Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Weekly Claw 5-5-2010

The Crawfish really could have gone completely nuts with this week’s post, but since I am including the list of House members who voted for Obamacare, I kept it to about the normal length.

Where’s the outrage? “Schoolbus Ray” “Chocolate City” Nagin and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco violated Louisiana state laws in regards to mandatory hurricane evacuations and levee maintenance, causing a lot of problems that were avoided in Mississippi (which was hit harder, but had fewer casualties and rebuilt faster because of the leadership of Governor Haley Barbour and the hard work of a state populated by non-leeches). As a result, the media and the leftists, but I repeat myself, spent 5 years blasting George W. Bush for not having the federal government mitigate the damage and get N’awlins completely rebuilt within a week. Now the Obama Administration fails to implement an oil spill plan that has been in place since 1994, and the media ignores it completely, preferring to pillory Big Oil. Meanwhile, despite doing almost nothing for a week, the Administration’s people are talking to every media outlet they can find insisting that they’ve been in action “from Day One”.

Although Homeland Security Ditz Napolitano has taken control of the federal response to the oil spill, that is supposed to be the job of the Secretary of the Interior. So what was Interior Department Chief of Staff Tom Strickland doing during the first week of the oil spill crisis? Was he all over it “from Day One”? Actually, starting three days after the leak was discovered, Strickland took a trip to the Grand Canyon to go rafting with his wife.

By the way…take a guess as to who was the number one recipient of campaign donations from BP in 2008.

A terrorist attack on Noo Yawk City was attempted over the weekend. The Crawfish somehow doesn’t believe that a Pakistani-born muslim who has spent a lot of the past year in the tribal areas of Pakistan really fits the normal description of the people who are considered the major violent threat to the American public. You know…those Tea Party Extremists.

The Obamedia TRIED as best they could to blame white right wing extremists, but to no avail. They even got Noo Yawk City Mayah Bloomberg to blame right wing anti-Obama folks. MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer even expressed sorrow that the terrorist was a muslim instead of someone who supports the Constitution.

By the way, it has been reported by the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department that the muslim terrorist was placed on the “No-Fly List” by the FBI a few hours before he went to JFK Airport, but it is quite obvious that Holder’s people are (SURPRISE!!!) lying yet again. If he had been on the list, the ticket agents at Emirates Airlines would not have sold him the ticket with which he boarded a flight for Dubai. Instead, it was the ticket agents who alerted airport authorities when the muslim terrorist paid for a ticket at the last minute with cash and had no luggage.

The Federales who caught the terrorist may have done so in an illegal manner, using the Army to find him. That would violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which forbids the US Armed Forces from performing law enforcement activities within the borders of the United States. Remember this the next time a liberal complains about George W. Bush’s wiretapping of international phone calls.

The Obama Administration and their minions in the media have continually belittled the Tea Party events, and referred to them as “extremists” for wanting to return our government to its Constitutional bounds. They say that the Tea Party protests are calls for revolution and anti-American activities. So which protests really call for revolution? Which call for the abolishment of our borders? Which are conducted mostly in the language of another nation? Which support the violation of our laws? Which are violent and call for the return of our country to Mexico? Take a look at this video featuring the protests from this past weekend and tell me that it really is the Tea Party crowd that is America’s enemy. Where is the media denouncing this? Oh, that’s right…they support the open borders far left crowd. A tip of The Crawfish’s hat goes to Ron of the Poll Katz for the link to this video.

The non-drybacks who were protesting don’t just want amnesty. “JudyL516” sent me a link to this photo from the protests. Look at what they expect from us!

Those of us who are not “fashionistas” have been noticing since early in the campaign that Michelle Obama’s outfits have been absolutely horrid. At his victory rally her dress looked like a cross between a black widow spider and Aunt Jemima. Now, her fashion designer is going out of business. Well, if you make the First Lady look like crap multiple times, some folks are gonna notice! Is that why Maria Pinto is going out of business?

The Chicago Way style of politics hasn’t fully moved to the District of Corruption. Some of it is still active in Chicago, where the local CBS station is going to refuse to cover the GOP candidate in his bid to take the seat once occupied on a part-time basis by Barack Obama. It seems that he is pinging on his Dim-ocrat opponent’s involvement with a bank failure and the liberals don’t like it when they’re caught up in corruption scandals.

