Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2-23-2010 The Weekly Claw

Thanks for all of the prayers and wishes of good luck for my job search. The Crawfish will once again be employed next month. There is a downside to it, though. I’m gonna have to join a union. (insert retching sounds here)

The White House is touting their “Health Care Summit” later this week, but in the meantime they have
put forth their own proposal and are saying that if the GOP objects to it, they will pass it through a 51-vote majority via “reconciliation” anyway. In other words, the summit is completely meaningless. They have absolutely no desire to consider any GOP proposal, and they really don’t give a damn about what the vast majority of the American people want (only 35% of voters want any health care reform passed this year). They know better, so sit down, shut up, and take it. Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Amerika.

Minority Leader Boehner says that these actions will cause the summit to be nothing more than a “
Democratic infomercial”.

One of the keys to lowering health care costs is tort reform. Too bad the trial lawyers, who own the Democratic Party, have informed Obama that
there will be no tort reform allowed.

Is it therefore any surprise that President Obama’s approval index is now sitting at a
NEGATIVE 19%, with an all-time record low “strongly approve” of 22%?

This is rich. The White House, the liberal media, and the Democrats keep saying that the Republicans have put forth no health care proposals of their own. Not only is that completely false, but the
GOP health care proposals are even linked on the White House website!

When columnists in Than Franthithco are complaining about how Obama’s trying to run the nation, you know he’s in trouble. The message is that the
United States isn’t Chicago.

The Affirmative Action Attorney General now admits that nine Justice Department appointees, not counting himself,
worked for or represented Gitmo detainees. Remember that Holder was a partner in the law firm Covington and Burling, which represented the Gitmo detainees, when The Anointed One appointed him to his current job. Once again, the question must be asked…which side is the Obama Administration on?

Why are the Democrats soooooo anti-business and sooooooo anti-capitalism? Dan Calabrese of North Star National has figured out the answer and
has a fine column about it.

Susan Combs, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, has a
site to track all “stimulus” money in the Great State of Texas. Does your state have one of these? I haven’t perused the reports, yet.

As if there aren’t enough reasons to want RINO Michael Steele fired from his job as RNC Chairman,
check out this story.

Colin Powell has proven once again that he is not and has never been a Republican. He has
absolutely no regrets about voting for Barack Obama and says. “I think it was the right choice when the nation voted for him. He has done some things that have helped the nation a great deal.” Powell also decried the partisanship in DC, and blamed it all on the GOP, despite the actual facts, such as the Dems crafting all of their legislation without accepting a single bit of input from the GOP. Why would anybody ever consider him to be a Republican?

Compare Powell’s liberalism and his openly voting for someone on the basis of skin color with
Glenn Beck’s 58 minute address to the Conservative Political Action Conference. One of these two men actually believes in upholding the Constitution. The other one took an oath to do so, but obviously never meant a word of it.

Why did thirteen Americans die at Fort Hood on November 5th, when he had repeatedly exhibited extremist views and loyalty to Islam over the United States? All together now…
DIVERSITY and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! It is beyond time to end the insanity.

I know it’s gonna be hard for y’all to wrap your heads around this new bit of shocking news, but please give it a try. The Man-made Glo-Bull Warming “scientists” have had to
withdraw their report that said the oceans would rise by a half meter or more in this century. It seems some of their findings were, shall we say, false.

This really has been a bad year for the Warmers and their Prophet Algoracle. Not only is his scam/religion falling apart, but now Senator Inhofe is asking for a full-blown Justice Department (I know, I know…Holder would blackwash it) investigation into it and is demanding that
Fat Al be called before the Senate to testify about all of his lies.

His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama started a new federal agency to study Glo-Bull Warming and provide ideas to combat it. It’s too bad that
the first appointee to run the thing has now been accused of suppressing the scientific data that proves man-made Glo-Bull Warming to by mythical. Their religion is collapsing rapidly.

