Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2-9-2011 The Weekly Claw

If we get any more Glo-Bull Warming around here, I might get frostbite.

Senate Democrats have now made it official. They want American taxpayers to pay for abortions, and will oppose any effort to restrict federal funds for abortions. Let them now be known as the Baby Killing Party.

Those of us who have been paying attention have been trying to inform the rest of the nation about how Barack Obama hates all things American and wants to bring our nation and our traditional allies down. It is obvious that he wants the world to be run by socialists and a grand Islamic Caliphate. He denigrates Christianity, while supporting Islam whenever possible. He opposes secret ballots for union elections. He opposes requiring people to prove that they are eligible voters and US citizens when they vote. He opposes Constitutional limits on government, and calls people who believe in the Constitution “extremists”. He refuses to even attempt to secure our borders. He sells out Israel at every given opportunity, while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He gave absolutely no support to democracy demonstrators in Iran, who opposed a muslim state government, but supports those in Egypt who are linked to a known muslim terrorist group that desires a pan-arabian Caliphate. Now, he has done it again. In negotiating the new START treaty, Barack Obama allowed the Russians to insert language that makes it illegal for the United States to work on ANY kind of missile defense program, but he and the Democrats say that there is no such language in the treaty. He also gave the Russians detailed information about BRITAIN’S nuclear arsenal after the Brits told him not to do so.

Back to the Egypt situation for a moment. In June of 2009, protesters were dying in the streets of Iran, trying to overthrow a hard-line theocratic government and bring democracy to their nation. Barack Obama, along with the United Nations, refused to lift a finger to assist the demonstrators. Now, he and the UN are all about supporting the demonstrators in the streets of Egypt and demanding the ouster of Mubarak. It is quite clear that Obama and the UN will support supporters of Islamic terrorism (Iran’s Mad Mullahs and the Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned Hamas and Al Qaida) at every chance.

Of course, if the Middle East situation gets messy, the price of oil will skyrocket. That fits right in with Obama’s plans to ruin our nation: No drilling off the coast of Florida (even though the Chinese are doing it), no drilling in the Gulf, no drilling in ANWR, no new drilling ANYWHERE, no new refineries, no new nuclear power plants, no new coal-fired power plants…do the math.

Before the Super Bowl, President Obama sat down for an interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. O’Reilly could have hammered him and called him on his lies, but he remained civil. One of the biggest lies was, “I didn’t raise taxes once. I lowered taxes over the last two years. I lowered taxes for the last two years.” The list of his new and/or increased taxes is not short at all, and most of them violate his “firm pledge” from the campaign that no American making less than $250,000.00 per year would see “any form of tax increase.” This guy is a bigger liar than William Jefferson Clinton!

Many members of the lamestream media keep saying how the uprisings in the arab world are all about bringing forth real democracy, and that we should just stay out of it, this despite the fact that the only democracies in the Middle East are found in Iraq and Israel, and Iraq’s is only working because the USA was there to set it up and get it running. Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau nailed it when he wrote, “People accustomed to masters will not let mastery cease … Mistaking liberty for unchained license, they are delivered by their revolutions into the hands of seducers who will only aggravate their chains.”

In 2007 and 2008, those of us who believe in conservative principles and the Constitution warned y’all about John Mc Cain and his fake conservative credentials. His ego demands that he be liked by everybody, so he sells out conservatives and works with the extreme left in order to get praise from the media. Now he is saying that Barack Obama is “much more centrist” and “easier to work with.” The most extreme left wing President in history is “much more centrist”? John McCain’s last functioning brain cell must have committed suicide last week. GunnyG has a good rant about the GOP and their bad habit of putting forth liberals who claim to be conservatives.

Mayor Bloomberg of Noo Yawk once claimed to be a Republican, but that was just to avoid the Democratic primary in the mayoral race. Now he’s just another liberal, free-spending, holier-than-thou, wanna-be prince living high on the public dime. Why in the world does a MAYOR need THREE personal chefs at a cost of $245,000.00 per year? In any regular city in America, the Mayor goes home to his own house at night, instead of a taxpayer-funded mansion, and either dines at a restaurant or eats whatever comes from his own kitchen.

