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4-13-2011 The Weekly Claw

Okay, gang. I had TONS of material ready for a weekend edition and even more standing by for this edition, but I got really bizzy. You see, Friday was the day that I took my kids to a NASCAR race, and this weekend was the opening weekend for Scarborough Faire, which is always part of our family’s schedule. Toss in taking a kid to dance lessons on Monday, and…ohcrap…MATERIAL OVERLOAD! I’m tossing this column together quickly, and dumping well over half of the links I had lined up, but it should still be enough to keep the comments flowing for the next few days. I would comment on Obama’s fiscal responsibility speech today, but I might have to do a whole column on that pile of bovine excrement.

The wonderfully ecological folks from Cuba can drill anywhere they want in the Gulf of Mexico, but His Majesty has decreed (even though the federal courts have said otherwise) that no such deep-water drilling shall be done by companies that need American permits. Which side is more susceptible to having spills? Which side will help us get over our dependence on arab oil? Which side is Obama on? Well, since he’s doing his best to piss off one of the biggest suppliers of oil, he must be on the side of whoever will stick it to the American people.

There were three constant themes in the debate leading up to the Boehner capitulation last Friday. The biggest theme from the Democrats was that the GOP wanted to kill women. This was because the GOP wanted to take federal funds away from Planned Parenthood, which Upchuck Schumer tried to say was a women’s health organization. (How many “health organizations” murder the equivalent of the entire city of Cincinnati in a single year?) Representative Slaughter (Dimwit-Noo Yawk) said that the incoming class of GOP Representatives are Nazis who want “to kill women”. Yes, there was puh-lenty more. Since the Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding of abortions, how is any funding of this group legal, and why does a private organization need federal funds in the first place?

Another theme was that the GOP cuts were racist. This one was presented by Andrea Mitchell, once again pretending to be an unbiased reporter, Jesse the Racist saying that this was the Civil War all over again, and DC Delegate Norton who said the GOP’s efforts were like “bombing innocent civilians”. Of course, the real racists are those who support Planned Parenthood in their quest to kill as many black babies as possible. Even Ruthie-baby Ginsburg said that she thought Roe v. Wade was intended to rid us of “undesirables”.

Then we get to the Democrats supposedly being the ones who are fiscally responsible, with the GOP giving tax cuts for the rich being the only thing standing between America and a balanced budget. White House advisor David Ploufe laid this one on quite thick, but was an epic fail.

So what did the GOP get out of the budget negotiations? They claimed $38 billion in cost cutting, which means Boehner is a sellout, but it gets worse. Quite a bit of those “cuts” are just accounting gimmicks or cutting positions that were already vacant. The Congressional Budget Office goes so far as to say that the actual savings are a meager $352 million, or less than 10% of the tiny amount Boehner claimed as a victory. John Boehner needs to be relieved of his command.

Back to the liberal racists for a moment. I would comment heavily on this story, but I just don’t have the time, energy, or column space to do it properly. This one really takes the cake.

Obama’s friends in the media keep attacking Israel as much as possible, equivocating Hamas terror attacks on civilians with Israeli strikes on terrorists who happen to hide among civilians.

Here’s yet more information regarding the liberals who made big bucks while intentionally reporting false accounting data at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It appears that the Democrats don’t even want to allow hearings into these organizations, which were among the leading factors in the housing/credit collapse of 2008, since it is their cronies who are about to be barbequed.

Our old friend Peppermint2 sent this one along. Geert Wilders is a hero in my book.

I was concerned when I saw this headline, but then I realized that it was the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals, so it will probably be reversed like the majority of their decisions.

ACORN has been found guilty yet again, but the Eric Holder Department of Injustice still refuses to investigate them. 2012 can’t come soon enough.

Holder’s ATF gun smuggling scandal just won’t go away. Some of his people might even go to prison. Let’s hope he is eventually one of ‘em. Hat tip to Buck.

Reader REC48 sent along this article, which compares the rhetoric of Obama and his fellow Democrats to that of Leon Trotsky’s 1934 speech “If America Should Go Communist”. By the way, Ann-Marie Murrell writes almost as good as she looks, which means she is a fantastic writer!

