Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6-15-2011 The Weekly Claw

Okay, so you are all wondering what happened to the 6-8-2011 edition of The Weekly Claw. Well, The Crawfish screwed up in the home swamp and Mrs. Crawfish “challenged” me to not touch the home computer for 5 days. When I returned to the ‘puter, I had to spend a day dealing with tech support because of a Windows activation problem, followed by over 80 Windows updates. I even had to leave for work while dealing with HP support and Mrs. Crawfish finished the fixes. Now believe it or not, I DID throw out about 15 other paragraphs from my draft, and yet still ended up with this monstrosity. Must have been a wild two weeks!

A)I know a lot of you don’t give a damn about sports, but indulge me for just a moment as I revel in the first NBA championship for my hometown Dallas Mavericks. If just about any other major city (Miami, Detroit, El Lay, Filthadelphia…) had won the title, there would have been hundreds of arrests, downtown store windows shattered, looting, cars (some of them belonging to the local gendarmes) set afire, and such, but the people of Dallas celebrated the right way. There were only 14 arrests reported by the Dallas Police Department on Sunday night (6 public intoxication, 4 disorderly conduct, and 4 outstanding warrants), which is fewer than on a regular Friday night. Congrats to Dirk, JKidd, JET, Shawn, Tyson, JJ, DeShawn, The Custodian, Peja, Ian, Brendan, Corey, Roddy B, Caron, Coach Rick, and the rest of Mark Cuban’s guys…and a BIG RASPBERRY TO LEBRON!!!!!!!!!

B) Here is some truly sad news for aviation enthusiasts like The Crawfish. Another irreplaceable treasure gone forever. At least everyone got out safely.

C) Since the Eurofighter Typhoon is the main competition to the F-35 in the international sales market right now, this story could be very good news to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and thousands of workers in The Crawfish’s hometown of Fort Worth, TX.

D) Barack Obama just spat in the face of the Brits yet again, just a week after visiting London and praising our “special relationship” with the UK. Now he is siding with Argentina, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in signing on to a document at the Organization of American States meeting that demands Britain enter negotiations with Argentina over the future of the Falkland Islands. The draft resolution even calls the islands the “Malvinas”, which is the Argentinean name, instead of “Falklands”, indicating which nation the signatory nations believe to have proper right of ownership of the islands.

E) An Ohio prosecutor had to drop a murder case against an illegal alien because he wasn’t given proper Miranda rights by the interpreter before interrogation. The simple fix to this is to only give Miranda rights in English unless the person being interrogated is a foreigner who is in this country legally. Illegals and those who refuse to assimilate into OUR culture had best keep to the straight and narrow.

F) Of course, we have a hard time stopping the illegals from entering our nation when Democrats are in charge. Not only do they resist actual border enforcement, but they also put envirowacko regulations in place to prevent the Border Patrol from doing the job when the Administration gives them the go-ahead. Thankfully, there are some in Congress who are working to end that bovine excrement.

G) Only about 4000 people attended this year’s May Day event in El Lay, which was co-sponsored by Obama’s favorite thugs in the SEIU. Besides the SEIU, the other major groups represented were the Communist Party, teachers unions, La Raza, the Brown Berets, and the self-described Queers. La Raza and the Brown Berets were among the groups supporting not only amnesty, but the return of the southwestern states to Mexico. All of these groups had two things in common; they are anti-USA and they are pro-Obama.

H) Why is it that Hispanics in America seem to be passionate and vocal about only one issue, that being support of illegal immigration? You would think that the ones who did the right thing and went through the whole process to come here legally would side with conservatives, who support LEGAL immigration and deportation of ILLEGALS. Meanwhile, as Barack and his Homeland Security Ditz claim the border is secure, we get stories like this one, which prove otherwise.

I)I feel sorry for the woman involved, since she is probably doubly traumatized, but this guy got what he deserved.

J) Take a look at the “reformer” who got an exclusive White House invite. Looks like he fits in perfectly with the King and First Grifter family.

K) How much more out of step with America can this Administration get? Well, I’m glad you asked. The Department of Education, which does suuuuuuuch a wonderful job, held a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth Summit”. First of all, I don’t know any youth who are transgender, since that requires a series of surgeries and is not usually available to non-adults. Secondly, why is this Administration pandering to a group that, until pop culture and the Democratic Party made it coooooool to be part of, made up less than 1% of the American population? The man who runs the Administration for Children and Families (where does the Constitution say we need THAT???) said to the attendees, “of course, we’re also trying to recruit more foster and adoptive parents who are lesbian and gay,” showing the liberal disdain of the REAL American family. These people really do make me want to puke.

