Saturday, June 25, 2011

6-25-2011 The Weekend Claw

You know we've had a wild week when this is the 2nd column of the week and I don't even have room for stories like the State of Noo Yawk declaring itself to be subservient to the 1% of the population that chooses to be homosexual.

A) They just don’t get it. Senate Democrats are actually arguing for MORE spending while deficit reduction talks are ongoing. Turban Durbin actually mewled, “Get the recovery right before you get in this deficit-cutting mode. Get people back to work. Let's start moving in that direction.” What D-i-c-k doesn’t seem to understand is a) Only by cutting the deficit and bringing about economic stability will we ever create new jobs, and b) the American people know that government spending does NOTHING to create jobs and they want the deficit reduced. How’d the “stimulus” work out? He must have completely missed the big news of last November. Insanity can be defined as trying the same thing over and over expecting the result to change, and the Dim-ocrats have it in spades.

B) Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke followed up Turban’s idiocy by saying “I don’t think sharp immediate cuts in the deficit would bring more jobs.” This was said right around the time that he admitted to being completely clueless as to why the economy is all jacked up. Believers in Keynesian economic theory are always clueless when their actions cause economic downturns, as they do each and every time they put Keynesian theories into operation.

C) Tax Cheat Timmy was questioned about the Democrats’ plan to raise taxes on small business owners, and he responded that those tax hikes are necessary, otherwise “you have to shrink the overall size of government programs.” Well, DUH! Timmy, that is part of the objective! We MUST shrink the government down to its Constitutional limits!

D) The FBI is investigating this incident, which means the Affirmative Action Attorney General will probably prosecute the Border Patrol agents involved. The agents did exactly what they should have done and would be given medals if President Crawfish was in office. Anybody trying to cross our border illegally should be apprehended and sent back. If they can’t be caught or if they resist, deadly force should be used. If the so-called government of Mexico has a problem, they can deploy to keep their people on their own side of the border. FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

E) Then again, we know such activities will be opposed by the Democrats, since Dear Leader just issued an Executive Order banning the deportation of just about any illegal that has been in the US for any length of time. Hmmm…issuing an order for a federal agency to violate federal laws…is that an impeachable offense?

F) Our priorities must be really screwed up when we have 28,500 members of our armed forces guarding the South Korean border, and less than 1,200 troops guarding the American southern border. The Korean border is a whopping 248 kilometers in length, compared to 3,169 kilometers for the US-Mexico border. About 212,000 invaders were captured last year in just the Tucson sector of our border. 212,000 is just the number that we CAUGHT! How many North Korean invaders crossed the Korean border last year? Not even 1,000. The defensive positions along the Korean DMZ need to be replicated along the entire length of our southern border.

G) Here is your basic liberal idiot. A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for Washington Post and New York Times Magazine has publicly disclosed that he is an illegal, and showed off a treasure trove of falsified identification documents while claiming to be “undocumented”. He previously disclosed that he is a homosexual, meaning that he is a quadruple-protected minority (Filipino, homo, member of the left-wing extremist press, illegal), so the Obama Administration will back him 100% and probably not only give him amnesty, but grant him citizenship. Since he admitted it publicly, the proper action would be to have him already deported by the time my readers see this paragraph. The editor of the Than Franthithco Chronicle has even confirmed that this illegal is now being financially supported by the Tides Foundation, a far-left anti-American outfit under the control of George Soros. He also confirmed in his SF Chronicle blog article (linked in the Malkin column) that the training editor of the Washington Post knew he had hired an illegal and kept it secret. This means that the Tides Foundation and the WaPo have violated federal laws by harboring an illegal alien and knowingly employing one, and should be prosecuted.

H) Do you REALLY want to know the root causes of our housing crisis? Representative Issa authored this report, which gives you puh-lenty of background into the disaster we now face. I challenge any liberal to dispute a single thing Issa says.

I) Walter E. Williams is an absolute gem of an author and occasional conservative talk show guest host. Every time I hear him or read one of his columns, I have to wonder why I don’t feature him more often. His newest column, “America’s New Racists” is a definite must-read.