I’m not saying that Janet Incompetano’s not doing her job, but… Okay, yes I am, and yes I am again. The security of our nation cannot be this horrid unless it is by design.

The design is further shown by Obama’s CIA cutting back on interrogation of muslim terrorists. Yes, we have no need of any information that they might have.

Here we go again with a union persecuting real people. It’s all about the power. Heck, The Crawfish lives in a “right to work” state, but there is a union at my company. That union’s contract with the company mandates that all employees pay union dues even if they don’t wish to be part of the union.

The Democrats portray themselves as Robin Hoods, taking from the eeeeeevillll rich to serve the poor, but it doesn’t really work that way. In many cases, they have the roles reversed.

Why are control freak liberals always hypocritical when it comes to the behavior that they are trying to control?

Speaking of control freaks, look what we found in Obama’s hometown. Parents are not allowed to have any say in what their kids have for lunch at school. You’ve just gotta love the union power mindset.

James Earl Carter poked his head above water again, and reminded the world how much of an idiot he is. He said that religious leaders trample the rights of women, and that even Christian leaders condone the beating of women by their husbands. Will the 2nd worst President in American history like to back up that statement by naming a single religion other than Islam that condones wife beating? He can’t, because there isn’t one.

One of my liberal readers wanted to know more about the liberal indoctrination in our public schools. Well, Expat Yank, this one is for you. The 1% who are queer wag the dog.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel or envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” –Winston Spencer Churchill

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Craw,

    Boehner said the next cut will be trillions. Was he saving his mojo for this coming fight or did he roll over? I'm withholding judgement for now but if the GOP rolls over and snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, as usual, then let them catch hell from us in 2012.

  2. Gunny,
    since the CBO puts the $38 BILLION cuts at an actual $352 MILLION, I have zero faith in him.

  3. Crawfish,
    Good wrap-up as always. I wish you would number your entries. It would make it easier for us to comment.

    1) US Oil companies should apply for permits from Cuba or just move to Brazil where they would be welcome. Zero just pledged that we will be Brazil's biggest customer.

    2) Abortion will be our undoing one day. How the left can scream about a pregnant women getting killed in an auto accident being a double homicide but support abortion is beyond my understanding.

    3) The non-cuts are an insult. Boehner must think that we are stupid, or maybe, we are the only ones that understand what those zeros actually mean. Check my post today titled "Government Gone Wild". It is sobering.

    3) The White Privilege Conference is stunning. Next they will be screaming "kill whitey" and then off themselves. No wonder liberal kids have such low self esteem.

    4) Its always the Israeli’s isn’t it? I am so tired of the left’s narrative. What’s odd is that it is the Jewish writers doing the bashing.

    5) Yeah, and the left whines about the evil rich when its their side screwing everyone.

    6) That speech of Wilders is on YouTube. He is awesome and he’s been victimized for telling the truth. Apparently we are not the only ones with leftist idiots.

    7) I wish the next POTUS would just abolish the 9th as a budget cut. They never seem to perform their job anyway.

    8) Holder can’t bust ACORN because they are major contributors to his boss, plus he will make millions later defending them.

    9) The whole crowd attached to this should go to jail for accessory to murder.

    10) Interesting analysis and comparisons. Yes, she is hot! No surprise since the left usually has the ugly ones.

    11) Odd that we can guard the 38th parallel in Korea for 60 years but we can’t guard our border. What bothers me is the OTMs (other than Mexicans) getting through. My buddy in NM just retired from ICE and he says the border is a purposeful sieve. WTF?

    12) So the CIA is giving up on terrorists outside of the wars that we are in. Boy, that is a great plan. Kinda like before 9-11. Hurry January 2013!

    13) Those union thugs are really whores aren’t they? What they won’t stoop to.

    14) I wonder what they will do when they run out of “our” money.

    15) Funny how that porker Comrie blames his job and not his overactive fork. I’ll bet he hasn’t seen his feet in years.

    16) It’s for the “chillrens” don’t you know. Some kid might come in with a happy meal or something.

    17) I thought Jimmah died in a fishing accident or had a house fall on him. I wish that racist anti-semite bastard would just retire and go away. 35 years of that douche is enough already.

