Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4-20-2011 The Weekly Claw

Quite a week we’ve had, in news, politics, weather, and natural disasters. Your humble and sunburned correspondent (airshow…daughter was in charge of sunscreen, so it got left in the car) brings you this wrap-up of the events I found worth talkin’ ‘bout.

We’ve got some really bad wildfires here in Texas. Two C-130 Hercules aircraft from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado have been dispatched for firefighting duties. Since it is the Obama Administration giving the orders, those C-130s are fighting the fires in MEXICO instead of Texas. Let the Mexicans use their own damned air force!

His Majesty, King Barack I, has now decreed that he will whatever he pleases, even if the law specifically states otherwise. When he was a candidate, Obama stated “We're not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress”, but that is exactly what he is doing through his latest signing statement. White House Propaganda Minister Carney can’t even get the lies straight, as he told the press that Obama never said he was against using signing statements in this manner. Yo, Carney…learn to use your computer. Some videos are easy to find!

Isn’t there a Constitutional guarantee of equality under the law? The official position of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party is that (just like in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”) some pigs are more equal than others. Obama intends to issue another Executive Order that will make his own pet pigs even MORE equal. When, oh when, will SCOTUS shoot this stuff down?

We all know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new head of the DNC, is a left wing loon, but her knowledge of the Constitution can be summed up in a single word…nil. She believes that it is simply “outrageous” that private individuals are able to sell personal items to other private individuals within the same state and not be subject to federal scrutiny. Sorry, but the federal government has no authority to regulate intrastate commerce, only interstate commerce. She probably doesn’t understand the meanings of intrastate and interstate.

If you support our national sovereignty, you belong in the Hall of Shame. That Hall had better be real big, ‘cause I’m gonna have a LOT of company in there!

Here’s yet another reminder that most liberal talking points are based upon falsehoods. There is no wage gap between men and women if you compare apples to apples.

The newest talking point is that the GOP will be to blame if the debt ceiling is shattered. Tax Cheat Timmy said so when he visited Crapitol Hill last week. Of course, he is full of Obama when he says those things, because it is the spending of the Jackass Party that has our debt exploding. As Representative Scott of South Carolina points out, we could tax all those making over $100,000.00 per year at a rate of 100% and it would not make a dent in our deficit. Of course, Rep. Scott is an Uncle Tom because he doesn’t worship at the altar of big government liberalism.

The Wall Street Journal shows us the real targets of the Democrats and their taxation plans. Hint: it ain’t the “rich” who are gonna get soaked!

It is amazing, but there really are some people who make Obama voters look sane and smart. Oh, and not all of them are in America. Moronity is an international player!

It gets better. Check out the goings-on at the Useless Nations. The brain-dead socialists (is there any other kind of socialist?) actually bleated that “the central enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism.”

Liberals have blocked the construction of new oil refineries in the United States since the mid-70s, but those same liberals are now going to spend $2,840,000,000.00 to build a refinery in Columbia. Before you ask, yes, George Soros does have a stake in it. In fact, when the energy plans of the Obama Administration are examined, it seems that the only real winners are other nations and George Soros. The losers are ALWAYS the American people.

We now have the definitive word on Glo-Bull Warming. If he says so, it MUST be true!

Geoffrey Fieger hasn’t been in the news much lately. Y’all remember Geoffrey, don’tcha? He was Jack Kevorkian’s lawyer. Anyways, he thinks he knows how to make Detroit attractive to young people so it can thrive once again. He wants to make drugs and prostitution legal! That may attract some young people, but certainly not the kind that would make Detroit a great city again. You need industrious, hard working, educated, innovative, and motivated people to do that, not a bunch of doped-up slackers with STDs.

For our friend at who doesn’t believe that public schools teach the queer agenda, just take a look at what must now be taught in the indoctrination centers of California.

Barack Obama promised “change”, and here’s a chart of the change he brought to our nation. We can always HOPE for a conservative sweep in 2012, so we can have adult supervision of our government for the first time in decades.