PMSNBC’s pre-eminent moron Keith Olbermann is at it again, but the organizers of the Dallas Tea Party have given him
a put-up or shut-up opportunity. Does he have the squirrel food to take them up on their offer, or is he a eunuch? The Crawfish is betting on the latter.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at
CrawfishsClaw@yahoo.com and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles.”
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

The Constitution of the United States


  1. If Barry were really concerned with actually serving the people of this country and/or with what they (we) think, he would stop the lying and push for govt. takeovers.
    A Chicago thug marxist, through and through.

    I think the Repubs should attend the infomercial. But they should spend the entire time questioning the Constitutionality of everything the libs propose.
    I can dream, can't I?

    Powell is a racist in that he voted based on skin color. Which means he did not vote for a man because of that man's skin color.

    Olby was horrible as a sportscaster and is worse as a talking head.

    Congrats again on your new job. That didn't take long. Mrs. Crawfish must be happy with that. My condolences at having to join a union.
    Run for the next union office that opens up.

  2. As if Steele isn't enough to fire up conservative Republicans, how about those 100 supposedly non-RINOs who voted against the stimulus and then ran to Obama asking for their share of the booty?

    These fools just can't seem to understand the message coming from all the TEA Party protests.

  3. b-mom,
    I like what Newt said about the infomercial. The GOP should go in and say "Okay Mr President, you get to make your points for the first 3 hours, then we get the next three, cameras rolling"

    Powell's just an idiot. His claim to fame was Desert Storm, and there he was just smart enough to let Schwartzkopf do what he wanted.

    Olby sux at everything he does.

    Due to lack of seniority, I'm probably gonna be stuck with 2nd shift after my training period.

  4. Saltwater,
    that's why I voted for Debra Medina in the TX GOP primary.

    Yes, this supposedly raaaaaaacist and sexist conservative voted for a hispanic woman.

  5. I too won't hold my breath concerning Senator Inhofe's request for an investigation of Al Bore; but we can always hope Crawfish!

    But what the US MSM is not publishing about the world-wide investgations into the "Global Warming" bunch is encouraging.

  6. Ghost,
    as long as Dingy Harry is in charge, nothing will happen.

    Just wait until you see the possibly impeachable offenses I've got lined up on Friday!

  7. What do you mean join a union? You're in Texas, aren't ya'?

    "Why would anybody ever consider him to be a Republican?" Well, he sure fooled Dubya for 4 years.

    Limbaugh was saying Gore should be sued in civil court and indicted in criminal court.

    Yeah, global warming is folding faster than a sailor's resolve in a Yokosuka cat house.

    You think Olbermann has pulled a boner, Bill Maher called Americans stupid. Hope all his fans were listening to the interview.

  8. Buck,
    Yeah, but all of the aerospace jobs are with companies that have unions.

    Who ever called W a real Republican?

    Multiple times!

    or Olongapo, or Napoli, or Thailand, or...

    Maher at least tries to consider himself a comedian.