    18) So please someone explain why we 97% need to accommodate the other 3%. I have no personal issue with gays but I don’t believe that they are more equal than anyone else. They need to get over their self-victimization.

  4. Hardnox,
    I might start doing that, but since I tend to be switching stuff around until the nanosecond before posting, I'd probably screw it up!
    1) Too bad so much of the known deposit is in OUR waters.
    2) How is killing a baby the same as protecting women's health?
    3) I read that article and was dumbfounded.
    4) AMERICAN Jewish writers. American Jews are a) Jews In Name Only, and b) hate Israel.
    5) Most of the poverty in America is CAUSED by their programs!
    6) He speaks out against Islam, so the dhimmis detest him.
    7) Delete that court, so the judges automatically become unemployed. Then reconstitute it and split it into 2 parts (the area of jurisdiction is quite large), and appoint pure Constitutionalists
    8) Yup
    9) Amen
    10) Hotties....if they have brains, they usually ain't libs!
    11) It ain't by accident!
    12) Just another example of Obama being an enemy of the USA.
    13) When you hit rock bottom, look down and you will STILL see unions in action.
    14) Borrow more.
    15) Probably tries (I say again TRIES) to cheat on his wife, too.
    16) Or (horror of horrors) a PEANUT BUTTER sammich.
    17) He's doing a happy dance every day, since he ain't the worst President in history any more.
    18) They have equal rights, but want more-than-equal rights.

  5. Yep. Boehner caved.

    I wish I could say I was surprised by that. I'm not.

    Here are a few thoughts I wrote over at Edamon's (Flagwaver):

    Boehner caved. He should have pushed all these issues to the mat, right up to and including a government "shutdown", in order to make several important points.

    1. This battle shouldn't have been taking place at all. This was a battle over LAST year's budget, one that should have been passed by the Dems, since they controlled both chambers of Congress and the WH. They didn't need one single GOP vote to pass the budget.

    But for the first time since 1974, they wouldn't do it because Pelosi/Reid/Bat Ears all KNEW they were in for a political drubbing at the election that was mere weeks away, and they didn't want to make it worse by actually passing their budget on their own and having to take the responsibility for it.

    That point should have been drummed home repeatedly.

    2. When you've got the other guy over a barrel, never give away anything you don't have to. The GOP now controls the House, where all budget bills MUST originate.

    As Bat Ears himself said, "we won", and elections have consequences. They should have driven that like a stake through his heart.

    3. The sign of weakness deriving from #2 is gonna come back and haunt them when it's time to battle this year's budget.

    4. A government "shutdown" ain't that big a deal, and that should have been made clear, repeatedly. More symbolism than substance. And they should have beaten the point on #1 like a borrowed mule to make it crystal clear that any "shutdown" was solely the responsibility of the Dems. Why are they afraid to make those kinds of points?

    Nobody respects cowards.

    5. The GOP and Boehner essentially failed to deliver on their campaign promises. THAT can have some serious repurcussions come election time next year. They'd better get their act together... quick!

    Where in the campaign of 2010 was the GOP running on a platform of "compromise"?

    I thought they were trying to sound like a bunch of fire-eaters who were going to bring sanity to government. I don't recall ANYONE saying they were hoping to get elected so they could forward the frontiers of "compromise".

    They're so worried about being tarred by a government "shutdown". Maybe they should worry more about being tarred by being a bunch of gutless "compromisers".

  6. Brian,
    I wholeheartedly agree with all points. I supported a shutdown even though it would have impacted my family directly, with my wife only getting half of her paycheck this week if it had happened. She's still on active duty.

  7. Buck's Book Vol. I

    1. Before Roe v Wade most states had an exception to the abortion law in which if continued pregnancy could be dangerous to the mother's health or life threatening. How does Schumer figure abortion on demand constitute a women's health issue when there are no health issues?

    2. And why does ANY private organization need federal funds in the first place? Does NPR come to mind? If the government ceased funding private organizations how much more could be lopped off the budget? Attention, Boehner...

    3. You all agree, I guess, Andrea Mitchell is a moron. Or a crypto communist. Or both. I say y'all because I never watch PMSNBC, CNN, HNN or the mainline alphabet channels. The local WalMart doesn't stock enough Maalox for me to do that.

