Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2-16-2010 The Mardi Gras Claw

It’s Mardi Gras, and Mrs. Crawfish’s Saints won the Super Bowl, so the party’s been goin’ on for over a week. Laissez les bons temps rouler, and let’s have us some CLAW!

Let’s start off this edition of The Claw with more proof that The Crawfish is not a pure Obama-hater. I will give him and his people credit when it is due, and this is one of those cases (even if 99% of the work was probably done by career intel folks with zero political connections). A joint American-Pakistani force has captured the Taliban’s top military commander,
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Baradar is considered to be the Taliban’s #2, only behind Mullah Muhammed Omar. Please note that almost every leader of Islamic terrorist group is a “Mullah”. If that’s not proof that this is a religious war, what is?

By the way, is the Affirmative Action Attorney General going to give Baradar his Miranda rights and try him in a civilian court in Noo Yawk? Just askin’…

His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama has named a White House lawyer as his special envoy to the
Organization of the Islamic Conference. He’s trying to repair strained relations between the Islamic terrorists and the US which were supposedly strained by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, they were actually strained by the Munich Olympic Massacre, the Lockerbie Pam Am 103 bombing, the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, the car bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, 9-11, and the fact that Islam’s not-so-holy book says that all non-believers are to be converted, enslaved, or put to the sword. Townhall and Blogspot blogger “The Interface” sums up the situation in this post, complete with a few good cartoons.

Can a muslim be a loyal, patriotic American? For quite a while, The Crawfish has told you that it is an impossibility. Townhall uber-blogger
GunnyG has told you that it is an impossibility. What do you expect the folks over at American Thinker to say on the subject? Yup, they agree.

The Chosen One and his Vice Dolt keep screeching about how the Bush Administration prosecuted 300, or is it 190, terrorists
in federal courts. When apples-to-apples comparisons are made, almost all of those prosecutions fall far short of the war crimes that KSM, the Undiesbomber, and the Gitmo guests are being held for.

A couple of days back, the Vice Dolt called the victory in Iraq one of the Obama Administration’s greatest achievements, but now he says it wasn’t worth the “
horrible price”. Ol’ Gaffes can’t seem to make up his mind.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor says that the Administration considers a 20% recidivism rate among former Gitmo detainees “
isn’t that bad.” He compared that to the recidivism rate among American criminals. Earth to Obama Administration: there is a slight difference between Islamic jihadist terrorists and career burglars.

North Star National’s Dan Calabrese makes his return to The Claw with
an explanation of whom and what Sarah Palin is, and what she isn’t.

The Capitol Steps have struck again with this very different rendition of “American Pie”. Don’t think Don McLean would recognize it, but it sure is funny. Thanks to Townhall bloggers
Bobbie and Garnet92 for this.

Attention my fellow Texans (and the rest of you right-wing extremists out there)! Check out
this t-shirt offer.

Get a load of this. Haaaah-vahd prof Henry Gates
has donated the handcuffs the white cop properly used on him by Cambridge Police Sergeant Crowley to the Smithsonian’s new Museum of African American History and Culture. First of all, why are those cuffs historically significant? Secondly, why did Sergeant Crowley give him the cuffs? Thirdly, when is the Smithsonian going to open the Museum of European American History and Culture, the Museum of East Asian American History and Culture, the Museum of Arab American History and Terrorism, the ….? Tip of The Crawfish’s hat to Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny”.

While Haaaah-vahd is part of the discussion, would y’all care to guess what the political leanings are of the professor who committed the multiple murder last week? You know, the one who sent a bomb through the mail to another professor a few years back and murdered her brother seven years before that? If you said “hard-core far-lefty who is obsessed with Obama”,
give yourself a gold star for the week!

Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy has once again shown us exactly what she means by “bipartisanship”.
She led a House delegation that her staff repeatedly described as “bipartisan” to Haiti. The delegation included eleven Democrats and ONE Republican. Sounds really “bipartisan” to me.

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change is having to admit
YET ANOTHER LIE in their reports. Sooner or later, they will be forced to admit that every single bit of their work is based on falsehoods and a political agenda. Man-made Glo-Bull Warming is a myth!

