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3-23-2011 The Weekly Claw

This is gonna be a big one, so tighten those straps, keep your arms and legs inside the car, and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.

Okay, my position on the Libyan situation is conflicted and in need of further explanation. I pretty much agreed with the spirit of what the Arab League envisioned. I thought that we, along with our European and Middle Eastern allies, would provide an aerial defense of the Benghazi area, with anti-aircraft positions in the eastern half of Libya getting hit as well, until some kind of political actions could be taken to end the conflict. I really don’t think it was necessary to hit any of the western half of the nation, especially Tripoli, if we don’t have the stated goal of taking out Gaddhafi Duck. I also thought Barack Obama would get some Congressional authorization first, since the Democrats have always required it from GOP Presidents. As it stands, we need to back off and let the European and Middle Eastern nations take the ball and run with it. Those oil fields serve THEM, not US.

Now, as far as getting rid of the Duck, President Obama has sent very mixed signals, which is one of the reasons so many people are conflicted over the whole thing, including if this is really a “war” and what it means to “declare” war. Roger L. Simon had this to say on Saturday, and changed his mind to this on Monday evening. As you can see…seriously conflicted as well. Going back to his famous Cairo speech, Obama said “I know there has been controversy about the promotion of democracy in recent years, and much of this controversy is connected to the war in Iraq. So let me be clear (this was the milestone 1,500,000th time he said “so let me be clear” since his campaign began): no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.” On Tuesday, the White House issued a statement regarding a conversation between Obama and the leader of Turkey saying that they “underscored their shared commitment to the goal of helping provide the Libyan people an opportunity to transform their country, by installing a democratic system that respects the people’s will”, but turned around and said that regime change was not the “effort of our military operation”, so which is it? He has also stated numerous times that it is time for Gaddhafi to go. I just wish he’d make up our minds.

Could Obama and the Arab League be doing this operation in Libya with a future action in mind in another nation? Considering how both parties hate that nation, it could happen. Thanks to Claw contributor “Buck” for this one.

Former Ambassador John Bolton, who would either be my UN Ambassador or SecState if I were to become POTUS, has a set of four mistakes that we must never again make when considering military intervention somewhere. It is a VERY good column.

For the TENTH time in the past four months, the Supreme Court has overturned a decision from the 9th Circus Court, with almost every one of those being a unanimous decision to overturn. We need to simply disband that Circuit in February of 2013, and replace it with a court made up of judges who have actually read the Constitution.

Some folks say that Shariah Law could never be used in American courts. Those people are hereby proven wrong. This should never happen.

For those of you who consider Newt Gingrich to be a conservative and a viable choice for President in 2012, let this be a subtle reminder that he is definitely NOT a conservative. Here is another, and considering that this one has him allied with The Prophet Algoracle and Red Nanny P-Lousy, it should be used by all candidates against him in the GOP primaries. Why Sean Hannity keeps kissing Newt’s butt (and that of RINO Rudy Guiliani) is beyond all comprehension.

I can’t imagine why the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this story. It has corruption, lying, and Tea Party involvement. Oh, wait…it was liberals posing as Tea Party members to split the meager conservative vote in Michiganistan.

Just in case any of y’all were still not convinced that Barack Obama is indeed a racist and a socialist, take a listen to the latest from the preacher that Barack followed for over 20 years, as he discusses Black Liberation Theology, the evils of capitalism, the goodness of marxist-socialism, prominent conservative voices, and the evil of supporting Israel. It is simply impossible to follow a guy like that for that long and not believe the same stuff.

I don’t know about y’all, but I want DC OUT of my laundry room! I prefer my clothes to be clean, tendjewberrymud!

Hospitals and the normally uber-liberal Baltimore Sun agree. Obamacare is bad for American health care. Heck, we tried to tell ‘em that when Hillary! was trying to implement socialist medicine.

I’m sorry, but if you have been convicted of DWI more than four times, you should NEVER get your license back. The idjuts in Ohio must believe otherwise for this story to be true.

