Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2-16-2011 The Weekly Claw

We’ll start off this edition of The Claw with some news for those gullible people who believe The Prophet Algoracle and the rest of the Glo-Bull Warming cultists. REAL scientific research continues to show that your boy Gore and his minions are simply full of hot air. Instead of hyperlinking them, I’ll just provide you the following URLs:

Do ya think that will be enough to change the minds of those people who keep trying to tell me that I’m the nutcase and that global warming is real? Yeah, I know, they’ll still be screaming “GLOBAL WARMING” when the next ice age begins.

Oh, and this one also includes graphs of temperature data during the ice ages. Some of you will notice that we had some “global warming” after those periods, which lead to the ice retreating away from the continental US. We must have had too many SUVs then. Of course, there was also the Medieval Warm Period, during which there were wine grape vineyards all the way to northern England. I guess they had too many SUVs as well. Oh, and the shrinking polar ice caps on Mars…SUVs? In other words…CLIMATE CHANGE IS CYCLICAL AND NOT MAN-MADE!

this is a pretty neat video. I just wonder how many takes some of those took.

Here’s something that’s bound to make you puke. A nice little sum of $38,000,000.00+ has been taken from the American taxpayers, plus another $20,000,000.00+ from the people of Taxachusetts, to build the Teddythedrunk (D-Chappaquiddick)…, er, Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. This is supposedly going to be a museum and a non-partisan institute of educating people about our government. In reality it will be an unnecessary monument to one of the worst politicians in our nation’s history, and a murderer to boot. Thanks to regular Claw contributor Buck for that nauseating story.

Since we now appear to be a complete global weakling, even Argentina is sticking their finger in our eye. Will President Obama have any response?

Do ya think our efforts at nation building in Afghanistan have worked for the people? Take a look at the new rules for women in need of shelter. They have to be checked to see if they are virgins before being admitted to a shelter? Once again, Islam was created by Mohammed to appeal to the young, uneducated, arab males.

Is it obvious YET that Barack Obama has put idiots, incompetents, and anti-Americans in charge of as much of our government as possible so as to fulfill two of his main goals (to make himself look brilliant in comparison to them and to bring about the downfall of our Constitutional republic)? His Director of National Intelligence came out and stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular” just hours after the Brotherhood stated that their goal is Sharia Law in Egypt. And the award for Moron of the Week goes to…

I am not the only one who says that President Obama is openly and intentionally supporting the agenda of Islam. When will the American media and the Republican Party start waking up to the obvious?

It looks like the Iranian people are going to give Obama another chance to support the PEOPLE in anti-government protests in a Middle Eastern nation. Will he take the side of democracy and the people, or will he default to his true form and support the Islamic theocracy?

I mentioned last week how President Obama could only come up with a measly $775 million of cuts from his budget, which has a deficit of over $1.5 TRILLION. Well, I may have spoke a bit too soon, as he is now proposing another cut of $3 billion, but not until the next budget. He’s suggesting this cut in a program that gives energy assistance to poor people! If a Republican was to suggest that cut, the liberal media would be screaming bloody murder (literally!), but they seem oddly silent now.

So how does Barack Obama plan to confront the deficit, which has added over $5 TRILLION since Pelosi-Reid took over Congress and over $3 TRILLION since The Chosen One assumed the throne? Well, his recently suggested spending cuts will reduce the average deficit over the next 10 years to just a bit over a TRILLION PER YEAR, but we can all be saved by raising taxes! Yes, the standard liberal cure for all economic woes is to kill the economy by raising taxes, in this case by $1.5 TRILLION over the next decade (which is just a drop in the bucket compared to his increased spending). Here’s another look at the bovine excrement that is Obama’s budget process, and the completely unrealistic projections his people use. His actual budget proposals, released on Valentine’s Day, would actually double the national debt within ten years. That’s doubling the debt that he has already increased by over 60% since he became a Senator. It would in reality be almost TRIPLING the debt that we had accumulated before the Democratic takeover of the House in January of 2007.