J) What happens when envirowackos get control of the Army Corps of Engineers and the council that controls the Missouri River? The priorities “go from flood control, facilitation of commercial traffic, and recreation to habitat restoration, wetlands preservation, and culturally sensitive and sustainable biodiversity.” A wildlife biologist on the council said that this year’s impending Biblical floods (no liberal will use that term, of course) this year will be a “prolonged headache for small towns and farmers along its path, but a boon for endangered species.” Yep, you got it. The envirowackos don’t care about what happens to millions of humans as long as they can help endangered species.

K) The left wingnuts who attacked Neal Boortz over his Atlanta comments are in heavy violation of their tax-exempt status, says a former White House Councel. Media Matters for America has engaged in a “war” with Fox News, intending to disrupt their business. They are also running media “boot camps” to promote Democratic Party policies. It is time for them to get sued!

L) Thanks to the double-jeopardy laws, OJ Simpson is free to admit that he killed Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, and might be set to do so in an interview with Orca…er, Oprah. (How much is she paying for THAT interview???) His story is that he acted in self-defense, and is somewhat plausible, although once he disarmed her; the self-defense part is out the window. 95% of non-black America has known from Day One that he did it, but it will finally bring closure to one of the most-followed crime stories in American history. I guess he finally DID find the real killer after searching the golf courses of America.

M) So, are women actually losers in the recent Wal-Mart SCOTUS decision, or are the real losers the trial lawyers? Okay, since most of us believe that the trial lawyers are ALWAYS a bunch of losers, let me rephrase that. Did the women involved in the case lose anything in reality, or was it the trial lawyers who lost the most in this case?

N) Geert Wilders was acquitted on all hate-crime charges in the Netherlands. This is a major victory for freedom of speech in Europe and the ability of non-muslims to point out the truth about the death cult known as Islam. The muzzies are miffed, but when are they not?

O) The unindicted co-conspirators from the Holy Land Foundation support of terrorist groups trial, CAIR, has its panties in a wad (even more than usual). The IRS noticed that CAIR had not filed the proper paperwork for a few years and thus revoked their tax-exempt status. The Crawfish would prefer to see them lose all legal status within our nation and get named as a sponsor of terrorism, which they clearly are. Ya know, once upon a time I was told that my columns had shown up on one of CAIR’s “watch” lists. Wonder if they still consider me an evil, antagonizing infidel, or if I’m losing my touch.

P) Back in the bad ol’ days of the Soviet Union, when someone fell out of favor or had information that the State didn’t want to ever be revealed, that person was killed in a plane crash. This week, five Russian scientists who assisted in the development of Iran’s nuclear plant died in a plane crash. Coincidence?

Q) Neal Boortz is a genius. He managed to watch the same movie that I did recently, but he made a connection with one of the characters that is simply brilliant.

R) Tax Cheat Timmy was asked about the qualifications of Christine Lagarde to head up the International Monetary Fund, and said that she is “exceptionally talented.” Coming from Timmy, that means she is a completely clueless and incompetent socialist.

S) Oh. My. Gawd. I…uh…er…I have no idea how to comment on this story or what exactly to think about the people involved.

T) Billy Jeff Clinton just sold missile guidance technology to the Chinese. Under the rule of King Bu’raq al Obama, the Chinese are just buying up our country! Hat tip to co-worker Ed for this link.

U) Here’s your latest update from the Religion of Peace. Two muslim terrorists were plotting to attack the Seattle Military Entrance Processing Station, and the attached day care center. They were inspired by the Fort Hood shooter, and figured that three attackers with better weapons could kill a LOT more people and inspire other muslims to follow suit. Yes, this is a war of Islam vs. the rest of the world, and we had better admit it! Since these guys were going to commit an act of war, and they are not members of a recognized government’s military, they are illegal enemy combatants, and have no legal rights according to the Geneva Accords. They can be executed without any kind of trial if our military deems it appropriate.

V) George Soros and his socialist friends have quietly gone about getting their people elected as Secretary of State on eleven battleground states, so that THEY oversee the 2012 elections. They accuse the eeeevilll Republicans of “deciding who can vote and whose votes will count”, which means that the Republicans wouldn’t let people vote 5 times or vote at all if they were felons or illegal aliens, both key Democrat constituent groups. Prepare for massive voter fraud in 2012.

