Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-11-2011 The Weekly Claw

Wow, what a week we’ve had. I ended up throwing out over 20 stories that I had lined up for this column. Once we get into June, and I have some more time, I’ll consider starting my weekend columns up again.

A) Despite the SCOTUS “Citizens United” case, the Constitution, and the actions of Congress, Barack Obama is set to force business executives to disclose their campaign contributions and such, so that he can guide all federal contracts away from those who support the GOP. These rules specifically do not include unions and other leftist groups. He knows that even if he ends up losing in court, it will take a few election cycles for that ruling to be finalized.

B) Many of you have heard Glenn Beck go off on how everything the Administration and the Democratic Party does is part of the Cloward-Piven strategy, but you don’t really understand what that strategy is. Here is a primer on Cloward-Piven.

C) The White House is whining that the GOP won’t raise the debt limit without some serious spending cuts being part of the package. But who was it who said “I place economy among the first and most important government virtues and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared” back in 2006 when he was voting against raising the debt limit? Wasn’t that Harry Reid?

D) Since The Chosen One is trying to revive the DREAM (Amnesty) Act again, Lady Liberty decided that moving to and sponging off of Mexico might be the thing to do. She wrote a letter to King Barack to request some assistance. Turnabout’s fair play, right?

E) The Chosen One was on the campaign trail in Texas this week, and he mocked Republicans for being in favor of having secure borders. He was wrong on multiple counts, with some of them being outright lies. Obviously, TOTUS wasn’t properly fact-checked. He claimed that the big technology firms were all started by immigrants, which is not true, and even if it was those would have been LEGAL immigrants, which blows his whole amnesty argument out of the window. He claimed that the border fence project is almost complete, which is debunked by Senator DeMint and by the folks at CNSNews, since only about 40 miles of double fencing has been erected. He also said that Republicans wanted a moat, with alligators. Nope, we want double fences backed up by guard towers with Marine-trained sharpshooters and LOTS OF AMMO!

F) Here’s more fine leadership on immigration from Mr. “I Vote Present”.

G) What do you do with a racist rapper who praises cop killers, advocates more cop killing, called for George W. Bush to be burned, and who grew up attending Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Black Liberation Theology? You invite him to read poetry at the White House, of course!

H) Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, is auctioning off the hat she wore at the royal wedding. Proceeds go to some UN organizations that probably have 95% admin costs. My question is: who in their right mind would want to wear THAT? It looks like a latte-colored toilet seat with a bow of TP!

I) John McLame is an idiot. I know…not really a headline. Despite what the CIA admits, he is saying that harsh interrogations did not help in the hunt for OBL. He also says that waterboarding violates the Geneva Conventions. Sorry, but it does NOT violate the Geneva Conventions because the folks we are fighting against do NOT meet the requirements of being legal combatants and/or prisoners of war specified in Part 1, Article 4. As illegal combatants, they may be treated however we choose, including torture and/or summary execution.

J) Barack Obama and Eric Holder agree with McLame, which is not surprising since they hate our military and love our enemies. Some of those CIA personnel who got us the info on OBL are now being investigated and could be sent to prison by The Chosen One and the Affirmative Action AG. Now if any of them are black, they might avoid prosecution.

K) The sister of a 9/11 victim asked Obama to end the investigations of the CIA heroes, but he just turned his back and walked away like the stuck-up, anti-American, narcissistic jerk that he is.

L) Todd Beamer’s father called it right. Obama has turned the OBL execution into a story all about Obama. James Lewis takes it a step farther. He shows how the raid was possibly designed to help a number of people who don’t have America’s best interests at heart, with Barack Obama being at the top of the list.

M) A German judge has filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Merkel. Her crime? She publicly approves of OBL’s execution. One of OBL’s sons says that he might sue the USA for killing good ol’ Dad. Gotta love judicial systems made up of academics and idiot liberals.

N) Here’s your liberal civility update for the week. Unfortunately, since the Secret Service is under the direction of Tax Cheat Timmy, nothing will come of this.

O) I didn’t know that Osama bin Laden was a Democrat. The strategies in his writings are straight from the DNC/Obama playbook. Maybe that is why Barack Obama is ramping up his muslim outreach program again.

P) What happens when a city is run for over 60 years by liberals, unions, and minorities? You get Detroit, where 47% of the population is illiterate. The teachers unions have some ‘splainin’ ta do, since most of the illiterate have HS diplomas or GEDs.

Q) To help make Mexico a better country, the Mexican government could take control of their own nation, end the rampant corruption, and use their own resources including a ready and willing workforce…or they could demand that the USA opens the borders and legalizes drugs. FIX YOUR OWN DAMNED COUNTRY!

R) How’s this for a retirement package for a state employee? Notice that he already has a $790,000.00 salary already, so he doesn’t need any big package. He should have invested on his own!

