Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5-19-2010 The Weekly Claw

Lots of crazy news this week, including the end of Arlen S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’s political career. If you think The Crawfish is gonna shed a single tear for Specturd, think again.

Since when do Democrats give a damn about what the Constitution says? You’re probably wondering what they did THIS time to get me to go there, so I’m gonna tell ya. Current federal law puts a cap on fines to oil companies for cleanup after a spill at $75,000,000.00. Senators Bob Menendez (Dim-Noo Joisey), Frank “The Louse” Lautenberg (Dim-Noo Joisey), and Ben Nelson (Dim-Corn) are pushing for a new federal law to push the cap up to $10,000,000,000.00, and they will make the new law retroactive to April 15th. This flies in the face of the Constitution’s prohibition on ex post facto (after the fact) laws and bills of attainder. The Dims know this, but they don’t care. They know that they will have at least four votes in their favor on the Supreme Court, assuming that anti-Constitutionalist Kagan is confirmed to join anti-Constitutionalists Ginsburg, Breyer, and anti-Constitutionalist racist Sotomayor.

Ain’t it interestin’ how so many colleges and universities are covering up the theses written by many top liberals? Hillary! has her thesis being blocked from public perusal by Wellesley. The Chosen One’s writings are being withheld by Haaaah-vahd. MicHELLe’s thesis was blocked by Princeton until AFTER the election because of its radicalism and racism. Now Elena Kagan’s senior thesis at Princeton, in which she praises our enemies during the Cold War and supports socialism, has been pulled back by Princeton. No wonder she called the confirmation process a “charade”. If her views are being covered up, it definitely IS a charade!

Guess who helped Bill Clinton craft the strategy to uphold Bill Clinton’s veto of the partial birth abortion ban in 1997. Yes, The Chosen One’s SCOTUS nominee supports partial birth abortion on demand.

If the GOP surrenders and allows Kagan to take a seat on the Court, it might be an advantage for conservatives on one subject. She helped craft parts of the legislation and legal strategy to support Obamacare, so she would probably have to recuse herself from any case involving Obamacare.

The Chosen One had the Midas Touch back in 2008, but since then it has turned into the Fecal Touch. Everything he does turns to….well, you get it. He is now 0-4 in campaigning for liberals in statewide elections, as his boy Arlen S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (aka Specturd) got smoked in the Democrat primary in Pennsylvania. Being a spineless turncoat didn’t work out for Arlen.

Do y’all want to see the future of America’s health care under Obamacare? Well, here is a sneak peak of what is to come. Medicare reimbursement rates are being cut by 21% two weeks from now, meaning that doctors who treat Medicare patients will be losing money with every office visit or procedure. There will be fewer and fewer docs available soon, meaning Medicare health care will in effect be RATIONED. Since Medicare is the blueprint for Obamacare…I’m just sayin’.

Is federal law enforcement out of control? Take a look at this video, supplied to us by Poll Katz e-mailer “REC” and tell us what you think.

The pro-illegal alien forces that are unionized teachers have done it again. This time, a high school student has been suspended because he took down a Mexican flag that was prominently displayed in the school in the aftermath of the new Arizona law. The flag was displayed 4 feet higher than any American flag in the building.

Is The Crawfish the only one who finds this funny? The City of El Lay, along with a host of other cities and towns in Californication, and even the state government, is all up in arms and boycotting Arizona because of their new law. Meanwhile, Section 834b of the California Penal Code states: “(a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws. (b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following: (1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status. (2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States. (3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity. (c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city, county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly prohibited.” In other words, the Arizona law mirrors the California law! Are those morons gonna boycott their own state?

The Democrats in Congress aren’t the only ones who vote or comment on bills that they have not even attempted to read. When questioned about his sharp criticism of the Arizona anti-illegal alien law, the Affirmative Action Attorney General said, “I've only made the comments that I've made on the basis of things that I've been able to glean by reading newspaper accounts, obviously, television, talking to people who are on the review panel...looking at the law.” The law is less than 20 pages long, yet he has plenty of time to comment about it but not enough time to read it, which could probably be done in the time he sits on the throne in the morning.