    4. Pro-Lifers are racists? It seems the REAL racist would be that heroine of the left, Ms. Sanger who first promoted "freedom of choice" with the intention of eliminating the black race as...ta dah...undesirables.

    5. It is funny. No, not "Ha ha" funny. How stupid the Democrats actually believe the bulk force of American people really are.
    But they are making these wild statements in a holding action. While we focus on the current problem and while most Americans see through the idiotic mullings of Reid, Pelosi , Schumer, et al the real reason is to keep the gimmees organized while they figure how to bring the illegal population into the polls en masse.

    6. I believe you are right. Boehner needs to go. What would get the attention of the GOP more than if we fire one of their top lackeys?

    7. White Privilege? Seems the only privilege whites have any more is footing the bill for all the social and welfare services to every other minority.

    8. The MSM is falling back on one of the oldest socialist cliches there is. Namely, "Two wrongs don't make a right." They started preaching this to me back in the First Grade. While letting the playground bully slide, anyone retaliating was chastised, later grades "chastised" ala principal's paddle. Well, if two wrongs don't make a right, the second "wrong" will certainly make the aggressor think again before committing that third wrong. THAT'S the lesson that should be taught instead of, "Two wrongs don't make a right."
    That glaring example of twisted leftist thought is right along with, "Violence never solved anything."

    9. Ever notice how Barney Frank has tried to shift the blame to everyone but himself on the FM/FM thing? And Chris Dodd just kinda slunk away in the night. Maybe to his estate in Ireland.

    10. Even the 6th century mentality is able to look and learn from thje communist experience. A few centries ago the muslims tried to convert Europe via the sword. But at that time Europe had a powerful church and authoritarian governments. So they were driven back to Africa where they spent the next few centuries marrying children, brokering slaves and nurturing a hatred for everyone else in the world. They picked up on the communist parallel wherein subversion, indoctrination and political infiltration worked rather well. Adios, Europa. It was nice to know you. The old you.

  8. Buck's Book Vol. IIApril 14, 2011 at 8:47 AM

    11. Once again the 9th Circuit is merely actuating a holding operation until the left can figure out how to get the illegals into the voting booth.

    12. Eric Holder is just one reason we must not allow the GOPto put forward one of those tired, old, worn out RINO faces in '12. The criminals in the government must be prosecuted.

    13. Once again the ATF...think of it..."Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms". The name should be setting off warning bells in you. But since all alphabet agencies with the exception of the CIA have been portrayed in movies, tv and the media as the good guys. But think about it. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE A.T.F. IS TO RESTRICT AMERICANS' FREEDOM.

    14. Oh, yeah. Back in the '60's when the left was once again trying to shine commuynism in a favorable light when you would say, "You're a communist!" They would answer, "Oh, yes. But I'm a Trotskyite, not a Leninist or Stalinist." Like that would make them okay.

    15. Anyone else notice Napolitano's complete 180 since she was governor?

    16. C-Fish ask around and see how many of your fellow employees are die hard union members, how many merely go along and how many feel as you.

    17. Unions are merely a laundering maching for the communist inspired sector of the Democrat Party.

    18. Kinda like Michelle pushing healthy meals on us while she runs off to Colorado to pig out on BBQ ribs? Or Zero's superbowl fare of chips, dips and buffalo wings??

    19. Jimmy Carter and John McCain are proof positive the USNA does not always accept the brightest of our youth.

    20. Sexual weirdos have been pushing for not acceptance but outright approval by the straight society for many years. To that end homosexuals have taken an innocent little word and perverted it to enhance their public image. My 1957 Webster defines "gay" as a lighthearted mood or frame of mind. But because "homosexual" conjures up nnothing but images of lewd and perverted acts in the straight ming, homosexuals sometime around the last of the '50's or first of the '6's started using "gay" to identify themselves both to each other as well as to the straight community. I mean "homosexual" identifies Leopold and Loeb to the straight mind while "gay" is the cute little flighty haberdasher on "Are You Being Served">

  9. Good on you, Craw.

    I believe that even if there had been a "shutdown" she'd have gotten that back pay when it was over, so her pay would have been simply delayed rather than forfeit.