S) Here’s some more from the unions of Caul-ee-for-nee-uh. The teacher unions are spending millions of tax dollars (tax dollars pay the salaries, which pay the dues) to get the legislature to raise taxes in order to pay the teachers even more. Meanwhile, left wing moonbat Governor Jerry Browne wants the PEOPLE to decide on any tax increases. Of course, the teachers unions might consider THIS to be an epic victory. Then there’s the lifeguards who are making over $200,000.00 per year, and that is NOT earned by starring in a television series.

T) It ain’t just in Callie. The unions in Noo Yawk force antiquated rules to apply to all construction projects, which means there are a bunch of guys who do about 5 minutes of work per day, but make over $100,000.00 per year “working” at the Ground Zero construction site. Andrew Klavan shows what public sector unions are all about, in spite of what the left tries to say.

U) Another “establishment” Republican has joined the race for the White House. Just what we need, another imitation conservative with more baggage than a planeload of Hollyweird divas. Sorry, Eye of Newt, but when you sat on that couch with Nancy Pelosi and spoke of Glo-Bull Warming, you lost ALL of your conservative creds. The 2012 GOP primaries need to be a RINO-free zone.

V) Professors at state universities don’t have liberal agendas, do they?

W) Here’s a website to track the activities and people associated with leftist organizations that are killing our nation. Thanks to Poll Katz member REC48.

X) I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Y) As bad as this story on Project Gunrunner is, pay attention to what the Obama-Holder ATF did to one of their own agents! He went undercover to investigate the Hells Angels, was promised protection, and then had the protection removed , which almost got him and his family killed. In January of 2013, Obama will have to issue pardons to most of the people in his Administration.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America ’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” - Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), March 20, 2006

The Constitution of the United States


  1. D*mn Crawfish, I don't know whether or not I should be surprised at the corruption of the Left (let's face it, anyone who thinks abortion is good but putting a serial murder to death is bad has serious morality issues) or should I be amazed at the shear amount of the corruption.

    The number of people in the US who either need to be in prison or tried and executed for treason continues to mount. To the Left's politicians we can now include the main stream media, most of the union management in the US, many of the union membership in the US, and all of the Rinos.

  2. Craw,

    I have noticed that the sh*tty news coming out of this regime is escalating and that it is hard to keep up with it all. I could blog the sh*t 24/7!

    Great wrapup, especially on the illegals!

  3. Luckily, most kids have camera phones these days, and I see these pro public union liberal/progressive types days are numbered. I think we'll see more videos relating to the links you've shared.


  4. Gunny,
    I could do 3 columns per week easily these days.
    Sad state of affairs.

  5. Ghost,
    the volume of corruption and anti-American behavior from the current Dems makes the Clinton Administration look almost pure and honest.

  6. Eric,
    but will the media show them?

  7. (A) I've always wondered just how the courts can enforce their decisions on the POTUS. Maybe we will find out soon.

    (E) The illegal situation only proves the nicer you are to someone the more they will disrespect you. That goes for an individual or a country. Until we get serious about the disrespectful violation of our sovereign borders and react in as disrespoectful manner as are the illegals AND the drug cartels we are going to have this problem and just a fence isn't going to fix it.
    This is not immigration. This is INVASION.

    (F) So ol' Zero threw Jeremiah Wright under the bus...for a photo op, evidently as he is back associating with the same folks. But I suppose they never heard Wright damming America, either.

    (H) The royal family is screwed up worse than a Chinese fire drill. But then the whole damn family are living on welfare. And a mighty generous welfare, too, so no wonder Princess Beatrice donates to the UN. She is a pissignorant welfare recipient.

    (I) Agreed. McCain is a moron. But so are the voters of Arizona. The last we should have had to put up with McCain was November '08.

    (J) Again. McCain agrees with democrats more times than with republicans.

    (K-L) Let's see... The economy: Bush's fault; Gas prices: Bush's fault; Unemployment: Bush's fault;..but A peaceful Iraq: Zero did it!; Osama bin: Zero did it!

    (P) Illiteracy is rampant in our schools because sports have taken the place of academics. You have jocks graduating top colleges that can't read a MacDonald's menu. But they were great for attendance at the big game...

    (Q) Ever notice how when Mexico demands, or even suggests, the USA do something or other it is always in the best interests of...ta daaah! Mexico??
    Ever notice nobody ever tells Mexico to take care of their own problems first??

    (S) As for the people of California: If you put up with it, you deserve it.

    (T) Gingrich maybe doesn't realize his day in the limelight is over. He doesn't realize the day when you could treat with the enemy has come and gone. Boehner had better get some snap on this, too, or he could be back sweeping out his daddy's bar in no time.