For all of the left wing ranting and raving over the new collective bargaining law in Wisconsin, which is under a temporary restraining order because of how it was passed instead of the substance of the law, the union goons, the left wing media, and all of the Dim-ocrat politicians have conveniently overlooked something. Even under that law, the state government workers in Wisconsin will still have more bargaining rights than any FEDERAL union workers, and Governor Walker is asking why the left wingnuts aren’t protesting against Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Dim leaders. Federal union workers haven’t had collective bargaining rights since James Earl Carter and his Dim-ocrat-controlled Congress passed the Civil Service Act of 1978. Carter even had this to say when he signed it into law: “This legislation will bring fundamental improvements to the Federal personnel system. It puts merit principles into statute and defines prohibited personnel practices. It establishes a Senior Executive Service and bases the pay of executives and senior managers on the quality of their performance. It provides a more sensible method for evaluating individual performance. It gives managers more flexibility and more authority to hire, motivate, reward, and discipline employees to ensure that the public's work gets done.” So which party is the union-busting party?

The judge who put the temporary restraining order on the Wisconsin law might have done so illegally. She must recuse herself from the case, as she has a major conflict of interest.

Now the unions are trying to portray their lavish benefits as the equivalent of the civil rights of blacks earned by MLK and the leaders of the 60s. Richard Trumpka, the AFL-CIO boss who has probably not worked in a real union-represented job for at least two decades, called for union stooges around the country to “stand in solidarity with working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and dozens of other states where well-funded, right-wing corporate politicians are trying to take away the rights Dr. King gave his life for.” Really? MLK gave his life for the rights of bus drivers who show up drunk for work to get 5 months of paid vacation instead of getting fired and for horrible teachers to keep their jobs no matter how poorly they and their students perform?

The union goons were portrayed by all of the media, with the exceptions of Fox News and a few others, as being so righteous and pure throughout the Wisconsin protests. There was never a bad word said about them. Of course, they actually perpetrated twenty days of thuggery that flies in the face of the liberals’ continual call for “civility” from conservatives and those evil Tea Partiers.

Bill Franks, the head of the American Federation of Teachers union, says that being a Republican is a pathology and evil. He says that the unions started a revolution in Wisconsin (he may be right, but not in the way he thinks!). He praises socialism and says we can learn from it, which is funny, since if he was a real teacher, he would know that socialism has failed every single place that it has been instituted. Yes, this is union civility.

At least one company is taking action against the union civility. Sodexo USA has filed a RICO lawsuit against Obama’s purpleshirt thugs at the SEIU. You really do need to read the article to understand the level of civility coming from The Won’s pets. Hopefully, they will win the suit and get a few million from the SEIU…money that would otherwise be spent on left wing extremist campaigning next year.

The SEIU, also known as Barack Obama’s Personal Organization of Union Thugs, and its minions are now on the record as officially planning to destroy the US economy and replace the remnants with a socialist state. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s go to the videotape. We have GOT to take these people down soon!

The UAW made some concessions to Ford Motor Company a couple of years ago. They did this to keep the company from going under. The concessions, along with other changes in how Ford does business, worked. Ford is now making a profit. That is not acceptable to the UAW. They are demanding that the concessions get rolled back and that they go back to making an average of almost $60.00 an hour per union worker in wages and benefits, which will put Ford right back in the dumper instead of allowing Ford to hire more union workers. The company’s job is to give money and benefits to the workers, not to turn a profit for the owners. Typical liberal logic.

Oh, and here’s some more leftist civility, this time from the District of Corruption.

Husbands of psychochicks are cheering this announcement, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

Then there’s this little bit of civility from Bill Maher, who some people seem to think is a comedian. If anybody on the right EVER called a liberal female by that 4-letter word that rhymes with “what”, the liberal media would go absolute bat guano. Every single mainstream news organization would call for conservative heads to roll (again, CIVILITY), and the TV talk shows (Orca and her minions) would have no other subject to talk about for a month.

Joe Biden even got into the left-wing extremist civility swing of things. He said the Congressional Republicans who want to cut spending are like people who blame rape victims because they were wearing a short skirt. He also said that the GOP gave us the deficit and are the ones who have been crazy-spending. What alternate universe is that idiot living in?

While he was in Brazil, The Chosen One praised Brazil’s oil industry and their offshore drilling, saying that we needed to buy more oil from Brazil. This comes two years after he orchestrated a two billion dollar loan to Petrobas, Brazil’s main oil company. Could this be because his puppetmaster, George Soros, owns a huge share in Petrobas, through his hedge funds? Do the math.