The Donald agrees with me. He even says that the
Nobel Committee should take the prize back from The Fraudacle.

The professor at the center of the ClimateGate scandal is back in the news. Professor Phil Jones now says that most of the data from which he and his co-conspirators concocted the famous “hockey stick” graph of Glo-Bull Warming cannot be found and that his group was completely unorganized and kept horrible records. He also finally admitted that
there has been no warming of the climate since 1995. He has even changed his tune in relation to the Medieval Warming Period.

So what do you say to someone at a gathering who keeps on insisting that man-made Glo-Bull Warming is real and that the Nobel Committee would never give their award to a fraud? Mark Landsbaum has
a few talking points for ya.

The bloodletting in DC continues, with Democrat Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
throwing in the towel. Bayh blamed the extreme partisanship in DC for his departure, which means he blames the entire Democratic Party leadership. Standing FOR the Constitution isn’t considered by this writer to be “partisan”. Bayh also stated, “(I)f I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months.”

Here’s a good laugh for ya. Bawney Fwank says that
partisanship is out of control in Congress. His solutions are for the Senate filibuster rules to go away and for the hard left Democrats to keep control of Congress. Remember, folks…to the Democrats, the definition of bi-partisanship is when Republicans just bend over and take it.

The GOP establishment is pushing former Senator Dan Coats to run for Bayh’s seat. This is definitely par for the course. Whenever the GOP has been gifted with such an opportunity, they have made the absolute wrong choice. Can you say Dede Scozzafava, John McLame (for President), Charlie Crist, John McLame (for Senator), or Kay Bailey Hutchison? Coats resigned from the Senate in the 90s and publicly announced that he was leaving Indiana for North Carolina, and he followed that up by becoming a lobbyist. Is that really the image that the GOP wants to portray? A political mercenary and lobbyist returns to Indiana to become a Senator? That would be like the Dems supporting a socialist backrooms dealer from Chicago, who moved to Arkansas (and eventually to DC) to further her husband’s career, in a run for a Senate seat in Noo Yawk just because she has name recognition. No, the
GOP needs to stand behind a man such as Marlin Stutzman in this race.

You don’t believe that the GOP is trying to lose the elections of 2010? Really? Then explain why RNC Chairman Michael Steele has summoned the leaders of the Tea Party Movement to RNC Headquarters
for a meeting. The story notes that the GOP establishment is trying to co-opt/bully the Tea Party folks because right now they “risk their hand-picked candidates being run over by the movement.” In other words, the GOP establishment wants to run “moderate” or “centrist” candidates instead of people who will fight for conservative principles and a government that lives within its Constitutional limits.

Speaking of McLame, the Senator now says that the
GOP will put forth 10 legislative promises this spring. This is an obvious attempt to re-catch the lightning in a bottle that was The Contract with America back in 1994. One of the items he mentions is a Constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. This is another one of those things that looks great in theory, but can cause real problems if put in place, especially with all of the unfunded entitlements looming down the road and the constant possibility of more combat against muslim (or Chinese) forces.

“He has done so well, let’s send him out again!” That’s the cry from the Senate Democrats as they get The Anointed One to
go out on the campaign trail to help save left-wing Senators who are in trouble with their re-election bids, such as Dingy Harry Reid. I mean, it worked so well for the Dems in Virginia, Noo Joisey, Taxachusetts…

Dingy Harry
criticized the American Bar Association on how they rate judicial nominees. He said that they put too much emphasis on judicial experience and not enough on “real world qualifications”, meaning they rate judges better than the Democratic Party rates Presidential nominees. He also criticized the Supreme Court as “people who have never seen the outside world”, kinda like the Kennedy family, the vast majority of the current House and Senate, and over 80% of the Obama Administration’s appointees. Reid was set off when a judicial nominee that he supports got a less-than-sterling rating from the ABA.

Just when you thought Obama’s buddy Van Jones was out of the public spotlight for good, Hillary!’s replacement in the Senate agrees to
attend a panel discussion with him. The Crawfish guesses she just doesn’t really like her current job very much.