Damn those far-right Texans! They are considering seceding! Oh, not from the USA, just from the federal Medicare and CHIP programs, since under Obamacare those programs will cost the state billions more than the current versions. The Crawfish likes State Representative Warren Chisum!

Never put it past liberals to break laws and perform cover ups in order to gain political points, with their lapdogs in the media assisting the cover up. In this case, the lawbreaking was in an attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and it resulted in the murder of a federal law enforcement officer. Eric Holder needs to be brought up on accessory to murder charges.

Whenever you hear the left wingnuts calling conservatives “Nazis”, just remember that the main puppetmaster behind, the DNC, and Barack Hussein Obama is none other than George Soros, who has admitted multiple times to assisting the Nazis with their “final solution” actions against the Jews (including parts of his own family) in Hungary. Notice that one of his own quotes is “I do not accept the rules imposed by others.”

Congrats, oh Reader of TOTUS! You have successfully raised the national debt to approximately 100% of our national economy. Now he says that he’s going to lower the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next decade, which is a measly $110 billion per year, while you have raised it by over $1.5 trillion per year. EPIC FAIL!

John Wiley Price has been an embarrassment to Dallas County for 30+ years. He only gets re-elected County Commissioner because he is a race-baiter and agitator, and that sells in southern Dallas.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." -James Madison

The Constitution of the United States


  1. 1. No, C-Fish. Not all the links in the world will convince those assholes thery are out in far left past the foul line. They are liberals.
    Years ago a popular artist was showing his work in a large arthouse. All the "intellectuals" would come, sip wine and ohh and ahh over his stuff. So one day he acquired a chimpanzee, put it in a closet with a canvass and a bunch of paint. The result he exhibited. All the "intellectuals" ohhed abd ahhed and said what bold strokes what vivid colors, etc et ad nausium, Finally he told them it was all a hoax, and that the "painting" had been done by a chinpanzee locked in a closet.
    Without batting an eye the "intellectuals" declared the chimpanzee a genius. That is your golobal warmist mentality.

    2. Medieval warm period is when they had vinyards in England and the vikings colonized Greenland. Today it is too cold in those parts of England where remnants of the old vinyards still exist and Greenland in pretty much uninhabital but for a few hardy souls.

    3. Uh.. I think I sent you an email today that the taxpayers portion of the Edward Kennedy Institute for Defensive Driving is going to be something more like $68M.

    4. Well, shit. England spanked Argintena pretty well so they HAVE to do something. And while we have the boy-child in the Oval Office, well, shit, why not????????

    5. I said this on a Gunny post but it is applicable here. Narcisists do NOT ever install anyone in any higher office that is smarter or even as smart as they. I think part of it is job security or fear of someone taking over. Part of it is ego. Most of it is just plain running the thing. But they will never put anyone of higher i.q. in office.

    6. "Islam was created by the Mohammed to appeal to the young, uneducated, arab males. But 1140 years later they are still uneducated. Because of the 6th century religion progibited 6th century minds from matriculating down to today when the same 6th century mindset RULES islam.

    7. If the case went to court circumstances would be:
    (1) Obama does not place his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem;
    (2) Obama bows to the king of Saudia Arabia;
    (3) Obama claims America is an islam nation (?);
    (4) Obama cancels National Prayer Day (a Christain day of observance);
    (5) Obama has a White House banquet for a bunch of muslims during Ramadan;
    (6) Obama wears no jewelery during Ramadan (an islam custom);
    (7) Obama does not travel on the same airplane with his pet dog;
    (8) Obama does not take his infidel wife with him on his trips to the Mideast;
    (9) Obama instructs the NASA to curry up to the muslim countries...

    Your honor.... The Prosecution Rests!

    8. Iran. Yeah. Let's see what happens this inning.

    9. As far as Texas politics. Hey, C-Fish. You been gone away defending your country a long time. The Damnyankees have moved in. Texas is still conservative. But barely. They holding on by their fingernails.

    10. Yeah. Holder needs to be brought up on charges. Kinda like Janet Reno????

    11. John Wiley Price. I remember when he tore the windshield wiper off a little white Mrs. Larry Lunchbucket type who was just trying to get home and ended upin one of his demonstrations.
    Yeah. JWP is the Dallas version of Sheila Jackson Lee. So what about JHP? You just mentioned him to get him publicity or you got something to say?????

