Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2-23-2011 The Weekly Claw

Another week full of crazy happenings has come and gone. Since the Libyan situation is so fluid (who knows if Gaddhafi Duck will still be in power, or even alive, by the time y’all read this), I’ll leave it alone except to say that it (and our lack of drilling, refinery building, and nuclear power plant building) will cause us to pay through the nose for all forms of power over the next few weeks.

Jimmy “The now-2nd worst President in American history” Carter has now weighed in on the Egypt situation. “The demonstrators will not accept anything less than honest, fair and open elections," he said, adding that his foundation, the Carter Center, will be as "involved as possible" in bringing about successful Egyptian elections in September. That, of course, means that the elections will be rigged in favor of whoever hates real freedom and America the most. The Carter Center has certified obviously rigged elections in a number of nations, and Jimmy is already supporting one group in this power struggle. “I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming political situation and the evolution I see as most likely," Carter said. "They will be subsumed in the overwhelming demonstration of desire for freedom and true democracy.” Spoken like a true anti-American, anti-Israeli dhimmi.

If ya still don’t believe that the goal of Islam is world conquest, and that the USA is one of their targets, check out this link. Yes, there’s gonna be a rally outside the White House to call on all muslims in America to unite to establish Sharia Law across our nation. Will the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue send his greetings and support?

B. Hussein Obama is once again displaying his hatred toward Israel, this time by having the official US position to be in support of a rebuke of Israel for having the unmitigated gall to build housing for Israelis within the borders of Israel. For those of you who don’t understand, the arabs tried to exterminate Israel in 1967 and 1973, and in doing so lost control of Gaza, Sinai, Golan Heights, and West Bank. Since Israel gained those lands in war launched by the arabs, those lands are rightfully Israeli.

Y’all ain’t gonna believe this one. Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury for those of you “educated” by Wisconsin’s public school teachers, actually admitted in Congressional testimony that some of the obligations in the latest budget proposal by his boss (Obama, not Soros) are “unsustainable”. I’d say it’s about time that someone in this Administration was able to face reality.

“The goals of the stimulus act have been met.” Such was the pronouncement by the White House this past week, ironically on the same day that the unemployment numbers went back up to 10%. What goals have been met? Most of the money that has been publicly accounted for went to keep a few states from needing a bailout in an election year. The only goal that I can think of that has been met is getting the national debt to 100% of the whole American economy, which is a major stepping stone on the path to our nation’s collapse. Is THAT the actual goal of this Administration? The Magic Eight Ball says “All signs point to yes!”

Even CNN is wondering where the “stimulus” is.

Oh, and about that “civility” thing, I guess the folks at the Wisconsin rally sponsored by the Barack Obama founded group Organizing For America didn’t get the message. When will these left wing idiots realize that the National Socialist Workers Party was much more in line with their own socialist beliefs than the beliefs of the Constitution-loving conservatives that they keep calling Nazis? Oh, that’s right. These are union teachers we’re talking about, which means that such things as FACTS and HISTORY are meaningless to them. Anyway, here’s a bunch more signs from the union rally, but I must warn you that the language is NOT school age child-friendly!

A man who was an assistant to the Nazis in his native Hungary is actually calling Fox News a Nazi network, because they have the audacity to expose him and his anti-American organizations. Sorry, Nazi-boy, but we are on to your lies and manipulation.

More on the civility front. In Madison, Wisconsin, the Tea Party had a counter-rally to support the Governor, and liberal union thugs tried to shut them down by ripping the wires out of the speaker system. How typical of the anti-Constitutionalists who only support the First Amendment when it is their own people who are speaking.

But seriously, the left is trying to be civil, right? Let’s see what a Congresscritter has to say about the Wisconsin situation, “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.” Okay, maybe they aren’t up to being civil after all. It looks like old-fashioned union and left wing thuggery is back on the menu. That ought to really win over the hearts and minds of mainstream America!

Those teachers in Wisconsin don’t need to just be forced to pay for some of their health care and pensions. Most of them need to be fired, since their job performance in math instruction and in reading instruction is absolutely horrible.

The big liberal universities used to claim that their opposition to the military and ROTC was based upon “don’t ask, don’t tell”, but now that DADT has been repealed, they are still in opposition. Their hatred for the military is now on display openly at Columbia. President Crawfish would end all federal funding to any university that did not welcome and support ROTC.

Who do you think they want to fund this? Yes, those idiots at the Useless Nations want a basic standard of living and health care for all people on earth, and of course they want the successful economies (all capitalistic) to fund this socialist bovine excrement.

Let’s see, a federal judge declares a law unConstitutional, but the Obama Administration says that they will implement it anyway, because it is their political desire and the law doesn’t matter. Next, a law that has been upheld in the courts is under appeal, and His Majesty decides that HE believes it to be unConstitutional, so the Eric Holder Injustice Department will no longer defend that law in court, which they are required to do. When exactly did Barack Obama gain imperial powers?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." -James Madison

The Constitution of the United States


  1. 1. Lesson #1. Carter was an idiot.
    Lesson #2. Carter is STILL an idiot.

