Thursday, January 20, 2011

1-20-2011 The Weekly Claw

I know, I know….I’m a day late in posting. Things are a bit nutso around Casa Crustacean, so I didn’t get around to it until today.

While this may be old news, it is good to run across a story about someone who does his best to honor his comrades in a meaningful way. As one who definitely appreciates the pipes, and who can easily lose it when the pipes play “Amazing Grace”, The Crawfish salutes Technical Sergeant Iain Morrison of the United States Air Force.

The “memorial service” in Tucson on Wednesday was almost as sickening as the Paul Wellstone Memorial Pep Rally held by the Democrats a couple of years back. The White House is saying that they were surprised at the applause from the crowd, even though they were asking for applause on the Jumbotron. They even had t-shirts made up and given out to the participants. Is “Together We Thrive” replacing “Hope and Change” as the new Obama campaign slogan? Well, maybe. You see, the Administration tried to say that it was the university that did the t-shirt handout, and that the Administration (and the Obama campaign team) had nothing to do with it, but thanks to Al Gore and his invention of the internet, we see that the Obamites were using that slogan on their campaign website as far back as February of 2008.

The whole address by The Chosen One was a call for more “civility” in our political dialogue. How did it go over? Well, less than a week later, the Democrats are comparing the Republicans to the Nazis. Why do they have such a hard time realizing that the National Socialist Workers Party was a socialist party, and therefore more kin to the Democrats than the GOP? I know, why let facts get in the way of rhetorical attacks.

Nutsy P-Lousy now says that the Tucson shootings were a “tragic accident.” Accident? Is that what they call it when a lefty goes berserk and starts shooting people? I guess the strategy of calling him a right-wing follower of Beck, Palin, Hannity, and Limbaugh isn’t panning out. Nancy Pelosi has become the official spokesperson for EPIC FAIL!

One of the victims of the shooting has been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. During a taping of an ABC town hall event, he took a photo of the local Tea Party spokesman and shouted at him “You’re dead!” The man had previously made public comments that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin had gotten their “first victim” in the shooting. The man is obviously mentally “touched” and has Palin Derangement Syndrome, since he still blames the right for the actions of a man who has been repeatedly described as a “liberal pothead”.

So which side of the political coin really does engage in hate-filled rhetoric that calls for violence? Well, there’s this listing of death wishes against conservatives by media-types. Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin provides this primer of left-wing hate from 2000-2010. Do ya get the picture yet, lefties?

If not, Michelle has another fantastic column detailing how the left tries to pin EVERY big episode of violence in America on the eeeeeevillll right wing Constitution lovers, when in reality it is more often disgruntled leftists who are the culprits.

Then there are the Democrats who are using the Tucson shootings to attempt to defend Obamacare. Talk about grasping for straws in a desperate manner!

The Administration, like the good anti-American socialists they are, wants to slash defense spending to cure our budgetary problems, instead of cutting spending on entitlement programs that are unConstitutional. Ben Stein does not believe that this is the prudent thing to do.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council really does have nothing better to do than go searching for any possible outrage, no matter how old. They have now determined that the Dire Straits mega-hit “Money For Nothing” is extremely offensive, because it uses the word “faggot” three times, and thus must never again be played in its unedited form over Canuck radio waves. Uh, folks…the song was released in 1985 on the album “Brothers in Arms”, was one of the early huge hit videos on MTV, and has been played unedited for a quarter of a century with a grand total of about 4 complaints. In a meaningful salute to those dorks up north, The Crawfish will make sure that his iPod plays that album daily during my workdays over the next 2 weeks.

The people of Houston are idiots. What else can explain how Sheila Jackson Lee keeps getting re-elected by those people. Oh, I mean besides her skin color. The Blog Prof has a nice video of Sheila explaining how a repeal of Obamacare would be unConstitutional. How can the repeal of something that is completely unConstitutional be unConstitutional? Stand by to be amused at her ignorance.

Then there’s the people of Georgia, who keep re-electing John Lewis. That dolt says that the Preamble to the Constitution’s “pursuit of happiness” language makes the Obamacare REQUIREMENT that individuals purchase health insurance perfectly Constitutional, and so does the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection” clause. Affirmative Action worked for him!

