Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3-16-2011 The Weekly Claw

his week I found out that my grandfather had worked for North American Aviation during World War 2, building P-51 Mustangs. Well, he worked there until a supervisor said “If this war keeps up, we’ll all get RICH!” Poppa, who had seen war up close and personal in the trenches of France 25 years earlier, punched the idiot out, and got fired.

While Gaddafi-Duck and his army are attacking the Libyan rebels, the Useless Nations is taking exactly zero action on the situation, and the Chinese will veto any action that the Security Council proposes, what is Dear Leader doing? Is he establishing American leadership? Japan’s situation is beyond a simple crisis, and what is The Won doing? Well, he’s filling out his NCAA brackets on television and going golfing for the 61st time since his coronation. I’ve always said that he wanted to be PRESIDENT, and have all of the power, privilege, perks, and adulation, but he has never wanted to BE President!

The Obama Administration, knowing that what THEY say means more than what any court has to say, has told the Supreme Court that they had best back off of Obamacare until all of the cases wind their way through the appeals process. The Won knows that it will take years to get through all of the procedural wrangling, and that he will probably be retired by the time it gets to SCOTUS. He also knows that the program goes fully into effect in 2014, and once it does, there will be almost no way to reverse it even if SCOTUS declares it unConstitutional. The Administration is even going so far as to say that the Attorney General of Virginia has no standing in the case, even though he represents his state against the unConstitutional law.

Okay, liberals. Read this and then TRY to explain how Eric Holder is not a racist. He says that reparations and jobs for unqualified blacks carry much more importance than public safety. He has also proven his racism in Dayton, Ohio, as he is now requiring the city to lower its exam standards for applicants to the police department. You see, too many blacks weren’t smart enough to pass the exam. This will help fight crime in Dayton exactly how? I’d say that it will make the lives of criminals, especially black criminals, much easier. The city needs to tell Holder to go away, and that they will take the most qualified applicants, no matter what color or gender they are. Where does Eric Holder get any Constitutional authority to control how cities or states hire their workers?

Holder’s hand-picked assistant is expected to release the Injustice Department’s internal report into the dropping of the case against the New Black Panther Party for their blatant voter intimidation in Filthadelphia in 2008. The report will say that since the perps are black, that there is no real case against them and that the actions of Holder’s gang were completely proper.

What happens when EIGHTEEN black men sexually assault an 11-year old white girl? Well, in Cleveland, Texas, the black community gets mad at the little girl and her parents! Yes, they are rallying around the EIGHTEEN black men who raped the little girl, saying that she didn’t scream “RAPE!” and that her parents didn’t raise her right. Quanell X, a BLACK MUSLIM RACIST (aka “community activist” or “community organizer) and member of the Nation of Islam (until he got kicked out for public relations reasons) and the New Black Panther Party (protected by Eric Holder) even lead the rally. I’m surprised Jesse Hijackson and the Not-So-Reverend Al haven’t put in guest appearances, with this kind of rampant racism going on. The message is clear: if there is violence between blacks and whites, it is ALWAYS Whitey’s fault.

It must also be Whitey’s fault that the graduation rates at schools in the NCAA tournament for white Division 1 college basketball players is 91 percent, while the rate for blacks is only 59 percent.

Denver must have a Democrat city council. They just voted for big pay raises for all elected officials, even though the city faces a $100,000,000.00+ deficit this year, and it could get much worse.

They really did screw up the title of this article. It should read “Some in GOP grow tired of the Constitution.”

So much for civility. The union thugs have now issued public death threats to the Republican Senators in Wisconsin, and the threats extend to their families. Jesse Hijackson even threatened violence in the streets (on the same day that Obama was decrying bullying). Both of those threats of violence were promptly ignored by the liberal media. Someone needs to tell the leeches that the days of living extremely well on the public teat are coming to an end, and they must learn to live like their private sector counterparts. Public sector union workers in Wisconsin get much higher wages and better benefits than the rest of the state, and they feel that it is their RIGHT to be compensated that way. THEY are more important than the little people who are not working for the government. The rest of the state disagrees, and elections have consequences.

Ahhhhhh….union thuggery at its finest. The heads of all of the Madison area police and firefighter unions have sent letters to business owners telling them to support the unions against the Governor, or get boycotted by their unions. If you read between the lines, the unions are threatening to withhold fire and police protection from these businesses. Yep, it is a good old mafia (or Jesse Jackson) shakedown.