L) Europe is crumbling under the failure of its socialist governments and is being overrun by muslims, but this is what the EU is really concerned with. Seriously?

M) Is it a requirement to be an absolute moron to hold a governmental position in California? I’m guessing that it is at least a check in the block for major promotions, since the Police Chief in El Lay is dumb enough to say “we should not demonize the Muslim Brotherhood.” We shouldn’t demonize a group that has literally declared war on us and our way of life? We shouldn’t demonize a group that adheres to the Koran’s commands that non-muslims must be converted, enslaved, or put to the sword, and that the whole world must be put under strict Sharia Law? That’s kinda like saying in 1942 that we shouldn’t demonize Hitler and Tojo.

N) Remember how Barack Obama promised that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” if he was able to implement his plans. One of the largest power companies in America announced that they will be forced to shut down six power plants over the next three years because of Obama’s new EPA regulations. Couple that with the way he has caused oil prices to go up and…he has lived up to his promise.

O) Well, the big story in the media has been Weiner-boy, who after his lies and final admission of guilt still will not resign. That is because he is a Democrat. Democrats do not lose their elected jobs over sex scandals. We all know about Bill Clinton’s multiple scandals. There was Gary Studds, who took an underage male page on a foreign trip to have “relations”. Bawney Fwank, another homo from Taxachusetts, ran a gay brothel with his male prostitute boyfriend, and just got a censure. Jim Bates of California just got a Letter of Reproval following his sex scandal. Compare this to Republicans Mark Souder of Indiana, Florida’s Mark Foley, Oregon’s Bob Packwood who acted just like Bill Clinton in the same time period, and just recently Noo Yawk’s Chris Lee who acted very similar to Weiner-boy.

P) The folks Red Nanny P-Lousy wants to put in charge of the Weinergate ethics investigation are some of the same ones in charge of the Maxine Waters ethics investigation and trial. How’s that trial going? It was supposed to get underway last fall, but the Democrats are obstructing it to no end, trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. I don’t think there’s a big enough rug in the world to sweep Weiner under.

Q) In discussing Weiner-boy, MSNBC’s Chris “Tingly Leg” Matthews said that he believes Noo Yawk is culturally superior to the rest of the nation and Christians are culturally “backward”. Once again, liberals show their hatred of morality and support of degenerate behavior.

R) The Obama-Holder Injustice Department has forced the city of Dayton, Ohio, to LOWER its exam requirements for black fire department and police department candidates because so many of them were failing the exam. The racists at DOJ even threatened the city with a lawsuit if they did not comply, saying the city was violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because the test “has a statistically significant disparate impact upon African-American candidates.” (Where does that act mandate giving jobs to people who are too stoooopid to qualify for them?) The Affirmative Action AG’s peeps took these actions despite the 2009 Supreme Court ruling in the New Haven, Connecticut case that said a city could not disregard testing results just because blacks weren’t smart enough to pass the tests. The DOJ senior attorney even went so far as to say that written tests shouldn’t be needed, since firefighters don’t need to know how to read and write. Of course, these black candidates would probably have scored much higher if they had not been products of public schools with union teachers.

S) Her Majesty Queen micHELLe is once again sucking up taxpayer dollars for personal gain. She headed out to Californication on OUR dime to headline four DNC fundraisers, mixing in a small bit of “official First Lady business”. The “official” business included being a guest star on a Disney TV show and hobnobbing with Hollyweird types in a “Joining Forces” event supposedly to support military families. Since she and her husband hate the military even more than the Clintons did, this is quite laughable. If she wants to support military families, she should convince her husband and every other Democrat politician in our nation to resign and get REAL jobs. At one of the fundraisers, which charged $1000 per person for the invited crowd of 500, the First Grifter charged $10,000 per person for photographs with her. Who in their sane mind would pay that much to take a photograph with one of the (inside and outside) ugliest women in America? She told that same crowd, in referring to her husband, “that man doesn’t take a day off!” Uh, micHELLe? Hasn’t he gone golfing for the past 11 straight weekends?

T) Calling the Prophet Algoracle. A British study has determined that electric cars aren’t really green at all. There is no CO2 savings until they are driven 77,400 miles, and this does not even take into account that the electricity used to recharge the vehicles in many areas of the United States would come from coal-fired power plants!

U) We have more news sure to make Algoracle crawl back into his hole…er, one of his energy-inefficient mansions. It looks like our period of heavy sunspot activity, which has caused warmer temperatures, might be dying off into a much less active period. Some scientists are even predicting a second happening of the “Maunder Minimum”, which was a 70-year long period of decreased sunspot activity from 1645-1715. Those years happened to be rather cool on our earth.

V) Meanwhile, the envirowackos at the Interior Department are hell-bent on destroying as many American jobs as they possibly can.