    (Y) Yes, yes, the alphabet agencies are all run by....ta daaah! POLITICIANS! And a politician will leave you twistin' in the wind in a New York Minute...

  8. What a foul heap this is....
    A)About time the rest of the nation figured out what we've known since 2006.This administration is simply a thugocracy.
    B)Surprise,surprise. The DNC/Obama playbook.
    C)These SOB's,up to AND including Boehner cave,they are FINI in '12.Make book on that.
    D)Good stuff. Liked that letter.
    E)The Story That Got Him.Profanity follows.The sonofabitch stood there and absolutely LIED through his purple-lip covered teeth. WHEN will the goddamned media call this asshole out on these BLATANT lies? As you may remember,we spent the winter in Yuma,Az. Got to talk to a number of Border Patrol officers,as they came along the Colorado River,which made up a boundary of the RV resort we were at.I asked a few of them about border security,and the fence. To a man,they all said the same. The Yuma sector is the highest rated for security. But,they also said that of their about 160 mile area,there is only about 65 miles of fence. Obama,along with the rest of the idiots who make up this administration,are the WORST f*cking liars we've EVER had.
    F)What a horse's sphincter. Can you say PANDER?
    G)Common would look good in prison jumpsuit orange. BEHIND the bars.
    H)Hmm... you're right.That DOES look like a toilet seat. Since she's going to give the money to the goddamned asinine U-frigging-N,it IS appropriate. ANY moneies going to the U-frigging-N end up down Mr.Crapper's illustrious invention.
    I)And the stupid GOP wonders WHY we couldn't support McCain.Too bad that John has gone senile. Hate it for his family.
    J)Obama admin.=schizophrenics. 'Nuff said.
    K)And the surprise here is???

  9. Clyde's caterwauling continued.....
    L) Of course. This is simply how narcissists roll.Wonder when Obama will order the corpse up to take on the victory lap with him,ala "Weekend at Bernie's".
    M)WOW. Such lunacy. Methinks "hizzonor" spent too much time in the biergarten.One can dismiss bin Laden's son's remarks as coming from grief,but do not be surprised if someone in this hapless administration pays the family off.
    N)I'd say when will the SEALS take out Mike Malloy.How these leftist shitheads keep getting away with this crap boggles the mind.
    O)No doubt.One and the same.
    P)Nothing new here. The downfall started in the late'60's,and was really shoved into high gear when Coleman Young started to loot the city,and told the white people, in essence,if you don't like it,hit 8 mile road.They DID just that.Taking their businesses,money,and everything else WITH them.Archer tried to do right,but the holdovers from Young's band of thieves stymied him at EVERY turn.Then came Kwame.He simply finished it off.
    Q) Is Fox Baghdad Bob's brother,by any chance?
    R)And California will get the monies for this asshattery WHERE exactly? Brian,ESCAPE,while you can.
    S) Simply insanity. R) applies here as well.
    T)The libtards hero,FDR,was right. Too bad the silly bastards didn't listen.
    U) You know where I stand here. The damned GOP STILL does NOT get it.Looks like they will not put ANYONE up who has ANY conservative chops. Time for a third party is spite of what Limbaugh says. HE is part of this problem if he still erroneously believes the GOP is the answer.
    V) Simple answer: F&CKINA.
    W)Thanks for that link. Will be checking it out.
    X)I could write a book about crap like this after 37 years and 2and a half million miles in the truck. Amazing what you can see high up in that cab.Seems to be a good way for a lady to give herself a clitorectomy though.
    Y)Wouldn't it be great to see Holder doing the perp walk for being an accessory to murder? Won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.
    What a stinking steaming heap this was. C ya.

  10. Yeah, it was a target-rich environment this week, as seems to be the case most weeks lately.

    The moon-faced former conservative named for an amphibian running for Prez. Well, if the GOP wants to face yet another humiliating defeat at the polls, nominating him is certainly the way to go. I'm sure there will be puh-lenty of third-party candidates from which to choose.

    More important is that the GOP retain the House, win the Senate, and grow a set of balls. Then it won't matter who wins the White House.


    Bat Ears's attempt to force contractors to disclose political contributions isn't going anywhere. It doesn't much matter whether a suit against the action would take time to finally resolve; any judge would issue an injunction that would go into effect immediately, stopping the practice dead in its tracks pending final resolution.

    It's a turnaround on Holder's suit against Arizona's AB 1070, which can't be enforced pending its final judicial resolution. Well, BOTH sides can play that game.


    As to Juan McAmnesty: that guy's got his head buried so far up his ass that he looks at the world through his belly button.

    Further proof that not voting for him was the right thing to do.