  2. Buck,
    1) Liberals and chimps...what a match.
    2) Exactly
    3) Including what the Taxachusetts people will pay, it was either 58 or 68. It's in the link.
    4) But our Dear Leader won't have the cojones to attack.
    5) He wanted to be President for the power and the perks, but not to BE President with the responsibilities.
    6) And the mullahs LIKE it that way
    7) Lots of damning evidence
    8) Probably a repeat of the 2009 protests
    9) Only in certain areas.
    10) Like a LOT of Dim-ocrats.
    11) He's more racist and more of an agitator than Sheila. That story was from this week, so I used it.

  3. Obama supporting protesters in Iran? Let's see... Uh... NO! Take a look at his history on such things.
    Egypt - the people take to the street and Barry stabs an ally in the back, insisting he step down.
    Iran - the people take to the street after our enemy, Iminajihad, is declared winner only hours after an election done with PAPER ballots. Not a word from Barry other than championing the "democratic process" imposed by the mullahs.
    Honduras - That country's congress, courts and military ousted José Zelaya after he tried to ram through a referendum defying constitutional term limits so he could remain in power as President. Obama went before the world DEMANDING that less than friendly to the US Zelaya be reinstated - screw what the Honduran constitution said.

  4. Hahahahaha, Buck!

    I love the chimpanzee story. Your usual eloquence and spot-on analysis. Terrific.

    Craw, I'm going to keep an eye on your other blog to see what the Gaia-ists say, but hopefully they'll come here, too.

  5. Crawfish,
    Good post and good links.

    Despite the evidence the libtards are full speed ahead on Global Warming. It's impossible to have an adult conversation with a child.

    The Hope & Change in the ME will not turn out well for anyone. Any sliver of self-determination will most certainly get hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has been WRONG on every issue concerning freedom loving people.

    I love Buck's comment about the Chimp.

    The left is screaming bloody murder about $100 billion in cuts but they fail to realize that it is ONLY .03% of the $3.7 trillion budget. Congress needs to use an axe and stop screwing around. Us knuckledraggers can come up with more than that.

  6. Craw: those sites should be sent to the Pub leadership too in both House and Senate as well as your own state Pub reps. The facts do not mean anything to Dems caught in the lies of The China Syndrome as well as Gore. So as a result, we cannot even get our own domestic energy resources up and running because of the PURE AIR FREAKS.

  7. Here in Mississippi, I know of three people who are no longer buying Al Bore's LIES concerning Global Warming (or the new version, Climate Change). The proof were the 5 measurable snowfalls in North Mississippi this year, combined with the history of Greenland. In my 60 years on this planet (and my mother's 87 years on this planet), I have never seen this much snow in Mississippi. No one has. The weather records concerning Mississippi go back to the late 1700's. There is a recorded single snow in the early 1800's of 12"; but that is the closest.

    The three people I said have changed their minds are all Democrats living in North Mississippi. One of them is mad as H*ll and wrote a letter to the Democrat Party where he resigned his membership because of the LIES (he lives in Holly Springs, MS). The other two are right behind him in their actions. All three are swearing never to vote for another Democrat.

    PS: I wish I had remembered the info concerning the vineyards in Great Britian. That would have been the "icing on the cake" with these three people.

  8. Salty,
    I was waiting to see who would bring up Zelaya!

  9. Hardnox,
    Obama has been correct on every call in the Middle East....for someone who wishes to destroy Israel and the USA.

  10. Glenn,
    the GOP elected officials (with the exception of the Tea Party folks elected this past year) are a bunch of spineless RINOs.