Ya gotta love those peaceful muslims and their treatment of women. Really, how can the Democrats keep supporting these people? In Pakistan, a 14 year old girl gets raped by a married 40 year old relative, so muslim law says SHE is guilty of adultery. A fatwa is issued, and she is publicly whipped to death. The pedophile Mohammed, who would approve of this action, designed his fake religion to appeal to the mindset of young, uneducated, arab males in order to raise an army of conquest. Peaceful religion my arse!

Is there really any doubt as to how the Obama Administration feels about the authority of the federal courts when they are in opposition to The Chosen One? The judge that overturned the Administration’s ban on offshore drilling has ruled that the government is in contempt of his ruling, since it has not lifted the moratorium. Officially, the moratorium is lifted, but no new permits have been allowed.

Meanwhile, the Administration is now saying that they don’t care that a federal judge has ruled ALL of Obamacare unConstitutional. They are going to implement it anyway! Yes, Barack Obama has now declared himself to be above the courts, just like any good dictator.

While micHELLe has been trying to force restaurants to bend to her will and offer smaller servings and healthier food, check out what was on the menu at the White House for their Super Bowl party. Just another case of do what I say, not as I do, from the most elitist snob ever to occupy that residence.

The FY11 budget sits at a whopping $3,800,000,000,000.00 (that’s 3.8 TRILLION for those of you who were “educated” by union teachers). The projected DEFECIT is $1,500,000,000,000.00, which is 39% of the budget. Yes, almost 4 out of every 10 dollars that he wants to spend is getting paid for by future generations. Well, under pressure from We The People, His Majesty has now coughed up some “tough budget cuts” that he’s willing to consider. Doug Ross puts it all in pie graph form, so that even a union teacher-educated liberal can somewhat understand. The size of the deficit and the lack of size of the “tough budget cuts” boggle the mind. John McEnroe gives the appropriate response to His Majesty.

PresBo can’t come up with any meaningful budget cuts, but he can come up with another fifty-three BILLION dollars for high speed rail service. Folks, passenger rail service in our nation has very low ridership, with the exception of the DC-Filthadelphia-Noo Yawk-Bahston corridor, and loses millions of dollars every year, which is picked up by you and I, the American taxpayers. Instead of injecting billions more into that sewer, just because Joe Biden likes to ride the choo-choo, it is time to END all federal rail subsidies, and let those people who use the services be the ones who pay for it.

It has been a while since I featured a Dan Calabrese column from North Star National. This week, Dan examines Barack Obama’s address to the US Chamber of Commerce, and why the audience was less than enthusiastic about his message.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." -James Madison

The Constitution of the United States


  1. "Of course, if the Middle East situation gets messy, the price of oil will skyrocket."

    Know which country has enough oil reserves to be completely independant, and a net-exporter if they so choose?

    Us, that's who. We have greater reserves than Saudi Arabia. But, of course, we're not going to allow them to be developed.

    As to McCain... is there any way to give him back to the North Vietnamese? I'll even pay the air fare.

    By the way, here's another great link; check it out. It puts Bat Ears's "budget cuts" in perspective:

  2. Brian,
    -We could be completely self-sufficient in energy if we wanted to be, but that is not what the left wants.
    -I'll chip in on the air fare!
    -Great video link, but I disagree with one premise. We CAN reduce the so-called "mandatory" expenditures if we just refuse to spend a dime on anything that is unConstitutional.

  3. Craw,

    Great wrapup as always and thanks for the plug.

    We don't drill for oil or mine coal because liberals WANT us to be weak, cold, and in the dark. Better for their elitist plans for us ala John "Kill Em All" Holdren.