    But that's the PR game the Dems play so well and that the GOPers suck at.

  10. Boehner and the republicans have let me down again. 2012 will be our first step in remedying this corruption that has embedded itself in Washington. They've burdened my generation, my sons generation, and beyond. It will be essential to rid us of the rinos and virtually any democrat who's been at the hill.


  11. Grinding my teeth?

    They look like "nubs" now.

    Did the GOP and Boehner cave? H*ll yes. And I cannot believe they did. Although I am hearing that many of the TEA Partiiers will NOT vote for the compromise, I am not holding my breath.

    At this point even Donald Trump is starting to look good.

  12. Let's see if I can get it ALL to you this week. That race was a REAL snoozer,until it was pit time. OK,now onto the vast,fetid heap....
    A)WE know the answer to that.And,BTW,PISS on Brokaw.It was asshats like HIM that foisted this bunch on us in the first damn place.
    B)After reading the Polibico piece,it seems that they,like NPR,can do JUST DANDY without taxpayer help. Screw them till the cows come home.
    C) Racist. HJC,is that ALL they have? As usual,especially in THIS instance,we SEE where the damned racisim is coming from. And it AIN'T us.
    D)Good grief,you talk about dopes. Christ on a crutch.Mr.Ploufe,report IMMEDIATELY to drug screening.
    E)I never thought Boehner would be any more than a RINO. I'm not in the least surprised by ANY of his actions. Unless,of course,he were to do the RIGHT thing. THAT would be a stunner.
    F)Only one word to say about this. HORSESHIT. Vast,steaming,fetid piles of it.And those who go along with it can eat the aforementioned. Facking morons.
    G)Whatta ya mean,those peace-loving-just-want-a-home-of-their-own Palestinians are committing rocket attacks from Gaza onto Israel? The shit you say. OK,OK,sarcasm off. Hey,BiBi, FIRE AWAY. The more of THEM bastards YOU kill,the LESS of them to kill YOU.
    H)Of course they don't want hearings. Too goddamn many of THEM would be in the pokey with Smokey. Oh,I'm sorry. I forgot who's in charge. Damn dreams anyway.
    I)That article was spot-on. Good ol'Pepp.
    J)Wouldn't have this issue IF ONLY this administration would SIMPLY ENFORCE the laws. Same with the previous one. But,nooooo,can't have THAT,can we? Has there been a court ANYWHERE that has been reversed MORE than the 9th Circus?? OK,here's where I messed up last week. Sending the rest in a minute...

  13. Buck,
    1) He knows otherwise, but is lying for political points.
    2) Completely correct.
    3) I only watch the alphabets for entertainment shows, not information.
    4) You are a racist for pointing out the racism of the left.
    5) Bribe the people to vote for them.
    6) Followed by Brown, Snowe, Collins, McLame...
    7) Yup.
    8) They are cheering for the first wrong.
    9) Notice how quiet Fwank is?
    10) Invasion through breeding.
    11) 9th Circuit...EPIC FAIL!
    12) Won't happen. He gets a pardon.
    13) Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a gummint agency.
    14) Trotskyite, Stalinist, Leninist, Democrat...same thing.
    15) Maybe a 90, but not a 180.
    16) Lots in the middle ground.
    17) Turning taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign funds.
    18) Yup.
    19) Jimmuh is an embarrassment to our Navy...but we blame the sub force for him.
    20) The left hijacks language as one of their main weapons of propaganda.

