Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6-22-2011 The Weekly Claw

Military folks know how often personnel in their first few months of service are wont to scream “my recruiter lied to me!” That’s how lost of Democrats feel about Obama these days. Like any good Division Commander (or Drill Instructor), all us conservatives can do is look at them, laugh, and welcome them to reality.

A)The acolytes of the Prophet Algoracle have been caught yet again doctoring the scientific data in order to further their agenda of Human Origin Global Warming And Similar Horrors (HOGWASH). Since the sea levels have not been rising fast enough, according to actual data, the University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group has decided to add 0.3 millimeters to the sea level every year on top of whatever readings they actually get, and this amount is cumulative. If you have to falsify your data in order to have the results go in the direction you want them to go in, then your theories are, by definition, FALSE! This is not the only area in which the “warmers” are feeding the world a bunch of bravo sierra, and it appears that only the blogging community is pointing out where the stench is originating.

B) Last week, we brought y’all the story of how Hillary! has a staffer whose who family is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Since Hillary! detests Israel, we’re pretty sure who did THAT hiring. On the other hand, it does appear that Bill is still in charge of the interns. The appropriate quote at this point is from the song “Circumstances” by Rush: “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more the things CHANGE, the more they stay the same.”

C) Neal Boortz got called out by the same MSNBC show host who recently called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” Neal was making comments about Atlanta, and the need for good people to arm themselves in self-defense against the violent thugs that are ruining the city. On Monday, Neal went off in his Nealz Nuze on Ed Shultz, on Edward DuBose (the head of the Jaw-ja NAACP), and the others out there who scream “racism” every time it is pointed out that the urban black culture is completely self-destructive and violent. It is a column well worth reading.

D) Here we go with yet another story of taxpayer dollars being spent extremely unwisely. In one Pasadena, CA, neighborhood, the state bought most of the houses through eminent domain proceedings decades ago. This was done to facilitate the building of a new highway that has yet to be built. In the meantime, the state leases the houses out, and has to pay for all repairs since it is the landlord. Over 30 homes in this neighborhood have recently had their roofs replaced, at an average cost of over $71,000.00 per roof. To make matters even more comical, many of these houses are listed as historic landmarks, so studies have to be done to make sure that any repairs meet the historical qualifications, despite the fact that said houses will be bulldozed if the highway project ever happens. Folks, I cannot make up this lunacy.

E) Tavis Smiley of PBS is seen here interviewing RFK Jr. First of all, Smiley puts forth the premise that it is impossible to get factual news these days, presumably because of the eeevilll right wingers and Fox News. RFK Jr. replied that the only way for any news outlet to survive is to get corporate sponsorship, and that money goes only to the right wing media. He obviously has never heard of General Electric and their ownership of NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. He continues by saying that lack of corporate sponsorship is the reason Air America failed. Air America, according to the Kennedy Alternate Universe, had much more listenership than right wing talk radio in every single market in the nation. This is just another example of a basic truism in America: If a Kennedy said it, it is probably a lie.

F) Speaking of lies, let’s take another look at the Obamacare bill. It just got more expensive, as someone noticed how middle-class retirees will qualify for free (actually paid for by our great-great grandchildren) health insurance and possibly even Medicaid. There go the Democrats again…buying votes with YOUR money.

G) I know this one won’t shock any of you. Tax Cheat Timmy says that it would be “irresponsible” for Congress to reduce the deficit through spending cuts alone. There must be a “balanced framework” that includes “revenue increases through tax reform.” In other words, the Administration is officially in favor of tax increases.

H) The Sierra Club is, for once, on the right side of an argument. They say that the municipalities in Los Angeles County are overcharging for both commercial and residential solar panel permits. The Crawfish asks: why does anybody need to pay a government entity in order to be allowed to install solar panels?

I)Thanks goes to my co-worker Cecil for sending this link to a 79 second video that most of you will enjoy. That man could sure deliver a good joke!

K) Is a blow-up doll considered to be more deadly serious than a gun? It is if you are a high school student in Indiana. A senior brought a blow-up doll to school and put it in the ladies’ locker room as a prank. He now faces up to 8 years in prison on terrorism charges. If he had brought a real weapon to school, the maximum penalty would have been THREE years. Go figger.

L) Are you ready for more intrusive government? King County, WA, is home to one of the most liberal cities in the nation, Seattle, so it figures that this kind of junk would occur there. Take a look at the nanny-state County Ordinance that was just passed by the County Council. Yes, the local and county cops really need to be out ticketing swimmers and tubers instead of preventing actual crimes.

M) Noo Yawk atheists are once again proving their ignorance. They are objecting to a new street name near a firehouse that lost seven firefighters on 9/11, “Seven In Heaven Way”. The atheists are saying that this is a violation of the Constitutional separation of church and state. Really? Did Congress pass a law establishing a religion? Nope. A city renamed a street. If you are going to complain like that, know what the Constitution actually says, dumb-basses.