The public union thugs of Greece are striking and committing violent acts to protest the German bailout of the Greek government. (Wait a sec…leftists aren’t supposed to be violent in their protests, right?) It seems that the German government made a few demands upon the Greek government as conditions for the deal. One of these conditions is that public union employees and retirees must only get paid for 12 months every year. I know, you think The Crawfish is off his rocker since there are only 12 months in a year, but the Greeks currently give their public union thugs and retirees 14 months of pay every year. Liberal math strikes again.

In Britainistan it is public policy to appease the muslims who spew their hate, call for the deaths of all who oppose the False Prophet, and implement Sharia Law in some towns, but if a Christian preacher mentions that homosexuality, THAT MAN MUST BE THROWN IN JAIL!

I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Does that quote give any of y’all an insight into the mind of Barack Obama? He wants the gummint to decide how much money is “fairly earned” and tax the rest of it out of your wallets, unless you are a good liberal. He made over $5 million last year. Is that over his “certain point”? What about Ryan Howard, who just signed a contract extension in baseball that will pay him $25 million per year for playing a game?

Regular Claw contributor “Buck” sends us a column by Real Man Chuck Norris. The UN wants desperately to ban private ownership of weapons around the world, and the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, and all of the anti-American leftists want the same. How hard would it be for them to use an international treaty to void the Second Amendment?

The people of Arizona are getting slandered daily by the left over their attempts to make US immigration law mean something. How has the far-left media screwed this pooch? Let’s take a look.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

Here are the Democrats in the House who voted for Obamacare. Make sure they never hear the end of it and that their political careers come to a crashing halt soon.

1 Ann Kirkpatrick
4 Edward Pastor
5 Harry Mitchell
7 Raul Grijalva
8 Gabrielle Giffords

2 Victor Snyder

1 Mike Thompson
5 Doris Matsui
6 Lynn Woolsey
7 George Miller
8 Nancy Pelosi
9 Barbara Lee
10 John Garamendi
11 Jerry McNerney
12 Jackie Speier
13 Fortney Stark
14 Anna Eshoo
15 Michael Honda
16 Zoe Lofgren
17 Sam Farr
18 Dennis Cardoza
20 Jim Costa
23 Lois Capps
27 Brad Sherman
28 Howard Berman
29 Adam Schiff
30 Henry Waxman
31 Xavier Becerra
32 Judy Chu
33 Diane Watson
34 Lucielle Roybal-Allard
35 Maxine Waters
36 Jane Harman
37 Laura Richardson
38 Grace Napolitano
39 Linda Sanchez
43 Joe Baca
47 Loretta Sanchez
51 Bob Filner
53 Susan Davis

1 Diana DeGette
2 Jared Polis
3 John Salazar
4 Betsy Markey
7 Ed Perlmutter

1 John Larson
2 Joe Courtney
3 Rosa DeLauro
4 James Himes
5 Christopher Murphy

2 Allen Boyd
3 Corrine Brown
8 Alan Grayson
11 Kathy Castor
17 Kendrick Meek
20 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
22 Ron Klein
23 Alcee Hastings
24 Suzanne Kosmas

2 Sanford Bishop
4 Henry Johnson
5 John Lewis
13 David Scott

2 Mazie Hirono

1 Bobby Rush
2 Jesse Jackson
4 Luis Gutierrez
5 Mike Quigley
7 Danny Davis
8 Melissa Bean
9 Janice Schakowsky
11 Deborah Halvorson
12 Jerry Costello
14 Bill Foster
17 Phil Hare

1 Peter Visclosky
2 Joe Donnelly
7 Andre Carson
8 Brad Ellsworth
9 Baron Hill

1 Bruce Braley
2 David Loebsack
3 Leonard Boswell

3 Dennis Moore

3 John Yarmuth

1 Chellie Pingree
2 Michael Michaud

2 C. A. Ruppersberger
3 John Sarbanes
4 Donna Edwards
5 Steny Hoyer
7 Elijah Cummings
8 Christopher Van Hollen

1 John Oliver
2 Richard Neal
3 James McGovern
4 Barney Frank
5 Niki Tsongas
6 John Tierney
7 Edward Markey
8 Michael Capuano
10 William Delahunt

1 Bart Stupak
5 Dale Kildee
7 Mark Schauer
9 Gary Peters
12 Sander Levin
13 Carolyn Kilpatrick
14 John Conyers
15 John Dingell

1 Timothy Walz
4 Betty McCollum
5 Keith Ellison
8 James Oberstar

2 Bennie Thompson

1 William Clay
3 Russ Carnahan
5 Emmanuel Cleaver

1 Shelly Berkley
3 Dina Titus

New Hampshire 
1 Carol Shea-Porter
2 Paul Hodes

New Jersey 
1 Robert Andrews
6 Frank Pallone
8 William Pascrell
9 Steven Rothman
10 Donald Payne
12 Rush Holt
13 Albio Sires