How’s that civility thing working out? Here’s how the left shows civility and their love of America. (Severe language warning for all of these links…civility, ya know) They also show their love and respect for blacks who can think for themselves, and a young lady who dares to support the Constitution. Yes, these are the supporters of Obama, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Jackson-Lee, Boxer, Murray, Feinstein, Emamuel, Jackson Jr., Kerry, Rangel, etc.

Anthony Martin seems to think that the GOP has a strong field of candidates to oppose Obama in 2012. Of course he includes Huckabee, Gingrich, and Christie, so we know he’s not very bright.

Here’s another update from the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department, and yet another. I keep asking which side they are on, and I never find evidence that it is the side of OUR nation.

When I saw this headline, I thought we were in for a juicy story. Boy, was I disappointed.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America ’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” - Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), March 20, 2006

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Crawfish, you must understand that Liberals are going down in flames everywhere (it's like the Great Marianna's Turkey Shoot). Therefore the Liberals are getting scared to death. Their lack of intelligence means that they cannot debate their position. Their hatred of weapons means they cannot (for the most part) start "killing" the other side and those who oppose them. Therefore all they have left is name-calling and cussing. If they didn't control the MSM and some of the courts, their position would be untenable.

    The problem on the Conservative side is that we are like Texas during the run-up to the Alamo and San Jacinto: we are still separating out the potential candidates to find a "winner".

    I hope you and yours have a Happy Easter/Passover. The Gray Ghost family is having over 10 people over for ham, Texas Beef Brisket, potato salad, cole slaw, green bean casserole, and coconut cake. (I am cooking the beef brisket, 13-1/2 lbs of Mississippi State University beef, while I type. I used a rub of chili powder, garlic powder, and brown sugar. The brisket is cooking in a dry red wine with Abe's BBQ sauce. The smell is fantastic! I wish you and your family could be here.)

  2. Whoa!

    You're already cooking your Sunday dinner, Ghost?

    Well, Craw, Bat Ears made a LOT of campaign "promises" that weren't worth a wad of used TP.

    But as you said, the great thing about the modern age is that all those lies are immortalized and easily brought to a computer screen near you.

    He's already in campaign mode, and the number's ain't looking to good for ole Bat Ears, I have to say.

  3. 1. Maybe while those C-130's are flying down to fight Mexican wildfires they can load them with some guns and save the ATF gasoline money..

    2. Another trait the Democrats have in common with communist dictators from Lenin to present is as soon as they come to power all previous promises of mana from heaven are off and blame for current misery is placed on the opposition. And the opposition is then persecuted and imprisoned in a pogrom.

    3. Debbie Wasserman (same name as the syphilis test?) et al really believe the Constitution is an archaic, outmoded and outdated document. It just may take a show of force in some way or other to make these folks understand Americans like their Constitution.

    4. Amy Novick is another moron. We need reform that sends illegals back to Mexico. Bag and baggage and wife and kids.

    5. This gender based "wage gap" crap is just that. Another tpe class war and not subject to standing up to the scrutiny of a discerning mind. Whatever happened to the idea of paying someone according to their job performance?

    6. Going beyond the dumb statements about Koresh you can read the absolute terror, pain, suffering and death the alphabet agencies visited upon defensless women and children in Waco.

    7. Makes sense the Chicoms would ban time trave. Some chinaman might learn the real history of Mao's "Great leap forward."

    8. "Mother Earth's Human Rights Status" is on a parallel with Caligula's naming his horse to the senate..

    9. What part of irrationality infects folks who block refineries in the USA because they believe it contributes to global warming but it is perfectly okay to build them in S America? Like they think only refineries in the USA would promote their global warming theme??

    10. Chas Manson is another example of the liberal mind adorning "genius" on a pseudo intellectual brain. Anyone with half a brain can read his ramblings and understand he may be a manipulator, an instigator and an enabler but he is definitely no genius.

    11. I thought drugs and prostitution were already legal in Detroit. You can't stop at a signal light without someone running over to your car offering body, boodie or drugs...