KILL THE CHIHUAHUA!...or something to that effect.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“For Democrats, the purpose of government is to generously provide jobs for people who otherwise couldn't be hired -- because their skills, attitude or sense of entitlement are considered undesirable in the private sector. And no, I'm not just talking about Barack Obama." - Ann Coulter

The Constitution of the United States


  1. 1. As for Libyan action, let me sum up my opinion this way: To paraphrase Jefferson (that's Thomas, not George), "I cannot seem to put my finger on that part of the Constitution that allows the president to submit our military to hostile actions on foreign soil without the approval of Congress." Kinda.

    2. Since federal judges are appointed for life you cannot fire them so the next best thing is to abolish the bench on which they serve. I'm thinking I read that was done by Jefferson or Adams or one of the first POTUS'.

    3. Newt is in the same boat as the New Jersey governor. They both try to come across as conservative but are crypto RINO's.

    4. So now all conservatives register as Democrat and vote in Democrat primaries for the least electable candidate....

    5. He could have been around him for 20 years and not picked up on Wright's total philosophy. Yeah. Right. And Clinton didn't inhale, either.

    6. Obamacare has one thing going for it. Obamacare illustrates more than anything has in recent years the liberal mindset of, "We know what's best for you." Nobody wanted it. Yet it was rammed down our throats. Because It was...for our own good... Nancy Pelosi really believes you are too dumb and SHE knows what's best for you. But San Fransicko will send her back in '12. And in '14 and '16 and.............

    7. Trumpka is trying to relate MLK with extortion? He is trying to inculcate the perception of a "Right" to taxpayers' money.

    8. Yeah, funny how the MSM pictured the Tea Partiers as un-American, crude and bullying yet the union thugs as all knowing, all caring compassionate etc et al ad nausium.

    9. Yep. The pilgrims practiced a little communism for a brief period of time. They came to realize that everyone would rather go hunting or fishing than plowing and planting.

    10. "Workers believe the shooting was politically motivated." ...(chirp)...Well no schidt! I mean they didn't need Sherlock Holmes to deduce that...

    11. Bill Maher. A legend in his own mind.

    12. Joe Biden probably thinks Bill Maher is funny.

    13. Soros bought into Petrobras just a short time before Zero gave them the money.

    14. The dumbass. Instead of firing his airgun he should have called 911 and complained. Like so many others have done.

  2. Like you said Craw, do the math on Soros, O'Vomit, and Brazil. If O'Vomit's actions in the Brazilian oilgate are not illegal, then I am the King of Siam (and I don't even look like Yul Brynner).

    BTW, the Taco Bell Price Increase Shooting is a hoot! Personnally I would only get upset if I were forced to heat at Taco Bell. You wonder if the police would have tossed burritos into the motel room instead of tear gas if the man would have come out peacefully.

  3. Superb wrapup. I had to LAUGH when I heard the Kenyan yapping about buying oil from Brazil. Hilarious.

    BTW, Sen Begich up here is smelling the coffee and whining about the Feds won't let us drill. Must be getting close to his reelection.

  4. Buck,
    1) Did TJ ask Congress for approval before attacking the Barbary Pirates in Tripoli? I don't remember if he did or not.
    2) Exactly what I was suggesting.
    3) Christie is showing himself to be a reliable conservative the majority of the time, with just a couple of bad decisions. Nobody is going to be perfect for us.
    4) Only if our own primaries are looking good!
    5) Neither did he have sexual relations with that woman...Miss Lewinsky.
    6) If Than Franthithco and Filthadelphia were nuked, the rest of the country would probably cheer!
    7) What right do you have to your own money???
    8) Don't forget that we're all raaaaaaacists!
    9) And they realized that some folks were lazy and being carried by the others...until they screamed "SCREW THAT NOISE!"
    10) No screaming eagle chit, Kemosabe!
    11) What mind?
    12) Biden thinks?
    13) Gave the money as per Soros' orders!
    14) Must have been a Yankee transplant to San Antonio.

  5. Ghost,
    yeah....I prefer Taco Bueno

  6. Gunny,
    more on that subject in the next edition!

  7. Craw,

    Jefferson DID ask Congress for approval to go after the Barbary piarates, but then didn't wait for them to act on his request.

    They ultimately gave approval, but by then the incident was already over.

    Again, as I wrote in my own column, who are we backing in Libya, and what do we expect to happen as a result? Do you guys actually think that by removing Ghaddafi, Jeffersonian democracy, i.e. a Western-style republic, is going to replace him? Really?