Homeland Security Ditz Napolitano says she wouldn’t have signed the law if she had still been Governor of Arizona, but then again she hasn’t read the bill either! Come on, folks! This bill takes less than 10 minutes to read! It isn’t like the 2700+ page Obamacare bill!

The Mexican President even took a shot at Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law on the South Lawn of the White House. Well, if that idiot and his government weren’t filled with corruption and could actually control their own country, instead of having it run by drug lords, Mexico’s wealth of natural resources and available workforce could be turned into an economic powerhouse and the Mexicans would stay home. Fix your own damned house, Felipe! Oh, and by the way…how does YOUR country treat illegal aliens?

Ain’t it amazing how liberals are sooooo politically correct that they cannot and will not admit that Islam is at war with us? Well, whaddya expect when the President IS a muslim and his Attorney General was appointed purely because he is a leftist black man. Here is a video of Eric Holder being grilled by Representative Lamar Smith of Texas. Representative Smith is trying to get Holder to give a yes or no answer to the question of whether or not “radical Islam” had anything to do with the three most recent muslim terrorist attacks on the USA. Between this video and Holder’s not reading the Arizona law before condemning it, do we need any more proof that he is indeed the most incompetent and stooooopid person to ever hold his position?

Holder’s people are showing themselves to not only be incompetent, but incredibly poor liars. They tried to tell the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that the case against the Black Panthers for their blatant voter intimidation in Filthadelphia is getting dropped because of “insufficient evidence”. Huh? How can there be “insufficient evidence” when the incident was captured by a reporter on video with sound?

“Barack Obama hates white people!” Imagine if a big country star had said that in response to the federal non-response to the severe flooding in Nashville. Would the reaction be the same as when Kanye West said “George W. Bush hates black people!” after the state and local authorities screwed up so badly with Katrina? Let’s see what Larry Elder has to say about it.

The Democrat state AG who hopes to take “Countrywide” Dodd’s Senate seat when Dodd retires in January has a slight problem. He’s a liar. Not only that, but he lied to the public about his military background, claiming that he was in Vietnam when he actually got multiple deferments (went to Haaah-vahd, home of liars) until in 1970 he got one of the coveted Marine Reserve positions and entered the fight…the fight to get toys for the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program. When he took the stage to supposedly apologize for a few “misstatements”, one of the guys flanking him was a KNOWN PHONY VETERAN! What a maroon.

Why in the world do people think Woody Allen is brilliant? His movies, for the most part, are awful. His private life has been really messed up. Now he says that Obama should be a dictator for a few years so he could get stuff done quickly. Can you say MO-RON?!?!?!

"Why doesn't the President go in there, nationalize an industry and get the job done for the people?” What hardcore socialist made this pronouncement? What isn’t the media ripping the guy a new one? Oh, the statement came from Chrissy “Tingly Leg” Matthews.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley


  1. 1. I cannot believe even one SCOTUS judge would find a "retroactive" law constitutional.

    2. SCOTUS...a paradox. Something MUST be done to restrict appointment and/or to remove judges who do not follow the Constitution. But What and how??? One of the founding fathers and I don't remember which was dead set against establishing a judicial branch of government. We are now beginning to see why?

    3. Arlen Specter. The ferry operator in Josey Wales. Good riddance to a low moral cheap politician.

    4. Poll Katz' video should be seen by every American. It brings up several points.
    Both witnesses acted much like the Russians who were being brutalized by the NKVD/KGB.
    They thought Uncle Joe didn't know of the excesses and if he just knew he would stop it.
    Another thing. Why do American Law Enforcement Officers feel the need to dress in black jump suits and WEAR SKI MASKS??
    Another thing. The victims in the video are but a few.
    Another thing. They support my contention the alphabet agencies should be disbanded.
    Another thing. It also shows the alphabet police do not care one whit about the Constitution although as law enforcement officers they swore the same oath as you and I upon entering the Navy.