Here’s some more union civility. Thankfully, the reporter was able to point out the moronity of one of the agitators. She named her daughter Ash-Lee, and is proud to see her arrested.

I’m not saying that Barack Hussein Obama is a liar, but his continual lies that go unchallenged by the liberal media are simply astounding. His energy policy is designed to stifle our nation. He promised, “Under my plan energy prices would necessarily skyrocket”, and that is one of the promises that he aims to keep.

I don’t know of any civilization in history in which the slaves were among the richest people in the land, but Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings says that the NFL owners’ treatment of the players is “modern-day slavery.” Hey, jerk! Try holding a real job or enlisting in the military for 4 years and see how your current job compares to slavery. What a spoiled brat.

The idiocy of the liberal mind is a wonder to behold. This new set of requirements is sure to be a great help…in getting patients to die before they reach the hospital.

At least the Indian Navy seems to know how to handle piracy. Even after the Indian victory, the Somali pirates are threatening revenge.

Since 1998, there have been over 5 million people killed in the Congo, even though there have been United Nations peace keepers stationed there. According to professional script reader Ben Affleck, this is not a failure. Peace keepers allow 5 million to be killed and it is NOT a failure? Obviously, script reading does not require intelligence.

Welcome to the Islamification of America. The Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet now have as one of their goals the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, and its replacement with a muslim minaret. You see, Lady Liberty is a subject of worship and is based upon the (false) Roman goddess Libertas. It is offensive to the 6th century barbarians, so it must be removed just like the ancient statues of Buddah were removed by artillery fire in Afghanistan by the Taliban. The Crawfish says that it is time to remove the muslims from America, since they are offended by our nation, our Constitution, and Lady Liberty…and we are offended by THEM! And their terroristic goals of world conquest and a worldwide Caliphate under Shariah Law.

We all know that the District of Columbia is a haven for the pure and just, right? There wouldn’t be any corruption in the city government there, would there? I mean, they don’t have a history of electing mayors who were known crackheads or anything, right? Oh well, I guess the new mayor fits right in with their illustrious past.

I have found yet another reason that all Americans should hate Hugo Chavez.

I’ll leave y’all with this mixture of science and the culinary arts. I know a bunch of folks who need to buy that book!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“For Democrats, the purpose of government is to generously provide jobs for people who otherwise couldn't be hired -- because their skills, attitude or sense of entitlement are considered undesirable in the private sector. And no, I'm not just talking about Barack Obama." - Ann Coulter

The Constitution of the United States


  1. You might want to add my latest brother, on Obummer's gun grabbing.

    (Good round up and thanks for spiking my BP)