W) The Obama Administration, in concert with the Useless Nations, is attempting to overturn our Constitution. According to the Constitution, any treaty ratified by the Senate becomes Constitutional law. The UN is trying to put forth a “Small Arms Treaty” that would severely restrict private gun ownership in signatory nations. In essense, the 2nd Amendment would be null-and-void. It has the support of almost every single member of the Obama Administration.

X) This article is for those of you who still insist that Islam is a religion of peace, and that only “radical” muslims are in favor of Jihad. In other words, this is for those liberals who have never read the unholy Koran.

Y) Here we go yet again. Another federal judge seems to think that a local school district is Congress, and the act of praying at a graduation ceremony is the same thing as making a law. He was even threatening jail time for students who uphold their schools and town’s traditions. This judge was appointed to the federal bench by a man who lied under oath and couldn’t figure out the meaning of the word “is”, and back in 1978 was named the Outstanding Young Democrat of Bexar County, so we know that he doesn’t understand the actual words of the Constitution, so I’ll print ‘em here for his perusal: “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, NOR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” and “THE POWERS NOT DELEGATED TO THE UNITED STATES BY THE CONSTITUTION, NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES, ARE RESERVED TO THE STATES RESPECTIVELY, OR TO THE PEOPLE.” It is so simple that even a liberal SHOULD be able to understand, even if he is a judge or an Expat. As for the claim by the family and declaration by the judge that a boy would “suffer irreparable harm” if anyone prayed at the ceremony, if THAT causes him such harm, then the real world is obviously too much for him to handle. He needs to go ahead and kill himself now.

Z) In the first GOP debate this week, the question of separation of church and state came up. The best answer came from Tim Pawlenty, although I do believe the author of the linked article had an even better answer at the end of his first paragraph!

AA)Don’t tell me that the Democrats in general and the Obama Administration in particular have been LYING to us! Really? The Freddie and Fannie boondoggle just got worse. While the left is saying that the bailout of Bawney Fwank’s favorite entities will end up costing $130,000,000,000.00+, they must be using the same cooked books that Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, and the rest of the Democrats who made millions running these scams were using to bamboozle Congress for so long. The actual cost is going to be over $317,000,000,000.00. That’s not just a wittle bitty accounting error. That is more lying and fraud from the most transparent administration in history. For the amount of money that the taxpayers have spent on those entities, we could have purchased most of those mortgages outright.

BB) The model for Obamacare, Britain’s National Health Service, is facing a “financial crisis.” Knowing the Brit penchant for understatement, the American term for this would be “financial disaster”, or in Democrat-speak “Republicans wanting you to die sooner.” Costs are going through the roof even as quality of care plummets, since there is no competition and the gummint is picking up the tab. Does this surprise any of y’all? This is what the Democrats want for you!

CC) The past few years have shown an uptick in black-on-non-black violence, much of it coordinated and premeditated. The media is quick to ignore such facts, but if the races were reversed, they’d be all over it like rats on Cheetoes.

DD) A co-worker of mine says that he can understand the activity if the grave being visited was that of the woman’s ex-husband, but otherwise it is just R-A-W-N-G, a bit freaky, and funny.

EE) I knew there was something evil in them when I saw them for the first time, so I refused to ever watch ‘em again. Yes, my friends, the Smurfs are racist, sexist, Nazis.

FF) Those wonderful and tolerant Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet are at it again in Pakistan. Now they are asking the nation’s Supreme Court to ban the Bible from their country. That’s just a step on the road to forcing dhimmitude upon the Christians, or just killing them outright.

GG) The Congressional leadership on both sides of the aisle wants to keep sending copious amounts of aid to Pakistan, in return for what? Nothing! If they can’t make it on their own, they simply need to fail. They are not real allies, and they never will be. Representative West understands this. Foreign aid should only go to those nations that are our friends. The only aid that should go to nations that are other-than-true-friends should be humanitarian aid when disasters strike.

HH) Once more, this time with feeling! There was no such thing as the “Palestinian people” until the days of terrorist leader Yassir Arafat.

II)Obama’s Perfumed Prince, Admiral Mike Mullen, says that the military might start reducing pay and benefits for our military personnel and veterans. How typical of that liberal career bureaucrat and suck-up. Instead of screwing over the people who have honorably served our nation, how about taking pay and benefits away from people who don’t want to work? End all welfare, public housing, food stamps, and such to all who are not physically and/or mentally disabled to the point that they cannot work! Do they really want to piss off the veterans of our nation?

JJ) Admiral James Winnefeld has been nominated to the post of Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is not a household name, but is described as “Mullen’s guy”, meaning he is from the Admiral Mullen school of thought. That means he is a political operator, a "Perfumed Prince", not a warfighter or a true leader. That’s probably why Obama nominated him.

