Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5-12-2010 The Weekly Claw

Is anybody really surprised by Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court? An unqualified, anti-military leftist with no strong trail of paperwork to follow. A stealth candidate. Sounds like the 2008 election all over again. Well, we do know a few things about her, none of which are good, but will the mainstream media report them accurately? I mean, where is the mainstream media reporting about her trying to get the Supreme Court to say that the First Amendment should be rendered null and void by Congress? What about her article in the University of Chicago Law Review stating that the government should have a role in restricting speech? Here’s a hint for how to determine if a nominee for any court is not qualified…if they bring a case before that court and get unanimously rejected (like Kagan and Harvard did when they tried to bar US military recruiters from the school), then that person is not qualified to be on that court.

What is the proper penalty for piracy? According to a spokesperson for the Somali pirates (They have a spokesperson? Shouldn’t that be considered being an accomplice?), the Russians know what it should be!

When I get a chance to peruse the local newspaper, I always read the letters to the editor. This morning, I found a gem in the letters in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Read the letter entitled “A Belated Thank You” and your heart will be warmed.

Regular Claw Contributor “Beachmom” sent me this story that shows exactly how far from reality Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy has fallen, and to what extremes she will go to continue her quest for a completely open border. The botox has destroyed those last 5 brain cells.

Taxachusetts’ Guvna Patrick is a good Democrat and Obamite. By that, of course, I mean that he opposes the new law in Arizona because he supports illegal immigration. His state’s legislature even voted down a bill that would have barred non-drybacks from getting state benefits, even though 70% of the state’s population supports the bill (sounds like Obama, P-Lousy, and Dingy Harry with the Obamacare bill, doesn’t it?). What civilized nation does not have penalties (many quite severe) for being in their land illegally? What civilized nation gives government benefits, including free education and free medical care, to people who are in that nation illegally? Hey Guvna, enter Mexico without a visa and demand free education for your kids, free medical care, and zero harassment from law enforcement officials (such as there are in Mexico) and see if you get treated anywhere near the way their illegals are treated here.

Here’s a video of a teacher in El Lay spewing racism (while calling whites racist), calling California “stolen, occupied Mexico”, and calling for revolution against whites and capitalism. Yep, the only true racists and the only ones calling for revolution are Tea Party folks, according to the Democrats and the media (sorry for repeating myself again).

Meanwhile, high school students are praised for wearing Mexican colors on Cinco de Mayo, which is not even a holiday in Mexico, but American students are sent home for being soooooo offensive by wearing shirts with the American flag. What country are we in?

The liberal mantra of Tea Party protesters being terrorist threats has been repeated fifteen times by Representative Andre Carson, all recorded by a Washington Times reporter. He also claimed that he was barraged by racial epithets by the white supremacist Tea Partiers during the last DC protest, even though all video evidence shows that to be a typical Democrat lie. They really are running scared from real Americans, aren’t they?

The lengths that liberals will go to purposely offend Americans are boundless. It seems that some of them were quite disappointed when the Supreme Court allowed a cross in the Mojave Desert to stand as a WW1 war memorial. They had a temper tantrum, cut the metal cross down, and stole it. Liberals are at war with Christians, but refuse to be at war with the religion that really is at war with us. Go figger.

Meanwhile, an art teacher excoriated a public school student for drawing an American flag, which the teacher said was “offensive”. Meanwhile, the same teacher praised a student who drew a picture of Barack Obama. The indoctrination of our children into the Cult of Obama continues. Is this the USA or North Korea? Hat tip to Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny”.

Remember how Obama, Reid, and P-Lousy manipulated the data to get the CBO to score the Obamacare bill at less than a trillion dollars, because hitting that number would cause them to lose votes? The GOP and the conservatives in talk radio and the blogs tried to warn y’all that it was all a lie, and now the CBO agrees that the cost will definitely be above a trillion. Yes, we have more proof that Obama, Reid, P-Lousy, Biden, and the rest of the Democrats are indeed serial LIARS!

Check out this column from James Branch, a member of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Community Columnist Panel. This guy really gets it.

Under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, the United States Marine Corps is now rejecting recruits who have tattoos of the battle flag of the Confederate States of America. Yes, Southern Pride is the same thing as overt racism. Just wait. I’ve got more stories about the Administration’s war against the Armed Forces of the Unites States.

