Thursday, June 10, 2010

6-10-2010 The Weekly Claw

Sorry for being a day late this week. Life at Casa Crustacean has been a bit hectic this week.

We’ll start this week’s edition with a bit of sad news. Legendary UCLA basketball coach and all-around class act John Wooden died Friday at age 99. We should all wear Bruin Blue tomorrow in his honor.

We also mourn the passing of another American Hero. Lemuel Bahe Lazzie was one of the Navajo Code Talkers in the US Marine Corps in WW2. One final salute to you, Sir.

I’ve heard of being politically correct, but this just goes to the point of being politically STOOOPID!

Does this pronouncement mean that Obama and the Dim-ocrats are finally going to stop blaming W for everything under the sun? The Crawfish doubts it.

I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it a bunch more times, but we really do need to secure our borders and get serious about combating illegal immigrants. One of the ways to do so is, of course, to heavily punish companies/company owners/hiring managers who give jobs to illegals. Another way is to end the “anchor baby” incentive. To do that we need a Constitutional Amendment that would rewrite the first sentence of Amendment XIV, Section 1 to read "All persons naturalized in the United States or born in the United States to parents who are within the United States legally, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

His Majesty thinks we are all morons. He’s crowing about a whopping 431,000 jobs created in May, which isn’t a bad number at all until you take a closer look at those jobs. 411,000 of them are TEMPORARY jobs with the Census. Those jobs have almost exactly ZERO positive impact on the economy, yet he’s bragging about them.

How much hatred do the liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) have for Jews and Israel? Take a look at what the Queen of the White House Press Corpse has to say. Earth to Helen Thomas: the Jewish homeland has been Israel since the Exodus.

On the other hand, how much love do the liberals and the media (again, sorry for the repeat) have for muslim terrorists? The Washington Post published a story that included a mention that our intel services were monitoring the communications of a top muslim terrorist leader. The terrorist read it and immediately stopped using that computer and that cell phone, which allowed him to avoid an airstrike. Thanx, WaPo!

“I do not think that Hamas is a terrorist organization.” That statement comes from (surprise, surprise) the Prime Minister of the muslim nation that sent the convoy loaded with activists and militants to break through the Israeli blockade of Gaza. It is beyond time to kick Turkey out of NATO and classify them as supporters of terrorism.

It is truly amazing to witness the lengths that the UN will go to in order to support Islamic terrorists. Now, the UN is trying to say that the American use of drone aircraft to kill our enemies is illegal. How much Afghani opium have those dolts been smoking?

There is one person in the news lately who is an enemy of the Armed Forces of the United States, and is an ally of the folks in Saudi Arabia who wish to impose Shariah Law throughout the world. This person would probably side with Shariah Law over our Constitution. This person is none other than Elena Kagan, The Chosen One’s SCOTUS nominee. That link come to y’all courtesy of Poll Katz e-mailer “Ron”.

The Religion of Peace was in the news again on Sunday, with two American citizens being arrested at JFK Airport while on their way to Somalia to help Al-Qaeda kill Americans there. One of them had been quoted as saying he’d return to America, which he called a “crap hole” to kill if the leaders told him to. If America is such a “crap hole”, then we need to send all of those Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet back to their lovely sandboxes.

The Taliban has shown just how “merciful” they and Allah are. They executed a 7-year old boy supposedly for spying.

The World Cup starts Friday, but even though islamic nations are involved, the muslim leaders of Somalia have declared that spectator sports are unislamic, and those caught watching the World Cup on television face execution. It just doesn’t fit into their 7th century mindset and prevents young men from carrying out jihad.

Helen Thomas’ remarks about the Jews of Israel were FINALLY enough to get her fired (“immediate retirement” was the official terminology, but…), but there is another liberal media hound who is defending her and saying she was right. Yes, some people still allow Rosie O’Donnell on television and radio for some unknown reason.

Back to the liberal media for a moment. We now have another high-ranking member of the media finally admitting that he’s a creature of the extreme left, probably because he was having a hard time hiding it. The Deputy Political Director at ABC News is leaving the network to join the media and political arm of the SEIU. Can you see the shock on my face? Me neither.