  4. 1. "He opposes requiring people to prove that they are eligible voters and US citizens when they vote." "He refuses to even attempt to secure our bordrs."
    Only more evidence he is pushing for a one world order. In his sight, ALL peoples of the world should be able to vote. Likewise, he believes ALL the peoples of the world deserve to be in the doubt getting food stamps, free medical, welfare checks etc from American citizens.

    2. He sells out Israel. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, yeah, he does not recognize the Christain prayer day but has a banquet at the White House for ramadan. Still believe he is not a muslim??

    3. Well, by the time ol' Zero leaves the Oval Office we will have no allies. At least none who will trust us with national secrets. They should have known what was coming down the pike when he gave the bust of Churchill back. I do hope the next president RESPECTFULLY requests it be returned to us.

    4. Uh, did the Tea Party candidates not promise to cut funds to the UN as part of their campaign platforms?

    5. Once again. We have enough oil and natural gas reserves to give us independence from the cartel. But the government refuses to allow drilling. What reason does Zero have for us remaining dependent on arab oil? Oh, yeah. When shale oil was not profitable to go after there seemed to be no government regulations on drilling in those regions. Now that it is feasable all of a sudden we have regulations??

    6. Right the only democracies in ME are Israel and Iraq. When the American presence leaves Iraq, shortly after the only democracy will be Israel.

    7. McCain may be a war hero. But so was Benedict Arnold.

    8. Bloomberg is a billionaire in his own right and could well afford the chefs as well as sleep anywhere he pleases. But if the City of New York is footing the tab, well, just one more explanation of why the city is going broke. How about the rest of the country paying for these extravagants? They're going to want a bail out, y'know.

    9. Peaceful religion, my arse! Was Bush the rest of us or did he really believe that crap?

    10. Of course this is not the first time the Executive and Judicial branches have clashed. When the SCOTUS ruled against Jackson, he was said to have uttered, "They made their edict, now let's see them enforce it."

    11. I believe sooner or later Zero is going to piss Chief Justice Roberts off and there will be a larger clash between the two branches than in the Jacksonian era.

    12. I can tell you why no one rides the railroad any more. A few years ago I took the Amtrak from Chicago to Fort Worth. Mostly for the nostalgia. I remember from my youth the ultimate luxury and service riding the Zephyr to Houston. I remember the fine linen, silver and china in the dining car. I remember the prompt and courteous service in the lounge car. In the '70's I had a bedroom car from OKC to Houston. So not too long ago I tried it from CHI to FTW. Bad mistake. The "bedroom" was more like the old "roomette", there was no lounge car but a snack bar located on bottom of a two deck car. It sold mixed drinks and beer but the man behind the counter was lazy, surly and downright rude. When there was no federal subsidy the treatment of passengers was much different. It would still be an experience to take the train from Kansas City to San Francisco, over the Sierras. Except last time I checked the train crosses the Sierras at night.

  5. Gunny,
    All socialist dictators want their people miserable and dependent upon government for EVERYTHING.

  6. Buck,
    WOW! You haven't written one of these books in a while!
    1) And he appoints SCOTUS Justices who will use foreign laws instead of the Constitution.
    2) Born a fatwa issued against him for leaving Islam...welcomed in muslim lands by muslim the math.
    3) He hates Britain because Kenya used to be a COLONY!
    4) And they're taking that up next week!
    5) He is the enemy of all Americans.
    6) Agreed.
    7) Ditto.
    8) F all city and state bailouts!
    9) W is dumb enough to believe it.
    10) Obama has his desires, so let HIM pay for it!
    11) Yup.
    12) Private sector ALWAYS does a better job!

  7. Great stuff.May the SCDS live forever!! I'm currently reading"Crimes Against Humanity" by David Limbaugh. Excellent read,it brings together all of Obama and the thugs' scumbaggery in one spot.

  8. Interesting stuff, craw. Myself, I'm sorta hung up on the cliff ahead of us. The parallels between what a "leader" accomplished and how in the 1930s in Germany and how a "leader" is operating and succeeding here and now in America are stunning me.