    2. I cannot believe Carter is a product of one of the greatest colleges in the United States of America. But, then again, so is McCain. What is my beloved Navy doing up there in the stratosphere to creat our officer corps????

    3. Obama did not observe National Prayer Day. Then he invited a bunch of muslims to the White House for a Ramadan feast. Where the hell DO you think his sentiments are???

    4. Don't forget the '48 war. That is the one that the arab countries told all arabs to leave Israel because they were going to kill all the jews and then give the land to the "palestinians". But when the smoke cleared Israel was still standing and when the "palestinians" (who had been granted Isralei citizenship by the new state) tried to go back, the jews said, "No deal" and that was the beginning of the refugee camps. Which none of the arab countries will solve by absorbing the "displaced" arabs. We just don't fight wars like we used to and the way they should be fought.

    5. "The goals of the stimulus act have been met." Yeah. Like Rush said at the beginning of the stimulus scam, "It is a slush fund to prop up the unions who kick back to the Democratic Party." Uh, believe him now?

    6. Not too many years ago an old man in his '80's, a naturalized American citizen, was found to have been a concentration camp guard for the NAZIs. He was stripped of his citizenship and returned to his native country for war crimes trial. Soros aided and abetted in stripping jews of their property, wealth and freedom. So Why T.F. is he still in this country?

    7. The more the left preaches "civility" the more they are uncivil. The more they accuse the conservative folks of violence the more violence is practiced by the left. Kinda like the guy in school who would fart, turn and look at you, shake his head and say, "Tch, tch."

    8. Education will not return to enlightenment of formative minds again until we return to the system of the 19th century where the towns hired and paid for schoolmaarms or schoolmasters who taught, disciplined and kept order and educated the children in their charge. Period.

    9. Imagine. Columbia once hoored Eisenhower with an honorary doctorate. Doubt they would do that now. They might honor H. Rap Brown or someone of equal stature, maybe.

    10. United Nations. I hope the new class of Congressmen will carry through and defund America's contribution to an organization of despots, tyrants, Marxists and just plain corrupt 3rd world jerks.

    11. So Zero ignores a court order on offshore drilling. He ignores a court ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional, WTF did you expect on any other court ruling not in his liking?

  2. Buck,
    1) Lesson #3: Carter will ALWAYS be an idiot!
    2) Remember, it is the First Classes who actually get everything done, with the Chiefs taking the credit.
    3) Born a muslim and doesn't have the fatwa on his head for leaving Islam, so he is still a muslim.
    4) If the arabs want the so-called palestinians to have a homeland, they can donate the land themselves.
    5) Always did.
    6) The case of John Demjanjuk...GOOD POINT!
    7) Well, their mentality has always been that of the schoolyard bully combined with the schoolhouse snitch.
    8) Agreed...or there is competition in the free market.
    9) Or Mumia Abu-Jamal
    10) AND tell them to stick it!
    11) Don't forget his chief of staff's illegal ascension to the throne in Chicago.

  3. Crawfish,

    As always, a great post! We are in a mortal struggle to regain sanity for America.

    The pure insanity perpetrated by this administration at every level is beyond words. The Hopey/Changey crowd is clueless and they are bent on full steam ahead.

    I predict that the craziness in the world will accelerate and our leaders will fail miserably in an attempt to manage it.

  4. Hardnox,
    they aren't clueless. They know exactly what they are doing in their quest to destroy our nation.

  5. Craw,

    Great wrapup as usual.


    Getting this asshat OUT of the White House in 2012 is gonna require remodeling to get is head through the door!

  6. 2012 cannot come quick enough!

    The Peanut Farmer is starting to look almost "presidential" in comparison to Our Fearless Leader. The mess in the Middle East, and Obama's floundering and inept actions, are making Obama the "laughing stock" of the world. Even the Democrats are realizing its over. And Obama's ratings are dropping below even Nixon's after Watergate.

    BTW, I love what the Democrat politician in Mass. said about "emails are not enough, it's time to get bloody". I hope the Democrats realize what they are about to unleash. If the Liberals want to "start the dance" (and I pray that they don't), I am ready, and so are about 50,000,000 million other gun owners.

  7. It'd be a great day for America if we stopped funding the UN....

    I thought someday, we'd welcome Jimmy Carter to earth, but now it's not looking like that will happen...