W) The left-wing treehuggers have their nits in a twit over the New Mexico and Arizona wildfires. It seems that some endangered species are being negatively affected by the fires. The Crawfish suggests that the EPA send in its crack team of lawyers with cease-and-desist orders against the flames immediately. If those idjuts would allow logging and grazing, not to mention brush clearing and occasional back burning, these fires would be smaller and much easier to contain and extinguish.

X) Chicago’s Police Superintendant is miffed about federal gun laws, presumably that 2nd Amendment thingy, that “facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers, across this country, that are killing black and brown children.” Yes, he says our gun laws are RAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!! First of all, our laws do not facilitate anything but the confiscation of “illegal firearms”, since by your own admission those firearms are “illegal”. Secondly, do not blame the weapons. Blame the black and brown CRIMINALS who are killing the black and brown children. Oh my, is The Crawfish being RAAAAAACIST because he points out that well over 90% of black and brown murder victims are murdered by black or brown criminals? Oh, and notice that this moron was speaking at St. Sabina Catholic Church, the racist church formerly run by “Father” Pfleger, the buddy of Jeremiah Wrong and Bu’raq al-Obama.

Y) Okay, time for my John McEnroe moment. “You cannot be serious!” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell actually let former Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy get away with this statement: “The U.S. government cannot default on its debt, largely accrued by President George W. Bush.” That one surviving brain cell of her’s must be getting lonely. For Nanny’s information, Barack Obama has added more to the debt in 2.5 years than W did in 8, with those last two being the spend-crazy years of a Congress run by Harry Reid and some botox bimbo from Than Franthithco.

Z) A mall in Houston has had enough of the dumb-bass style of “sagging” and has banned pants hanging low enough to show the underwear. An “urban youth” is upset about it and says he won’t shop there anymore. Of course, his “shopping” at the mall probably involved just hanging around with his fellow “saggers” and maybe buying a soda in the food court. If these people knew that the style came from the homosexual prison culture to allow easy access, they probably would stop “sagging”. Then again, if they had fathers in their lives, they wouldn’t be “sagging” either! The malls in the Jacksonville, FL, area banned “sagging” years ago. Let’s face it, folks…these punks showing off their boxers is offensive and has no place in our society. Do we really wonder why the employment numbers for black youth are so low?

AA) Speaking of “urban youth”, here is a story from South Carolina that, according to Jesse Be The Jackson, the Not-So-Reverend Al, and all of the other race pimps, simply cannot happen. A mob of blacks might be accused of lynching a white boy. The young man is in critical condition after being severely beaten and robbed by a mob of 8 blacks, 7 of which are juveniles.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Do not ever let anyone claim to be a true American patriot, if they ever attempt to separate religion from politics.”-George Washington

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Yeah, I have to say, I got a real laugh out of Geithner and his belief that shrinking government is a BAD thing.

    Hell... that's the ONLY thing that can save this country!

    But that's the perfect illustration of the mindset that dominates leftism.... hell, let's call it what it is: SOCIALISM!


    Now, let's see. OJ acted in self-defense. Nicole pulled a knife on him. I see...

    Okay... where's that knife?

    How come it wasn't at the crime scene? Where's the proof that he acted in self-defense. Hell, where's even any indication at all?


    And if he did act in self-defense... why didn't he call the cops himself?

    That's what I'd have done. How about you?

    The guy's so full of s**t.


    Okay, Chicago's top cop who hates gun rights.

    Actually, if you closely read that quote you provided, I don't think he's saying the Second Amendment is racist.

    He's actually saying the guns themselves are racist.

    After all, it's the guns themselves that are doing the "flowing" and "killing", right?

    So... they must be racist, though it's hard to see how an inanimate object can do any of that stuff he's accusing it of.

    But, hey! Who ever said liberals had brains?

    Not me.

  2. Brian,
    a) The Keynesians will never admit that their theories are just like Utopian theories. They will NEVER work in the real world.
    b) He said that the knife that killed her was the one she was slashing at him with.
    c) He's saying the federal laws are racist, and the one that trumps 'em all is 2ndA.

    Liberals and the combination of wisdom and intelligence.....mutually exclusive.