KK) Folks, I really can’t make this stuff up. Line-reader Sigourney Weaver says that Glo-Bull Warming is sexist and one of the solutions is to “empower women.” See what happens when you let a ditz speak off-script? And to think that the libs believe Sarah Palin to be stooopid….

LL) Now THIS is what I call customer loyalty.

MM) The Crawfish gives a salute and a traditional Navy “Well Done!” to Army Staff Sergeant Eddie Peoples. Remember, folks, when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

NN) The Crawfish also gives a final salute to Purple Heart awardee, and veteran of Operation Shingle, James Arness. The brother of actor Peter Graves, Arness spent twenty years portraying US Marshall Matt Dillon on the show “Gunsmoke”. He passed away last week at age 88. Thank you for your service to your nation and for entertaining us for all those years.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Thanking Obama for killing Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger. It's the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.” Quote courtesy of Gray Ghost

The Constitution of the United States


  1. As to N), the UN gun ban treaty.

    I've written this several times, mainly at Gunny's blog.

    Such a treaty can't be used to subvert the Second Amendment. Here's the deal.

    Though, per the Constitution, treaties do become basic law, they can't be used to actually amend the Constitution; that can only be done as described in the Constitution itself. Since the Second Amendment is, by definition, part of the Constitution, it would take precedence over any treaty. The Constitution is, as it states within its text, "the Supreme Law of the land".

    Second, in order for the US to enter into any treaty, that treaty has to be ratified by 2/3 of the Senate. That means 67 Senators. Do you think there's any chance at all that 67 Senators are ever going to ratify such a treaty?

    I don't. Not a snowball's chance.

    This whole "UN Gun Ban Treaty" nonsense is just a bunch of hysteria the NRA trots out with regularity in order to drum up membership.

    It's complete nonsense.

  2. That should have been W), not N).

    My bad.

  3. Craw,

    Personally, I LOVE watching the EU crumble. Seeing the competition fall is awesome and we should not lift a finger to help. In fact, we shuold be ramping up our economy in order to further crush them! The Brits are the only friends we have there.

    Good wrap up as usual.

  4. Brian,
    as to W) Article VI, clause 2 states that all treaties made shall be the law of the land, and when you have two laws in equal standing, doesn't the newest one usually take precedence?

    Of course, you are correct in that there is no way for them to get 67 Senators to back that crap.

  5. Gunny,
    hopefully a bunch of nations, such as India, that have recently said NO to the F-35 but are still considering the Typhoon have seen that story. I'd love to be getting a paycheck at the expense of Eurotrash.

  6. No, Craw.

    First of all, "law of the land" is NOT the same thing as "Supreme Law of the land", which is how the Constitution describes itself. All that means is that such a treaty shall be a federal law applicable at the state and national level.

    But federal laws don't supersede the Constitution; they must conform to it. If they conflict, the Constitution takes precedence.

    Secondly, as a point of law, if a newer law conflicts with an older law, the older law actually takes precedence UNLESS the newer law specifically states that it supersedes, amends or repeals the older law.

  7. That, btw, is yet another of the constitutional failings of Obamacare, IMO.

    One of the provisions of Obamacare is that future sessions of Congress can't change, repeal, or amend it without a 2/3 vote to do so.

    But Congress has no power whatsoever to limit the constitutional powers of future sessions of Congress in such a way. There's nothing in the Constitution that grants them the authority to impose such a super-majority requirement on sessions that haven't even yet been elected, let alone seated. No can do.

  8. Brian, it DOES state that treaties made become the supreme law of the land.
    "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

  9. That clause in Obamacare is clearly unConstitutional. It is just another reason for SCOTUS to nuke it.

  10. Craw, you're right. I'd misremembered the wording of that clause.

    Which then takes us right back to what we discussed about precedence. The Second Amendment precedes any such treaty, and is thereby unaffected by it.

    Further, it would conflict with Article V -- the amendment process -- which would also take precedence and prevail.

    Any treaty -- any at all, on any subject -- would first have to conform to the pre-existing strictures of the Constitution. Otherwise it's simply invalid.

    For example, can you imagine our country entering into a treaty with, say, Saudi Arabia that would make it illegal to criticize Islam?

    Well, this is the same kind of thing. You can no more proscribe free speech that way than you can gun rights.

  11. I am extremely sad that the "Liberty Belle" crashed and burned. You are correct Crawfish, she was one of our true national treasures. And unlike the "Memphis Belle" (that I have seen many times in Memphis), the "Liberty Belle" could actually fly. I would gladly trade the every Democrap in the US Congress for the "Liberty Belle" not to have crashed. Until you have listened to the engines of a B-17, a B-25, a P-51, and a P-40 and actually watched them take-off and fly, your understanding of the history of WW2 is lacking.

