Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4-6-2011 The Weekly Claw

ots of stuff on my platter again, so expect another weekend edition. I really wish that I could just write one small column per week, but the Democrats are screwing up our nation so badly that I have a glut of material.

Does your vehicle need this security feature? I know that The Crawfish doesn’t take kindly to probes, either!

The Dim-ocrats in general and Barack Hussein Obama in particular, really do hate the allies of our nation. Obama kowtows to the Chinese, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, opposes Israel building apartments for Israelis within Israel, sells/gives guns to Mexican drug cartels, and now there’s a story about how he is blocking sales of F-16 upgrade packages to Taiwan. What friend of ours has he supported? What enemy of ours has he not placated?

When he was the head if the IAEA, we knew Mohammed ElBaradei was just another muslim lying to the infidels about the nuclear programs of Syria and Iran. Now he proves to us where he stands, and by association where the UN stands since they always backed him. He says that if he is elected President of Egypt and the Israelis strike the so-called palestinians in Gaza (which is technically still part of Israel), that he will declare war on Israel. Yep, just another stooge of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here we go again. Another group of “peaceful” muslims in America is proven to be a front for terrorism. This mosque in Florida is run by the Muslim Brotherhood, raises funds for, and recruits for, the terrorist organization Hamas in their war against Israel.

Harry Reid thinks we need to hold hearings on Koran burnings. The Democrats support flag burnings, and their friends in the KKK have cross burnings. The muslim world burns Bibles and any other Christian items found in Saudi Arabia. So why single out people who burn the book of a pedophilic false prophet?

The muslims around the world are going absolutely nuts because a book of fiction was burned, but that pales in comparison to what muslims burn, and there is no outcry in the world’s media over their actions. Double standards, anyone? Violence and mayhem is part of the culture of Islam, and especially of Afghanistan. It is time that we stopped walking on eggshells when dealing with these cultists.

This one is sure to raise your hackles. The racists at the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus have filed a lawsuit against the state, because there are some new towns that they consider to be “too white” for their tastes. “This suit is based on the idea that African Americans and other minorities can elect the people of their choice.” So…..whites can’t elect the people of their choice? Whites don’t get freedom of association?

The Crawfish was challenged at one of the five sites that carry The Weekly Claw to back up my assertion that Harry Reid is a LIAR when he states that Social Insecurity has not added a dime to the deficit. Well, Gunny G quickly sent in a link to an article from the liberal Annenberg Project from February that states: “Some senior Democrats are claiming that Social Security does not contribute "one penny" to the federal deficit. That’s not true. The fact is, the federal government had to borrow $37 billion last year to finance Social Security, and will need to borrow more this year. The red ink is projected to total well over half a trillion dollars in the coming decade.” Yes, Harry Reid is a LIAR.

Here’s another examination of the root causes of the 2008-2009 financial mess. It is missing one gigantic piece of the puzzle, as I don’t see the Community Reinvestment Act mentioned.

Here is yet more evidence that the model for Obamacare, the British National Health System, is as crappy as any socialist program usually is.

Those poor, mistreated liberals just can’t take it. Here’s an Indiana Dim-ocrat running away from his job, because his party got defeated in an election, comparing his departure to a hotel in Corruptionois to a soldier leaving home for Afghanistan. Sorry, but the soldier is GOING TO his job, while you are RUNNING FROM your job. What hardships do these fleebaggers face, other than not-so-great cable lineups at their hotels? The soldier is showing HONOR, COURAGE, and DEDICATION. You are showing cowardice and immaturity. Your comparison is an INSULT to every veteran and current member of our armed forces.

The Wisconsin union teacher who e-mailed the death threats to the Republican lawmakers has not been charged or even arrested. The District Attorney responsible for issuing the charges and arrest warrant is too busy assisting the unions in their attempt to overturn the law to actually do his job. Yes, it is now the official position of District Attorney Ismael Ozanne that making death threats to public officials is not criminal behavior.

The union teachers in California have a really sweet deal going. When they retire, they still make more per year than most teachers in the country. Of course, the taxpayers of California are about to get some serious sticker shock regarding those retirement benefits, since the pension fund currently can only pay 78% of the future obligations, and that is if by some act of God the fund’s investments return at a whopping 8% rate, which will never happen. They’d better get those illegals paying taxes in a hurry!