The Obama Defense Department has officially asked Congress to not give any more big pay raises to the members of our military. How dare Congress give those angry terrorists decent pay! That money is supposed to go to the leeches on Welfare!

Obama’s Secretary of the Navy is also part of the anti-military left. Don’t believe me? Why is he naming a San Antonio-class amphibious ship (the class is supposed to be named for cities ONLY) for John Murtha, enemy of the Marine Corps? He also worked with the Secretary of Defense to kill off one of the Marines’ major weapons programs. This was just one piece of SecDef Gates’ plan to kill off the Marine Corps and chop down the Navy.

Will SecDef Gates and Homeland Security Ditz Napolitano endorse this idea for the future of our nation’s Border Patrol and Armed Forces?

The Obamafication of the military reaches a new low with serious proposals to award medals to soldiers who do NOT open fire on the enemy if there’s any possibility of civilian casualties. They are ALL civilians, since they are not members of the recognized armed forces of any recognized nation!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley


  1. The proposed medal/award should be known as "The Order of the Insane".
    Even money that any given out are done so posthumously.
    Do these people truly NOT understand just who they are up against?

    Here's a hint:

  2. Yeah, it's pretty clear that the cultural civil war in this country is definitely heating up.

    Good! It's about time!

  3. What Brian said....Heh. I love a good fight.

  4. The belated thank-you was a heart warmer.
    Deval Patrick is a typical liberal elitist. The first thing he did after he was elected guvnah was to buy himself a brand new Caddy with taxpayers' money.
    Gates is a squishy kiss ass.
    When more of his and Barry's attempts at destroying our military get out, there will be a big backlash.
    That's one of the reasons Barry said that all the information that is available because of technology is a distraction. Most people didn't focus on that little part of his tantrum during the speech he was giving.
    Can you imagine the mess the Southwest would be if Mexico had control of it? They've made a complete, corrupted mess of their own country and now they want to ruin more real estate?
    That teacher is still teaching too.
    Good post Craw!

  5. Concerning the "cultural civil war", I just hope that this time the "heating up" removes most of the Far Left and Liberal Elites from the equation of the discussion. Their insane reasoning got us in this mess in the first place.

    And even though my own wife is a public school teacher, our oldest grandson will start "home schooling" this next school year. The teachers in our area are not as bad as those mentioned in your Weekly Claw but they are also no where close to the skills of my wife's 30 years or her love of our country. (She will be over-seeing his schooling, with me filling in on math and history.)

    As an aside, I just got another 1000 rounds of 7x57mm. If the shiite hits the fan, I want to be ready. Next I will start looking for deals on .300 Savage ammo.

  6. OK,after a brief illness,I'm back,as if anyone gives a rats ass mwahahahahaha...A)Answer to all those questions,HELL NO.Why would ANYONE think Obama would pick someone ACTUALLY competent to sit on that bench.B)I agree with Russia's stance here.But,we HAVE learned where Gibbs will be working when this trash is tossed from the White Crib in'12 !!C)Hmmm...that was nice.I find I liked the 1st letter on that list as well.D) C'MON,Craw,what the hell do you mean,she had 5 brain cells? You gave her 4 too many. Too bad this moroness is in such an idiotic district.E)Are there ANY dhimmis with ANY frigging sense at all?How the morons who vote for these people can breathe without instruction is beyond me.Lazy bastards do what the OLDM tells them,and elect these abject fools,they DESERVE to suffer the consequences of their stupidity. Too bad for US,however.F)It would be my guess this asshole isn't here legally either.G)Well,given this clown's name,are you surprized? Gotta keep in good stead with LaRaza,you know.Time to clean out the bad weeds from these school administration staffs,too damn many of them as it is.H) And to think,the bozo said he's from Intelligence? BULLSHIT.Delusional City is the problem. I)Wasn't this cross located on PRIVATE property? These asswipes should be charged and jailed. Preferably in Mezzico. J)I've come to believe that the majority of the so-called "artsy" community are simply morons,all Obamites.K) Yep,no doubt we knew that as soon as it escaped the lying lips. COMMON FRIGGING SENSE would tell one you add MORE people making demands on ANY system,the MORE it will cost,and the less there is to go around.Harvard,Yale,and the rest of these idiot factories can't figure that out,or what? L)Yes,he sure does get it. Too bad not many others do.M)What can one say about this IDIOCY? Except for screaming at the top of your lungs,"STOP THE BULLSHIT".N) Geez,more asshattery? Not surprizing. He's got to get the vote-buying stash from SOMEWHERE.We all know he could care less about the military,or actually doing his duty.He's all about CHANGE,don'tcha know? Too bad,we have an elected official actually doing what he said he was going to do.O) And to think,Bush actually hired the asshat.P) NO. They would be too afraid of offending the transgendered community. Besides,as inept as these two are,they'd never think of it,and Obama wouldn't want to spend the money on actually defending the border.Q) To think that there are people who believe the SOB is not doing this crap on purpose.Obama,destrying America one day at a time. Good compendium of poo,Craw. C ya next week.