New Mexico 
1 Martin Heinrich
3 Ben Lujan

New York 
1 Timothy Bishop
2 Steve Israel
4 Carolyn McCarthy
5 Gary Ackerman
6 Gregory Meeks
7 Joseph Crowley
8 Jerrold Nadler
9 Anthony Weiner
10 Edolphus Towns
11 Yvette Clarke
12 Nydia Velazquez
14 Carolyn Maloney
15 Charles Rangel
16 Jose Serrano
17 Eliot Engel
18 Nita Lowey
19 John Hall
20 Scott Murphy
21 Paul Tonko
22 Maurice Hinchey
23 William Owens
25 Daniel Maffei
27 Brian Higgins
28 Louise Slaughter

North Carolina 
1 George Butterfield
2 Bob Etheridge
4 David Price
12 Melvin Watt
13 Bradley Miller

North Dakota 
0 Earl Pomeroy

1 Steve Driehaus
6 Charles Wilson
9 Marcy Kaptur
10 Dennis Kuchinich
11 Marcia Fudge
13 Betty Sutton
15 Mary Jo Kilroy
16 John Boccieri
17 Timothy Ryan

1 David Wu
3 Earl Blumenauer
4 Peter DeFazio
5 Kurt Schrader

1 Robert Brady
2 Chaka Fattah
3 Kathleen Dahlkemper
7 Joe Sestak
8 Patrick Murphy
10 Christopher Carney
11 Paul Kanjorski
13 Allyson Schwartz
14 Michael Doyle

Rhode Island 
1 Patrick Kennedy
2 James Langevin

South Carolina 
5 John Spratt
6 James Clyburn

5 Jim Cooper
6 Barton Gordon
9 Steve Cohen

9 Al Green
15 Ruben Hinojosa
16 Silvestre Reyes
18 Sheila Jackson-Lee
20 Charles Gonzalez
23 Ciro Rodriguez
25 Lloyd Doggett
27 Solomon Ortiz
28 Henry Cuellar
29 Raymond Green
30 Eddie Bernice Johnson

0 Peter Welch

3 Robert Scott
5 Tom Perriello
8 James Moran
11 Gerald Connolly

1 Jay Inslee
2 Rick Larsen
3 Brian Baird
6 Norman Dic
7 James McDermott
9 Adam Smith

West Virginia 
1 Alan Mollohan
3 Nick Rahall

2 Tammy Baldwin
3 Ronald Kind
4 Gwen Moore
7 David Obey
8 Steve Kagen


  1. Please tell “JudyL516” thanks for the illegal immigrant photo. If I were an Arizona law enforcement officer I would accept this sign as a threat and shoot any illegal immigrant who as much as winked at me.

    Concerning the 2nd Amendment, any type of gun confiscation action by the feds will start a revolution. I hope the feds realize this.

    As for Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, I have my doubts if he can be removed (short of death or criminal proceedings). However, I am working on it (getting him beaten in the 2010 midterms).

    Good edition Craw!

  2. Support Arizona; Print Out Your Residency Certificate!

    About "Los Suns" - They change should probably change their name to "Los San Antonio's Red-headed Stepchildren" - and as a former fan, I will cheer when they take another playoff butt whuppin' from the Spurs.

  3. Ghost,
    Every single protester should have been sent to Mexico.
    Who is going to have the light blue helmets on when they try?

  4. Saltwater,
    I hope the Spurs put a Texas-sized arse whoopon' on the Suns in this series, and do the same to the Lakers.

  5. Tasty Claw Mudbug! I think Obama hates the Arizona law because if he gets caught smoking in a building, he has no birth certificate to show he's legal.

    Thanks for grub you cantankerous crustacean

  6. Did you see the story from Gilroy, Ca?
    The high school there tried to force some students who were wearing American flag shirts to turn them inside out on cinco de mayo but let over 100 students wear their green, orange and white clothes and keep face paint on.
    Thanks for the picture too. The lamestream media would only show that if it had been a tea party rally.

    Big Sis is always a few steps behind reality.

    Get a load of this movie that's coming out:

    What do you wanna bet the only place this will make any money is in LA?

  7. No other country on the planet lets immigrants in without documentation. This is not about racism for the millionth time...

    Remember, cap/trade, immigration,terrorists,BP are all tools to add to the destruction level.
    Stock pile the food and seeds. The USSA will be like Greece in the very near future.