    Behind the curtain, the oligarchy is stoking the fires with coal. Meanwhile, Republicans are tapping at the brakes, albeit lightly, while talking about abortion funding and libertarians are arguing that we're not a Christian nation.

    I just hear the train clicking on the rails, and the clicks are coming faster and faster, the horizon coming nearer and nearer.

  9. I also noticed how our government was advocating the Egyptian government to listen to the people on the streets. Amazing how they ignored their own people here in the United States during the tea parties... I wonder what flavor of hypocrisy they eat every morning.

    By the way, I no longer blog in the Obama cartoon on Townhall, due to the sites incompetency and incessant complaints from the left trying to quell all "dissenting" opinions that don't adhere to their fundamentalist dogma. So, I'll just be popping on to comment once in awhile..


  10. Yesterday Clarksdale, MS (my home) got another 7" of Global Warming. North Mississippi is basically shut-down until the "melt" occurs. If I get my hands on Al Bore I will make him eat every bit of snow in North Mississippi.

    As for our oil reserves, here in Mississippi the oil industry is getting around the bans on further drilling by the O'Vomit Administration by "revamping" old wells (licensed decades ago) in the Black Warrior Basin. It is working, but it is only small potatoes.

    Concerning McCain (whose family are Mississippians from Carroll County), if you and BrianR need any additional money to ship him back to Vietnam, my Mississippi relatives and I will gladly chip-in. I am so glad that John McCain lives in Arizona.

  11. Amen, Clyde!

    SCDS Forever!

    We're plank owners here.

  12. Crawfish,

    Good post as always.

    I found it remarkable that Zero could praise the Egyptian people for speaking-up against their government and pledging support whereas we at home get labeled as nazis, fascists, tea-baggers, and the like at even the slighest question.

  13. so much again for the "religion of peace"...I challenge Boxer in California as well as "nanny" P--lousy herself to spout their venom in Saudi arabia and see how far it gets them!!There is real hope for Egypt but only if cool heads prevail

  14. Gray Ghost:

    "I am so glad that John McCain lives in Arizona."

    Not so.

    If McCain lived in Mississippi he might not be Senator this term....

  15. Clyde,
    that book's gotta be bigger than "The Lies of Bill Clinton"

  16. drpete,
    when will our Reichstag Fire occur?

  17. Eric,
    I can't even comment at TH these days. My how they've fallen.

  18. Ghost,
    we'll have enough to send his whole extended family to Hanoi!

  19. Hardnox,
    we'd be hailed as heroes and patriots by Obama if we were screaming "Allahu akhbar!"

  20. C-bow,
    imagine how bloody P-Lousy's Than Franthithco would be if her friends in the Brotherhood took over. There ain't enough rocks to stone the homos to death!

  21. Dude, it is great hearing from you again...and don't be a stranger at the Spade anymore! We TH Originals have to stick together!

    You hit it right on about the Brotherhood and the WH attitude towards it. This administration bent over backwards to not "interfere" in Iran but couldn't wait to try to kick Mubarak overboard. Then you have Amateur Night in the intelligence services with James Clapper saying the MB is "secular" and that pinhead at CIA saying that our lead intelligence officers have the same access to information as the news stations do. If that's the case we should fire Panetta and replace him with Anderson Cooper and Greg Palkot can take over as the DNI because they have more knowledge about the situation than the idiots Obama and his congressional cronies foisted upon us as our foreign intelligence/national security team!

  22. Budget breakdown for the gov't educated.

    Your family has decided on a spending budget of $37,000 for the next year. Your family earns $22,000 for the next year. Your family will borrow $15,000 to make up the difference. Now what do you think of the budget and it's deficit reduction.

    Earned (Revenue): $2.2 Trillion
    Borrow (Debt): $1.5 Trillion
    Budget (Fairytale): $3.7 Trillion


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