Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9-8-2010 The Weekly Claw

Okay, I managed to avoid all of the flood waters this morning, but my backdoor is screwed up and the carpet there was quite wet. I appreciate some rain from the tropical storm, but…..

A Democrat politician has let slip the official party position under the unholy troika of Obama-Reid-Pelosi. “It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t, but…”. Thank you for your honesty, Governor Patrick!

Meanwhile, Dingy Harry Reid has been getting hammered for his 2007 statement that “the war is lost and the Surge is not accomplishing anything!” Since the Surge turned out to be the war-winning strategy, Dingy was proven to be an idiot of the first order, so what’s a good Democrat to do in this situation. Why, lie about it, of course! His campaign people stepped in when they say that mistake and tried to cover it by saying that when he said “the war is lost” it caused the Bush Administration to change tactics, which lead to the war being won. Sorry, liars, but he said that “the Surge is not accomplishing anything”, when it was the Surge that turned things around and brought final (unless Obama screws something up) victory.

So really…how’s that “Recovery Summer” goin’? Much more of this kind of recovery and we’ll ALL be unemployed!

The Power behind the Throne…or rather the undisputed king of the liberals (he speaks, they say “YES, SIR!!!”), George Soros is at it again. Since he and the rest of the liberals are TERRIFIED of the Tea Party (much more than they are of muslim terrorists), he has joined up with a number of lib organizations to trash the Tea Party as much as possible, concentrating on the false claims of racism and threats of violence at Tea Party events and by bloggers who are Tea Party members. Expect them to infiltrate events posing as racist Tea Partiers to prove their own points and to make blog posts under assumed names to do the same. If the Tea Party was so racist, why haven’t they been able to collect the $100,000.00 reward put up by Andrew Breitbart for proof of racism?

Looks like our esteemed First Black President (shhhhh, nobody mention that he’s half-white…he doesn’t claim any of THAT heritage) gave a black man credit for a white man’s quote on his new Oval Office carpet. Does he know ANYTHING about our pre-Vietnam history?

Stories like this make me quite glad to live in The Great State of Texas!

Here we go again. A cleric of the “Religion of Peace” is calling for the beheading of a Dutch politician because he dares to publicly state the goals of Islam. This is yet another reminder that we are in a war of religion that has lasted for over 1300 years and will not end until the world is 100% muslim or 100% non-muslim.

The Religion of Peace has been caught in action again in Lebanon. This time, a house was rocked by an explosion, and minutes later Hezbollah militants were seen removing weapons from the house. Oh, and by the way, the house was in southern Lebanon in an area supposedly controlled by the Useless Nations. Hezbollah is prohibited by the UN from having weapons south of the Litani River, but the UN obviously lets them have their weapons there anyway. Yes, despite their words to the contrary, the UN assists Islamic terrorists whenever possible.

Regular Claw contributor “Beachmom” weighs in yet again with a great link. Here’s a site that is a history of Jihad against the human race. It is quite useful when dealing with those people who try to say that Islam is a religion of peace and is not a threat to the western world, and if you need a simple tutorial on Islam, check this column from Guilty Government’s blog.

The Administration may be continually claiming that any rumors of the Sultan being a muslim are false, but why do they keep giving ammunition to the people who have noticed that he is indeed a muslim? Now they have invited muslim leaders to a workshop to show them how to get more taxpayer money. If he did this for Christian groups, the media and the left (sorry for repeating myself) would be having kittens!

While the Administration and their left wing sycophants are busy denying the truth, the Minister of State for Industries in Pakistan knows what religion Bu’raq al Obama belongs to, and he wants Bu’raq to become the Amir-ul-Momineen, or Caliph of Muslims (that’s leader of all muslims for the non-arabic speakers). Ayatollah Durrani, a former member of the Pakistan Ideological Council and therefore a man who knows true muslims, is calling for Bu’raq to lead Eid prayers at Ground Zero on September 11, on the day of the Eid-ul-Fitr festival of Ramadan.

The Blog Prof has a short column showing how the not-so-reverend-Al is doing in Obama’s “post-racial” world. Looks like voters trump race cards when the chips are down.

All The Crawfish can say about this little link is…only in Than Franthithco.

Let’s see…an illegal alien threatens a cop with a knife. The illegal alien assumes room temperature. The Mexicans of El Lay protest and riot. Why do we put up with this crap?

An icon of communism/socialism has now come out and stated that it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi team is going for it at full throttle. Some people never learn.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.
-Constitution of the United States, Article IV, Section 4.
Quote suggested by Peppermint2 in response to the Obama-Holder-Judge Bolden opposition of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law


  1. Dear Claw: Buddy, I have to start reading you right regular. You're doing good stuff! I apologize for not stopping by of late. Hope you're well like the rest of us old-timers. God bless you, pal. Verne.

  2. All this time I thought everyone was glad it is a free country. Imagine my surprise to find out that certain Democraps and Liberal Elites are not happy about it being a free country. Who would have thought it?

    Keep stock-piling ammo Crawfish. I am hearing that the Black gangs and Hispanic gangs are starting to form "working" relations. I do not know how this works in with the LA Hispanics rioting, but at this point I only trust my relatives, friends, and myself.

    I also saw the article about Castro talking about the fact that Communism doesn't work. Nice of the b*stard to admit this after 50 years of oppression in Cuba.

    Another good edition Crawfish!

  3. 1. Governor Patrick...not much different than Maxine Waters saying she would socialize...uh...give control of the banks to the government...

    2. Yeah, and Dingy Harry said the war was lost to bolster the morale of the troops, get the president to go for victory and encourage more people to plant a victory garden.