  3. Wow,whatta heap.......
    A)No,they don't. Especially the asshole Turbin and his fellow sphincter Schumer,saying the r's are trying to derail the economy for political gain. OK,so why is it THEIR ass-headed party is purposely destroying the economy for political gain? HJC,talk about projection.
    B)Bernanke.Just as frigging clueless as the rest of this bunch are.
    C)Like you'd expect anything different out of Tax-cheat Timmy? If liberals would pay THEIR damned fair share,instead of willfully defrauding the IRS,maybe we would be in a bit better shape here?
    D)You know he will. Especially since the Ass Clown Lovers Union has poked their nose into this.
    E)Would be nice.However,as I have stated previously,there is NO ONE in the so-called opposition who would bring the articles. Gots to have some one with cojones,and the will to use them.
    F)No question about it.
    G)Aren't these the SAME liberal assholes who are clamoring for prosecution of ANY business that hires illegals? The hypocrasy is so damn thick on this,you need a chain saw to cut it.
    H)OK. So where the hell are the damned indictments?
    I)The brilliant Dr.Williams. You know,the left believes he,along ANY black conservative,are traitors.Or,at the least,Uncle Toms.
    J)If these idiots had their way,our only hope would be that they'd be turned into T-Rex shit.
    K)So much for free speech. I love it how these morons proclaim that Brock was "once a conservative". Maybe in a past life.Sure hasn't been in this one.WAY past time for their tax-exempt status to be revoked.
    L)Maybe Ron's dad will take care of that.
    M)Score one for common sense.Not to worry,the trial leeches(er,I meant lawyers)will still dream up new ways to file frivolous siuts.
    N)Some more good news. Muck the fuzzies.
    O)The damn IRS finally gets one right. Someone WILL be fired over this when it gets to the inept Holder's desk.Not to worry,I'm confident you are still on CAIR's shitlist.
    P)My guess. NO.
    Q)Hmmmm.... good point.
    R)And,she hasn't paid HER taxes either,I'd be willing to bet.
    S)What idiocy. Read the article,was wondering HOW one could be impregnated DRINKING horse semen? Where the hell are the thinking skills here?
    T)This is dangerous. I can,however,see the Chinese POV.They want to have SOMETHING to show for the investment in worthless U.S. paper.
    U) The jihadists have one thing on their side our military doesn't. Mainly,the incompetent Holder-led DOIJ.
    V)I suspect any and ALL SOS' with a d after their name.
    W)You actually mean to say properly manage the forests? BLASPHEMER.Can't have THAT. OK,sarcasm off.
    X)HJC. Yet another "law-enforcenment official"who knows NOTHING about the 2nd Amendment.
    Y)Good thing here is only 9 poor lost souls saw it.
    Z)Any bets as to whether there was more SHOPLIFTING going on than shopping?
    AA)Yep.Young blacks.Pure as the driven snow. HJC.You KNOW if the races were to be reversed,the NAALCP,Jesse-be-the-Jackson,and the race-baiters would be ALL OVER charging htem with lynching. See ya next week.

  4. Buck's Book Vol 1June 25, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    (A) They don't expect it to change. They do not want deficit reduction because they are into what is called, "money flow" and their wasteful spendingand unaccounted for funds are lining their pockets as well as the pockets of their supporters. They know pretty dam well that the less money that comes across the table the easier it is for the people to spot corruption, mismanagement and just plain theft.

    (B) Remember plane geometry? theories were proven by axioms theroems and recently proven postulates. Seems to me Keynesian theories have been disproven. Several times over. So whhy do they keep trying to work something proven to be unworkable.

    (D) OH, yeah, the latest is 3 deuce 'n a half trucks of the Mexican army full of armed Mexican soldiers got "disoriented" and ended up about 6 miles inside US territory...

    (E) Does Zero actually believe he is above the law? Does he believe he rules by fiat?? Uh...Has he ever heard of Richard M. Nixon and Watergate????

    (F) And with the same orders as the troops along the DMZ. I'm just wondering when the ranchers and other folks along the border are going to get tired of the bullshit and take matters into their own hands. You know the old vigilantes of yesteryear were only formed after the citizenry got tired of a legal system of ineffective law enforcement and corrupt judges.