    5. Arizona has told LA go ahead and boycott us. And then sit around reading your comic books by candlelight. Seems Lots of LA electricity comes from AZ.

    6. Dropping the black panther case is a way to intimidate timid folks and keep them from the polls next November. I just wish the #%Ck they'd show up at my..or any other... Oklahoma polling place.

    7. Blumenthal proved he is dumber than Hanoi John Kerry. At least Kerry knew if he went to Viet Nam and got 3 quick Purple Hearts he could come home and resume his anti-American life. So he went, self inflicted and came. Blumenthal is what they call a "poser"... He's also a liar and anyone who votes for him should seriously re-examine their values.

  2. Chris, I showed that video I sent you to two customers of mine and they sat there silently with their jaws dropped.
    When it was over I asked them, "Now doesn't that make you want to go out and buy some more ammunition?" I am picturing a VERY different America after the dust settles when we through running the radicals out of the country.
    Blumenthal doesn't need to apologize to us, he needs to prostrate himself in front of the 58,000+ names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
    Ron (REC)

  3. Buck,
    1) I know of four currently on the court that would...
    2) A judicial branch, yes. One with this much power, no.
    3) Long overdue.
    4) I don't understand the need for full-black unless going up against heavily armed people who are known to shoot first.
    5) Especially the electricity for El Lay.
    6) THAT would be a fun time!
    7) Even his cover-ups are obviously phony.

  4. Ron,
    you KNEW that one would get linked!

  5. Well done Craw: Now I have to take more Blood Pressure meds...


  6. Great summary of the messes being continually created in D.C., Claw. Appreciate the links as well. What infuriates me as much as anthing is that the supposed President of the United States would trash a State in public. Our Republic may not be long on this earth. BTW, as soon as I get all this google and FB thing figured out, I think I will be moving my blog here to blogspot.

  7. Hey, tried to post a comment and it didn't take so am letting you know I really like your summation here, Crawfish. To beleive we are not in deep, deep trouble means you have to be a person who is living on another planet. For example, when was the last time a U.S. President slammed an individual, sovereign State in the company of the head of a foreign government? Indeed there may be an example of this in the past, but I can't recall one right now.

  8. Well how 'bout that ... they appeared at the same time. Geez I am 'puter, cyber-space stupid. Sorry about that. And please forgive the misssspellings.

  9. Hey, Craw, when did you put the picture up? Pretty cool, bro.

    Great commentary. Every time I thought I had a comment to add, I saw you'd already covered it.

  10. Turn-coat spectrre said it himself--This is for my carreer--what about the American people? great read Craw! Fair and fellowing seas!(new post up at the POUND!)

  11. Medicare reimbursement rates are being cut by 21%?

    I wonder what that will represent in the midterm elections? Perhaps an additional 21% fewer Dumbocraps?

    What ever the case, we are getting closer to the "tipping" point. Even the Liberal Trolls at TH are getting more shrill in their "worship" of O'Vomit. (I think the shrillness has to do with the fact that even the trolls know the "jig" is up on O'Vomit.)

  12. Craw, in answer to your questions of 'how much more proof' or 'how much more evidence', I think I know of another law-enforcement branch (of sorts) that could give you the correct answer to that one.

    "This is not the proof you are looking for."
    'This is not the proof we are looking for.'

  13. Mrs AL,
    I are 'puter-stooopid a lot of the time meself.

  14. Brian,
    that pic was taken aboard the USS RONALD REAGAN in 2004.

    If I'm popping your commentary, I must be doin' it right.

  15. Dawg,
    Specturd should have gone away long ago.

    Be right over!

  16. Ghost,
    if those cuts do go into effect, that can be a major campaign issue this fall. Couold cause massive losses for the lefties among their senior voters.

  17. Ender,
    ahhhhh...the guardians of the Old Republic with their HQ on Coruscant.

  18. Claw - It's amazing how many dimocrits get their thesis and backgrounds 'sealed' and the MSM overlooks it... that's a one-way street! Love the falsified military record by Bloomin-thall, right up there w/John Kerry! Will they ever learn these records are found out?