  11. "but will the media show them? "

    Well, there's youtube, which I believe showed Obama and his comment about the folks in Pennsylvania. Also, most kids send videos and upload videos online. If the video is damning to the left, then I'm sure Fox would show it. The other news networks would probably try to defend it or not talk about it at all.


  12. Buck,
    A) If he makes that move, the courts would destroy him.
    E) An invasion that must be met and thwarted by force.
    F) A true racist can never change his spots.
    H) With horrible fashion sense!
    I) Must have been a BUNCH of Dems voting in that primary.
    J) RINO disease
    K-L) I see you've noticed that pattern as well...
    P) Plus you have the minority kids who accuse the achievers of "trying to be white". They WANT to fail, so they can be permanent victims.
    Q) President Crawfish or President Gunny would!
    S) Momma always told me stupid is as stupid does.
    T) Both of 'em need to be permanently retired.
    Y) Especially if they are racist anti-American Democrats.

  13. Craw,

    Great wrapup. I agree on Y, that this regime will be issuing a HUGE amount of pardons, probably solicitied by Holder, the same clown who did it for BJ Bubba.

  14. Wow....lots of comments went POOF!

  15. Crawfish,
    Good post as always. My comments disappeared.

  16. Blogspot been infiltrated by the same hooligans who screwed up TH??

  17. They went "POOF!" eh? Well, okay, herein I reread and rewrite my comennts. My not be the same as day befo' yestiddy. But I've slept since then.

    (A) Realization sets in this man is not only a Marxist and a muslim, he is also a liar and is evil. Only a few restraints keep him from being another Stalin.

    (E) And a few of those guys crawling around in "Gilley" suits taking out the cartel's forward observers. Some Nat'l Guard setting up ambush sites at the crossing points...with bazookas. A go ahead for the borderland ranchers to booby trap the trails with claymores and pungi sticks and we would cut the illegal border crossings by about 95%.

    (H) Face it. The whole damn royal family is living on welfare. Maybe a lot more welfare than most other Brits get but it is still money froim the people for doing nothing. As welfare family it is totally in line for HRH Beatrice to kiss the UN's ass.

    (I) John McCain is a traitor. Pure and simple. He THREW the '08 election. It was no accident. Perhaps McCain is/was a real life "Manchurian Candidate" I don't know. He was a prisoner of the communists long enough. But I do know his campaign was designed to give the election to Obama.
    Yes, McCain may have been a war hero.
    So was Benedict Arnold.

    (P) Detroit is merely a glaring example of what is happening all over the country. We do not need teachers' unions. We need teachers that teach. We need to get rid of the ones that do not teach. Heck, I read some time back about EX-NFL football players who couldn't read a McDonald's menu.

    (Q) Mexico has "suggested" many things the United States "should" do for itself. I have never seen one suggestion that did not benefit Mexico. Solely.

    (U) Is the GOP heirarchy really all that deaf? The people are demanding a fresh, new candidate with conservative ideals; yet they keep trotting out the same old, tired, worn out faces. They are beginning to remind me of a bunch of run down old whores with another layer of lipstick and another coat of makeup.

    (V) Tenure. Get rid of tenure and you will get rid of the majority of Marxist indoctrinators.

    (Y) Sorry. I can't garner any sympathy for alphabet agency employees. He was playing with alligators and he got bit.

  18. Clyde,
    Obama's first shot at shutting down the internet to prevent rebellion?

  19. Buck,
    your previous book on this column was pretty good. Let's see how this one stacks up.
    A) and he's working on removing those restraints.
    E) I could turn the border into a revenue generating operation. How many rednecks would PAY to go down to the watchtowers and pick off some fence-climbers?
    H) The Royal Family is also a revenue-generating operation. A large chunk of Britain's economy comes from their presence.
    I) I don't think he threw the election. He was up against a media steamroller, and he was void of conservative credentials. The ones who threw the election were the party bosses who put him up as a serious candidate.
    P) You would be referring to former Redskin Dexter Manley. He finally got himself educated after his football career was over.
    Q) I have yet to see a single suggestion from Mexico that would actually help their situation in real terms.
    U) Quit insulting old whores like that.
    V) At least a good chunk of 'em.
    Y) He probably thought he was working for an old-school American law enforcement agency, not the Eric Holder variety.

  20. This looks like stone crab claw to me! Lotsa meat! Obama is part of the Cloward/Pivon crowd, and as well as you point out how everything is happening to their model (exactly the way they've said to do it), if you poin this out, you're a conspiracy wingnut.
    Raise the debt limit? Makes sense to me, more debt will solve our debt problem, right?
    I've pointed out many times that it's LEGAL immigrants that become successfull entrapeneurs.
    Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common” is promoting cop killing?
    Keep this warm, I'll be back Mudbug!

  21. It's a frightening coincidence that Bin Laden's aims lie close to all those on the left...



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