    Concerning the koran and Pakistan trying to make Bibles illegal in their country, I hope 2012 elects some people to the US Congress who can play turn-abouts-fair-play with Pakistan and the Saudi's.

  12. Good God,what a steaming mountain. Ascent underway.........................
    A)Congrats to the Mavericks,even though,according to #1 son-in-law,I'm too short and white to understand basketball.
    B)Sad indeed.Damn near broke out in tears when I saw that. I have a picture here of me sitting in the pilot's seat of this beautiful aircraft,taken at an airshow 8 years ago.
    C)Sounds like those pilots need to go to Top Gun.
    D)As if the dipshit would do otherwise??
    E) When WILL these dickheads learn? GET IT RIGHT. You know DAMN well the liberals will do ANYTHING to help these cretins out.DO NOT make their job EASY for them.
    F)This nation is doomed unless and until this abject stupidity is eradicated once and for all.
    G)Damn. Where is that meteorite when you REALLY need it?
    H)Maybe the Houston PD should just declare war on ALL Hispanic gangs. Mow'em down like the locoweeds they are.
    I)My thoughts exactly. Saved the taxpayers a shitboat full of money as well.Best part is,he will not be able to try again.
    J)Well,shitbirds ofd a feather,you know.
    K)Hells Bells,I didn't know pandering season was open already. HJC,just when you think this bunch can't be any sicker.
    L)Do you suppose they'd feel the same way about the gerbils the homos use for their sick shit?
    M)Simple answer to your question;YES.
    N)The bastard has lived up to all the promises he made. Well,at least those that screw up the economy,the nation,the military,you get my drift.
    O)All I have to say about Weiner is..ROAST HIM.
    P)Them too. See O)
    Q)Him too. Is the main requirement to be a host on PMSNBC is to be a drooling,slavish whore for this administration?
    R)AHHHHH....The smell of racism from the DOJ.Anyone over there have the LEAST bit of competence?
    S)She's right. He hasn't taken a day off from screwing the pooch since day one.
    To be continued..........

  13. OK,we're back after a brief,but important,time out................................
    T)A "GEE,NO SHIT" moment.
    U)You mean to tell me the goddamn SUN is responsible for all this??? WTF??? Say it isn't so!! And,BTW,piss on the Fraudacle.
    V)Salazar. As inept as they come.
    W)Profanity may be following. I have to agree with Brian on this one. Oh,BTW,FUCK the goddamned shiteating U-frigging-N. Useless sonsabitches anyway.
    X)Never has been,never will be. For as long as there is ONE infidel left......
    Y)Here is another prerequisite for being a damned democrat. Not reading,nor understanding what the Constitution actually says,nor giving a dead rat's ass about it.
    Z)King has GOT to be one of the worst moderators. Damn near as bad as Gwen Awful from PBS/Obama.
    AA)Typical shit when government sticks it's lunchhooks in where they DO NOT belong.
    BB) Or,in Clydespeak,"NO SHIT SHERLOCK".
    CC)Yep. No question.
    DD)Moral of this story. No frigging in the graveyard rigging. If the spooks can't get it on,neither are YOU.
    EE)Good grief. Commies everywhere.
    FF)No doubt about that. Control or kill.
    GG)Can't argue with him on that.
    HH)Your statement is true. And,typically,the damn TH link didn't work.
    II)It figures. Why is the term FRAGGED coming to mind?
    JJ)No doubt. Another shitheaded toady who does not get it.
    KK)Too bad the damned aliens didn't eat her stupid ass. HJC. Whatta maroon.
    LL)Only for the next 100 days? The cheap bastards. Next thing you know,they'll cancel her account.
    MM) Agreed. And to think there are those in the Pentagon who want to hose a man like this one.
    NN)RIP,Marshall Dillon. Say hi to Festus,and Miss Kitty.
    OK,down off the mountain. C ya.

  14. Brian,
    with that clause, I don't think it would have to go through the amendment process, just be ratified by the Senate. I imagine the turds at the Useless Nations have language in there stating that this treaty would overrule any nation's firearms laws that conflict with it. That's just how they'd operate...and Hitlery! has probably made sure of it.

  15. As a native Clevelander I say --HEY!!! GO MAVS!! I relished the victory after turncoat james did! As far as the Underminingourfreedoms Nations is conserned the US Constitution rules here! come on by the POUND C-fish new post up!

  16. Craw,

    You're probably right in that that's probably their thinking, but it's black-letter law that an existing law takes precedence unless the new law specifically states which and how the existing law is being changed. You can't use some blanket phrase like "all gun laws will reflect blah blah blah".

