Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1-12-2011 The Weekly Claw

The shootings in Arizona have taken up most of the news this week, and most of the interest, so this edition of The Claw ain’t all that big.

Okay, rhetorical question, but…is Nancy Pelosi certifiably nuts? In her final news conference as Queen of the House, she said “Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, pay-as-you-go.” Really? How does she explain the national debt rising by over FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS during her time as Speaker? Let’s flashback to four years ago, when she took the gavel as Speaker. Her first speech (courtesy of The Daily Kook) included a number of lies, such as wanting to rebuild the military, but most notable was this one: “After years of historic deficits, this new Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: pay as you go, no new deficit spending. Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.”

The left wants to do ANYTHING to keep Social Insecurity and other unConstitutional entitlement programs going. Could they be looking to Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria for inspiration? Probably.

Okay, The Crawfish admits it. I watch figure skating during the Olympics. Once upon a time, you could tell the difference between the men and the women. Not so much, anymore. Three-time U.S. Champion Johnny Weir just made some headlines when he released a book that revealed one of the most open secrets in the history of sports. The flamer is a homo. Simply put, Weir is as masculine as RuPaul or Elton John, but until now he never admitted the obvious. Did he think the rest of the world didn’t know? That’s almost like Obama admitting that he’s an America-hating, Constitution-hating, extreme left wing socialist muslim. Nothing there that the whole world didn’t already know.

Another American hero has left us. Richard Winters died on January 2nd. If the name sounds familiar, but you cannot place it, he was the main character in Stephen Ambrose’s book and the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers”. His actions at Brecourt Manor are still used as an example of small unit tactics at WestPoint. The Crawfish wished to render a final salute to a fine officer and gentleman.

Obama’s political homeland of Corruptionois has been completely ruled, not governed, by corrupt union-backed Democrats since 2003. As a result, the state budget has ballooned, and the state legislature had to do something about their huge deficit. On a party-line vote, they passed a bill to raise state income taxes by 66%. Did they even consider reducing spending, especially by cutting back on the public sector union pay and benefit increases that have been out of control over those seven years? Yeah, right. They’re Democrats, so that is strictly verbotten.

While we want all Democrats removed from public office, we want it done through legal and untainted elections. We do NOT want them removed from office by violent actions. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was seriously wounded by a gunman who fired into a crowd in Tucson. The wife of an astronaut, Giffords was not part of the 100% far left wing of the Democratic Party, as she supports strong border control, strong sanctions on employers who hire illegals, and opposed gun control plans. On the other hand, she did oppose oil companies and has a 100% rating from NARAL. Meanwhile, Federal Judge John Roll was killed in the incident. Roll, put on the federal bench by Bush the Elder (more proof that the Bush family is made up of nothing but liberals), was the judge who allowed a lawsuit by illegal aliens to proceed against an Arizona rancher who defended his property against foreign invasion. Since he was a federal judge, he could not be removed by election, but murder is still not the acceptable way of getting him out of office.

The shooter is a left wing nutjob who couldn’t get a job or a girlfriend and still lived with Mommy and Daddy, even though the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) have been trying to pin this on the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the 2nd Amendment, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Ronald Reagan since Rep. Giffords was being put into the ambulance. They claim that those who oppose their left wing extremism are to blame for their incendiary rhetoric, but there was a post on the Daily Kook that had her being declared “dead to me!” by one of their contributors. Once the shooting happened, they tried to scrub their site. Gunny G has a post up that shows some of the REAL violent rhetoric out there, and it ain’t from the side of the aisle that believes in the actual words of the Constitution.

One of the leftists in the Senate took the cake when it came to politicizing the shootings. Bernie Sanders actually used the shootings in campaign fundraising letters, of course blaming Republicans for their rhetoric. Facts and the Constitution are to be completely ignored if you are a Democrat. Okay, so Sanders calls himself a Socialist…SAME THING!