How is this for an outrage. In Columbia, South Carolina, the NAACP (racist organization) ran the local Martin Luther King Junior Day celebration. To make sure it was a celebration of skin color instead of America, they concealed the statue of George Washington at their rally site. What would happen is a white organization covered up a statue of a black man at their rally?

Remember how, after the 2010 elections, Hawaii’s governor promised to produce the long-form birth certificate? Well, uh, about all they can find right now is notation that such a record was entered in the official records. FAIL!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn’t want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”
Cicero, 55 BC; Roman author, orator, and politician

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Craw,

    Nice rant! The left really is retarded. Check my Conservative vs Liberal Guide posted today.

  2. Claw time,my time... A)As does clyde. Very moving,unless one is a liberal. B)Wellstone Redux. Obama may have been surprised at the FIRST
    wave of applause,but after that,it was Katy-bar-the-door. Disgusting,85% of it.C)Any liberal call for civility flies like a lead-filled(or shit-filled,if you prefer)balloon.D) The ONLY thing TRAGIC for the damned dhimmis is they COULD NOT pin-the-turd on the right.He is ALL THEIRS. E)Too damn bad Dupnik didn't try THAT with Loughner. He'd rather get into a pissing match that ALL it is for is to draw attention AWAY from HIS incompetency. Do you think the good people of Pima County will recall his sorry ass? Doubtful.F)No,Craw,you don't get it.When THEY are engaged in vitriol,to THEM,it is the TRUTH.(ok,ok,sarc off_.G)They figure they can still get away with the crap. Nowadays,thanks to Fraudacle's marvelous invention,we CAN,and DO,counter their bullshit before it gets cold.That is the ONLY reason the left could NOT make the scurrillious charges stick.H)Not to mention the asshole Sanders(Idiot,VT.)trying to CASH IN on the dead bodies. The sonofabitch anyway.I)Any surprise here? Not to me. Ben Stein/Palin in '12??? bwahahahahahahahah J)Mark Knopfler.I think he was referring to Prince,wasn't he? Gitcho money for nuthin'and yur chicks for free. We got to install microwave ovens,custom kitchen deliveraaayyyiess we got to move those refrigerators,got to move those color teevees....damn,now I'll have that in my head all night. Must be the cold in Ottawa this year is too much for the poor fools.K)Yikes.What a moroness.How,indeed,does this,along with Freaksicko,happen? L)See K. M)Like you have to ask.Wailing,screaming,blaming Palin,Beck,et al,rioting,looting,shooting,burning. You know,typical "gimme crowd" behaviour.N)You KNOW what that dickhead Abercrombie was saying,right?
    "Hey,YOU,Mr.FORGER,GET YOUR ASS BUSY". "NOW". Good stuff,my friend. Catch you from the lettuce patch next time.

  3. The Left is getting more and more desperate. This desperation is evident as their voices get louder and more shrill. My favorite item this week is the governor of Hawaii and his hilarious attempt to explain why he cannot produce the long form of O'Vomit's birth certificate. Can we say, "Something's rotten in Denmark."

    BTW Crawfish, Gray Ghost Country was again affected by Global Warming, as I awoke with about an inch of snow this morning. Do you have Al Bore's telephone number?

  4. . I clicked on Tech Sgt Morrison but all I got was a, "This Page Has Gone Awol" notice. And I'm fond of the pipes, m'self.

    2. Speaking of left wing nuts and violence. I was thinking (dangerous for me). I believe Presidents Garfield and McKinley were assassinated by anarchists and Kennedy by a communist.

    3. Usint the Tuscon shootings to defend Obamacare. Humph! Reminds me of the Old Gold cigarette tv commercial. "Old Gold tastes better because the patiented Old Gold spin filter..spins the smoke, making it taste better." No schidt. About 1964 or so.

    4. Okay so we dismantle our weapons defense show everyone how nice we are.. We destroy our nuclear show everyone how nice we are.. Now we emasculate our defense show everyone how nice we are. Has the left never heard T. Jefferson's, "Those that beat their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those that don't."????