The Crawfish believes that this father should not face any charges at all. The cops should have asked for a re-enactment as part of their investigation and then declared the actions completely justified. Thanx to Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” for that story.

Color me completely unsurprised, but it appears that the whole H1N1 flu scare was as much of a lie as The Prophet Algoracle’s Glo-Bull Warming. When municipalities were reporting that any death possibly related to flu-like symptoms were to be classified as H1N1-related, that was a giveaway. When the expected pandemic never occurred despite the scare mongering and numbers inflation, it became time to FOLLOW THE MONEY!

OhgoodLord! California’s Representative Linda Sanchez says that white supremacist groups were the driving force behind Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law. They will say ANYTHING to get the Hispanic vote!

Mexican teens attempting to illegally cross the border threw rocks at a Border Patrolman this week. The Border Patrolman, facing deadly force from multiple sources, fired on them and killed one. The Mexican government is angry. Dear Presidente Calderone, screw you! YOUR people were the aggressors and should have ALL been killed.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Good rundown.

    Watch out or CAIR will be hounding you again!

  2. Gunny,
    what can I say but.....BRING IT, BEOTCHES!

  3. Mr Atwood has my vote for father of the year.

    This one is definitely out of the running for mother of the year.

  4. 1. A heavy fine on employers of illegal aliens would stop everything crossing the border but the drug runners. The only reasons the POLITICIANS don't do it is (a) they're not serious about stopping the invasion because they see potential entitlement voters; and (b) the money flowing into their coffers from businessmen who employ illegals.

    2. I don't believe we really need an amendment to stop the anchor baby delima. We just need to interpret the Constitution in the way meant by the writers.

    3. Helen Thomas has never really masked her anti-Semitism, communist leanings or hatred for anyone of a conservative bent. I have been waiting for the day she said something really stupid and the liberal press had no choice but to pounce. I only wish she had been about 30 years younger so she could sit around bemoaning how those horrible, horrible extremist right wingers had cost her her lucrative employment.

    4. Either classification of military intelligence and traffic must be carefully scrutinized or person/persons who divulged classified material should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. WaPo should also be considered for divulging classified information. This is on a par with the congressman in WWII who told his constituents he had found out the Japanese were not sinking American submarines because their depth charges went off too shallow. And we all know what happened after that.

    5. The UN. I'm still trying to figure out what relevance the UN has in the real world. I'm still trying to figure out why the USA still foots about 70% of the bill.

    6. And Afghan opium... Okay lets try another approach. Let's agent orange all the opium patches. That opium crop is potential terrorist money anyway. The opium farmers pay lip service to our fight against taliban and lip service only so what have we got to lose?

    7. Muslim leaders didn't seem to mind too much when Cassius Clay announced he was henceforth Muhammid Ali....and kept on fighting. In a ring. With millions tuning in... Nope. Didn't mind at all...

    8. Never could understand how idiots like Rosie O'Donnell or Joy Behar can get their own radio/tv shows and someone as astute, intellectual, handsome and witty as I cannot.. It just don't make sense.

    9. Dear President Calderon: After carefully studying your plea for a ban on American assault rifles because they were, "...getting into the hands of the drug cartels.." we have concluded you might be right. However, as there is such a thing in this country as a Constitution and the Second Amendment to that constitution interferes with banning firearms we have decided to do what we can to assist you in this problem. Henceforth, the billions we have fed your governemt for law enforcement shall henceforth be put to use on our side of the border. We hope those monies now being spent on more border patrols, better weapons, better border security will stop the flow of those vicious SEMI-automatic assault rifles coming from our country to yours. SS/next POTUS
    p.s. In order to stop those evil gringo smugglers bringing semi-auto weapons into your country the Border Patrol and the National Guard have been given orders to shoot to kill anyone illegally crossing the border. In either direction..