    Further, Article V is very specific on the amendment process, and it doesn't allow amendment by treaty, so that simply won't work for them as a matter of law. Regardless of ANY treaty, the Second Amendment stays in force unless changed through the specified amendment process.

    Of course, as interesting as this discussion is as a matter of theory, the plain and simple political reality of the matter is that there's just no way in hell anyone gets 67 Senators to vote to ratify such a thing.

  17. Y'know, I was just thinking about what would happen if that thing did show up in the Senate for ratification.

    That thing would be toxic.

    Maaaan..... I can just see it now. Senators throwing s-fits, and running away from it like it was an ebola virus! And I'm talking about the Democrats! I had a good chuckle.

    Never forget: they ALL claim to "support" the Second Amendment.


  18. Geez, so much crap happening now it's hard to comment on any of them, but one that sticks out to me is the Pakistani Muslim leaders who would want to ban the bible. I'm surprised they didn't call the ACLU for help! It's really difficult to be a Christian in the middle east and not be the target of persecution, terrorism, jailed, or even in some cases, the are taken, tortured, and murdered because of our "infidel" status. When I talk to a leftist who proclaims the "religion of peace" I cite examples of the violence to Christians and Jews and ask them why don't we hear an outcry from these "moderate Muslims." We could stop much violence in the middle east, much of it caused by those who serve under the religion of peace...

    By the way, went to the the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg TX, a few days ago. I've always been delving into history books of the war and was always fascinated by museums, and this one was stocked full of information, so much that we had to move through faster than we wanted to. A great place to visit.


  19. Ghost,
    I saw Liberty Belle fly a couple of times, and have crawled around in one of the still-flying E model B-17s. They are truly treasures. At the recent NAS Fort Worth air show, they had (on display and flying) the only flyable SB2C Helldiver left. Almost pee'd myself when I saw it.

  20. Clyde's mountain journey......
    A) It was all-the-sweeter that they beat LeBron "King" James and the Heat after all they hype of last summer and his prediction of winning 8 or 9 championships with that team.
    B) Lucky dog!
    C) The RAF seems to have been slackin' in the training!
    D) Just another reason to get him out of office, through the ballot box or impeachment.
    E) Give the Miranda in English, and if he doesn't understand...too damned bad.
    F) Liberals putting up roadblocks all over the place to undermine national security. F'in' traitors.
    G) Would have been a nice place for AQ's first WMD attack. It will happen eventually.
    H) Declare them to all be unlawful enemy combatants. Those that ARE citizens get charged with sedition and shot. Those who are not citizens get interrogated, then shot. All good according to Geneva.
    I) Too bad she had to suffer through it.
    J) The Obama family was probably asking for tips on how to do it as well as his family.
    K) I don't call it "pandering". They are doing their best to destroy all morality in our culture and make these amoral CHOICES seem to be good, healthy, normal, and celebrated.
    L) Those aren't native to Europe and still living in the wild. They are raised as an entertainment crop.
    M) Okay...jes makin' sher!
    N) All the ones he INTENDED to keep.
    O) Done
    P) Will happen in February of 2013.
    Q) I've got his dumb-bass nailed again in the 6-22 Claw.
    R) Racism and a total disregard for what the SCOTUS has already ordered. King Barack's people are above any court.
    S) ..and the nation....

  21. Clyde, Part Deux,
    T) They have never noticed the wastelands that surround all car battery plants.
    U) Those morons never have answered why the polar ice caps on MARS shrink when OUR temps are up. Duh!
    V) Not inept. He's carrying out the plan of the leftists.
    W) Treaties don't need to go through the amendment process to take precedence. When signed, they are the new law of the land. President Crawfish would immediately remove the US from the UN.
    X) Yup.
    Y) Especially if you are a Democrat lawyer or judge.
    Z) Whaddya expect from Clinton News Network?
    AA) Liberal slush fund....
    BB) Yup.
    CC) They don't even hide their racism...and by "they" I mean both the media and the leaders of Black America.
    DD) Sick pups....
    EE) Especially in anything related to forming the values of our kids.
    FF) Conversion, dhimmitude, or death to all non-muslims. So it has been commanded by the Pedophilic False Prophet.
    GG) I haven't found anything about him that I don't like.
    HH) Why do I bother with anything from Townhall?
    II) He's the kind of officer that would have gotten fragged in Vietnam. Friggin' REMF!
    JJ) President Crawfish would "unemploy" a ton of flag officers. There's no need for that many of 'em, and too many are REMFs, not true leaders.
    KK) If she wanted to empower women, she'd support Palin and Bachman. You see that happening?
    LL) She just got them free publicity, and that's all they can do?
    MM) Because he is a true American.
    NN) Another good'un gone.