  11. Ghost,
    GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES HEAVY SNOW! Well, the true believers say so.

  12. Some great stuff in those links.Here we go..A)Goddamn Fraudacle and his merry band of idjits. Fools never stop,do they? B)That was cool. Got to think they didn't get it in one take,though.C)Say,I know where there sits a nice 65 Olds98 just like the one Dead Ted drove off the bridge.You think they'd like to have THAT in the museum? Another colossal waste of money.D)Ahhh,yes.That ol' Obama,loved the world over.mwahahahahahaha Who's next to kick him in the nuts? Lichtenstein? E)Hmmm...wonder what the NAG's have to say about that? Is that crickets I hear? Damnable hypocrites.F)I wonder if Gunny would bend the rules for AHOTY award to include the whole damned administration.Too hard to find one asshat who stands out in a field full of asshats.G)The Tea Party gets it. The people get it.WHY the "leadership" of the soon-to-be-dead elephant party doesn't get it is beyond my comprehension.H)I think you know the answer to that. In case you don't,here is a small reminder "When the winds of change turn ugly,I will support my muslim brothers".'nuff said,eh?
    I)Good grief.The P.L.L. proposes it,they ALREADY are trying to pin it on the r's. The r's just need to FORGET about ANY favorable press,and concentrate on ELIMINATING as much crap as they can.J)The time has come that this bunch has simply run out of OPM.He puts anything out there that causes YET FURTHER damage to a weak economy,there ain't enough lapdog media to pull his fat out of the fire. For Hahvahd supposedly having such a great economics program,you'd never know it the way this bunch does things.K)As well they should.Along with the OTHER 49 cowards.State issue,state problem.NOT the damned feds.L) Indeed Holder should face a court. Then a firing squad.Not likely though.M)There is but one solution to the Soros problem.Care to guess? N) When people who have NO clue how things really work are trying to run it,THIS is what you'll get. Every time.O) See M. Multiply. Good stuff,my man. C ya next week.

  13. The greenies have been trying to tie the revolution in Egypt and other countries to global warming and it's "effects" on food prices....

    I then tell them the increased greenhouse gasses have been frying their brains, leaving stupidity in it's wake, which usually leaves them bewildered and confused..


  14. Craw,

    Nice wrapup. Amazing that the idiots could put up monument to Chappaquiddick Ted with a straight face. I hope a massive flock of well-fed pigeons make it their permanent home.

  15. I doupt that the sorry excuse we have for "news" will wake up--they have been lulled to sleep by the Democrat "fiddle" music--as in Nero "fiddled" whle Rome burned!!March 4 is right around the corner and what is the donkey party doing? "fiddling"around!I hope just half of them read the sites you mentioned it will educate somecome on by --new post up.

  16. clyde,
    a) And they will never accept any facts that prove them to be idjuts
    b) No way in one take.
    c) How about a sign from the bridge?
    d) I'm betting on the penguins of Antarctica.
    e) Feminist groups are like union bosses...only in it for their own power and fame.
    f) They're working on AHOTCentury
    g) They are in it for their own power, not for the nation's good.
    h) Once a muslim....
    i) As if they will EVER get any favorable press
    j) Turning us into Greece...or the old Soviet Union
    k) Next step....kill off Social Insecurity by reinstituting the Galveston Plan and telling the feds to pizzoff when they say it is illegal.
    l) Holder first, followed by damned near every single person associated with this Administration.
    m) Capture, lots of small slices, into the water with a chum line?
    n) It is NOT an accident. It is the INTENTIONAL destruction of our nation.
    o) One way ticket to Zimbabwe, and take all possession with exception of a loin cloth.

  17. Eric,
    they will grasp at any straw possible, no matter how foolish it makes them.

  18. Gunny,
    one guy on Facebook chastised me for going after a dead guy. Of course the liberal glo-bull warming believer missed the point entirely.

  19. 8th Man,
    Obama's fiddling while he and his party are SETTING the fires and spraying gasoline all over the nation.

  20. The Dim-o-craps are so drunk on the gravy train that they cannot even see the trainwreck now looming ahead!!What will happen if they cannot get their heads out of their butts before march 4th?as far as Iran is conserned i remember being stationed on "gonzo" station because of a madman holding innocent Americans hostage--now another wants to hold the world hostage claiming to talk to somewne who fell down a well.

  21. c-bow,
    if they are muslims, they are mad as hatters.


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