  8. A fine steaming heap here. I was pleased as could be to see the Wood Bros. in Victory Lane on Sunday. All in all,a pretty good race. Onto the dung pile...A)My thoughts on Quadaffy Duck are he will go down in flames,along with as much of Libya as he can take. Not good.B)Jimmuh wants to ensure fair elections,maybe the asshat ought to start in Shitcago.The Egyptians will be better off without HIM screwing it up.You know,as big an idiot as he's been as ex-potus,can you imagine how he's going to absolutely PALE in comparison to the P.L.L.?C) No,my friend,this asshole will be out in FRONT of it.He is they,they are he.D)Not much new here. We knew Israel would be on her own no matter which dhimmi got the nod.Hitlary! isn't exactly known for Israeli friendship.E)Maybe so,but neither Timmy Taxcheat nor his "boss" will do anything about it other than double down the road to ruin.F) No,Craw,I think the stimulus HAS attained it's goal. The goal of filling the coffers of the NEA,AFL-CIO,SEIU,AFSCME,etc etc.With a substantial percentage of that to be laundered back to the frigging DNC.G)
    Must be CNN's check wasn't in the mail when the aforementioned's were.H) Just typical leftoid operating procedure.After all,it IS for the children you see.WTF was up with the guy in the Navy hat carrying the socialist sign? Get his head caved in or something? I)Pot.Meet kettle.What a maroon.J)Methinks it about time to out-thug the thugs.Still have that Teamsters "training manual" somewhere around the house.Maybe beat'em with the mike stands? K)Ol'Cupofguano backed off that pretty quick.Too bad we know he MEANS what he said. Except it WILL NOT be him getting bloodied.That moron will home,hiding in the basement.L) With a 2/3 failure rate,I'd say Walker is definitely on target.We ARE seeing the results of the "dumbing down" process throught the saga in Wisconsin.It is simply time to get rid of them all,and start anew.I know a few teachers who CANNOT find work that would LOVE to have their jobs.M)Pres.Crawfish could ALSO say "The fumigating starts in 5 minutes". Get rid of the roaches.N)This is easy. Our economy is NO LONGER successful.The goddamned U-frigging-N will have to beg elsewhere. They can cut out the middleman,and instead of this country begging China,let the fucking U-useless-N do it THEMSELVES.SCAREW'em.O) Hmmm.... isn't there something in Article 3 section 4 maybe about upholding the LAWS? I may be off in my guess,but it seems HE IS in violation. I can say impeach,you can say impeach,why can't the damned GOP say it? Clinton perjured himself,and tried to bury it like a cat with a turd. THIS asshat is OPENLY defying courts,along with said laws.Of course,the stooges of OLDM aren't saying a thing about it. Damn shame what those 65 mil + idiots did. OK,sir,looks like I've hit the bottom of the heap. C ya next time.

  9. Whether it is Libya or domestically, the public sector union thugs leading many good teachers, the public will have to realize that Obama is now worse than Wilson, Carter and , oh for the sake of fairness, Harding. We cannot even rescue Americans with large boats! We cannot create private sector jobs with this naif in charge. We are surrounded now with Van Jones-Rahm-and MSNBC clones who are brainwashing even our youngest. We need a real voting revolution in all of these Purple and Blue states whereby people stop putting the same weary socialist Dems in power, clear out the union thugs, and stop the leftists from dominating our campuses and city, state, and Congressional offices. 2012 better be a revolutionary year for American patriots and not more socialist un-American ideologues.

  10. Clyde:
    If you'd start a new line with each comment it sure would be easier for us perusers to follow.

  11. Hmmm.... never thought about that,Buck. Good point. I'll do that from now on.

  12. On that note, may I suggest to Crawfish that he number/or letter each subject line. That would be easier for us to comment and stay on track.

  13. Gunny,
    nah. One pinprick and it will deflate rapidly.

  14. Ghost,
    they're believing their own media stories. If we can field a decent candidate in 2012, it could be a landslide.

  15. Eric,
    defund them and let it be known that their pronouncements, resolutions, etc. carry no water.

  16. Clyde,
    a) Well, His Majesty has finally told the duck to get out, but does the duck care what Dim Bulb I has to say? Doubt it.
    b) Obama is going to be as anti-American as Cahtuh and as meddlesome as Bubba.
    c) A muslim is a muslim is a muslim is a terrorist
    d) But Hitlery! at least panders some for the Jewish vote.
    e) Timmy's just the SecTreas. Nobody cares what he says on budgetary matters.
    f) That, too!
    g) CNN was Clinton's network. The NEW Dims go for PMSNBC.
    h) He spent too much time in the boiler room.
    i) It is almost like Hitler calling Ike a Nazi.
    j) One of these days, the leftist thugs will make an overt attack that gets caught on camera. When it happens, somebody will call "GAME ON!"
    k) The leftist leaders are just like the muslim leaders...calling for everybody except themselves to sacrifice themselves.
    l) Union seniority is the key to poor performance wherever unions are running the show.
    m) All student visas from countries that I don't consider to be our friends will be immediately canx'd.
    n) China will say "No habla!" right before saying "Pizzoff!"
    o) But if we try to impeach, it will make HIM the victim, just like Clinton, and he will win in 2012.

  17. Glenn,
    we have GOT to put forth a solid conservative candidate with electability in 2012!

  18. Hardnox,
    heck, I'm switching paragraphs around and adding in some until right before posting. The numbers would never come out right!

  19. "If we can field a decent candidate in 2012, it could be a landslide."

    Of epic proportions.


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