I’m not saying that Barack Hussein Obama is a liar, but in November he said, “American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM.” Since when is $84 BILLION in losses for the taxpayers a recovery of more than what was invested?

Speaking of lies associated with Obama, the World Health Organization study that was cited as justification for Obamacare was nothing but a fraud, which is what we expect from that organization. It was so disingenuous that the infant mortality rate in the US compared to the rest of the world (a key point for one of my liberal readers who just can’t seem to face reality regarding socialism) intentionally used incompatible statistics. Most other nations do not include low birth weight babies and other conditions that lead to early deaths.

His Homeland Security Ditz, Janet Incompetano, is also a liar. She recently came out and said that the cities near the southern border are as safe as they have ever been. That would be big news to those living in Phoenix. That city is #2 in the WORLD in kidnappings, trailing only Mexico City, and the police believe that the number of kidnappings is heavily under-reported, since many victims are non-drybacks. As you were saying, Janet?

Just in case any of y’all actually believed that AARP actually stands for seniors and helps them out, here’s a cold-water wake up call. AARP is an organization that puts profit and partisan politics over their members every chance they get.

Why has the American economy turned to crap over the past few decades? We’ve lost most of our manufacturing jobs because of liberal union domination that makes it much less expensive for companies to move their factories out of our nation. We’ve also grown the size of government, with a large chunk of that growth coming since Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama came to power in January of 2007. Today, there are almost 2 government workers in America for every factory worker. Saying that this is a disgrace is like saying gang rape is a mild social deviation.

In the continuing budget battles, Senator Nelson (Dim-People of the Corn) said, “It is time to stop playing political games and finish the job that the American public is paying us to do.” Barack Obama chimed in with, “What we are not going to do is once again put off something that should have been done months ago.” Well, let’s take a look at the problem. Oh, I see it! The DEMOCRATS had complete control and could have passed the budget months ago but decided to play politics in an election year! As the shutdown deadline nears, we need leadership in DC. On that subject, Barack Obama ran out of town instead of facing his responsibilities. He’s voting PRESENT yet again.

Thanks to reader Al Zelent for sending in this video report. The Crawfish gives a hearty, traditional Navy “Well Done!” to the veterans who restored PT 658. Here’s hoping that the younger volunteers can take care of your boat for a long, long time.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel or envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” –Winston Spencer Churchill

The Constitution of the United States


  1. I've been hearing many of a "you're lying" when I tell pro union people who corrupt the public union administrators and bosses are, or how incompetent those unionized teachers have become. Our children are suffering at the hands of a failed ideology, and this country will hurt from it.


  2. 1. Okay I saw the "Trunk Monkey". Now just what the heck is it?

    2. Australia. Obama hasn't insulted Australia yet. But give him time.

    3. You forget. According to their own holy book the muslims believe there is nothing immoral, criminal or wrong in lying to infidels. So how can you believe ANYTHING ANY muslim says?

    4. More the question: How do those idiots justify holdinghearings on the koran burning when they held no hearings on such "freedom of expression" issues as flag burning?

    5. The "Black" caucus impresses me as a group of paranoid racists. First they want a "Black" caucus i.e. a segregated group of politicians who are SUPPOSED to represent all the people of their district. Then they want entrance exams for college lowered for black applicants, then they have a hissy fit because there are no blacks living in some community or other.

    6. Here's another reason Obamacare or any other government controlled health program won't work. To become a doctor after all the other education you have about 8 years of medical school followed by internship and medical board examinations, licensing and then a king's ransom in insurance. Now. What person bright enough to go through all that in order to earn a living would still do it if the government dictated how much he could make, where he could make it and who he could make it off of??

    7. Another fine example of why politicians should actually serve in the military before going into politics. Then you have Blumenthal "..when I returned from Viet Nam.." who never served in other than reserves and never left the USA. You have Hillary, "..spiraling down through anti-aircraft fire.." and "..running to the hangar through sniper fire.." as well as, "..I was in Cambodia.." Hanoi John. Hanoi John who got 3 purple hearts under suspicious conditions and put in to be returned CONUS. Uh... How many other Viet Vets knew about the 3 purple heart rule???