    I'm so tired of the 'illegal' immigration issue - and politicians who WON'T read the LAW - but will read newspapers or listen to the media? There's a sure sign of intelligence! Help!

    Lots of stuff to annoy "True Citizens" happening these Days!

  19. OK,you asked for it... A)Spectre losing ain't crazy news,that is GREAT news. One turd flushed,99 to go. B)Since they do not understand the Constitution is for LIMITING what THEY can do,they CHOOSE to ignore it.WHEN these dhimmis are sent packing,the damnable R's had BEST step up to the plate,and get rid of MOST of the crap to have emanated from the sewer of this regime.Or THEY,TOO can suffer.C)Typical cats covering their crap.Same as in their writings. We really do not need to see it,since with EVERY utterance out of their pieholes we KNOW what is in there.D)Not surprized. Like the asshat-in-chief would pick differently? E)The gutless R's can't stop it anyway,but they will cave and not point out the obvious.The only way I could see Kagan recusing herself would be being dragged out kicking and screaming.F)THAT is a good thing. Hell,Obama knows he has the Crapper Touch,why go to Spectre's defense when you KNOW every time you've campaigned for someone,they've been CREAMED.G) I must tell you I'm SHOCKED,SHOCKED I say to read this. OK,OK,sarcasm off!!H) Thanks for that link. This reinforces the absolute NEED to fight for the 2nd Amendment to the death.I) Can we suspend liberals from this same flagpole?J) The depth of stupidity from the feds,and the left(sorry for repeating myself) in this whole Az. saga is something to behold.CANNOT wait to see ElLay in the dark!!! bwahahahahahaha K)Apparently,the ONLY excuse for any of the regime's flaks is abject ignorance.Any way we can bitchslap 65 million + ? L) Here it is. The Story That Got Him. Just WHO the F&@K does this assbarnacle think he is? HIS government HANDS OUT pamphlets for EVADING detection,HIS gov't IMPRISONS illegals,and he DARES chastise US? To top it off,we have a totus who says the SAME things,and a bunch of dickheads stand and CHEER this clown? UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE.Gutless sonsabitches anyway,ALL of the asshats should have WALKED,en masse,out the goddamn door.A pox on ALL OF THEM. SHAME on you,congress.Assmunches.HJC,can it get ANY worse with this bunch? Can they be MORE despised? Stay tuned.M) Hell,we knew BEFORE Holder was sworn he was the worst one for the job.N)You know full well why the charges were dropped. Would they have been if,say,the KKK or other white supremacists had been wielding clubs by a polling place? About as much chance as snowballs in hell.O) Elder is spot-on here. Too bad the Hale fellow didn't tell it like it is.P) Learned something new here. Plastic bananas do come in bunches.I agree with Ron. This asshole NEEDS to go to the Wall.Q) Woody Allen is still alive?? Another nebbish who won't assume room temperature soon enough. R) Dittoes to Tingly. See Q). Aside to BrianR. Can't get on TH these days to comment,can only read the post,so I'll e-mail you after reading. Good stuff,Craw. C ya!!!

  20. Hey, Craw, new one up at my place, too.

  21. Yepper, that was a meaty claw alright. I've heard they have sequestered Kegan so no one can ask her any questions, wouldn't want to vet this one. Midas touch? Everything he don't like has blowed up. Coal mines, oil rigs, I fear for the astronauts! I actually did something that no one in the Democrat's party have done, I read the Arizona law, it's actually far tamer than Federal law which does allow for racial profiling. Funny we haven't heard that!
    Radical Islam, there, that's not so tough!
    Uh, the reason we are drilling at such dangerous depth is because the dumb shiite liberals won't let them drill in the shallower waters...DUH!!!

    Yepper, that was a good claw. I'm sorta in your neck of the woods next week (SanAntonio) Mud Bug.
    Thanks for the Grub!

  22. Y'know what's interesting about the Kagan nomination to me?

    Well... of course you don't. So I'm gonna tell you!