    (I) Lived in Poly. Saw it. One reason I got out of Dodge was because I got tired of sleeping with a loaded 1911 on my nightstand and shotgun on the floor, all the crap from the crack house across the street, mariachi music blaring at 2 a.m. and caps being popped somewhere within the block area....nightly. One of the favorite spots for carjacking was at MLK Freeway and Vaughn. Funny thing happened on the way to a carjacking. When CCW's came out, the carjacking plummeted about 85%.

    (J) You knew that. The envirowackos would rather the entire population of the USA go without fresh vegetables than open the sluce gates and endanger an effing minnow.

    (K) But the DOJ will not even investigate because Media Matters is spouting the party line.

    (L) I do not believe a Los Angeles black jury would convict an accused black for any crime.

    (N) Telling the truth about islam is definitely a hate-crime (sounds 1984-ish, don't it) under sharia law.

  5. Buck's Book Vol 2June 25, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    (P) Coincidence only if they died in 5 separate plane crashes...

    (R) Maybe she is "exceptionally talented" in evading taxes.

    (U) Yeah, but with leaders like SecDef Gates and Admiral Mullen they will probably get Miranda rights, court appointed lawyers (until the ACLU sends in a real lawyer) and dietary considerations.

    (V) Massive voter fraud is what it will be. Just like Chicago in the '60 election. Or even today they wait and see how many votes will be needed before reporting the precincts.

    (W) Kinda makes you wonder about those poor endangered species back before man walked the plains..You know..back when prairie fires were a natural thing caused by ...nature!
    On the same note, my cousin has a place around Tahoe. A couple of years ago the wildfires got within a couple blocks of his place and did completely destroy a whole residential area...all except for one house. That guy had defied the town ordinance and removed all the "natural" brush and dead stuff from around his place....My, my...

    (X) Never understood why so many police are anti-Second. Do they actually believe it would make their job easier? And why are folks like that called out on their stand since they all took the oath???

    (AA) Remember the Jenna 6? What happened to them? Nothing!

  6. Brian R
    Left IS socialist. That's where the term "Leftist" came from.
    In...England, I think, the conservatives sat on the right side of the aisle and the socialists sat to the left.

    By the way, Socialism is Marxism in a frock coat.

  7. Clyde,
    A) It is STILL Bush's fault!
    B) Making the Three Stooges look like Einsteins.
    C) Let's help small businesses by taxing them to death!
    D) If this Admin goes after them, the semi-solid excremental matter will impact the rotary oscillating device.
    E) The GOP has their Gonads On Plates.
    F) That would cure soooo many problems, including a lot of drug importation.
    G) Prosecute any businesses that hire illegals, unless that business supports socialists.
    H) Indictments really are needed.
    I) Definitely off the plantation.
    J) Save the planet. Shoot a liberal.
    K) Free speech as long as you toe the socialist line.
    L) Goldman will have a meltdown on live TV.
    M) Tort reform is step 1 in REAL healthcare and insurance reform.
    N) Mucking Forons.
    O) I hope I haven't lost my touch!
    P) With Vlad trying to restore the USSR's ways of bidness....
    Q) Definitely got a WOW from me!
    R) At least she hasn't raped any hotel maids. Now the towel boys at the pool....
    S) Did you read the comments? Hysterical!
    T) The sellout by the left continues.
    U) Someone will be ordered to throw the case or cause the evidence to become tainted.
    V) Exactly.
    W) I know. What was I thinking?
    X) Tis the Chicago Way!
    Y) Hopefully I have more than 9 readers!
    Z) Well, that IS "urban" shopping.
    AA) Bingo!

  8. Buck,
    A) Screw'em
    B) Keynes isn't a theory to them. It is a religion!
    D) Should have been taken under fire.
    E) Making Nixon look HONEST
    F) Some have tried, but got sued by the illegals and the judges sided with the illegals.
    I) The 2nd Amendment works every time it is allowed to.
    J) Time to CLEAN HOUSE.
    K) Can't investigate their own investigators, can they?
    L) An accused FAMOUS black man.
    N) Pointing out hatred is a hate crime. Sheesh.
    P) Nah. That'd be TOO obvious.
    R) Probably.
    U) They didn't even go into military custody. They're being held by Holder's peeps.
    V) Precincts with 1500 population will count 2500 vote.
    W) And the locals probably charged him.
    X) Police Chiefs aren't real cops. They are politicians.
    AA) Of course not...they were black!