    Further FYI: apparently much of the rebel faction there has ties to al Quaida.

    So... now we're enagaging in a war to support Islamic extremists? Kinda like we supported the Taliban in Afghanistan against the USSR? Look how well that turned out!

  8. Brian,
    -I thought that's how it went down, but it has been a while since I studied that conflict.
    -I don't expect to see any truly democratic government to come about. It may result in the royal family coming back to power in at least part of the current nation. It may end up fragmented along tribal lines. There may be some pro-west, or maybe not. We don't know.
    -The Duck originally came into power with Islamic extremist policies and activity. His terrorist actions and support of other muzzie terrorists bears that out.
    -How many of our conflicts over the years have seen us with no real "good guys" to side with? We seem to be stuck siding with the (hopefully) better of the two evils.

  9. But that's the thing, Craw. We're not "stuck siding with" anybody.

    We should just sit it out. It's none of our business, and we have absolutely nothing to gain by getting involved.

    Once they're done shooting each other up, figure out how to deal with the winner to keep the oil flowing.

    If all this "democracy-building" is so important, why aren't we doing it in Darfur? Or Zimbabwe? Or Somalia (oh yeah, we already tried that)? Or Rwanda? Or North Korea? Or Ethiopia? Or any of a dozen other places in the world?

  10. Crawfish,

    Good post as usual.

    My 2 cents... I think we should help the sand-nazis kill each other off. There will be less of them to deal with later.

    The Euro-weenies are looking for an exit which will leave us holding the bag. The sand-nazi leaders have already taken flight which will give them some talking points should Ghaddafi survive this.

    The reason we are up front now is only because Zero hates being upstaged by Sarkozy. This will not end well.

  11. BTW, were is Clyde? On vacation?

    Buck, good comments as usual.

  12. Brian,
    I didn't say that we should be doing any democracy building here. I saw this as either a chance to rid ourselves of a known terrorist or cause him difficulty while others attempted to get rid of him (preferred). Our interests there are minimal. As for Darfur, Rwanda, Zimbabwe...our interests are completely nil. Somalia? Only because of their geographical location, and it will take a LOT to clean out that rat nest.

  13. Hardnox,
    Using this as a way to replace a strong and terroristic sandy with some disunified and weaker sandys should have been part of the discussion before getting into it.
    I think we can get disengaged while the French and Brits are still strongly engaged...if we work it right.

  14. Yeah, Craw, exactly my point.

    What's the difference in Libya? You want to trade one "terrorist" for another one. What's the point? Why should we get involved? Especially since we're spending our own money to do it?

    How do we define "victory"? What's our strategic objective? What's our exit strategy? Where's the congressional approval and authorization?

  15. For those who asked,here I am. A)My views on Libya are REAL close to Brian's,so no further elaboration is needed.Obama has succeeded,however,in making the U.S. a follower instead of the LEADER. This is dangerous on MANY levels,IMHO.Obama,for whatever his reasons,does NOT want to be a leader.Goes along with his inability to be such.
    B)While I normally view Gaffney with derision,I do think he is onto something here. We all know the absolute disdain this admin.has for Israel. As I've said before,Sorry,BiBi,you are on your own. Do NOT expect to see a friend in the U.S. while this bunch of assholes is in charge.
    C)Bolton is spot-on.Anyone know his views on domestic policy? If I could learn that,he may be worth backing if he decides to toss in.Like what I see in him.
    D)Cleaning up the 9th Circus would be a good start,sadly,I think the ONLY way that'll happen if No.Cal drops off the edge,and floats west.There are a WHOLE lot more of "hizzoners" who need a Constitutional cudgel upside the head.
    E)Absolutely not. It is obvious this judge has NEVER been subjected to Sharia law. Had he,or understood it,he would NOT say it is OK.
    F)Damned Hannity. So predictable.So irrelevant. That guy and his show has turned into RINO Central.Haven't wasted my time on him in well over 2 years.
    G)I thought I sent you something on this when it was happening. Surprised the story has made it this far.
    H)YYYYYYAAAAAWWWWNNNN. Shit,we knew this in 2007.
    I)Laundry soap EVIL??? HJC. Yep,liberalism is TRULY the first step to schizophrenia.
    J)Simply amazing what even a goddamn liberal can find RIGHT UNDER their cocaine-caked noses once the stupor wears off,eh?
    K)See above. Damned fools cannot,or simply refuse,to see their idiocy will only hurt THEM more.
    L) Oh,c'mon,Craw. When the hell has a little thing such as legality ever stopped a liberal?