    She has zero bench experience. Zip. Nada. And the Lefties are falling all over themselves congratulating Bat Ears on his wisdom and courage, blah blah, etc.

    Bush nominated Harriett Mierts, a well-qualified lawyer with more experience than Kagan... but also zero bench time.

    The Lefties absolutely set their hair on fire. "No experience! A tyro on the highest court in the land!", etc. Even his own party told Bush he was screwing up, and she "withdrew" her nomination.

    Can anyone say "hypocrisy" in a language Lefties understand? Because that word doesn't seem to be intheir lexicon.

  23. str8,
    The MSM heartily approves of covering up stuff that makes their own people look bad, but conservatives will never be allowed to keep secrets (including national security secrets).

    This Administration and the rest of the Dim-ocratic Party are Hell-bent on overturning the Constitution and will never enforce any law that doesn't fit within their agenda.

  24. SPECTRE won't be missed--he showed his turncoat colors long ago. This election year we MUST clean house whle we stil have a free constituitional republic to save!

  25. Clyde,
    a) Well, 1 flushed and 58 for sure to go. Then we'll start flushing some RINOs to go along with 'em.
    b) Definitely agree. They need to READ the 9th and 10th Amendments carefully.
    c) Pay no attention to the socialist behind the curtain!
    d) Just something that needs to be publicized.
    e) They CAN stop it, since they have 41 seats. Anyway as far as not recusing herself, that would lead to future lawsuits saying her vote on the issue was invalid.
    f) He campaigned for S.P.E.C.T.R.E. until a couple of weeks ago.
    g) We told ya there'd be rationing!
    h) AND the 10th!
    i) I'd prefer to give them the treatment that Edward II gave to William Wallace.
    j) Well, that would make El Lay more "green", wouldn't it?
    k) Not as long as they control the media.
    l) When the Dims stood to cheer, the Pubs should have walked out.
    m) Making Reno look superb.
    n) See what happens when you vote based purely upon skin color?
    o) Remember last year's massive floods up in the Dakotas and that region? Remember how the White Crib had exactly zero response? BARACK OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE!
    p) and prostrate himself before the vets there on Memorial Day.
    q) I never have understood why so many think he's such a great director and a genius. His movies, his life, and his pronouncements are all crrrappy!
    r) He still believes that he is a serious and unbiased journalist. Idjut.

  26. Jim,
    WE are vetting her more than the GOP is!
    Nothing in the Californication version outlaws profiling either!

  27. BrianR,
    They are the masters of "Do as we say, not as we do"!

  28. Knight Racer,
    Amen, brother! Thanx for stopping by!

  29. Ha! The press says it has been forbidden from speaking to Kagen's brother and the rest of her family?
    The govt. can't legally do that.
    They press is just going along with the wishes of The One as usual.

    Medicare cut by 21%? My mother's going to love that...NOT. My step father was a member of the Boilermakers and Ironworkers unions for over 40 yrs. He got sick from the work and passed away. He, like probably 99% of union members thought his wife would be all set after he died.
    Again....NOT. The union told my mother she could have his full pension for 5 yrs or half for 10 and NO health insurance. So, even though my step father thought he had planned, he hadn't. How many others are in that situation now? So, people have the unions and the govt. screwin' 'em.
    I guess that's what you get when you look to someone else to take care of your money, eh?
    Unions and the libidiots were made for each other.

  30. Craw-just imagine if Bush was prez when this happened--and the lame-press still gives king Barack the first the free pass!!

  31. Sestak admits the WH offered him a job if he would drop out of the race.
    That is a felony.
    Hmmm....anyone here think Holder will even order an investigation?
    Me neither.

  32. Dude, they're the masters of "Do as I say, because I don't care what you think".

  33. B-mom,
    a REPUBLICAN government would not be able to do that.

    A union lied? Say it ain't so!

  34. Blackpen,
    imagine that...the liberal press supporting and covering for a muslim socialist anti-American.

  35. B-mom,
    Holder will say that there's no evidence, and the press won't push the issue at all.

  36. Brian,
    that's a good way to put it!


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