  22. Dawg,
    is there any white person, not including people associated with or fans of the Heat, who doesn't detest that idiot?

  23. Brian,
    the GOP Senators would have a field day. Can you imagine them getting THAT opportunity to point out the Democrats' voting records regarding guns and their love of the UN? They could also point out how the 4 libtards on SCOTUS would support the UN's position, and who voted in favor of Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg???????

  24. Eric,
    I've passed by that museum on the way to my father-in-law's place in Kerrville. I need to make that museum a family weekend outing. My youngest would LOVE it.

  25. The Holder corruption on the gun deal for the cartels bit, is just another of his inept collusion with thugs to do what? Sort of like much of this Bama regime. Who is the enemy? It seems free enterprise is. It seems businesses who want a profit are. It seems anyone wanting less regs, taxes, spending are. So Craw and other conserv buddies we need to unify all the anti-Bamaites in all Congressional races as well as the Presidential race and oh yes, even state legislative races . Unify the Indies, Reagan Dems, Libertarians, TEAS, and the GOP to stop this 'alien to our values, history and heritage,the modern Dem Party.' See my blog Chris at Http://

  26. Glenn,
    If it stands for American Values, the Democrats are against it.

  27. I openly challange those who think that Islam is a "religion of peace" to waltz down any street in Saudi Arabia with a Bible under their arm---see how far you get!! Have you knoticed Crawfish that all these nations ganging up on Israel have little or nothing to say about Syras crackdown? Go Figure. I have a post up on William and Kate also I am on wordpress: post --It's ON

  28. TRAGIC!!about the "Liberty Belle" what is much worse is the failing schools to teach history---how (in COLLEGE)even know about the Mayflower compact??I do believe Prayer was an Important part of that!!!BTW I have renamed my TH Blog--it is now Crossbow's Candle--we need as much light shining as possible. (also the Hell-diver was the original airplane in my squadron--VA-65)!!!

  29. Buck's Book Vol 1June 18, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    (A) Sorry. I just don't get off watching a bunch of millionaires play a game I used to play. For nothing. And 30-40 years younger I'd be on a court or a sandlot this afternoon.

    (B) Liberty Belle was homeported in Tulsa. I saw it once but had talked to the folks about it coming to HBT for our Memorial Day celebration. Truly a sad, unfortunate incident.

    (C) The good story was another article in the Register about China's "stealth" fighter...

    (D) Zero needs to butt out of Britain's business. The Falkland issue was settled back in the '80's. The Falkland Islanders don't want Argentina, the Brits aren't going to give up their territory. It's going to take a long time and lots of patience and understanding on both sides of the Atlantic to patch up the damage this TOTAL asshole has done to our best ally. While on the subject, it seems Zero has jumped in bed with every Marxist and every muslim ruler in the world at the same time he is dissing all our allies.

    (E) I believe Texas has an enhancement law i.e. if you are breaking the law and someone dies your crime is enhanced up to the next highest felony. So the illegal alien wasn't given proper miranda rights but he was here ILLEGALLY which means he was already breaking a law when he popped a cap on someone.

    (F) Rep. Bishop's bill sounds like the ont to take to the mat with. The "desert pupfish'? Never heard of it. Where were these enviro wackos when the United Fruit Company was importing fireants into Florida and Texas ports? Remember the little horntoad? Yeah, the one TCU mascots. When I was a little tad they were all over Fort Worth. They ate red ants as their main course meal. The fireants moved in and killed off all the red ants and ..Crawfish, when was the last time you saw a Hornytoad in the DFW area???

    (G) Face it. May Day is of itself an anti-American day of celebration because of the Marxist influence. It is another day of celebration that has been kidnapped.

    (H) Seems to me the Americans of Mexican descent would be as anti-illegal as the rest of us. After all, illegals steal their jobs, too. Maybe the majority of them are silent. It seems the only vocal I see is from the radical hispanic organizations.

    (J) Ever hear, "Birds of a feather flock together."?

  30. Buck's Book Vol 2June 18, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    (K) The pendelum is slowing. The more so the more the lunitic fringe tries to force their morals on the common folk. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The pendelum is slowing. It may not swing back in my lifetime. Or maybe not yours. But when it does, every outrage these jerks have perpetrated on the moral folks is going to be repaid. In spades.

    (L) Well, France wanted a European Union. Now they got it. Someone in a "court" in another country telling them how to manage their effing RAT population. That's all it is.

    (M) Actually there were folks that said we shouldn't demonize Hitler and Tojo. Before 12/7.41, that is. The most notable was our Ambassador to the Court of St James, Ambassador Joe Kennedy. Yeah. Of bootleg fame.