  5. A day late,no big deal...A) RIP,Coach! B)These code talkers were nothing short of miraculous. RIP as well,Mr.Lazzie.C) Maybe we should start wearing awareness ribbons with a background of oil barrels,in green and yellow. How STUPID is this team?? D) Nope. Blame Bush is ALL the man-child knows to do. This oil well ACCIDENT has proven his incompetence,as if we needed to see it.E) I do not think you can hammer this point enough.F)Ahhh,those pesky little details behind the headline.He may be right about morons,though. 65 million of them DID vote for this asshelmet,after all.G) Helen will be sent back to where SHE came from soon enough. Namely,the 9th ring.H)No doubt about whose side these liberal idiot newsrags are on,eh? Another dead tree media outlet that won't die soon enough.I) Agreed. Some frickin' "ally".J) Any way we could send a few dozen heavily laden drones to Turtle Bay? Screw the most corrupt org on the planet.K)Kagan a (GASP) radical?? Say it ain't so!! OK,OK,sarcasm off. No surprize to me Obama would pick any less a radical than he.L) A craphole?? Will be,as long as we have the current bunch running things. That being said,WHY don't this dickweed and all who think like he does simply G T F out? A gun being held to their heads to stay? I'd gladly load them into ships,planes,whatever,haul their asses to whereever they wanted to go. No guarantee the said conveyance wouldn't somehow mysteriously sink or crash,however...M)The surprize here is CNN actually aired the story. I'm shocked they didn't bury this like a cat covering up a turd.N) Ahhh,that wonderful religion. Kill you for simply watching a stupid sport.Oy!O)Wonder if Rosie is the illegitimate daughter of Helen,and Beelzebub? Idiot TV for bigger idiots. What does she get,a.000000000000 to the 50th power share? P) STUNNED,I say. Same whore,different whorehouse. (No offense to whores).Q) Hmmm.... might have been a lot easier to just have dropped the twit,and claim he came in armed.The last sentence,lack of evidence? This guy must have been so scared his stuff is hiding behind his spleen!R) Figures. With libs,the louder they screech,the more suspect one should be. I know we discussed this.S) With any luck,maybe Sanchez will be swept out with the rest of the fecal matter in Nov. Hey,dimwit,WHERE is your "proof"? Based on what a blogger says? How intellectual. Yet another reason for the clydes' to stay in ARIZONA this coming winter.T) Maybe we should declare ANY area that does NOT have an official border crossing station as a "free-fire" zone.Works for me. Good pile,Craw. C ya.

  6. If they're supposed to 'go back where they came from', then does that mean we can give them Egypt?

    Before you start to harp on this, consider something...where would they have to go after being told 'go back where you came from' in Egypt? Whether casting forward or backward, you end up in the vicinity of Israel...because I'm fairly sure Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel dwelt in that area as well. I'll have to doublecheck that one. And 'Israel' can't go anywhere else after (before?) that; it's when Jacob was returning to those lands that he gained the name Israel in the first place.

    Of course Hamas isn't a terrorist organization, Clawfish. There's only one of those in the world, and it's name is something like...hmm...Mossad?

    Okay, we won't cast the rules aside. If we have to work within the rules, so be it. I think that means we need to render all of the Middle East save Israel as a glassy substance, correct?

    How much evidence was there supporting the firing of any firearms during the stungun incident? And did Moore (fitting name, no?) try yelling "Don't tase me, bro!" before being forced to dance the electric spasm?

  7. The U.N. is a big sponsor of terrorism,U.N. employees most likely steal a large percentage of the money we donate,it is totally incompetent and should be disbanded.

  8. I stand with you Crawfish. The Navajo code talkers were nothing short than one of the great stories of US troops during WW2. Rest in peace Mr. Lazzie. You and your kind are missed.