  16. The Book of Clyde,vol 2...M) CIVIL RIGHTS???? Fry me for an oyster. Wonder what MLK would think of that? Sadly enough,were he still around,he most likely would be right there with the bastards.
    N) The VAST majority of what passes for "media" today have NO CLUE just how ugly these unionistas can be.Been there.Done that.Got the fuck out.
    O)Simply amazing to me just how IGNORANT all these assholes who extoll the virtues of socialism actually are about it.You know damn full and well NONE of the morons have LIVED under it.One thing we DO have in abundance on the left is STUPIDITY.
    P)Sure would like to see Sodexo win this. If I were heading up Sodexo's legal team,I do think I'd be trying to get the trial moved OUT of Maryland though. I don't think they can find a judge who'd take on the thugs so close to DC.
    Q) According to the SEIU,they booted this jackoff. I,however,have my doubts. I think they are STILL involved up to their beady eyes.
    R) Christ,the damned UAW can not STAND to see success. I do know a LOT of Ford people,they have been through a LOT of uncertainty about the future of Ford.I think the UAW could possibly see the rank and file(what's left of them that is)tell the asshats to leave well enough alone.Quite a few them DO realise that they CANNOT kill the golden goose.If the UAW IS successful in reinstating those concessions,Ford will fold faster than a house of cards in a light breeze.
    S) Too bad it wasn't DNC HQ.
    T)Ain't got to worry about that,thankfully.
    If Maher wants to see a cunt,he only needs to consult the nearest mirror. And WHERE pray tell are the NAGS? Crickets I hear??
    U)Good ol'Bite Me. And again,NOTHING from the NAGS. They all die of old age? Disband?Stunned,I tell you. Simply stunned.
    V)Obama= Stupid prick. Nuff said.
    W)Hell,not only does fast food make you obese,but psychotic as well? He forget to call 911 first? HJC. Good stuff,my friend. Well,it is that time of year.Will be packing up next week to decamp for the northern compound. Will catch up with you affter we get home. C YA!!! Happy trails to you,until we meet again,ad nauseum...

  17. Clyde:

    Re (B)
    The really bad part of Zero's treatment of our allies is now they probably will hesitate allying with us under ANY future president, conservative or not, because they won't know their fate if/when the stupid again elect an idiot over here.
    Re (M)
    Yup. I remember Martin Luther King. I remember stuff most of you only get from very one sided history books. Not much is remembered about all riots and meyhem that took place shortly after his appearance. I've heard folks brag about, "..marched with Dr. King.." Well, it wasn't much to brag about. Unless you believe in rabble rousing.
    Re (O)
    I had a half brother who was died inthe wool socialist. He and his pals would sit around talking about what they would do for, "the workers". They never, ever considered themselves "workers". To them a "worker" was a lower class dimwit.

  18. Regarding alternate universes, the bubble in which liberals live is so far divorced from reality that I think it classifies as an alternate universe!

  19. Geez....Clyde's book is gonna be HUGE next edition!
    a) No argument here!
    b) Israel used to have exactly ONE friend. Now it has none.
    c) I would definitely like to see him as SecState
    d) Well, a good 9.0 would help
    e) Never has been, never will be.
    f) He talks a good conservative game 95% of the time, but then he talks to Newt and Rudy.
    g) and a week later, it has gone NOWHERE
    h) We knew it, Beck said it, Rush said it, Hannity said it, Mark Davis said it, Herman Cain said it....but the lamestream media said we were full of it.
    i) They like laundry soap about as much as bath soap
    j) They can't ignore the city-block sized flashing neon signs forever
    k) 18 DWIs????
    l) I know.....especially for a party of lawyers
    m) Race card...civil rights card...
    n) And they don't ever want to know
    o) Socialism only works in Utopia, and that is void of REALITY
    p) A non-lib judge in the People's Republik of MD?
    q) OFFICIALLY booted, but only OFFICIALLY
    r) When does the rank and file matter to union bosses?
    s) THAT would be a Reichstag Fire Moment
    t) Conveniently looking away
    u) Again, they're conveniently looking away
    v) Obama+ Soros' lackey
    w) Yo quiero less expensive gassy food!

  20. Interface,
    ....and we've got the needle for it!


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