  8. ANTI-American???I anyone is ANTI-American they are the ones who are waving another flag instead of the STARS and STRIPES!!The sorry excuse we have for "news" reporting makes leftist propaganda during the 30s look loke sunday school!!Great edition Craw--I am sending the lists to my e-mail list. (new post up)

  9. Jim,
    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your response.

  10. B-mom,
    you gotta link for the Gilroy story?

  11. Nee,
    Exactly what I'm thinkin' regarding Greece.

  12. Pen Cap,
    Any of the protesters who are carrying the Mexican flag should be immediately deported to Mexico. If that's where their loyalty is, that's where they belong.

  13. You probably already got this but I haven't been online since yesterday afternoon:

  14. Great post. The NRO guy, Jim Garr. had a column just two days ago listing all 90 House seats that will be competitive in Nov. Some of those names are on his too. I just put up a new one on Resources we can all use in this time of tyranny. Drop by when you have time.

  15. B-Mom,
    Every single person employed by that school district needs to be fired.

  16. RacKoons,
    A number of the guys on that list have already dropped out of the elections this fall, including House Appropriations Committee Chairman Obey of Cheeseland.

  17. Regarding the oil spill, not once did I hear Obama or any of his spokespersons say anything about the 11 individuals who perished. No condolences to their families, etc. Nuttin' Honey. Good reporting Claw. DD

  18. Excellent point Darvin Dowdy

  19. Crawfish- THANKS for the list-I know many want to know who voted for Obummercare. Your post was recommened by a co-worker of mine who said "he is a Navy vet who pulls no punches in his patriotic conservitive stand" I am so glad i read your column--I was NOT disapointed!!!

  20. ALSO theis is from a FELLOW Navy vet!!

  21. Off topic but I need to vent.
    I just did a search on my screen name and I am very sad that there is someone else who uses the same screen name. The thing that makes me sad is that she has blogs on the DailyKos and HuffPo.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  22. 1. Article 3 Section 3 - Treason Note

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    OooKayyy. This Times Square bomber was a US Citizen and was definitely levying War against the United States.
    As was the Fort Hood punk.
    Come to think of it John Kerry and Jane Fonda offered aid and comfort to our enemies.

    2. "They say that the Tea Party protests are calls for revolution and anti-American activities."
    Uh... Fish... Tea Party protests ARE calls for revolution. A revolution next November at the polls. Voting them all out will be a revolution.

    3. Some jerk on television was talking about the US's "inability" to secure the border. He was wondering why we could secure the border in Korea but not here. So in Korea illegal border crossers are effing shot! I'd go for that policy here. Sure would slow down the traffic.

    4. Tell me just what you could drape on Ms. Obama that would make her look good?

    5. So why didn't the Greeks raise hell the last time the Germans marched in and told them how it was going to be?? Liberalism is like a parasite than can only live in a permissive democracy. It lives off the permissiveness until it devours everything killing the democracy.
    Notice I said "democracy". It is doing a pretty good job of rendering our Republic pretty anemic right now.

    6. And finally. WHY is it considered racist to demand enforcement of the law????

    ps Alaska, Oklahoma and Montana had no one vote for the Obamacare? While Texas has 11. Sad. Texas used to be freedom loving. Like Alaska, Oklahoma and Montana. Before all the damnyankees moved in and got populous enough to elect idiots to the legislatures.....

  23. DD,

    Have you also noticed how much the Dems castigated W about the response to Katrina, but the major floods in the midwest last fall and the floods in Nashville this week (both of which killed more people than Katrina) have received how much Dem attention? ZERO!

  24. Blackpen,
    WELCOME ABOARD! Always good to see another Sailor 'rund these parts.

  25. B-Mom,
    the other one probably got her moniker by becoming a mother after a weekend of dancing nekkid around a campfire on the beach in Californication.

  26. Buck,
    1) And Hanoi Jane and Frenchie were not prosecuted because...???
    2) That's not a "revolution", but rather the citizenry of our Republic waking up.
    3) Remember my border control plan in the American Tradition Party platform?
    4) She'd look a lot better if she used the designers that Laura Bush and (EGAD!) Hillary! used.
    5) They were on their union-mandated lunch breaks.
    6) Because the left wants the mezzican vote, even though the left opposes everything the Catholic Church stands for and those people are almost all Catholic.

  27. Obama's Katrina--THATS what this is...Bush made it to New Orleans in a few days---how long for Obummer--over 10!!not only that where is "fearless leader" in Tennessee??? (new post up) great read Craw!!

  28. Blackwater,
    but the media will NEVER call him on it!


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