  9. Tuesday,a day late... A) Congrats on the new job!! I TOLD you you'd get one,eh?As for the union,if you have an org.like we had in the Teamsters,which was called Teamsters for a Democratic Union,join it,work to improve it,or,like I ended up doing,tell them to f@ck off,and just do your job. The union DOES NOT sign your paycheck.THAT is the ONLY person who means ANYTHING.B)Clyde's advice to the GOP? STAY THE HELL HOME.You are going to be made to look like fools.Let the dhimmis look like fools.Don't be simply the party of NO,but HELL,NO.C) Is it just me,or is Boehner a real dork? NO,SH!T,SHERLOCK??!!??D)Another HUGE no shiteeer.E)There was a song years ago,can't remember who did it,went something like this..."He's goin' down,he's goin' down,got his head up his azs,and his polls are goin'DOOOWWWNNN.F) When ALL you do is LIE,it is TOUGH to keep'em all straight.Gotta tell a hundred to cover for 1.G)No,it ain't. And it AIN'T Freakcisco,either.H)We KNOW who's side he's on.Holder and the REST of this cadre of criminals ALL ought to be making little rocks out of big rocks.I)Good article.Too damn bad the inept GOP can't find a way to put them OUT of business.J)No,we don't. Granholm(thank GOD she is OUT this year)was the one who said to all the other gov's who didn't want Porkulous monies,"I'll take it " simply to cover for her absolute moronic leadership,such as it was. NEVER have I seen such an INCOMPETENT make it as long as she has.K)Steele.Has.Got.To.Go.otherwise what COULD be a good year for repubs will turn to crap.Mofo's sure like to live high off the ol'hog when THEY aren't paying for it.I've told the GOP for 3 years now to go eff themselves when they came a'begging.M) Is there ANY political hack ANYWHERE who supports it anymore? I think NOT.N) Sh!t,we KNEW it when it happened. P.C. LITERALLY kills. Time to kill it,along with ALL adherents to,or practitioners thereof.O) Seems that all you need to know is in this paragraph,"it used data over the last 22,000 years to predict the sea level would rise 7cm. to 82 cm.by the end of the century". Data from 22,000 YEARS??? WHAT frickin' data?? Collected by whom?? How was it collected?? HJC,these moonbats NEED to be strung up.P)Would be nice indeed to see the azshat do a perp walk. OK,OK,I'll wake up!!!! Man can dream,can't he??!!??Q)KEEERRRRIIISSTTT,he REALLY is this stupid,isn't he?R) Man,that was EXCELLENT! But,WHO CARES what this has-frigging-been has to say about ANYTHING? Irrelevant POS,all that one is. Great steamer,Craw, C ya on the weekend. May be going to pickup a new motorpalace.

  10. Clyde,
    a) I know...unions have good and bad points
    b) Can't disagree
    c) Boehner's been pretty good for the past 15 months or so
    d) The party of trial lawyers, unions, non-drybacks, heterophobes, societal leeches,and anybody else who hates American values
    e) DOWN dooby-do DOWN DOWN
    f) lies, within lies, within lies...OOPS!
    g) He's tryin', but the backlash is more than he expected
    h) He's on the side of the muslims and anybody else who wishes to destroy America
    i) New blood needed...now if I could only hit a big Mega Millions...
    j) How Granholm dresses herself in the morning is beyond me...so much stooopidity in one brain
    k) He must be removed
    l) you missed this letter, and a chance to blast Powell
    m) VERY FEW
    n) Quit celebrating the things that seperate us ("diversity") and start celebrating the things that bring us TOGETHER!
    o) Data from archeological research, but highly misread
    p) I wanna see him blubbering before some actual tough questions from Inhofe and other non-Warmer Senators
    q) Proving that it is a religion, not a science. Put acolytes in key positions.
    r) Olby was a moron as a sports reader, and is even worse as a political commentator.

  11. Hmm...I did. I knew I was tired,but sheesh,miss a shot at the BIGGEST RINO of the herd? No question in my mind the ONLY reason Powell supported Obama was NOT because he's black,but because they're both LIBERALS.When Powell was considering a run,his wife must have REALLY whacked him upside the head with that cast-iron skillet.Knocked CLEAN OUT whatever sense he had.

  12. Funny---I do believe the GOP offered the Patients Free Coice Act of 2009.----co sponsored by a doctor!How can the Denomic-o-crats say the GOP have'nt had any ideas? This farce that is happening today is not fooling anybody.

  13. Clyde

    Colin Powell has proved beyond any limp wristed liberal, hand wringing, finger pointing doubt.
    That racism does not belong exclusively to
    White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

  14. True enough there,buck.

  15. Hahahahaha, Buck!

    Gaaawwdd.... that was priceless....

  16. Clyde,
    He just mascaraded as a 'pub to get a sweet SecState job and a bigger pension.

    Oh, and for book sales.

  17. 8th,
    I know I've put up links to their health care proposals numerous times.

  18. Buck,
    and so have Jesse Be The Jackson, Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton, Rev. Wrong, Calypso Louie...


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