    8. Same thing. GM stated they paid back the entire amound loaned when in actuality they paid back about half.

    9. Also cooking the books from both angles. A pregnant woman is murdered and the anti gun folks count that as two homicides while the socialized medicine folks cite the fetus as infant mortality. Lots of ways they pad up their numbers.

    10. Again, Napolitano was angry with the feds for not enforcing the border when she was governor. Boy, what a 180..

    11. Just watch the face drop on some old fart who subscribes to AARP when you show him that sheet.

    12. Lenox Air Conditioning was located in Fort Worth. It was one of the largest private (family) owned businesses in the US. They were union and paid excellent wages. But the unions demanded ever more until Lenox packed up and moved its entire operation to Arkansas, leaving a bunch of Fort Worthers with nothing but 6 months unemployment, the want-ads and a union card. The old Lenox factory is over on 121 around Beach or Carson St.

    13. Spot on, C-Fish. Running off to play golf in Argentina or Hawaii every time a crisis occurs is exactly the same thing as voting, "Present" on controversial issues.

    14. Al Zelent was a shipmate of my father's on the USS Princeton (CVL-23) when it was bombed and sank in the Philippine Sea in 1944. His story of the action plus how he managed to get off the sinking ship is well worth hearing. He is one of my heroes.

  3. As much as I dislike chimps, the trunk monkey vid is hilarious!
    So, Sir Golfsalot is trying his darndest to alienate another friend. He probably sees the Taiwanese as colonialists who illegally took over that island and we all know his distaste for people like that. And his distaste for those of us who "bitterly" cling to our God & guns. Unlike those righteous muslims who joyously cling to their allah, dancing boys and slavery. (sarc on)
    Gawd, it's good to be back on line! No computer for 3 weeks! Hi Craw!

  4. Craw,

    Great gut punch on Dingy Reid. He's another one who has a seat in Hell waiting for him but not soon enough. He is the epitome of a corrupt lib.

    Nice round up and it IS nice that libs give us so much material.

  5. Eric,
    facts just confuse liberals.

  6. Crawfish,

    Good read and good comments. Nothing to add to what hasn't already been said.

    This shut-down will give us plenty to report about.

  7. Buck,
    1) Google "trunk monkey" and watch the videos. I dare you not to laugh.
    2) Must be an oversight on his part, or we just didn't hear about it.
    3) Did I say that I did?
    4) Or hearings on why courts say Manger scenes on public property are the same as Congress making a law respecting an establishment of religion?
    5) They scream about "equal opportunity", but when that doesn't equate to "equal result" they blame whitey instead of their own incompetent people.
    6) Bingo! I feel a MAJOR doc shortage coming on if it passes the courts.
    7) If we applied that rule, Congress would be 75% conservative....and the country would be much better off.
    8) And they paid it back with more government loans.
    9) Exactly!
    10) More on Janet upcoming!
    11) Most are members just for the discounts. They don't know or don't care about the politics of AARP.
    12) Yep, and that is why Bell Helicopter is moving almost all of its military contracts to Amarillo. Their Tarrant County workers are UAW, but there's no union in Amarillo.
    13) Gunny nailed him with the Ballad of Sir Robin.
    14) I've heard it, and yes!

  8. B-mom,
    welcome back!
    I love the Trunk Monkey commercial series.

  9. Sorry I am late to the party, but I had a "fast-track" project that had to be finished this morning.

    Crawfish, I am surprised at you! All liars are Democraps!?! Quite frankly after the last 60 years I have come to the conclusion that all Democraps are liars. (I know. It is a "word" game. But is also is entirely true. I use to think that some Democraps actually believed what they and the DNC say. Now I know better.)

    As for the Muslims, I personally burn any Koran I find. They can take that up with my weapons.

  10. I openly DARE "Nappy" to go to the southern towns and see just how "safe" they are!!"Dingy" Harry GREED is showing the world who he really is as well as all of the Dim-o-crats--our troops deserve to be paid and Obummers veto threat is beyong reprehencible!I f thr Gov shuts down it will be ON the Dems.

