Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3-9-2011 The Weekly Claw

And awaaaaaay we go! I’ve got a lot for ya this week, and that’s despite starting a new job, dealing with the puppies, dealing with the kids, and surviving another Mardi Gras.

We’ll start off this week with one of the best videos in history. Here is a union supporter asking a Tea Party member “Why do you have a right to your money?” Seriously? Well, that is the liberal paradigm wrapped up in a single sentence. The money that you have earned through your own efforts belongs to THEM, not you.

Here’s another civility update brought to you by the Service Employees International Union, aka the Purple Shirt Thugs. If this kind of childishness had been perpetrated by conservatives, it would be front page news for a week.

After the protests at the State House, the unions offered to clean up the mess, but only for big bucks. Tea Party members got together and did the job for free, proving once again that they are nothing but racist right-wing extremists.

The bloated idiot Michael Moore-on joined the protesters in Wisconsin, and said “America is not broke, the country is awash in wealth and cash ... It has been transferred in the greatest heist in history from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the uber-rich.” Uh, greatest heist in history? The people who have amassed the money are those who have worked for it and have been smart enough to use it to make even more money.

Union teachers suck so much at “educating” the kids that they kids can’t pass their high school graduation exams. So how do we fix that problem? Do we hire better teachers and give real education instead of liberal indoctrination? Of course not. The solution is to ditch the state exams. That way the kids will remain uneducated, but won’t have their feelings hurt when their test scores prove it.

I’ll let theblogprof handle this bit of insanity from Seattle. His commentary is spot-on.

Theblogprof has another good one for this week. It appears that the new company line for the Dim-ocrats is that the GOP is destroying the economy. The Dims don’t seem to understand that THEY control the Senate and the White House, and controlled the House until 2 months ago. Red Nanny P-Lousy, Dingy Harry, and Barack Obama are personally responsible for about 36% of the federal debt. THEY raised spending by 84%. Yet somehow, the GOP is to blame?

Jesse-be-the-Jackson Junior has lost his left-wing extremist mind. He says that we need to change the Constitution so that everyone has a RIGHT to a home, to medical care, to an education, and a laptop and iPod for every child. Somehow, he believes that if we make these things RIGHTS, then there will be lots of jobs in home construction and lots of new doctors. Uh…Junior? Who is going to pay for those homes that you say are a RIGHT? If it is a RIGHT, then they must be free for all, which means the American taxpayers are going to have to pay for all of them. What doctor is going to work for FREE, if medical care is a RIGHT? The Son of Shakedown Artist has once again proven himself to be a complete idiot, with a mantra of gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

The current fiscal year’s deficit is over $1,650,000,000,000.00, but Turban Durbin and the rest of the Dims say that they will only accept budget cuts of $10,500,000,000.00, which is less than one-third of one percent of the budget. Simply incredible.

Let’s see now…in FY2007, the last budget year for W before Pelosi and Reid took over Crapitol Hill, the deficit was $160,700,000,000.00. The Barack Obama-Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid debt for LAST MONTH ALONE was $223,000,000,000.00. Yes, sports fans, the Dim-ocrat deficit in one single month was 138% of the deficit for a whole year under W. Why can’t the Dims admit that it is THEIR spending that is out of control and that it must be reduced heavily? The latest Dim proposal is supposedly for $6,000,000,000.00, but the CBO points out that it is, in reality, only $4,700,000,000.00 in cuts, which amounts to about 2.1% of February’s deficit alone, yet a top Dim Senator said that they cannot accept cuts over $6,000,000,000.00 from the total budget, which is still only 2.69% of February’s deficit.

The Crawfish has just been educated by a Congresscritter. Representative Poe (R-TX 02) has pointed out that all foreign aid is lumped into a single bill with a single vote. Our Congress doesn’t even vote on nations individually to get our aid money. There’s about 192 nations in the world, and over 150 of them get OUR money! Most of them don’t even like us, and some are our enemies! This is a pretty good speech from the House floor.

If Obamacare is such a wonderful law, then why has the Administration now granted over 1000 waivers? Why have so many entities that helped Obama push it through asked for said waivers?

Looks like Dingy Harry’s son learned well from his father. He violated campaign finance laws in Nevada to get $750,000+ from unions funneled into his campaign for Governor.

The scandal involving the ATF selling confiscated weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico, all to be able to say that American guns were being illegally trafficked so we need more gun control, is coming unraveled. Agents are now publicly stating that they were ORDERED to illegally sell the guns, and the authorization went all the way up to Eric Holder’s Injustice Department. One of those illegally sold weapons was used to murder an American federal agent. Now, the head of the ATF is stating that he’s starting an investigation, but that will end up being a cover-up, and will probably be directed by Holder’s office and the White House. Oops. Looks like I typed too soon, as the cover-up is already starting!