    12. The education system needs to be cleaned out. First it was putting condoms on cucumbers. Now it is teaching that homosexuals are normal. Just more of the left's undermining Christainity by teaching immorality.

    13. Mob mentality. They have no idea what is happening other than they can act like heathens and appear "cool" to their fellow heathens. Look at the closeup of the last image. Doesn't he look intelligent?

    14. Anthony Martin is merely a mouthpiece for the good ol' boy GOP heirarchy. Nobody believes any of those names are anywhere near conservative. If elected any one of them would be just another Bush "compassionate conservative" i.e. tax and spend liberal under GOP banner. The REAL conservatives in the GOP are ignored or shuffled off. They continue to trot out the same old, tired political hacks as the "frontrunners for '12".

  4. Ghost,
    So far, I've just seen two that I would support...West and Bachman.

    I used to have a brisket recipe that involved 2 days of marinading and 9 hours in the oven. Fall apart tender and great flavor. Now if I could only get myself a good smoker and learn to use it properly...

  5. Brian,
    a good brisket can take a couple of days to slow-cook!

    His Majesty's numbers are awful, but nobody on our side has good numbers either!

  6. Yeah, Craw, but nobody on our side has officially announced, either. So the numbers are spread over all kinds of potential candidates, with a lot of wishful thinking thrown in.

    Whereas it's an absolute given that Bat Ears is their candidate. So his numbers actually mean something. Those of Repubs don't yet.

    As the field on the right narrows down, the numbers become ever more meaningful.

    Here's who I like: Bachmann, Issa, McClintock, Coles, Ryan, Brewer, Rubio, Jindal, DeMint, Sessions, Pawlenty, West, maybe a couple of others I can't think of right now. I'd vote for any of them, and I think they're all well-qualified and could win.

    The GOP needs to stop with the Gingriches, Romneys, Giulianis, and the rest of those "moderate" losers.

  7. Brian,
    the only ones that even look like possibles to run out of that list are Bachman, Pawlenty, and West. The rest would be worth fighting for, but they've got to start stepping up to the plate!

    RINOs not served here!

  8. Buck,
    1) I'd say that's funny, but they probably already thought of it.
    2) And we called it on this guy before he defeated Hillary.
    3) As soon as we win the House, 60+ in the Senate, and the WH, we MUST see lots of legislation reversing all anti-Constitutional programs, regulation, agencies, departments, and laws from FDR through Obama.
    4) At gunpoint if necessary. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!
    5) That's not the liberal way!
    6) They really fugged that one up. Could have arrested him by himself in town.
    7) But banning movies that include time travel?
    8) So I'm not the only one who remembered that.
    9) Rationality? That doesn't exist in liberals.
    10) Charismatic as can be, but warped beyond all hope.
    11) Is there any law in Detroit? Sharia doesn't count, since that is Dearborne.
    12) Don't forget the teachings that Christianity is evil because it has rules!
    13) The more whacked out a person looks, the bigger chance they have of being a complete left-wing loon.
    14) We must not accept any RINOs this time 'round.

  9. OK,Earl,lets mail a card to mother,then send them chickens on down the other side...yeah,lets give'em a ride... A Clyde attaboy if you recognize these lyrics. Artist and song title. OK,OK enough tomfoolery.
    A)What asininity from a group of assholes. Oh,wait,Texas DIDN'T vote overwhelmingly for the prick??? Nevermind. Hope that shit isn't coming your way.
    B)WHAT? Obama LIES? NO. SHIT. Man,this Carney is a real piece of work. Never thought I'd miss Baghdad Bob.
    C)The SCOTUS. I'll take NEVER for $200,Alex.
    D)The ONLY thing outrageous is Wassermouth.
    E)Hmmm... Would A BUNCH OF F@CKING LOCUSTS WHO OUGHT TO BE NUKED work any better?
    F)What an absolute non-story. Of course the damned NAGs ain't going to protest Obama. Libs are like shit going through a sewage treatment plant. They REALLY stick together.
    G)You know what might help the Treasury out some?
    (FOUL language follows. You have been warned)
    H)Look at Obama's return. And the lying bastard says HE shouldn't pay LESS? The sonofabitch took all the deductions HE was allowed.Got over 100k knocked off his bill. Jesus,this guy is truly the king of chutzpah,eh?
    I)Ignorance. Moronity. The Earth's most ABUNDANT materials.
    J) Can't we just bulldoze the sacristy of shit out of NooYawk? Bury it under all the fecal fomented from the fecund fools? ENOUGH of this bunch.
    K)HJC. You'd have thunk Barry would have PAID OFF his puppetmaster by now. Just how much money did Soreholes send down that shithole,anyway?
    Part One,Done. Stay tuned for the NEXT exciting installment.