  2. Gunny,
    you should know to take Lisinopril on Wednesdays!

  3. Nicely done. I'm waiting for Buck's book.

  4. Here it is,back by popular demand.. A)SAY IT AIN'T SO!?!?!?!? The U-frigging-N not acting? the shit you say.Are the damned fools even BREATHING is the better question. Along with the wonderful Lack-of-Leadership himself. You know what else I could add,but in the name of decency,I won't.
    B) No big surprise here. This admin.has nothing but contempt for the high court.Until,at least,they can load one more rubber stamp on to it.For those who pray,do so for the continued health of Messrs.Roberts,Thomas,Alito,Scalia,and Kennedy. At least until Jan of'13.
    C)Holder will go down as the one who did the most to ignite the next race riots in the country.As to libs,1,they won't read it.2,they think like he does.Which is to say,they DO NOT think. They emote.
    D)There simply is not enough "whitewash" to cover this steaming turd up.Holder talks about cowards. Prick needs to look in a mirror to see the coward. BRAVERY would have been to STAND UP against these thugs. Another useless POS among a HUGE pile of same.
    E)Sweet Jesus,Holder would most likely let these "men" off as well.The only justice here would be the old-fashioned kind.As in a swift trial,and SWIFTER execution.Ahhh,hell,let's skip the trial for the animals,and go STRAIGHT to the execution.
    F)That's right. Just ask Holder,Obama,Jackson,not-too-Sharpton,et al.
    G) Here ya go.This 'splains it all. The ONLY R on the council is Jeanne Faatz. Brown calls himself non-partisan,but DID vote with the dhimmis. Guilty by association.
    H)Time,no,WAY past time to make ALL rinos extinct.Does the dipshit Boehner have ANY clue as to WHY the R's won? Sure as shit don't seem like it.Him,along with the rest of the damned linguine spines,WILL find out in'12 if the asshats do not figure it out.Christ,when they WIN,they still act like losers. Maybe a 2x4 upside the head???
    I)Time to punch back three times as hard. And,SCAREW the media. Time for them to be taught a lesson as well.
    J)THIS needs to go viral,and ANY and ALL businesses targeted by these bastards be supported to the fullest extent possible. WE can play this game as well.
    K)Teach your child to be a good little socialist. Isn't that some sort of child abuse? HJC.
    L)OK,you don't want to say it,I will. Obama is a liar. A goddamn,purple lipped,lying motherf@cking liar.How's that? About sums it up,I think.
    M)Anther reason I could care less about the National Felon League. About like a NASCAR driver whining about how bad HE has it.I liked Roger Penske's response to Kurt Busch one time during a race. He was carrying on about how crappy the car was,I think Steve Addington was still his crew chief at the time,was telling him they'd fix it when they could,well,Roger had had enough,and told him over the radio to bring it in,he would have some one else in the car who be GLAD to have it. Well,it DID shut Kurt up. But good.
    N)HJC,you'd be frigging DEAD by the time they got done effing around with that bullshit.My hunch will be this will NOT be followed to the letter by most EMT crews. They DO,for the most part,have some common sense. When do think the first wrongful death lawsuit will be filed by someone's family who went through that crap?
    O)The only flaw in the story is this:They captured 61 pirates. Should have LEFT the bastards for the sharks. You know,the ones that were still waiting from the slave days. THOSE sharks. to be continued...

  5. Part Deux...N)HJC,you'd be frigging DEAD by the time they got done with all that bullshit.I wonder how close to the letter this screwup will be followed? Most EMT crews DO have some common sense. Don't they??
    O)Hmmm...the only flaw here is this.. they CAPTURED 61 pirates. Should have left them for the sharks. You know,the ones left over from the days when slave ships plied those waters.
    P)You know DAMN well if this had happened when Bush,or any R for that matter,was in office,ol'Batty Ben and his ilk would be SCREAMING for Bush to REMOVE the troops.As to his idiotic statement,the U-frigging-N isn't failing? 'Scuse me..MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,stop it,Ben,you're killing me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA not failing BWAHAHAHAHAHAH
    I think you get the point.
    Q)That cinches it for me. You just KNOW Obama,Couric,et al,would AGREE with the fanatics.
    R) Hmmm....all those hyphenated names......... nahh,couldn't be. Do I smell the "union label" here?
    S)Another HMMMM.... You suppose ol'Hugo don't like women? Begs the question,eh?
    T)Think I may look into that. Thanks! Great pile,my friend. C ya next week.

  6. "According to professional script reader Ben Affleck, this is not a failure. Peace keepers allow 5 million to be killed and it is NOT a failure? Obviously, script reading does not require intelligence."

    Craw, you have to understand something. Liberals CAN'T apply logic and rationality to their positions, because to do so means they'd have to acknowledge the failure of their ideology. That their worldview is fatally flawed.

    I have a better chance of seeing a meteor land in my back yard.

  7. 1. Obama is like the Queen of Hearts in "Through the Looking Glass" except Zero is saying, "The Constitution means exactly what I say it means. No more, no less."

    2. Trace actions similar to Eric Holder's back to the beginning of the decline of public education.

    3. I still remember the Jenna 6. Why are Black on White crimes not considered Hate Crimes??

    4. The truth will out. So many thoughts for which in earlier days uttered would cause you condemnation as a racist are bearing out in numbers.

    5. I am beginning to believe the new batch of Republicans figured all they had to do to get elected is tell the people what they wanted to hear. Now they have, "..gone to Washington and got a taste of the Potomac," as the Birchers used to say, they figure they are in for life. They need to stop and consider. WE VOTED THEM IN WE CAN DAMN SURE VOTE THEM BACK OUT!

    6. Stupid people teaching our youth. Walker ws trying to save their jobs. They don't seem to understand the state cannot afford present salaries and retirement levels. Take less or the state goes broke and with it their jobs go down the drain.
    And they are teaching our youth.