  9. Craw, "He said that the knife that killed her was the one she was slashing at him with."

    Well, then, it still can't be "self-defense", because if he killed her with THAT knife, it means he took it away from her, and if he did that, she was no longer a threat to him.

    Buh-bye self-defense excuse!

    By the way, what does that mean, "the knife that killed her"?

    Once again, inanimate objects acting of their own volition. Amazing!

    Why doesn't that lame-a$$ chickens**t yellow-bellied c**ksucker just say, "the knife I killed her with"?

    He tries to make this vapid excuse, but still doesn't have the BALLS to admit it was him who killed those kids, self-defense or not.

    Which then raises the point: what about Ron Goldman? That self-defense, too? Or did he commit suicide by stabbing himself a bunch of times after... what?... OJ loan him the knife? Maybe the knife just did it all by itself again? OJ couldn't hold the demon knife back?

    What a POS.

  10. Crawfish,
    You’ve been busy. Nice round-up.
    A) Our fiscal problems have ALWAYS been that the government spends too much. Pols had discovered long ago that the road to re-election was with “free cheese”. Now that the dairy is smaller they still want to suck the cows (us) dry. The ship of Europe is about to hit the rocks and it is a prime example of what will happen to us if we don’t reverse course. The problem with the left is that they have built their whole careers and ideology on these platforms. They are stuck on stupid. The right isn’t much better since they haven’t had the willpower to stand together and just say “no”.

    B) The main problem has been the “Quantitative Easing” (aka printing more money) It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that by printing more money, thus reducing the value of a currency, results in the increased price of all products and services. People have seen their investments, housing, and savings shrink in value and they are scared. Bernanke needs to shrink the money supply to strengthen the US currency. The price of oil and food will drop and people’s investments will rise.

    L) Orca and Simpson both need the money. Both will receive their just rewards one day and it will be ugly for them.

    N) Wilders is a treasure. It’s men like him that created this nation. Too bad most men have been castrated by Political Correctness. I hope that Wilders inspires leadership around the world. He also needs to live in a bunker as the sand-nazis will most assuredly kill him.

    U) I expect that this is just what bodes for us on a grander scale. According to what I have read over the last several years, 2012 will be the year that the sand-nazis will launch a major offensive in the USA.

    That’s all that I have time for now. Please keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your round-up.

  11. U) I am hearing similar things to what "Hardnox" wrote from old friends who are recently retired military (retired in the last 10 years). None of them will say where they are getting the intel concerning 2012, so perhaps there is some truth to it.

  12. Brian,
    after he disarmed her he claims to have "snapped" in the middle of the action. Someone who just "snaps" doesn't nearly saw the head off of a woman. The fact that Goldman attacked him after seeing the body doesn't justify turning him into a thimble.

  13. Hardnox,
    A) The latest talking point is that there must be "balance" in the deficit reduction plans, meaning tax increases. They also say that the deficit reduction won't happen "on the backs of the middle class". Spending less doesn't mean a burden on ANYBODY except the leeches who suck on the government teat.
    B) Going off of the gold standard was probably the worst move Nixon made other than Watergate.
    L) Orca needs money? She's one of the wealthiest blacks in the world, trailing maybe Tiger Woods.
    N) The sandies took out the last Dutch anti-Islam artist, didn't they?
    U) I've heard similar rumours, but no attribution.

  14. Ghost,
    None of the ones I've heard it from were first or second sources. They all claim to have heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from somewhere else...

  15. Crawfish,

    I saw a youtube video on the subject recently. I'll hunt for it.

    Their version of Billy Graham has 80 million avid followers worldwide. He broadcasts 3 times a week. He has called for worldwide jihad in 2012 to coincide with some prophecy in the Quran.

    First I thought it was your typical sand-nazi dribble and maybe some pararnoia from infidels but the more that I researched it the more that I found. This is serious. I confirmed this with an ex-spook buddy who maintains contacts within the intelligence community and it is indeed serious.

    The attacks against infidels worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate and that is telling. As usual the lapdog media is mostly quiet on it for fear of reprisals.

    The fuse is burning...


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