Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1-26-2011 The Weekly Claw

No, I didn’t bother watching the “date night” State of the Union event. I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of lies from the Socialist in Chief.

The past week has been one of both joy and sorrow around Casa Crustacean. Our daughters each got a 5 week old dachshund puppy, Bella and Oreo. That was the good. Our eldest’s cat, which she got for Christmas when she was one, lost his fight with diabetes at age 11 and had to be put down. She made the final decision, and that is hard on a 12 year old.

Abortion, especially late-term or “partial-birth” abortion is back in the spotlight. A “doctor” in Filthadelphia has been revealed to have performed many grisly procedures over the past 27 or more years since his last inspection by the State of Pennsylvania. He’s being called a monster, and worse, for what he did. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and their allies in the National Abortion Rights Action League, the National Organization of Women, and other left-wing extremist groups have been supporting exactly the same kinds of procedures this whole time. Barack Obama and other Democrat Senators have supported the procedures on the floor of the Senate. Obama even supported the procedures as a State Senator in Corruptionois, since a hospital run by Reverend Wright’s associates performed partial-birth abortions like the “doctor” in Philly. Can anybody explain how the left is so shocked, amazed, and disturbed by partial-birth abortions when they have been championing them for decades?

If Obamacare was such a good deal and soooooo absolutely necessary to keep all Americans from dying, then why are so many organizations that helped get it passed getting waivers so they don’t have to comply with it? Congressional Republicans were already investigating over 200 waivers, and now there are three that have really caught our eyes. Three chapters of the Service Employees International Union, the Obama-Soros Purple Shirt thugs from campaign season, are getting waivers, including the Chicago chapter.

Once again it is time for me to rant about the stooooopidity of those who run our court systems. The shooting in Tucson was caught on video, and was witnessed by many, including the people who tackled and captured the shooter. Will someone give a rational explanation of why experts are saying that it will take years for the case to get through the legal system? This case could be taken to a grand jury tomorrow and to a courtroom next week. He could, and should, be tried, convicted, sentenced to death, and the sentence carried out before July 4th. This is yet another example of why we need serious legal reform in our country. As for the shooter, he and his lawyer actually had the nads to plead NOT GUILTY on Monday. How does a judge even let someone who is caught in the act make such a plea? It defies all logic and reality.

A miracle has occurred in the courts of Corruptionois. The state appeals court has thrown Rahm Emanuel off of the ballot in the Chicago mayoral election. Everybody and their dog knows that Rahmbo did not live in the city for the past year, which is a requirement to be eligible for election, but Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and a Crook County judge had decided that it was in the mafia’s best intere….er, the best interest of the Democratic machine to….uh, best interest of the voters in the graveyards of Chi…..well, it was in THEIR best interest to allow Rahm to break the law and become Mayor. We all know how much the actual LAW is respected in that city and by all Democrats even remotely associated with Chicago.

Boy, am I glad that I will soon be a FORMER UAW member. The United Auto Workers union has just proved that they really don’t give a rat’s arse about American union members. For them it is all about power and money. The UAW, thanks to violations of federal bankruptcy laws engineered by the Obama Administration, has majority ownership of General Motors. GM, and the UAW, will spend $540,000,000+ to build facilities and start production of two new low-emission vehicles. “But Crawfish,” you say, “isn’t that going to bring in some new jobs?” Yes, it will. The problem is that the jobs will be in Central Mexico! Oh, and by the way…much of that money came from you and me in the form of federal bailouts.

The Crawfish thanks regular Claw contributor “Buck” for this article concerning the firing of the Commanding Officer of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) earlier this month. The author properly points out that the videos in question were simple buffoonery intended to keep up morale for a ship that has been at sea for quite a while, and that the officer’s misconduct pales in comparison to one William Jefferson Clinton’s misconduct. Clinton wasn’t just in command of a ship. He was in command of all of the armed forces and the whole nation, yet the Democrats, many of whom are happy with the ending of this Captain’s career, not only refused to relieve Billy Jeff of his command, they re-elected him! As a sidebar, note that the author also points out that our Navy is now smaller than it has been since 1916, yet SecDef Gates, POTUS Obama, and the rest of the liberals want to cut it back even farther.

Wow. A black man born in Africa, who is a longtime ACORN organizer, and is a thug who is well-schooled in the tactics of Saul Alinsky is taking over the Democratic Party. No, I’m NOT talking about Barack Obama, although every bit of that description fits him as well.

The Religion of Peace struck again, this time at the airport in Moscow. The suicide bomber killed at least 35 and wounded over 150 in his quest for the mythical 72 virgins promised by the Pedophilic False Prophet. Will CAIR come out and say that Islam is just misunderstood, and that this is a valid way of protesting?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn’t want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”
Cicero, 55 BC; Roman author, orator, and politician

The Constitution of the United States


  1. "As for the shooter, he and his lawyer actually had the nads to plead NOT GUILTY on Monday. How does a judge even let someone who is caught in the act make such a plea? It defies all logic and reality."