N) Looks like there’s some dissention in the ranks of the Obama Administration. His nominee to the position of Commerce Secretary opposes the NLRB actions against Boeing. You see, John Bryson happens to be on the Board of Directors at Boeing. Wait a sec…I didn’t think Barack Obama approved of having people with private sector experience in his Administration.

O) I just wish that I had thought of this idea first. Somebody’s gonna make a mint as long as Obama is in office.

P) As His Majesty continues to tell Congress that the War Powers Resolution does not apply to him, we have to take notice of how liberals change the meaning of words in order to make their actions seem innocent. Once upon a time, GAY meant “happy”. Someone who was a “centrist” supported the Constitution. "Kinetic" meant of or pertaining to movement. I still don’t know how they changed that definition to mean “war”.

Q) Schadenfreude strikes again for the union morons who blindly supported Barack Obama as their savior. Tens of thousands of union electrical workers and tens of thousands of union miners face the destruction of their jobs at the hands of the Obama Administration’s war against America. That’s what you get for putting your faith in a union and believing what the union bosses, who get all of their wealth by taking money out of the workers’ paychecks, tell you to believe.

R) The General Electric Barack Obama Network, formerly known as NBC, spit in the face of all Americans of faith at the beginning of their Sunday coverage of the US Open Golf Championship. Their opening twice had school kids reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Both times, NBC cut out “One Nation, under God, indivisible”. We can’t go offending the muslims and atheists, can we? Of course not, since they are almost all Democrat voters. But they will gladly piss on the vast majority that believes in God. The People noticed, and with video clips going viral and Twitter burning up the broadband, NBC was forced to make an on air apology while the final round was still underway.

S) Here’s a story about a Royal Marine who was killed in Afghanistan, and what he wanted some of his insurance money to pay for. To Royal Marine David Hart…Hand salute…Ready…to! Carry on.

T) “Federalism secures the freedom of the individual. It allows States to respond, through the enactment of positive law, to the initiative of those who seek a voice in shaping the destiny of their own times without having to rely solely upon the political processes that control a remote central power.” That is a passage from a ruling by the Supreme Court this past week that said individuals have standing before federal courts when challenging a federal statute on grounds that it exceeds the federal government’s Constitutional authority, especially regarding the 9th and 10th Amendments. In what must come as a shock to liberals everywhere, the decision was unanimous, with Kennedy delivering the majority opinion and Ginsburg writing a concurring opinion. Now maybe we can get the ball rolling on overturning about half of the federal laws, programs, departments, and regulations on the books. Okay, lots more than half, but half would be a good start!

U) Regular Claw reader Gray Ghost sent in this article about a female scientist in Russia and her bizarre experiments with beluga whales…in water below 32 degrees. This chick is NUTS!

V) micHELLe is off on another taxpayer-funded vacation, and she’s taking her junior grifters along with. This time she is going to Afreaka on “official First Lady business”, which is how they justify getting the government to pay for it. Too bad that the First Lady has no “official business” according to the Constitution. It’s good to be the Queen.

W) Why in the world does anybody believe what Barack Obama says on the campaign trail? He actually told the folks at a fundraiser, hosted by Americans in Support of a Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship that his Administration has done more for Israel’s security than any in the past 25 years. Now he IS really telling the truth, but you just have to be careful about how you read those words. He didn’t say that he has done POSITIVE things for Israel’s security. He has done more to UNDERMINE Israel’s security than any other President since Israel’s birth.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Do not ever let anyone claim to be a true American patriot, if they ever attempt to separate religion from politics.”-George Washington

The Constitution of the United States


  1. The only thing rising in the "climate cult" is the kool-aid levels. I rolled over when I read Obummers statement about Israel--WHO does HE think he is KIDDING??Thank God for bloggers that step up! (come on by--newpost up)Things are gonna get VERY interesting between NOW and 2012.

  2. Did you hear recently that Al Goreacle has jumped on the population control band wagon and has recently told women to have fewer children to stop pollution? I wonder if he said that while picking a woman in the audience out... since Al Gore is exempt from anything he says and it would be alright for a woman he's with to have as many children as he wants.


  3. You know, it's really interesting to me that Bat Ears thinks he can just get away with any lie he feels like telling; as if no one is going to challenge him.

    You mention the Israeli thing. Last week, it was jobs creation. The week before that, shovel-ready projects.

    But now he's being challenged even by the MSM, the very guys who support him. AP's "fact check" has blown him out of the water regularly lately. Even the NY Slimes called him out on his "fabrications".

    It's becoming incerasingly difficult even for his minions to keep trying to support the idea that the Emperor isn't nekkid.

  4. Blackwater,
    he is a serial liar and egomaniac. He truly believes that people will not doubt him.

  5. Eric,
    We really need MORE Christian babies. The mooks are breeding us out of many countries in Europe now.

  6. Brian,

  7. Damn, dude!

    I stand corrected.

  8. Yep. Just sent you an Email about remembering the active duty days.

    (A) I'm wondering just when the Democrat enviornazis are going to realize Gore is a very definite liability to their cause and throw him under the bus

    (B) Geez, how can she be a porn star when she's almost as hideous loking as Hillary??