  7. Concur with BrianR.

    Also, good job on Kagan. She's anti free speech, anti gun, and worked to keep Zero's harvard records sealed.

  8. 1. I believe the customary punishment for piracy is/was hanging from the yardarm upon capture. But, as the USA doesn't even follow the Geneva Convention's rules of war for capturing non uniformed combatants (a tap in the head with a 30.06) why should we expect them to follow ancient maritime laws regarding pirates???

    2. Taxachusetts' Guvna Patrick didn't follow the special election for the seat Kennedy held? This guy must be a real death-wish kinda fellow.

    3. I understand for many years Americans have tried to show restraint. Good ol' Western hospitality. Ignore insults. Turn the other cheek. I think we have run out of cheeks. Once again..what is the definition of sedition? What is the definition of Treason??

    4. Rep Carson et al are not running scared. They come from "entitlement" districts and will be re-elected no matter what they do as long as they don't vote to cut off welfare, wic, section 8, food stamps or free passes on college entrance exams....

    5. Good article, Branch, but a tad too late for me. I finally got fed up with police inaction with the crack house across the street from me, drugged addicts driving into the front of my house, gunfire every night, theft, burglary and having to sleep with my .45 on the nightstand and 12ga on the floor by the bed. It was a family homstead purchased when Poly was a nice blue collar neighborhood and I watched it go down hill until "I could stands no more.." and got out of Dodge. Here's a hint for you: Until the police start treating suspects in Poly, Como and Stop Six as they treat them in Arlington Heights nothing's going to change. Until they start handing out capital punishments for capital crimes you might as well get used to sleeping with your .45 on the nightstand.

    6. Congress also failed to grant a COLA increase in Social Security last time but I notice they managed to vote themselves a pretty nice raise.

    7. Add Mike Mullen to the list and the next American president is going to have to do a lot of housecleaning..

  9. WHAT? an American flag "offencive"? Well, then I have a wardrobe of "offence"! Kagan is bad news---where is the so called "most trusted name in the news" when she says her crap??

  10. Salty,
    that video made my stomach turn. Islam is the enemy of the world, and they keep proving it.

  11. Brian,
    the cultural civil war is indeed heating up. Let's just hope it doesn't change into violence...but if it does, we know that the first actions will be taken by the left as per usual.

  12. Nee,
    Ruh-Roh! Shorty's spoiling for a fight! STAND THE *@#^# BY!!!!!!

  13. B-mom,
    a) Yeah, that's why I had to link it.
    b) That wasn't TAXPAYER money! That was money rightfully earned by the HIS mind.
    c) Quit insulting squishy kiss-asses like that.
    d) The military is slowly but surely getting pissed.
    e) Information should only be available to the leftist elite. You need to know your rightful place!
    f) Kinda like the dumb-bass yankees who leave Noo Yawk and Taxachusetts because of the taxes and cost of living. They go to Florida...then keep voting Dim-ocrat!
    g) Saw conflicting reports about whether he is a high school or a UCLA teacher.