The Injustice Department operation that illegally sold weapons in Mexico has really gotten screwed up. Eric Holder’s “people” have lost track of the weapons. We know of a few that have shown up, many in busts so the press can see how American guns are being used in Mexico so there can be another excuse for our own gun laws to be strengthened. Another was used to murder an American federal agent. Eric Holder needs to be charged with Accessory to Murder.

A firefight between armed illegal aliens and Border Patrol agents within Arizona back in December resulted in the death of one American Border Patrolman. To make matters worse, the Americans were forced by Obama Administration policy to use beanbag weapons as their first shots, despite them knowing that the non-drybacks were armed.

I’m really of two minds in relation to this story. Of course I want ALL illegal aliens deported, including children born here to illegal aliens (a correct reading of the 14th Amendment denies them “anchor baby” status since they are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of any state if they are here illegally), but I definitely understand the exemption. State Representative Debbie Riddle says that homeowners who are hiring maids or people to mow their yards don’t have access to E-Verify or any other way to check immigration status.

Welfare. Here is yet another example of why it needs to be ended now. The only people who should get money from the government while doing no work are those who are physically and/or mentally incapable of working. If the lazy don’t get that gummint check, they will either starve or be forced to find a job.

Check out what the left-wing extremists at the National Education Association want to teach your kids. Yes, they want graphic sex education, with part of the agenda being to break down gender identification and increase acceptance of homosexuality and all other deviant behavior. This is straight out of the goals of the Communist Party from 1963. Notice that the Communists, like today’s Democrats, wanted to destroy America’s families and moral fiber. Anything that smacks of right vs wrong must be torn down. Do you really wonder why they hate our Constitution and religion so much?

Another American who was a spy for the KGB has died, and of course the American left is praising her for her wonderful work in support of communism. How much more of this will we have to take before Americans realize that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party is opposed to our nation?

Are union bosses really all about doing their job for the workers, or are they just in it for their own profit and power? Well, since almost none of the top union people in America have actually WORKED in a union shop in the past 15 years, we know it isn’t because they have solidarity with the REAL union members. Many of them are making more per year than Barack Obama, although with much less all-expenses-paid vacation time. Governor Walker said it well, “When they say it’s about worker rights, it’s really about big union bosses running their own political dynasties.”

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“For Democrats, the purpose of government is to generously provide jobs for people who otherwise couldn't be hired -- because their skills, attitude or sense of entitlement are considered undesirable in the private sector. And no, I'm not just talking about Barack Obama." - Ann Coulter

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  1. Let us all pray for the health and safety of whistleblower Agent John Dodson. People who know things seem to have runs of very bad luck. Ron Brown. Vince Foster.

  2. Salty,
    Yes, the Clinton Body Count was very high, but I don't think Obama has the squirrel food to order a hit.

  3. Craw,

    Great wrapup as always AND Walker stood FAST and CRUSHED THE DAMNED UNIONS in Wisconsin. A FINE DAY to be a Conservative.

  4. Gunny,
    I'm not so sure about how they went about it in Wisconsin today. Will it stand a court challenge?

  5. WOW.This was about the MOST FETID pile ever. Since I cannot bring myself to comment without MASSIVE amounts of profanity,I'll sum it thusly:Liberalism MUST be the FIRST stage of schizophrenia. Don't know what else it could possibly be. Great mounds,C ya next week. BTW,congrats on the job.Hope it works out well for you.

  6. Crawfish,

    Well done.

    The Dims are now barfing on their shoes over the Wisconsin senate vote. Well done Gov. Walker.

  7. clyde: Perhaps liberalism is to schizophrenia as the mosquito is to yellow fever.

    Crawfish: My usual "Book"

    1. When I went to school required courses were 2 years of a laboratory science, 2 years of a foreign language, 3 years each of mathmatics, history and language.
    And you didn't participate in athletic programs if you had one grade below a C!
    I understand you went to a Catholic school so you know from wence I come.

    2. If the Republican controlled congress gets some gonads they will cut off federal funds to any city not enforcing federal law.

    3. Pelosi and Reid don't understand that every time they say some crap like that they are saying once again that they believe the American people are Denny Dimwit stupid.