    (C) Seems any time you mention the race of a car jacker, robber or murderer and that race is Negro then you are a Raaacisst... But then I lived in Poly so I get a pass.

    (E) First off it is PBS. Second, they were interviewing RFK Jr. And yyou're surprised at the interview content????

    (H) As long as the people don't keep government in check they will keep increasing their control over you. Much like an undisciplined child will keep pushing his behavior. Why do you have to have a government permit for anything on your property? Oh, yeah, that's right. You don't really OWN your property, you just rent it. And the local government is your landlord.

    (K) Really. Isn't it time to expel the government from our schools and reinstall corporal punishment as meted out by the coach, shop teacher, vice principal and principal????

    (L) Makes sense. If the waters are dangerous the really smart person (a) wouldn't be in the watersin the first place; or (b) would have on a Mae West of their own volition. But since we all know the left is intent on dumbing down the country, every idiot they save adds to the dumb pool breeding group...

    (M) And lots of lawyers, some on the highest court bench, need to know what theh Constitution actually says.

    (P) Let's see... War Powers Resolution... wasn't that passed specifically to stop a sitting president from conducting a war without congressional consent? Oh, yeah, ..Some pigs are more equal than other pigs...

    (Q) Too bad they didn't study a bit of history. Had they done so they would have realized that their favorite heros (ala Lenin, Castro, etc) have always been allies of the working man. Have always championed their cause(s). Right up until the heros gained power. Then they turned on them like a rabid dog.

    (R) I thought the apology was pretty lame as they deleted "One Nation, under God, indivisible" not once but twice. By the way. That is THE Pledge of Allegiance. If it offends folks, well then those folks should take the hint and look elsewhere for a place to live.

    (V) "official First Lady business.."?????? Is this more Newspeak? OFFICIAL business?? Bravo Sierra, sir.

    (W) "To catch the rabbit, one must run long and fast." Now would that mean one person must run only? Does it mean you must run a long time or a long way? And does it mean you must run swiftly or run and not eat?? You see, the politicians can say one thing that grabs your attention but mean something else.

  9. Brian,
    you just need to stay in your place and eat that turd burger he's sending you from Japan.

  10. Buck,
    A) This one isn't directly from Gore, but I don't think they'll dump him anytime soon.
    B) I think she looks perpetually stoned...and she doesn't have Hillary!'s thunderthighs.
    C) Facts are always racist when discussing crime in America's cities.
    E) Not surprised at all. Just amused by the idiocy.
    H) Damned control freaks always looking to take money from working Americans.
    K) Yup.
    L) Darwin was right.
    M) They don't care what it says. It is living and breathing and evolving to whatever they WANT it to say.
    P) That pig wasn't "Snowball"
    Q) We tried to warn them, but they refused to listen to the words he was saying.
    R) If OUR Pledge and OUR language don't suit you, get the (*@#$^ out and don't let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha.
    V) The only "official" job for the First Lady is to be her husband's "stress reliever"
    W) If you can confuse the voters, they will stick with whatever message you leave at the end of the speech.

  11. Hahahahahaha!

    Is that the s**t sandwich they keep trying to pass off as pate?

  12. A real fine heap. Can't comment on everything,but the OLDM are STILL going to support this fraudulent prick no matter what they may say,or write about the asshole. What,they are going to suddenly support(gasp) a conservative? We won't live long enough to see THAT day. As to Gore,is there such a thing as a retro-active abortion? Here is another fraud who OUGHT to be treated like the fucking idiot he truly is.

  13. Brian,
    look in the Saturday Claw for weird crap the Japanese are eating...THAT is what he's serving us.

  14. Clyde,
    Gore is what happens when an abortion goes wrong.

  15. Craw,

    As you know, I revel in a hefty dose of schadenfreude and seeing union goons getting hammered made my day! Great wrap-up as usual.

    The more people read about Moochelle and her Marie Antionette actions, the more they get sick of the twin asshats.

  16. BTW,I like your new background. Pretty cool,that.

  17. Yeah, I think I saw the same article.


  18. Gunny,
    the media keeps portraying the First Grifter and her junior leeches as spreading America's grace and benevolence around the world, when they are really just living the high life on OUR dime. I hope the people are noticing.

  19. Clyde,
    that's on the deck of the USS Dwight D Eisenhower. I'm not sure if the LSE in front of the bird is me or AM3 Davis. The float coat is definitely mine, but I don't remember if I had any non-cammie pants on that det. Davis always wore non-cammie pants. I believe the chock and chain crew is ATAN Allen in the lead and AMAN Bonertz "Bone" behind him.

  20. GREAT new blog template! and great stuff to digest. The kool[aid is not only flowing from AL-Goricle it is frozen. Now Timmy is saying that realeasing the oil from the resurve was not a political move--YEAH RIGHT!

  21. 8th,
    Believe it or not, but I enjoyed working on the flight deck!

  22. The ANTI LIBERAL ZONE is back in business and a SCORCHER is up for y'alls perusal.


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