    3. The new "Contract With America" or whatever they'll call it should include extraditing Soros.

    4. I'm pretty sure Obama has been giving credit to the wrong guy for some time. And in all 57 states.

    5. Yep. Stories like that just remind all the idiots out there that when seconds count the police are only minutes away. It is up to YOU to defend your home and no one else. That is about the only law Texas has that predates the yank... damnyankee invasion and liberalization.
    Back in the '60's you didn't need a permit to carry a firearm. Texas law allowed it if you were either: (a) carrying a large sum of money; or (b) travelling. The first was defined as $100.00 or more and the second was defined as crossing a county line.

    6. Yes we are at war with islam but it is of our own doing. If we had not made them so rich they could afford to be arrogant and aggressive they would still be heating their falafel over a camel dung fire in the middle of the desert. Despite what the POTUS says they have done nothing to advance civilization since they produce Arabic numerals but they are doing all they can to reverse civilization back to medieval times.

    7. Bet Obama takes it. Caliph. And he thinks American people are so stupid he can get away with it by claiming it is just an "Honorary" title bestowed upon him much like Eisenhower"s Doctorate from Columbia. Betcha!

    8. Good ol' Al. I believe the country is waking up that the racists are the ones continually playing the race card.

    9. Condoms in jail nothing new. Italy has been passing them out in prisons for quite a few years. I know it is quite a few years because I can't remember when I read that. Yeah, yeah, could've been yesterday. But it weren't.

    10. Why do we put up with illegals rioting? Or illegals pulling a knife on a cop? Why the hell do we put up with illegals at all?
    Gordie? ...crickets chirping...
    Barry??... crickets chirping...

    11. Is violation of Article IV Section 4 not an impeachable offense???

  4. This blog is semi-racist,non-PC,and devoid of "diversity" thats why I read it every week and love it.

  5. Great summation as always. I laughed like Hell when that idiot Duval said that. Liberals are in panic mode and their mouths are flapping away! haha. I am enjoying their meltdown brother, how about you?

  6. I am still waiting for the Obamabots in washington to listen to castro when he says "it doesn't work" BUT I am not holding my breath!If this joker patrick does not want a free country i would believe North Korea would take him--china?

  7. Verne,
    You're always welcome here, my friend.

  8. Ghost,
    when are communists/statists/socialists ever happy with freedom?
    The gangs are learning from MS-13, the Mexican cartels, the Colombian cartels, etc.

  9. Buck,
    1) Remember when they weren't bold enough to admit it?
    2) Shhhhhh! His Majesty doesn't want any VICTORY when the opposition has muslims.
    3) Agree.
    4) He surrounds himself with idiots in order to ATTEMPT to appear smart.
    5) I define traveling as moving more than a foot.
    6) 7th century...their glory days that they want to return to.
    7) This is one title he would avoid until 2016. He still wants to be re-elected.
    8) Lots are, and it is refreshing.
    9) As long as it wasn't from personal experience.....
    10) Ah-nahld????????
    11) Yes. It is.

  10. Donnie,
    No racism...equal opportunity slamming.
    I'm diverse. I go after people of all genders, races, religions, etc. who oppose the USA and our Constitution.

  11. Gunny,
    and we keep applying the heat.

  12. Blackpen,
    I'm sure we can scrape up airfare....

  13. I didn't hear about the dutch politician. Thanks for bringing it up.

    I find it funny that they can't show their "prophet," in papers or on tv, or like the dutch politician, state the true intentions of Islam...

  14. The first thing D. Patrick did when elected as guv of Mass. was go out and use taxpayer $ to buy himself a brand new Cadillac. He is a typical elitist who would like to see us become like the old Soviet Union where the "beloved" leaders have and the rest of us have not.
    Sir Golfsalot actually had the nerve to say that if the GOP wins big in Nov. it's because we the people are frustrated that he policies aren't working fast enough. Uh...Barry, it's not that they aren't working fast enough, it's that we don't want them working at all.

    That site is a good one when people try to claim that the islamists have not liked the west only since the '90's or George Bush.

    So, do you think the condom machines in SF jails will come in pretty colors like the picture? Next, they'll be offering soft lighting and silk sheets.

  15. Eric,
    That Dutch politician has been in the news for a few years. The media keeps calling him an extremist, racist, of muslophobe. He is just publicly stating the truth.

  16. B-mom,
    Patrick believes that all are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.

    Golfsalot needs to understand that his policies are doing exactly what he intended and WE KNOW IT!

    Islam has been at war with us for over 1300 years, but our politicians keep denying it in the name of political correctness. President Crawfish would state it repeatedly!

    The soft lighting comes in when Nanny P-Lousy gets sent in nobody can see her face!

  17. C-Fish, B'mom:

    C-Fish: Would she go to the men's or women's reformatory?

    B'mom: Some dude toured factories in the old Soviet Union and in the United States. His comparisom was like this:
    When in the USSR touring a factory he asked, "Who owns this factory?" His guide answered, "The people do." He asked, "Whose car is that in the parking lot?"
    "The state factory supervisor."
    And in the USA he asked,
    "Who owns this factory?"
    "The boss does."
    "And whose cars are those in the parking lot?"
    "The employees."
    Pretty much sums it up....

  18. Buck,
    Seeing that we're talkin' 'bout Than Franthithco, it is unisex unless divided up as: Male, female, transgender male, transgender female, transvestite, confused gender identity, male who wants to be female, female who wants to be male, male who wants to be male and female, female who wants to be male and female, and other.


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