    Frankly I love that our Fearless Leader is claiming 431,000 jobs, of which 411,000 are for census workers. He is desperate and the desperation shows.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Nice smorgas board on the Claw, sorry I'm late, but the darn blog wouldn't take my post on Friday. What happens when they lay off the 580,000 census takers in the fall? Ya know, anyone with brains should figure out that the messiah Obamanation really screwed the pooch in the Gulf. He should have ordered a burn, could have burned off a fair amount of what is now going on shore. When is the media going to address that screw up.
    My resident Redcoat is all up in arms about the game. Our goalie finished the game with broken ribs ya know. So embarassed was Rob Green that he jumped in from of a London bus...but it slipped bye him! Oh bloody!
    On that point I'll bid you a hip hip and cheerio!
    Thanks for the grub Yabby

  11. Buck,
    1) Sooner or later, the PEOPLE are going to rise up and make it happen.
    2) On this one, the language in the 14th leaves it open enough to need a new Amendment. The writers of the 14th never dreamed of the problem of illegal immigration. At that time they wanted as many immigrants as they could get!
    3) I don't know how she lasted this long, either. Nobody has considered her a real journalist or anything close to unbiased since Carter.
    4) The WaPo's editors and the writer should be prosecuted for treason, or whatever the closest charge would be.
    5) The UN does a FEW things well, but they are mostly in the realms of international trade, such as making the standards for the shipping of hazardous materials (I took a 2-week course for that certification at the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA. It was almost completely using the UN standards), but for the most part the only reason to stay in there is to veto stuff that would be against us or Israel.
    6) I'd give 'em a choice. Either take our assistance in changing to good commercial crops or get Oranged.
    7) Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Indonesia....and a whole lot of other muslim countries were in the qualification rounds. Some of them even made it to the final 32.
    8) And I can't even get paid for my efforts!
    9) Hey! You read my letter to him!

  12. Clyde,
    a) He was definitely one of the good guys
    b) They did a wonderful job for the Marines
    c) I've been trying to describe the stooooopidity, but sometimes words just aren't enough
    d) He'll be blaming Bush for the losses the Dims take in November
    e) I'll keep hammering
    f) And we warned them repeatedly
    g) Quit insulting the 9th ring like that. She's just a 1st ring minion...not that important
    h) Yup
    i) F Turkey and all muslim nations
    j) YES! Elect me or Gunny!
    k) He's the electable face, but all appointees are far to his left
    l) Kick 'em all out and start nuking their homelands
    m) Notice that they didn't heavily condemn it...
    n) Buncha dumb-basses
    o) Her audience is composed of Helen, Joy, Barack, Whoopie, Michael Moron, and the folks at HuffPo and the Noo Yawk Slimes.
    p) Same turd, different cat box
    q) I think the cops probably thought "Why didn't I think of that?"
    r) Follow the money...straight to Gore's divorce court!
    s) I really do need to take the kids to the Grand Canyon
    t) Sounds like a good plan!

  13. Ender,
    -My father was a Sunday school teacher and we had most of the history of the OT memorized
    -Silly me. There's no such thing as a muslim terrorist.
    -Start at the Jordan and work east!
    -Shoulda aimed the taser at his nether regions

  14. Donnie,
    won't get much of an argument from me!

  15. Ghost,
    desperate doesn't even begin to describe him and his minions

  16. Jim,
    -Jobs UNCREATED!
    -They won't
    -As a former goalkeeper myself, I can say that 95% of high school keepers would have smothered it properly.

  17. What? No mention of the First Lady's garden?
    Seriously, great run down here as always Crawfish! I don't have anything to add to the fine comments above.

  18. Craw: suggestion: Let's boycott the Messiah's speech tonight since it will just be a photo op to make BHO look tough, on top of things and here is my bet: he will bring up Cap and Trade to make sure all know he is really serious about green technology and how much he hates oil, gas, coal et al!!! Drop by my latest friend.

  19. Craw-
    I don't know how much more stoopidity I can stomach. I would rather watch Real Housewives than the COWboy prez.

    As for the jobs in the private sector...oy. I feel that pain everyday...

  20. Mrs. AL,
    The Octopus' Garden??????

  21. Glenn,
    I only caught a couple of minutes of it, and of course it was politicized and a call for Crrap-And-Tax. I'll be by in a bit.

  22. Nee,
    the jerk caused "Hell's Kitchen" to be delayed. Now I'm pissed.


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