    (N) People STILL fail to take a tyrant's word at full value. When muslims say they are going to convert you or kill you or die trying, you'd better believe it. When a Marxist says his country will bury you, he will try his damdest. When Zero said energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" where the hell was everybody's brain????

    (O) This is Saturday and Weiner is gone. But I'll be willing to bet he lands on his feet with a plush job in the Democrat party or in some bureaucracy. After all, he is one of them.

    (Q) Chris Matthews. No other reason needed for PMSNBC being in the tank.

    (R) Despite the 2009 ruling... Kinda like the 5th Circuit ruling lifting the drilling ban in the Gulf? Or kinda like enforcing only laws they like???

    (S) "..official First Lady business."... What is that? When did we elect a First Lady to do ANYTHING but hang on the POTUS's arm at official functions??
    Ten G's for a picture? Truly, thou shittest I...

    (T) Everything is a trade-off. Seems the greenies can't grasp that. An electric car is just as polluting as a gasoline powered. Emissions from one come out a tailpipe when running. The emissions from the other come out of a smoke stack when charging.

    (V) The EPA must (MUST) be shut down. Or at the outside turned over to the separate states so they can determine what is priority and what is not...

  31. Buck's Book Vol 3June 18, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    Kinda forgot where I left off...
    (S) "..official First Lady business."... What is that? When did we elect a First Lady to do ANYTHING but hang on the POTUS's arm at official functions??
    Ten G's for a picture? Truly, thou shittest I...

    (T) Everything is a trade-off. Seems the greenies can't grasp that. An electric car is just as polluting as a gasoline powered. Emissions from one come out a tailpipe when running. The emissions from the other come out of a smoke stack when charging.

    (V) The EPA must (MUST) be shut down. Or at the outside turned over to the separate states so they can determine what is priority and what is not...

    (W) Yes, a "Small Arms Treaty" or any other treaty, act or law abridging the Second Amendment would be supported by every Democrat. Democrats are crypto tyrants. Tyrants hate an armed populace. Democrats will be fighting Americans' gun rights until the day they are relegated to a paragraph in a history book right next to the Whigs.

    (X) Useless entry. Folks who know the true intent of islam need not read it. Folks who are STILL ignorant of the facts will not read it or if they do read it will say everything has been ...taken out of context. Bank on it.

    (Y) "..Nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.." What part of that does the judge not understand. Seems to me even the dumbest lawyer would understand praying at a graduation ceremony is THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF..

    (CC) ".. They have been coddled and socialized by the welfare state and public education system. With an aggressive sense of entitlement, and no regard for others, they will predictably become more violent." Your honor, the defense rests....

    (JJ) I'm beginning to wonder if my Navy still has any Halseys or Nimitzes around any more.

  32. Chariot,
    How can they be a religion of peace when their supposedly-holy book is a manual for world conquest and intolerance?

  33. C-Bow,
    the Mayflower Compact was also based on socialism, and failed within a year.

  34. Buck,
    A) 95% of pro sports "athletes" are overpaid whiners or hoodlums.
    B) Truly a treasure lost.
    C) Supposedly the prototype is up and flying, but how stealthy it is and what the performance envelope is are questionable.
    D) The next POTUS needs to go to London and Jerusalem within the first month of his/her Presidency to patch up the holes this jerk has blown.
    E) If he's an illegal, he should have "resisted arrest".
    F) I can't recall seein' one in a looooong time.
    G) Well, it came from the folks who brought you "Workers of the world unite!"
    H) For them, it is ethnicity above country, just like the blacks who give Democrats 95% of their vote every time even though the Dems are the reason for the destruction of the black family unit and permanent poverty.
    J) Point in fact.
    K) Will we ever again be a nation that stands for morality and honor?
    L) Liberal is as liberal does...
    M) Well, we KNOW the Kennedy Klan has always been anti-American.
    N) We tried to warn 'em, but they believed what the mainstream media preached.
    O) or will he take that job Larry Flynt offered?
    Q) MSNBC and their 1200 viewers.

  35. Buck II,
    R) Who needs laws when we have Barack?
    S) The First Lady has NO OFFICIAL JOB, and as such should have exactly ZERO budgeted for her staff and activities. If she wants to do something, she can pay for it herself.
    T) But Algore told me.......
    V) When I see that they have a Constitutional mandate...
    W) Not EVERY Dim, but the majority of 'em. The others know that it would end their political careers, and that's what they live for!
    X) None so blind as those who refuse to see.
    Y) Liberals are dumber than that!
    CC) BINGO!!!
    JJ) Not many. The Army drummed one out, and he's now a Representative from Florida!


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