A Japanese crew
detained an anti-whaling activist who secretly boarded their ship and…get this…tried to make a citizen’s arrest of the captain in regards to a collision at sea caused by the anti-whaling activists! The Japanese crew should have just detained him until after dark, then jettisoned him overboard with the rest of the garbage.

Although he is doing it for purely political reasons, such as trying to get Crrap-and-Tax passed, The Crawfish must give Barack Obama his props for
supporting the construction of a new nuclear power plant. Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and most reliable power sources available, and the safety record (outside of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Navy) has been outstanding. France gets something like 75% of their power from nuke plants, and the US Navy has been using nuclear power for the majority of our submarines and aircraft carriers since the 50s. The only reason that we haven’t built one in almost three decades is opposition from the far-left.

a video for y’all to check out. Their website is www.thewarriorsong.com and they will send active duty and retired military a free download of the song.

A couple of years ago, we took the Junior Crawfishes to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to see the King Tut exhibit. While it was interesting, it did not include the gold sarcophagus that is so famous. Why do I bring that up? Well, scientists have just made
some amazing discoveries about King Tut. He was a frail lad with a cleft palate, a painful and degenerating club foot, parents who were siblings, and probably died of malaria. Could you have imagined 50 years ago what the scientists of today could uncover in a case like this? Next Friday on CBS…CSI:Egypt!

I have no idea where he found this, but Townhall blogger “
Saltwater” sent me this. No comments from The Crawfish are required.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at
CrawfishsClaw@yahoo.com and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." -G. K. Chesterton

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Are the endangered species condoms faux fur lined or do they have nice cheetah spots or tiger stripes? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    My liberal, smarter than all of us sister in law is in the living room telling Jim how unbalanced Fox News is and claiming the majority of the country is right down the middle. I'm avoiding telling her about the polls that have shown most Americans are in fact conservative. She'll be gone tomorrow. I love her, but.........

    Gaffes Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.
    And Bayhe claiming he's leaving because of the partisanship? Man, those people expect us to believe anything that comes out of their pie holes.

    Barry may be saying he wants to help out with loans for nuclear power plants, but he's closing Yucca Mt. The only long term storage facility. Hmmmmmm......

  2. b-mom,
    they fit tight like seal skin.

    If the nation is centrist, that means the GOP is on the money, since that's where they are these days.

    Can you believe the gall of the Dems, expecting us to buy that stuff?

    Dump the nuke waste all over the muslim world...and don't tell 'em!

  3. I would enter my speil herein on how I believe islam is an army and all muslims are soldiers in the army but I have said it so much it is beginning to sound like a stuck 33 1/3.

    Victory in Iraq? Seems to me Biden, Barak et al voted AGAINST the surge which broke the back of the jihadists in Iraq.
    I guess if in a year or so Iraq is again taken over by jihadists it will be all Bush's fault.

    The Smithsonian thingy? Well, why is there one day for 43 American Presidents and one day for a single black preacher??

    John Kennedy was assassinated by a left wing extremist. Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by an anarchist. Ditto McKinley. Ditto Garfield.
    But all the left frets over is gun toting right wing extremists.

    Haiti. The only reason politicians would go to that fly blown miserable half of an island is for a photo op.

    The eventual Republican nominee for Bayh's Indiana seat will show whether or not the "Pubs have learned a lesson from the Tea Partiers.
    Hey, Steele! Figured out yet? Tea Partiers may not be a majority but without them you are not getting a candidate elected. And if you don't put up a conservative THEY WILL NOT VOTE. ipso facto.

    For some reason McCain et al can't seem to bring themselves to mention closing the border.

  4. I don't eat whale meat. But neither do I rant,rave,demonstrate and threaten folks who do. I think when the protester's boat was hit by the Japanese whaler port side, the Japanese captain should have ordered "Hard a Port!" The screws on the whaler would have pretty much made splinters out of the protest boat thus not polluting the Pacific.

    Why not space shuttle the spent nuke material out of Earth's atmosphere and fling 'em towards the sun? Can't be that much material that often..