They’re trying, but will the Democrats be able to use this event as their Reichstag Fire and pass new laws and regulations to allow them to silence Conservatives and bypass the Constitution?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn’t want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”
Cicero, 55 BC; Roman author, orator, and politician

The Constitution of the United States


  1. As always a very thoughtful blog, Craw! We have been watching the Memorial .... I had to leave .... What in the rip is going on with this pols (piece of living tihs) so called memorial they are broadcasting nationwide? prezbo can pontificate???? A young, beautiful child has died, parents have died, a strong young man who was engaged has left us and Congressman Giffords is fighting for her life .... And people are cheering???? prezboy sounds like irrevelanrright .... Sometimes there are no words ....

  2. Dawn,
    I could only watch a couple of minutes. It was a damned Democrat pep rally. Almost as sicko as the Paul Wellstone "memorial".

  3. They started coming out of the woodwork while brass was still falling at the Tucson shootings. I don't think all the wounded had reached a hospital before the gun grabbers started screeching about stricter gun controls and bemoaning Arizona's "permissive" gun laws. What they conveniently ignored was that one of those who subdued the whack-job was CCW. Joe Zamudio heard the shooting and ran toward the gunfire to see if he could help. Mr Zamudio said that he felt better prepared to deal with a dangerous situation because he was packing. Once he confirmed that the shooter was no longer presenting a lethal danger to others, he chose not to use his weapon, but assisted in restraining the man until law enforcement arrived. A double loss for those wanting to disarm American citizens - the ARMED citizen moved toward the danger knowing the ARMED bad guy was shooting UNARMED people - the ARMED citizen didn't go Rambo on his ass once he saw that use of deadly force wasn't needed.

    About that "Memorial" - I first thought I was watching a rerun of the Wellstone circus.

  4. Saltwater,
    I saw Mr. Zamudio's interview yesterday. THAT is a real American!

    The guy who introduced Obama was straight off The Chosen One's campaign trail.

  5. Craw,

    Good post. I purposely didn't watch the memorial since barry was there. From what I read it was nothing but a campaign stop and a photo-op.

    The libs have absolutely no decency. I can't imagine what the families, loved ones, and survivors must have felt at that cheering and aimless blathering.

  6. Indeed he is, Crawfish. This exchange with one of your personal favorites, Geraldo, tells it all:

    "I heard gunshots, I ran outside to help. You know, I was carrying a gun and I would have shot him…I, I almost did.”

    “Why didn’t you,” Geraldo asked.

    “They’d already had a-hold of him, and there was a lot of people around him, and I wasn’t going to cause any more collateral damage or scare anybody any further than they needed to be scared.” Joe replied. “I felt like I could hold him down and wait for police, and it wasn’t my responsibility to end his life.”

    Consider that last statement for a few moments to gain insight on the outstanding character of Mr Zamudio. Under the circumstances, I doubt that many would have blamed him for blasting that animal to teeny tiny bits. Instead, he chose the more courageous action with his weapon - doing nothing.

  7. Here goes...A) Short answer:YES.But NOT as nuts as those who keep REELECTING the dingbat. B)Would not be a bit surprised to see this bunch try that technique. Be right in their style.Hide it however you can,they WILL try to find it.C)You thought CAIR was bad. Just wait until Queer Nation,or the LBGT community starts in on you!!!D)Good salute.Thanks for posting that. We are losing these treasures way too quickly.E) With those type of tax rate increases,it should be a banner year for moving companies taking OUTBOUND shipments out of Illinois.I'll have to keep an eye on that.F) On to the shooting. There is absolutely NO ONE responsible for this senselessness except Loughner. NONE. My deepest sympathies to those families who lost their loved ones,a full and speedy recovery for those victims who survived,a swift trial,and SWIFTER execution for Loughner,and last but not least,for you who are sensitive,cover your eyes,a RAPID DECLINE in the number of readers,viewers,shareholders,stock prices,revenues and ALL involved in the alphabet networks.May ANY and ALL who has tried their damnest to pin this on ANYONE other than Loughner,MAY YOU HAVE A LONG,HOT STAY IN HELL. YOU SICK BASTARDS are the reason for MOST of the division in this country today.THANKS A LOT,ASSHOLES. There.Feel better. C ya next week. Watch out for fairies!!