  14. Brian,
    back pay would have eventually come, but when? Bills still happen.

  15. OK. Let's try this.
    K) Damn sure would be nice to see Holder doing the perp walk in a nice,bright orange jumpsuit.Along with the ACORNS. I know,Clyde,QUIT DREAMING.
    L)The worst part of this is the sonofabitch who AUTHORIZED this,and we ALL know who THAT shithead is,will NEVER see ANY punishment for it.One question,though. HOW did SeeBS EVER air this? Someone drunk that night,or what?
    M) IF?? Hell,I thought it already WAS.At least with the administration.
    N)Miller surely is NOT the brightest bulb in the lamp. What the hell does she THINK has been going on down there? These CBP people are doing what they are TOLD by the DC thugs. Doesn't matter if it is RIGHT or not.
    O)Well,you DO know they ARE his brothers,eh? He did say he would be on THEIR side,after all.
    P)This is just absolutely fakking ridiculous.
    Q)The dhimmis are Robin Hoods alright. For THEMFUKKINSELVES.
    R)My God,this poor woman is delusional.NO ONE likes tofu,do they??? It is obvious to me the fat bastard don't like it,nor apparently anything else healthful,either. Would you like fries with that??
    S)It figures. Libs=Idiots. Or is it assholes?
    T)Hey,Jimmuh. Why don't y'all take a long trip to a toasty place,go see ol'Dead Ted and John. Maybe they saved you some ice water.
    U)Yet ANOTHER good reason to do away with the department of NON Education. Say,weren't the damned R's supposed to do AWAY with this crap way back when?? Time to put this,along with a WHOLE HOST of these useless agencies,OUT of business. Good stack o'crap there,my friend. BTW,solved my motorhome troubles. Traded that POS for a NEW one,built in Red Bay,Alabama,by NON union labor. Maybe we can get a trip or two out of it BEFORE something breaks. C ya next time.

  16. Ghost,
    Looks like a lot of the conservatives decided to bite the bullet so that the military would get paid, but plan on making the full year budget the real fight. We shall see.

  17. Aside to Buck.. That show,"Are You Being Served" was a damned good show. Far better than most of the shit from U.S. TV,no doubt. The wife STILL watches reruns of it.

  18. Eric,
    If we can manage to get 60 in the Senate, take the White House, and hold the House, we MIGHT be able to restore some sanity.

  19. Clyde,
    found you second missive from last week in a spam folder....
    We went to the Nationwide race, which was okay, especially when Kyle Busch wrecked out!

  20. Now for Clyde's book...
    a) That's why we call him The Chosen One.
    b) No valid reason for a single taxpayer penny.
    c) Which party has brought down the black family and given us permanent black underclass?
    d) This bunch makes stoners like Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) look brilliant.
    e) He goes with the flow, not standing firm.
    f) So tell us how you really feel!
    g) Then send 'em all back home to Jordan.
    h) They will all get pardons.
    i) Yep, good Pepp!
    j) 9th Circus...the joke of the left...coast.

  21. Clyde II,
    k) No perp walk...pardon.
    l) The one conservative over there ran with it while probably covering up what he was doing.
    m) Along with the Reid Senate, the Pelosi House, and the 9th Circuit Court.
    n) Profile NOW!!!!
    o) Of course he's on their side. He's one of them!
    p) Brought to you be the resurgence of union power (they think) through Obama and the SEIU.
    q) BINGO!
    r) Why is it that fat black men have skinny wives, and skinny black guys have fat wives?
    s) Both.
    t) Ted's has scotch in it, and his punishment is never being able to drink it...oh, and he is "servicing" someone who looks and acts like Richard Simmons.
    u) I thought they were gonna get rid of the Dept of Energy first.

  22. Craw, you wrote:

    If we can manage to get 60 in the Senate, take the White House, and hold the House, we MIGHT be able to restore some sanity."


    I'm not sanguine. Bush and the GOP had both chambers of Congress for 6 of his 8 years in office, and look at what a disaster they were.

    It's not an issue of simply having the appropriate majorities when those majorities have so many Snowes and McCains and Browns as part of them.

    The GOP spent over a decade being the Dem-Lite Party, and that's a plain fact. If they can win another majority without having their feet held to the fire, we're just as screwed as if the Dems kept power themselves; just a little slower is all.

    They need to understand that they have to actually FIGHT for what they claim to believe in and represent if they want to win anything. No more fu**ing around.

  23. Brian,
    I think that the ones who would be newly-elected in 2012 would tend to be Tea Party supported candidates, which means non-RINOs. The momentum is on our side. If we can get young blood in place...

  24. Yeah, Craw, that's exactly the key. "Young blood".

    I agree.

  25. Ditto here with the young blood.

    The new guys are the only ones holding Boehner's feet to the fire.


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