  5. It's Ash Wednesday, the begining of Lent, and the first anniversary of the $860,000,000,000 stimulus bill. Today, Obama came out of hiding long enough to tout the official (his version) numbers on jobs saved/created as 2 million. What a bargain at only $430,000 per job - unless you listen to Evan Bayh. Then, the cost per job created by congress works out to be a tad bit higher.

    Speaking of Lent, I noticed that Biden had his ashes. I wonder what he plans to give up - maybe spouting stupidities. Nahh. As for myself, I plan to finally make a Lenten promise I can keep. For the next forty days I will not believe anything this administration says.

    That brings me to Obama's left-handed commitment to nuclear power. He says he is willing to guarantee loans for building new plants - knowing full well that building only begins with approval - and that just ain't going to happen as long as his EPA has any say in the matter.

  6. Buck,
    a) Iraq falls off and it's Bush's fault? I think you may understand their plans!
    b) And more in the history textbooks about Cesar Chavez and Rosa Parks than George Washington and George Patton.
    c) I know...I'm a conservative gun owner, so I must be more dangerous than MS-13 or al-Qaeda.
    d) If I was a politician, I'd still take a pass on that hellhole
    e) I'm not holding my breath waiting for Steele to make a correct decision.
    f) McLame really does need to simply go away.

  7. Buck II,
    the whaling ships should turn to ram more often.

    Rocket the nuke waste toward the sun...I've been sayin' that since I was in high school.

  8. Saltwater,
    I like your Lenten vow.
    As for the nuke plant, I heard that they have actually broken ground on it already.

  9. Craw, sorry to inconvenience you, but I've migrated my blog to WordPress. Final Townhall post with new address is here:


  10. Buck, some of the younger readers may not know what you're talking about with the 33 1/3 comment.
    He he.

  11. Late,but here goes.Been so long since I've done this,I think I forgotten how... A)1 forward,200 back. I wouldn't give him TOO much credit,after all,he'll walk on a technicality.What part of "JIHAD" do they STILL not get? B)Business as usual. Kissing muzzie azs.C)Most SANE people usually(for the most part)agree with you two.D)N-E-V-E-R trust numbers from this bunch.They distort things worse than a house of mirrors. E)This would be HILARIOUS if it weren't such BLATANT hypocrasy,let alone an outright lie. Must be they're taking the John Effin'Kerry approach."We were against it before we were for it".F)HJC.Is there ANYONE in this administration who ISN'T a flaming azshole?G)This is the first Dan column I disagree for the most part on.He forget that McCain HIMSELF said"On most issues,I fundamentally agree with Mr.Obama"?H) Cool tee!. I)Idiotic.Simply idiotic. They going to put the empty beer bottles from the "Beer Summit" in there too? HJC.Asshattery.J)EFF the dhimmis and this notion of "bipartisanship".The R's would be better served with more of "go f@ck yourself".K)I CANNOT wait for the New Ice Age glaciers to cover that den of thieves with the flags in front of it. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Effin'frauds,YOU'RE BUSTED!!WHEN do the trials of THESE criminals start?

  12. Clyde's part 2...L) ABSOLUTELY. Unfortunately,
    they won't.The once-noble Nobel is nothing more than libs congratulating the failures of other libs.Sad.M)This flaming con artist needs some warming.While tied to a stake.N)Great points.A ball bat to the head works well,too.O)Too bad such honesty is so out of vogue in politics.No matter what party.P)Too much partisanship.Started mostly by HIS frigging party. The AIDS is really killing this flamer's thinking.Q)Leave it to the GOP "leadership"to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.I have NO trust in them anymore.R) Steele.I thought at first this may be a good man to lead the party. Too bad I was SO WRONG.50 lashes for Clyde,eh? Steele is dead-set on sending conservatism back to the 7th century.S)What,is he looking for another azs-whupping? PLEASE,John,call it a career.And JUST.GO.AWAY. Take your twit daughter with you.T)Yep,dhimmis,keep on trotting him out there.People WILL vote against whomever he supports,due to the "I'm sick of this cluck"factor.He supports,they lose,the nation WINS.U)Ol'Harry is going down faster than a bucket of quarters in a Vegas slot machine.Eff him.V)You know the saying,"sh!tbirds of a feather...W) The captain SHOULD have tossed this pr!ck overboard.A minute later,VOILA Pr!cksicle.Then sink the REST of the moonbats.X) Just because Obama says it,don't mean it'll happen. While they have broken ground,doesn't mean it'll EVER be finished,and doing what it does best.Besides,the anti-nuke moonbats would NEVER allow him to get away with it.Y) That was cool.Thanks.Z) My wife really likes all things Egypt.AA)You may not,but I will.Two things.One,these moonbats can take these condoms,and go f@ck themselves. Two. Same moonbats OUGHT to set a good example,and REMOVE themselves,AND their ENTIRE families from the Earth.Do us ALL a favor. D!ckheads. Good stuff,Craw.Hope things are settling down for you and the family.