    Well, no one in their right mind would just walk into court and plead guilty on their first appearance. Why would they? What's in it for them?

    If nothing else, they've given up any position from which to negotiate a plea agreement. I've never heard of anybody entering a Guilty plea at arraignment.

    I'm about as conservative as it gets, and every time I got a traffic ticket -- and in a long career in outside sales at about a ticket every 18 months, there were a lot of them -- I never pled Guilty once. I always made them prove their case, and you'd probably be surprised at how many times I won. Sometimes the cop was a no-show, which was an automatic win for me. Other times I put on the better case and won. And sometimes I lost. But always make the State prove their case. After all, don't forget, it's still you against the State. Do YOU trust the State that much?

    You're simply utilizing your constitutional right to a fair trial. Nothing wrong with that.

    I remember the first time my daughter got a ticket as a kid, and I told her to enter a Not Guilty plea and fight it, and I'd help her do it. Her eyes got BIG. She couldn't believe she was hearing that from ME. Later, her Mom called me up and asked me what kind if lesson I was giving her. I told her exactly what I just wrote: make them PROVE it. Always. She had nothing to lose anyway. Why roll over and play dead?

    Also, in this particular case, don't be surprised if down the road you hear the defense is going for an insanity ruling. I won't be.

  2. On many of your topics, Rep.Issa could use his investigative powers to communicate the failures of liberalism and Dem perfidy. I suggest that you contact him on this via I will too!

  3. Craw,

    Nice wrap-up. I blogged about the clown taking over ACORN and he is a former SEIU thug. This regime is a cesspool of corruption, thuggery, and cronyism. (The Sh*tcago Way)

  4. Craw,

    Sorry about the cat. That's a tough one even for an adult. Our pets are like our kids.

    I suffered through the SOTU and scored 3 Bullshit Bingos. Other that that it was a waste of time.

    That doctor should be "drawn and quartered" for what he did. I read that he cut off the babies feet and kept them in jars. Sounds like something Dr. Mengle would do. Sick bastard. Funny how the left has been virtually silent over the matter.

    Odd that the UAW now understands the cost of doing business now that they are owners. Hypocrits!

    Rahmbutt will get a pass and he'll be the new mayor. He even shook down "The Donald" for $50K.

    Too bad Capt. Honors got canned but he should have known better. If he got a pass then everyone would deserve one and that would be a disaster. I see your point with Clinton though, but dims are never at fault.

    Patrick is a dyed in the wool thug. He's in good company. Tim Kaine got thrown under the bus.

    Too bad for the Russians. Innocents are innocents no matter where they are on the planet. I approve of Medevev's "liquidation" proclamation. I guess these guys will get the Somali pirate treatment eventually. We should adopt the same ruthlessness with these barbarians.

  5. My condolences on the cat. A hard decision for sure,but if you want to have your children be GOOD decision-makers,you have to let THEM do it.Good teaching moment,except for the sorrow of losing the cat. On to the rest.A) WHY does the peanut gallery,and the asshat media,ALWAYS try to be the show,instead of the POTUS? He is required to give the damned speech,no matter who the current occupant is.These assholes need to sit down, stfu,and let the fool deliver the thing. THEN cheer,applaud,catcall,boo,WTF ever,AFTER said POTUS is done.Sheesh. As to the speech itself,easily summed up in 3 words;herewith: Same Old Shit.B) With the Obama-owned,UAW-run GM building this new plant in Mehico,does that mean the illegals will STOP coming HERE looking for work? Guess not.C) Ever since Tailhook the DoD has gone off the deep end of the PC pool.Looks as if they smacked their head in the process.D) Too bad the SQUIRRELS didn't eat all the ACORNS. This move is no surprise to me.Acorn under a new name.Nothing else. E) Why is it I think Putin will NOT tolerate the muzzies like this nation,or Britainistan does? F) Missed this one about Loughner. Agree with BrianR here. OK,my friend. Good stuff. Cya next week from the celery patch.

  6. Some tidbits on Finger Bang Rhamba:

    A. Goebbels Dunn and Finger Bang Rhamba [The Ballerina] Lead the Ministry of Propaganda for Obama.[the_ballerina]_lead_the_ministry_of_propaganda_for_obama.thtml

    But, when paired with Rahm Emanuel Barack Obama's self-styled and swashbuckling Chief of Staff ["(Republicans) can go f--- themselves!" ] we can envisage a dynamic duo that could actually structure a proper Kristallnacht for their political enemies. Like Goebbels, Rahm has suffered through a torturous career punctuated with numerous misadventures that may have already culminated with his famous mediaeval joust with a defiant meat slicer at Arby’s where he deftly sawed off part of his bird finger and then loitered defiantly in some pond until the rest of it rotted off. He advanced to bigger games when he mailed a dead fish to political enemy with a Hollywood flair probably derived from the Luca Brasi episode in the God Father and became known as Dead Fish Immanuel ever after. Rahm carries the typical genetic protosimian lack of remorse and jungle-level judgment necessary to lead an effort to best the earlier Kristallnacht performance at Fox News if his remaining fingers hold out.