    5. I can't be amused by Rep. Lee's ignorance. Because it isn't ignorance. It is stupidity. It is ignorance on the part of the voters that send her to DC. Over and over. Because she promises them MORE of YOURS.

    6. John Lewis. Isn't he the congressman who asked the USN Admiral if putting 35,000 more troops on Guam would make the island capsize and tip over???

    7. What would happen if a white man covered up a statue of a black man at a rally? Schidt! There would be riots, looting and burning if white men dared to hold a rally without inviting at least one black man to speak....

    8. I still believe the birth certificate thing is a decoy so folks will be occupied and not notice something else askew. The Honolulu papers had his birth announcement in it when he was born. Pretty hard to fake that. Too many old papers floating around. It is definitely a decoy to draw attention from a real threat. Much like the bullfighter's cape distracts the bull from his main antagonist...

  5. I tried to watch that Sheila Jackson Lee video, but I was only able to make it through about 45 seconds before turning it off.

    It's too much like trying to watch a Barney the Dinosaur video, on many levels.

    First of all, she's as ugly as a mud fence. But worse than that, her abject ignorance is gratingly annoying. The woman's dumber than a bag of hair. If she represnts the "best" her districty has to offer, I can only assume that the human gene pool would be better off if a meteorite landed there. A big one.

  6. Hardnox,
    A party full of "special" people fer sher.

  7. clyde,
    a) The pipes will be one thing mandated for my funeral.
    b) A real leader would have stepped up to the mic and told the crowd that this was not a time for cheering, but for somberness.
    c) Flying colostomy bags????
    d) 100% theirs. He wasn't doing it for a political statement, but for attention...that's MY read on it.
    e) Dupnik is in the running for most incompetent sheriff in the nation.
    f) Double standards are the Dim way.
    g) They must think that we're too stoooooopid to know how to use a simple Google search.
    h) Sanders is trying to make Than Franthithco look like a den of conservatives
    i) Stein will be my SecTreas.
    j) or Girl George, or Elton John, or.....
    k) Too bad we can't corral all of the ignorant liberals into one state and let them all be rep'd by idjuts who get 99% of their district's votes. Just give them Corruptionois and we'll take the rest of the nation.
    l) or California north of Camp Pendleton. Make SoCal part of Arizona.
    m) I know. It would cause riots, lawsuits by Al and Jesse, etc.
    n) Did he step in it or what!

  8. Buck,
    1) Hmmmm.....worked for me. Try the URL directly instead of the hyperlink:
    2) And Lincoln by a pro-slavery Democrat
    3) Reminds me of 100% pure dumb-bass!
    4) And don't forget that defense spending is GOOD for jobs!
    5) She is completely hopeless....unless it is hopeandchange
    6) BINGO!
    7) Yep, all white racism. Gotta love liberal double standards
    8) It is, but it is also a possible point to attack if the right info can be located.

  9. Brian,
    the best things about the Houston area are.....
    I-45 north and I-10 east or west.

  10. Hey, Crawfish,
    Stop by to digest my analysis of gun control and regal in some of the cartoons thereof:
    (Yeah, I know, shameless self-plug, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....)
    Nice collection of the scum floating to the surface this week.

  11. Some of us have been saying that Barry is Jimmy Karter on steroids. Now he's talking about cutting the military to the bone like Jimmy the Dhimmi.
    Libidiots can always find ways to distort anything to rationalize what they want. The way they're doing with the Constitution.
    The way they do with everything else.

  12. B-mom,
    the biggest difference is that Jimmuh Cahtuh is a completely gullible idiot who really believes in the hold-hands-and-sing-Kumbaya stuff. Obama's a committed socialist and muslim who wants to tear down our nation.

  13. Craw- I wonder if the so called 'news" media can actually report the news??good grief they cannot see the facts if they bit them on the BUTT!---OH I am sorry such viritol retoric!!come on by--new post at the pound

  14. I wonder when the left will understand "Peace through Strength." We all know who said that phrase!


  15. Eric,
    they know strength in numbers...when their union thugs go around and attack in packs.


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