  13. Beachmom

    I guess 78 would be way over their headsm, huh.

  14. Buck,
    They probably wouldn't even know what an 8 track is.;)

  15. b-mom & Buck,
    In my youth, I had a few 78s and a bunch of 45s. I STILL have about 25 or so LPs, and had about 250 in the early part of this decade (which brings me to another point...decades END on the 0 years...there was no Year 0, so every decade starts with the 1 and ends on the 0). A friend had a reel-to-reel in his room, and my Grandmother had an 8-track in her car...usually with Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass in it.

  16. Clyde's novel....
    a) The Pakis probably have custody, and will release him once properly squeezed.
    b) Anything to oppose white capitalists
    c) Key word...SANE
    d) lies, within lies, within lies...
    e) Do they think we won't notice? Our attention span is greater than 15 seconds!
    f) or flaming dumb-bass?
    g) That's McLame, not Palin
    h) Thought you'd like it
    i) Nah...they're in Obama's trophy case
    j) I'm happy to support the Party of NO! for now
    k) Plant the UN flag and a banner with Algoracle's image on the leading edge of the glaciers
    l) Does anybody really care about the Nobel anymore?
    m) "My recordkeeping and e-mail archiving systems suck" is not an excuse

  17. More Clyde,
    n) You are the master of subtlety
    o) Everything he said was an indictment of the Dems
    p) His lack of AIDS is killing the country
    q) They really do need someone like me or Gunny to take charge
    r) I'm guilty on that one as well
    s) He's showing the reason why the Armed Forces have High Year Tenure rules
    t) Send him, Reid, and Pelosi out together and the GOP will sweep everything!
    u) Going down faster than the girls at Mustang Ranch?
    v) One of the biggest political mistakes so far this year
    w) Not immediately...they might have been able to rescue him
    x) I'm TRYIN' ta think positive...
    y) I found it rather inspiring
    z) So does mine...even to the point of taking belly dance classes the last time we were stationed here
    aa) Prevention of future liberals...always a good idea.

  18. Crawdaddy,

    Unless I am mistaken (and I am NOT), the reason that so many terrorists were prosecuted in federal court is we did not have a valid law in place allowing for military tribunals. The progressives fought any attempt to establish this legal background for the tribunals. It finally became a valid, Constitutional law in the summer of '08. Which means that the Bush could not have tribunals until just before the election while Obama has had the authority since taking office.

  19. Flame,
    but the fact that the 9-11 folks and the guys captured overseas are war criminals, and not regular criminals, puts their jurisdiction squarely in the hands of the military, and that case law dates back to WW2 and the Geneva Conventions.

  20. And both 9-11 dirtbags and dirtbags captured overseas could be executed without any trial IAW The Geneva Conventions.

  21. And technically (legally) speaking, any US citizen dirtbags picked up, can be tried for treason and executed also!

    And let us not forget, ANY dirtbags picked up in the USA, claiming Jihad (allegiance to Al Qu'eda, can be treated under the Geneva Conventions, as a spies and executed also.

    Makes one wonder why all these lawyers (Obama, Holder, Congress, et.al.) in our federal government fail to adhere to the rule of law!

  22. You are hard to find lately.


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