  10. OK,as promised. L)Too bad someone didn't want to make a prison name for himself. THIS is what happens when you DO NOT have a death penalty,or USE it. Another surprise reading this,that the Gorons haven't begun a "Free Charlie" movement yet. You know,like "Free Mumia",or "Free Leonard Peltier".With the crazy bastard's picture on T shirts.
    M)Not a problem finding that shit in Detruit. Corner of Michigan ave & Livernois,8 mile and Meyers, Fort and Clark,etc etc. Fieger is another idiot who simply needs to go away. He is NO help to Michigan. None.
    N)HJC. Can't teach them math,science,REAL history,just QUEER history. WTF next?
    O)Those were excellent. Especially the last picture. Too bad there wasn't enough room for the old black and white clip of two trains hitting head on.
    P)Talk about ignorance and asininity on parade. I'm afraid I would not be able to keep myself from clubbing the insolent bastards,like baby seals.
    Q) It is EXACTLY idiots like this guy who GET the likes of McCain,Romney,Newt,et al,foisted upon us. Time to quit listening to the chattering class,and listen to the candidates OURSELVES,hold THEIR feet to the fire and SCAREW the left,or RIGHT media.We will never do BETTER than thinking for ourselves.
    R)And what else is new from this stable of one-trick ponies?
    S) I recently read somewhere the mansion is a run-down pigsty of late,so seeing this comes as no big surprise.
    OK,y'all have a Happy Easter. Brisket sounds good,we're doing steaks,and Alaska King crab legs. Tried a couple tonight,the damn leg meat was as big as a hotdog.A little citrus dip,mmmm mmmmm mmmmm. C ya next week. Possibly from the NEW motorpalace.

  11. Clyde,
    C.W. McCall's "Wolf Creek Pass"...ain't heard that in years!
    a) The closest one went from 0% contained to 25% today...'bout 65 miles west of us.
    b) We knew Gibbs was a liar. This guy's just an idiot.
    c) Don't be too sure. The lawsuits are making their way up.
    d) That's an insult to outrageous people.
    e) I want gun positions across the border!
    f) Anybody heard from Cindy Sheethead or Patsy Schroeder lately? Didn't think so.
    g) Just sayin' what the rest of us are thinkin'
    h) At least he isn't as bad as Bubba....taking a deduction for giving Goodwill his used boxers and briefs.
    i) sad, but possibly true
    j) Run some pigs through there so the mooks run away.
    k) The strings are still attached.

  12. Part Deux-deux,
    l) Even Gore is aware enough of reality to know that Charlie is nuts.
    m) If Detroit was nuked, and you weren't in the vicinity, would there really be anything worthwhile lost?
    n) I'm afraid to ask!
    o) Shoulda had a putter over his shoulder.
    p) Self-restraint would be hard to come by
    q) Anybody who talks of Gingrich as a plausible candidate is delusional
    r) Buncha Carlos Mencia "D-D-D"s.
    s) Used to be the house of dreams......

  13. Many of these articles show the hypocrisy of the left.


  14. Crawfish,
    Good post as always. The oral sewers from the left are wide open. As always they provide a false narrative on every subject.

    Now that Zero has a record ANY candidate from our side should have no problem bashing him with it and winning next year. Hell, we could all write the talking points.

  15. Ding Ding Ding....We have a WINNAH!! Very good.
    Re: M) Eastern Market,maybe,would be about it.


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