    7. Okay, let's see. We take your guns. Then if you don't support our unions we don't protect you. Ha! Like we always protected you before, anyway.

    8. What were all those who voted for Zero listening to when he did say, "Under my plan energy prices would necessarily skyrocket." Zero, like Hitler, told us exactly what he would do if he came to power.

    9. Modern day slavery. Yeah. Right. Like the players are held in bondage and FORCED to play football for their rich, evil, greedy owners. Yup. Yup.

    10. These folks are so concerned with ethnicity that they step on everyone's toes. Remember the census form of '10? I urged everyone to either totally ignore the question about race or to put something other than..

    11. "The battle is the latest example of the piracy trade's turn toward increased violence." Toward increased violence?? Seems the Russians had the best method of dealing with the pirates so far. They sank them with their pirate boat. Next best thing would a maritime court where piracy is punished by hanging. Preferably with a pigskin rope.

    12. I asked the question before. Why does a person believe that just because he/she can carry a tune, pick a guitar or toe a chalk mark and recite words written by someone else believe that qualifies them to be experts on world events??

    13. Yeah, well, who's shocked? The muslims wanted to erect a mosque on Ground Zero. Why be surprised they want to replace the Statue of Liberty with a minaret??

    14. Step one. look at the makeup of DC. Step two, look at who votes. I rest my case.

  8. Clyde:
    Re: (H)..Seems to me some of the new 'Pubs are mealy mouthing and trying to squirm out of their pledge. Seems to me like we might have to change some of the new ones out in '12, too.

    (L) Aw, c'mon, Clyde. Tell us what you REALLY think.

    (O) Ever see the video of the Russian navy capturing the pirates? They boarded their boat, confiscated their guns, handcuffed them to the rail then went back to the Russian ship and sank the whole lot.

  9. Hardnox,
    Don't forget The Book of Clyde....

  10. And speaking of Clyde...
    a) Well, they finally passed a resolution allowing military force...
    b) We really need to see poor health of Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor in late 2012.
    c) He does seem to be trying to start racial violence.
    d) He's not a coward. He is standing by "my people"!
    e) I'm not saying a mass lynching would be acceptable, but I would definitely understand it.
    f) As if any of THEM really earned their degrees...
    g) I knew you would notice that.
    h) To get a good RINO hunt underway, we must start at the top of the RNC.
    i) We need to make the threats front page news around the nation. We MUST call a spade a spade (pun intended!)
    j) Yep, but how can we get it viral with no media support?
    k) Dunb-bass Gars.
    l) WHAT HE SAID!
    m) Too bad that message can't go to KYLE Busch.
    n) No doubt the EMTs are already throwing those cards away.
    o) Ahhh....someone remembers Major Owens, Moron of the First Order.
    p) The UN failed there because the troops were NOT American. Whaddya expect from Afreakan troops?
    q) and they would be among the first to be executed.
    r) Uh...yep
    s) Why do you think he likes Barry?
    t) I'm guessing that the combination of beer and tater salad ain't in there.

  11. Brian,
    The liberal mind facing reality.....

  12. Buck,
    1) And he ain't that pretty.
    2) That's part of it.
    3) Because, as Jesse once said, blacks can't be racist because only the color in power can be racist! For this point, he would point out that Barry's half-white.
    4) Were we racists, or realists?
    5) We've gotta take back the Senate and WH, then clean house of the RINOs
    6) Well....TRYING to teach.
    7) Nice shop you've got. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it.
    8) They were saying that BO would pay for their rent and their car and their gas and...
    9) If they don't like it, they can always go to the Canadian Football League.
    10) I remember in 2000 my wife putting down 5 tribe names for both her and our eldest. This time, they limited what you could do there.
    11) Pigskin rope, running through the mouth, tying them to the boat as it gets sunk. They can avoid going down with the boat if they eat the rope.....
    Of course, they would still be 100 miles from shore with no life jackets.
    12) THEY know that THEY are important, and their hangers-on keep telling them that THEY are important.
    13) I'm about as shocked over that as I am when Barry or a Clinton lies.
    14) I'm surprised that the new mayor is white!

  13. Crawfish,

    "Hardnox, Don't forget The Book of Clyde..."

    I'm impressed as I always am with Buck's comments. I always look forward to your weekly reports and commentary.

  14. LOL, Craw!

    Yeah, man. Exactly. The good ole BSOD!


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