    A bucket of dead fish could govern Chicago.


  7. 1. If the other side is so inured to this kind of grisly violence against an unborn then it is easy to understand why violence in the parking log comes so easy to them.

    2. The DA shoulod tell the shooter's atty that if he pleads not guilty then the state is going for the biggie. Plead guilty and settle for a life sentence.

    3. Kinda like the Queen of the Arkansas Riverbottoms running up to New York and getting elected senator...

    4. Hey, don't knock Patrick Gaspard. If a black man taking over the DNC is anything like Zero taking over the Oval Office or Steele taking over the RNC, well, then ... 'Pubs everywhere should be applauding the move.

    5. For some strange reason I got the feelin' that Putin will deal with the muslim terrorists in a somewhat different approach than Holder &

  8. The Obamacare Waivers will come back to haunt the Left for a long time. Mark my words, when the actual repeal of Obamacare occurs in 2013, this point will be "hammered" into the minds of every American citizen.

    I am also interested in seeing Russia's answer to the bombing. But I believe that the response will not get the publicity you might expect. But the death toll of Islamics will be very, very high.

  9. Craw, I am sorry for your cat's loss I have had cats and dogs and remember how bad it felt especially when Rusty went to the Rainbow bridge Aug 2009. For a 12 year old to make such an adult decision is exceptional in itself, what a gifted little girl she must be and a blessing.

    It has been as per usual a very depressing week in the news. I tried not to dwell on it too much. Alan's Funeral Service was yesterday. It was sad at times but I knew he had Jesus so it seemed like more of a family-reunion send-off. There where many folks their in spite of the 12-24 inches of snow we got in the Philly Area. We never knew we had so many friends. This Morning I Got my Coffee and Read The Cards Outloud to him. I Know He Heard Me God Bless

  10. Brian,
    I know it is just part of the process, but if they're gonna use the mentally challenged defense, they should have to say so NOW or face reality.

  11. Glenn,
    Issa's gonna be BIZZY for the next 2 years!

  12. Gunny,
    and now the Corruptionois Supremes (in a unanimous decision) said that the Chicago Way means more than the actual wording of any law.

  13. Hardnox,
    - They really are part of the family, and daughter #1 had Nick as her rock through three Navy moves.
    - Only 3???????
    - Silent only because they support the procedures, just not the warped aspects of this guy.
    - The UAW leadership doesn't care about the workers, just about power and profit (their own)
    - Since they have no regard for any election laws, their votes should not count in federal elections.
    - If a female pilot who was on the ship at the time is defending him, then he should have stayed in his job.
    - They keep on proving how radical they are, while denying it before the people. Will the people ever truly catch on?
    - We need to acknowledge the FACT, that while it may be politically incorrect, we are at war with Islam. It is a war of extermination, and must be fought that way.

  14. Clyde,
    Once she saw how Nick had gone downhill and thought it over, she knew what had to be done. We had tears in the car before we even got to the vet, and when the blood test results came back, she was able to make the call.
    a) They have to have two 3 minutelong standing ovations before he even starts the speech. Sit and listen, folks!
    b) No. Americans are going to cross the border illegally to work THERE!
    Sidebar...why would any company build a factory in Mexico with the drug war situation there?
    c) Smacked it waaaaay too many times.
    d) We need to make their radicalness an issue, but in a calm and rational way.
    e) The Russians never have.
    f) I know, but reality must play a part.

  15. rycK,
    if Rahmbo had still been in the White House, I'd have been wondering if the Tucson shootings were planned in the WH as their Reichstag Moment...heck, I still wonder.

  16. Buck,
    1) All part of the liberal mindset that rules, laws, and morality are not to be taken seriously unless it supports THEM.
    2) I still say he should be tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed before July 4th.
    3) NY didn't even have a one year residency requirement. Hillary! played within the rules.
    4) I can hear Ray Nagin saying "its going to be a CHOCOLATE party!"
    5) If the KGB can track down the group that planned it, the Spetznaz will be involved.

  17. Ghost,
    the number of waivers is growing exponentially. They're writing our campaign speeches for us!

  18. Weezie,
    dang, I completely forgot about having his funeral in that mess. Numbers 6: 24-26.

  19. Craw, arraignment's too early for that. All that is is formal entry of charges, entry of a plea, and consideration of bail.

    During the prelim is when they'll enter an insanity plea, if that is indeed what they're going for.

  20. Brian,
    then why bother entering a plea at this time? If the actual court events are a ways off, just acknowledge the charges and consider bail.

  21. It's a formality. The charges have to be officially entered, and a plea officially entered, before bail can be considered.

    The clock starts ticking upon arrest, and there's a time limit within which a defendant has to be formally charged or released, otherwise his constitutional rights are being violated.

    That's all arraignment is; a clock-stopper.


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