  14. Ghost,
    If you spot some good deals on .30 Carbine...lemme know!

  15. Clyde,
    a) He picks incompetent ideologues to make himself look somewhat competent.
    b) Probably working for the Somali Pirate Legal Defense Association.
    c) Gladja liked it.
    d) The other 4 were just keeping the one company.
    e) Same morons voted for Teddythedrunk how many times? Lurch Kerry-Heinz? Bawney Fwank?
    f) Probably only legal because his mother crossed the border while 9 months prego.
    g) Can't get rid of them...they're UNION!
    h) Moronity on parade!
    i) Public property. That's the whole crux of the case.
    j) And 1/3 of 'em are heterophobes.
    k) How many gummint programs stay within 200% of the projected costs?
    l) I read that one while eating my lunch and had to read it again.
    m) Let's make enemies of the part of the country that provides something like 65% of the military. Good move, idiots.
    n) He DID promise to "fundamentally change the nation".
    o) Nobody ever said that W was a conservative.
    p) Might upset P-Lousy's district
    q) All part of the plan to surrender to the socialists and the muzzies.

  16. Buck,
    1) In the 19th century, the Brits got rid of the death penalty for piracy...marking the start of the Royal Navy's decline!
    2) Nah. The state will revert to form this fall.
    3) What's the definition of ILLEGAL?!?!
    4) Time to end the "entitlements"
    5) Or the M-1 Carbine by the headboard.
    6) They are the ELITES, and DESERVE it.
    7) Yes, I will.

  17. 8th,
    I'm a serial offender.

    CNN is taking their orders from Gibbs.

  18. You covered a lot of ground in this one and everyone has touched on pretty much everything. Only one thing I notice is that O-man likes to link himself with all the "so-called" minorities -- Hispanics, Blacks and Jews - hence the 'appointment' of Kagan - soothe her feathers to keep those Harvard records sealed! Am I right?

  19. Crawfish:

    1. Sportsman Guide: Aguila, Wolf, Federal (21.97, 17.99, 21.99: 50 rounds, FMJ)

    2. Natchez Shooter Supplies: approx. same price

    3. The Armory also has some bargins on Aguila (<19.00: 50 rounds, FMJ)

  20. Wait! You're trying to tell me Pelosi had brain cells to lose?!?

  21. Craw--good grief it was bad enough that the ACLU--Athesit Communist Leninist Union has fought the Am leagion and the VFW over the cross now someone STOLE IT!!are they that scared of a couple pieces of pipe???

  22. C-Fish:
    The military is getting pissed?
    Does that mean the officers and men who took a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic are finally going to actually PROTECT the Constitution?

    BTW got a non delivery to your email address. Send me a test.

  23. Read about Chris Christie in NJ and see how Pubs should react to all taxes and spending. He is a great model to the media and to the liberals. BTW, did you see where DIFI and Babs have a bill in the Senate to stop offshore drilling FOREVER in Ca., Wash. Ore. ?? It is unbelievable. BTW did you go on the Townhall Facebook bit??

  24. str8,
    if she is confirmed, there will be NO Protestants on the Court for the first time ever...and there will be 3 Jews and at least one lesbian

  25. Interface,
    well there's gotta be a few just to keep her alive...

  26. C-bow,
    they HATE everything to do with Christianity and morals. Those are major threats to their preferred lifestyles.

  27. Buck,
    we can only hope!

    Dunno why that non-delivery pops up occasionally. It does that to a few folks who send me stuff quite a bit

  28. Glenn,
    I was up there for Christie's campaign, and knew he'd take the job seriously.
    Ask those Senators which they prefer....trememdous expansion of our nuclear power plants and no fuel for our cars/planes/ships/trains/trucks, or offshore drilling.
    I did join the Facebook group.

  29. I agree with Ghost-BrianR--civil war is right...just look who is supporting Arizona....and who is not. (new post up)

  30. Kegan has a lot she is not telling....we already know somewhat because of her anti-military/anti-family stands at her school. Also her "lementing" the decline of Socialism--Hmmmm I wonder what direction she is pushing?? great read Crawfish --hit them HARD!

  31. Pat76,
    I'll be over when I get a chance.

  32. Knight Owl,
    Too bad the GOP doesn't have the gonads to block her.
    Thanx for stopping by, and don't be a stranger.

  33. Now that was a tasty Claw Mud bug. I think I'll post a metal cross and draw a flag today just to see if I can piss off a liberal. Sorry so late getting to it, I'm still jet lagged and playing catch-up.

    The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.
    Thomas Jefferson

  34. Jim,
    Dat ain't nuttin', bro. Just wait until you see THIS week's offering!


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