    4. You don't understand. Jesse Jackson Jr (as well as all the other gimmee-gimmee politicians) is just preaching to his choir. After all. His choir is what keeps him, and them, in D.C. instead of flipping burgers at Mickey D's.

    5. I'm afraid the new Republicans are going to cave. Boener has already said he would not shut the government down. So he has thrown away his best leverage. I think a lot of the New Republicans elected in '10 will not stand the scrutiny in '12.

    6. If we cut out all foreign aid to countries that did not stand with us in Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghan'stan the congress would come close to their 100B cut. If they defunded PBR as well as nonessential "research" grants we would be there.

    7. The ATF is launching an investigation? Schidt! It has been proven when you allow a government agency to inspect its own asshole the report will find said cavaty was a mellow brown while producing a tollerable odor.

    8. Eric Holder is as incompetent as his boss. He screws up more than Biden, even. Just a matter of time before Americans get a belly full of this bunch of crooks, con men and whores and runs 'em out on a rail.

    9. Well, the border patrol should go ahead and fire live rounds in they are in a ..situation. Then, after the smoke clears fire a couple of bean bags . Who knows the difference??

    10. Viable solution to hiring domestic help. Since the government is so hopped up on verification, a computer should be available at the post office of your zip code free of charge with E-Verify available. A second is having such prospective employee sign an affidavit stating he/she is in the country legally and he/she is the person whose name appears on the Social Security card, Driver's License, etc.

    11. I could eliminate 85% of welfare payments tomorrow...or on the first of next month. Simply require welfare recipients to submit to drug tests. Ipso facto.

    12. Mention union corruption to an old friend of mine and you will see foam and spittle, wild eyes and the same old cliches. Poor guy. He doesn't realize the union "leaders" laugh at him and think he is a chump.

  8. Hardnox,
    and they are threatening violence (which is being ignored by the media on the same day that Obama is decrying bullying).

  9. Buck,
    1) In HS....4 years of science (1 year college credit), 4 years English (1 year college credit), 3 years history, 1 year college government, 3 years math (1 year college credit calculus), 3 years of French.
    2) You know His Majesty would veto it
    3) And the rest of the liberals, including the press, say that opposition to their insanity is evil, misguided, ignorant, mean, or racist.
    4) He's not qualified to flip burgers.
    5) Constitution Party?
    6) And gut all entitlement programs, and Dept of Education...
    7) Nuttin' but a cover up.
    8) Not incompetent...criminal.
    9) They should fire live rounds at ANYONE crossing the border illegally.
    10) Have to be something like that.
    11) And show that they are mentally and/or physically unable to work.
    12) The leaders are just in it for their own power and prestige.

  10. Weapons-gate will come back and bite the O'Vomit Administration in the butt. And sooner than O'Vomit thinks. Several law enforcement agencies (mostly on the state level) are already investigating this. If the ATF really did what EVERYONE is saying they did, then I expect criminal proceedings to start by this summer. This could bring down O'Vomit and his administration because of GOP control of the US House.

  11. I was listening to the radio the other day when a former teacher called in. She explained that she wants her state government to support Gov. Walker and urge other states to do the same, since our president supports the public sector and would not stand by Walker. She also mentioned that she has only the secret support of some of the public sector teachers who are too afraid to speak out in public against the union.

    It's a sad thing really, and I believe that Gov. Walker has awaken the country's views on these unions, especially the corruption shown by the bosses and administrators, and the failure of the media to report the reason why this is happening. I hope more people, such as the lady mentioned above, come out in the open and protest the unions. These bosses don't care about anyone, especially the children, but themself.


  12. A tasty claw indeed Mud Bug. Very meaty, fresh, well seasoned, and I especially like serving size. You know how it works; the Conservatives believe in equal opportunity, Liberals believe in equally sharing everyone else’s wealth. It's not your money, its the publics money! Speaking of sharing the wealth, why didn't Jesse insist on a Cadillac for everyone? What people fail to realize about the debt is that Congress spends the money, not the president. 80% of the national debt was created when Democrats held the majority. It appears the ATF and the DOJ got it caught in the zipper with the gun walking scandal and caught there but good.
    Good Claw! WHAT, NO DESERT?

  13. Ghost,
    it will only bring him down if.....
    a) the media finally notices it
    b) the GOP gains a set of gonads and prosecutes

  14. Eric,
    I find it funny that the unions are all over Walker on this, but the federal unions don't have the right to bargain anything except wages and have no right to strike!

  15. Jim,
    Jesse Junior doesn't need to make demands for Caddys. Since the unions and the Administration OWN GM.....

  16. Craw,

    Read all of the comments and liked them.



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