  8. Left something out. A SPECIAL Clyde GET SCREWED to Sanders.Sonofabitch is worse than a buzzard at a shitwagon. How DARE this cocksucker FUNDRAISE on the backs of dead? WHAT KIND of lowlife,sick ass shitsack is this "man"?What kind of morally derelect asswipes elects this type of human debris? You're right,Craw,this asshat takes the cake. I nominate HIM now for "Asshat of the Year".

  9. The Left (and the Democrats, but I repeat myself) are exhibiting signs of sheer panic. They know that whites are leaving the Democrat Party in increasing numbers. They know that Independents are moving to the Right in increasing numbers. I expect them to start making more and more mistakes.

    These mistakes will hurt them in the run to the 2012 elections. The internet has a long memory. And more and more people are starting to get their news from the internet and Fox News.

  10. 1. The thing that got me was some female democrat representative from New York put forth a bill for more gun control.
    Like there isn't enough already.
    Like she already had the bill laying in a desk drawer just waiting for something like this as an excuse to put it forward.

    2. As all these anti-gun nuts in office stampede and vie with one another to have their gun restrictive law put forth, how many of them ask this:
    As at Virginia Tech (a gun free zone); and
    At Tuscon.

    How many bystanders would have been killed or seriously wounded had ONE citizen in the crowd been armed???? I don't mean someone who arrived on the scene armed but late.

  11. Craw,

    As usual, a great roundup.

    That pep rally led by the Kenyan was one cheer away from being a Wellstone funeral moment. I watched a couple of minutes but the Kenyan's nasal whine makes me sick.

  12. Hardnox,

    I think the t-shirt read:

    "I listened to Barry's pep rally in Tucson and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

  13. I've missed my regular diet of Claw. The holidays are behind, business is returning to normal, and so has my appetite!
    Tasty Claw Mudbug! Great start to a wonderful year ahead. Best wishes to you and the rest of your cast of crustaceans for a wonderful New Year.

    Thanks for the fill!

  14. The tragic event in Arizona is just one of many the nuts on the left use to "try" to prove that we must have more controll--all the gun laws in the WORLD would not have stopped this lunitic! but just try showing FACTS to the left? I read about Richard Winters---TRUE HERO---speaking of such I concider us to be a "Band of Bloggers"

  15. Claw,

    On the subject of gun control, see my latest post titled Congressional Safety

  16. Head on over to my blog for a post regarding last weeks travesty that includes plenty of political cartoons. (Yeah, I know, shameless plug! But it's worth it...honest...right?)

  17. Hardnox,
    it was exactly what we should have has all of the activity since the shootings.

  18. Saltwater,
    I saw the interview with Geraldo. Mr. Z gets the traditional Navy "Well Done!"

  19. clyde,
    a) They ain't nuts, just completely uninformed and ignorant to our nation's history, the Constitution, and reality.
    b) Stoopid is as socialists do.
    c) More of this train of thought in the next column!
    d) One of my officers wrote to the Major after "Band of Brothers" came out, and got a handwritten reply that he was going to frame and put on his wall.
    e) Mayflower and United Van Lines should be stocks worth watching!
    f) You really do need to learn how to let your feelings show!

  20. clyde,
    Sanders isn't an asshat. He's much worse.

  21. Ghost,
    the more people we can get to read the Constitution, the fewer Dim-ocrats there will be.

  22. Buck,
    that witch has gun banning bills ready for any occasion. Most of 'em are probably written by Upchuck Schumer.

  23. Gunny,
    A real President would have stepped to the microphone and told the crowd that their exuberance was completely out of place for a MEMORIAL service. The Chosen One embraced the atmosphere.

  24. Jim,
    I was starting to think you were on a diet!

  25. C-bow,
    our facebook group is called "Band of Bloggers"

  26. Hardnox and interface,
    I'll be over after I take the daughter to her dance class.


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