  11. OK,back from the southern Az.border.In spite of the motorshitbox. Time to quit screwing off....
    A)You DID notice the dead truck was an Obama Motors product,right?
    B)Has anything this asshat done make any sense to you? Sure as hell hasn't to me.
    C)This artice is yet another"Gee,No Shit" moments.
    D)Whadda ya mean,"here we go again"? Should be "why haven't these places gone up in flames".
    E)I think we nee to have REID hearings more than anything else. They'll need an auger to screw this crook in on his path to hell.
    F) Proof positive the libs and media (sorry for the redundancy)are scared SHITLESS of the heathens.
    G)Dissolution of these cities because of what some idiotic,goddamn RACIST sobs think? Absolutely ludicrous.
    H)Good piece. See E)
    I)It seems as if these assmunches ALWAYS overlook the OBVIOUS.
    J)You DID mean to say the "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" Obamacare,right?
    more to follow after this brief,but important,timeout.

  12. Clyde,back from a commercial break...
    K)Sad part the idiots in his district will most likely reelect the fool.Got an idea. Let's pack his sorry idiotic ass off to Afghanistan,and let the bastard see the REAL deal.
    L)Why can't we just hang the moron? Works for me.
    M)Wonder if Brian has bailed out of California yet? Damned moonbats simply DO NOT understand BROKE,do they?
    N)SIGH.HE'S A FOGGING LIAR. There. Said it for you.Two things to watch. The price per share,and unsold inventories. As the share price DROPS,and the unsold inventories INCREASE,the taxpayers are taking it unlubed in the heinie. About as delicate as I can put it.
    O)Since WHEN did we EVER trust ANYTHING out of this bunch? Good grief,we KNOW how badly they "misrepresent".
    P)Just came from that part of the world. Talked to a few of the B.P.agents around Yuma,they feel as though they are keeping a lid on things in Yuma and Pima counties,but in southern Pinal County(you know that place,home of Sheriff Dipstick)it's another story. A friend of mine owns a produce trucking outfit here in Michiruit,and has stopped accepting shipments from 2 big produce terminals(mostly Mexican produce imports) in Douglas,and Nogales Az.,due to the threats.
    Q)AARLP. Good God,why did the 24 team have to put THEM on that car? I know sponsorship is tight,but geez,c'mon. AARLP?? I simply cuss them out when they phone,and shred any mailing from them unopened. This bunch is right up there with the damned RNC on my shitlist.
    R) Can't find much here to disagree with Mr.Moore about.
    S)Too damn bad the Linguine Party(formerly known as the Republican Party)is HELPING the assholes.Criminy Christ O'Friday,WHAT is up with these guys?
    T)Wow.What a cool story. Thanks.
    That was sure a snoozer at TMS last night,with the exception of pit road. Were you there?
    Fine heap,see ya next time.

  13. Ghost,
    I fully understand being bizzy with other stuff. Heck, I fully planned on putting out a weekend edition, since I have material piled up nice & high, but......NASCAR on Friday, and opening weekend of Scarborough Faire, and kid's dancing lesson on Monday, and......

    As for the Koran, I'd use it to wipe with, but I'd probably get a rash from it.

  14. 8th,
    well, the gummint didn't shut down, and I'm with Michelle Bachman. Boehner caved and this deal is just a drop in the ocean. The GOP had better develop a king-size set of nads for the big budget fight.

  15. Clyde,
    A) Union Motors. Must have been built on Monday morning or Friday afternoon.
    B) Only if you look through their anti-American prism.
    C) Many of us noted his Muslim Brotherhood ties long ago.
    D) I didn't realize it until this weekend, but something like 120 nations have already given official recognition to the Palestinian state as a true nation. War is inevitable there.
    E) President Crawfish would convene sedition and treason procedings concerning much of the Jackass Party.
    F) I don't know about them being scared, but maybe they just agree with 'em a bit too damned much when it comes to opposing America.
    G) According to Jesse Be The Jackson, blacks can't be racists because they aren't the race in power. This is still true because The Chosen One is 50% white.
    H) see E)
    J) That goes without saying.
    Okay, your brief but important timeout is OVER!!!!

  16. Hmmm... must have had the same problem as someone else had. Made the second post right after the first,lost in space somewhere.Can't find my notes,so we'll leave that chapter out and make it a mystery!!!

  17. Clyde....FOUND IT! For some reason it had gone to a spam folder.


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