOT.

    What does this look like to you? Obozo does not want America to succeed. He wants us to fail and go into ruination financially. Besides he and Soros have oil money sunk into a Brazilian company where they are drilling offshore. So Obozo does not want oil drilled off our shores.

    Call me a conspiracy nut whatever. This is the worst president we've ever had. It makes Carter look almost good the way Obozo is handling things.

    I agree about Barton and what he said, this was just another shakedown in the shades of Sharpton and Jackson on BP. And why shouldn't Tony Hayward go yachting? He no longer has a job. Why sit and mope?

    But Obozo plays golf and sings with the Beatles. He is a puppet moron with Soros and the commies behind him. What the hell is wrong with the GOP? Do they not see that our government has been taken over by Communists? Are they deaf, dumb and blind? MOst Americans see what is happening but I'm yet to see one GOP rep or senator stand up and say "By God, we've had a coup by the Communnist party without a shot fired and everyone of these people including Mr. No Birth certificate needs to be tried for treason.

  14. From Peppermint (part 2)

    I'm sick to death of this shit. I almost can't stand to get up in the morning to hear the latest fiasco and disaster this president has caused. He has caused more damage to this country than anyone ever and how on earth do we put it back. Shame, shame on the people who voted for him or 3rd party. That put Obama in the WH, the very person who should never have been put there and down goes our country. Good bye America. It was nice knowing you.

    Soon many of us will be in camps, detained for speaking out. Pelosi passed the Disclose Act today. Read about it if you don't know what is in it. ONce again a violation of free speech and a danger to gun owners.

    I guess that's my rant for today. But how we get out of this mess we're in is anybody's guess right now.
    Who can count on elections in November? They may be called off due to another "crisis" in which the president (ugh I can hardly say or write that word) declares Marshall law.

    I hope all the people who thought McCain would be worse than Obama are feeling guilt and shame now. They need to and they need to get down on their knees and pray for forgiveness for what they have unleashed on our country. DAMN THEM ALL. I hate every last person who voted for this piece of shit or 3rd party. CAn anyone honestly say that we'd be turning into a commie party with McCain? I don't think so. At least he fought for his country.

    Obama does not give a damn about this country or its' citizens. He is not an American and hates America. Anybody who had any common sense could have looked up all there was about this shyster on the internet including all his radical associations with the Muslims and the Marxists. Yet he was voted in anyway. What a fucking bloody shame. And the rest of us have to suffer for it. Damn them to pieces.

    And I heard on Fox that Obozo was joining with Mexico to go to court against AZ. Now when does an outside country who is invading us go to court against one of our own sovereign states? Ron asked me if I had heard any more about that, but I haven't. It was announced on the Megan Kelly show on Fox. Perhaps some lawyer in the WH told the moron that if he did that he was for sure committing treason and would be tried and hung. I don't see how much more treasonous one can get to wage war against one of our states with the invading country, Mexico.

    End of my rant. I am livid as you can tell. And I don't care how out of control I sound. We are losing our freedoms every damn day of the week. A little more here a little more there. Next thing you know we have nothing left. If we don't have freedom we have nothing.

  15. Bear,
    good ta see ya 'round here again. Don't be such a stranger!

  16. Craw, McDonald's out, and it's good news. Read about it at my blog.

  17. Crawfish,

    Liked this summation and Buck's #1 was right on the money.

    Conservabear, indeed swing by as you will. That quote from Bradley was excellent.


    There is NO SHAME in my vote for Barr, I would do it again if it was Nov 2008. McShamnesty is nothing but liberal LITE. I suggest you research what HIS Reform Institute embraces. If you want someone to be mad at, try the GOP for trotting out a RINO.


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