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12-8-09 The Weekly Claw

Just when you thought it was safe to start up the old SUV… Folks, thank you for visiting me at my new site.

The Messiah Complex that The Chosen One has developed is really getting out of control. First he announces that he will wait until the final day to make his triumphant arrival at the
Copenhagen Global Scam Summit in order to save the day at the last moment. Then he turns around and says he will travel to Crapitol Hill and save the Senate’s Obamacare bill. His Midas Touch seems to turn good things into matter to be flushed.

Senator Reid has taken his defense of Glo-Bull Warming’s religion to a new low. He compared the people who refuse to believe in tate proven fraud to the people who
supported slavery. If he follows the typical Democrat playbook, the next comparison will be to Hitler. The proper comparison would be to Galileo. Then again, The Crawfish reminds Dingy Harry that it was the Democratic Party that supported slavery, and which party was it that opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Oh yeah, the Democrats. Who tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957? Uh…Democrats. Is there a party that has as one of its senior leaders a Klansman? Yepper, that’d be the Dems as well. People of Nevada, take note of this and retire that fool this coming November.

If anybody really wants to see how much of a hoax Glo-Bull Warming is, you can notice how the polar ice caps on Mars were decreasing in the 1990s along with our own, even though there are no SUVs, coal-fired power plants, or heavy industry on Mars, or you can check out the four big holes in the theory as presented by
John Hawkins.

The liberals are again showing themselves to be completely intolerant of dissent, something they accuse the GOP and America’s conservatives of being. Tom Donahue is the CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, and is considered a heretic by the Church of Glo-Bull Warming. Since he is such an evil guy, a network of activist groups has issued a
$200,000.00 bounty on him for the crime of being an unbeliever. Imagine the outcry if a conservative group put a bounty on a liberal.

How many of y’all remember the
New Ice Age panic of the mid-70s? Remember that scientists who live off of gummint grants will make their research findings show exactly what their sugar daddies want to see.

As all of the acolytes of the Fraudulent Religion of Glo-Bull Warming descend upon Copenhagen, or as it will be known when The Chosen One arrives, Hopenhagen, the folks who are monitoring the event have figured out that the
carbon footprint of the conference alone is equal to that of 60 nations COMBINED! Oh, and the Danes are hiding a little secret within their claims of being a fairly green nation. When they figure their own carbon footprint, they exclude one of their biggest industries, shipping. Can you say “busted”?

Lemme see if I’ve got this right. The envirowackos and the liberals (sorry for the repeat) want more trees and other plants (smokable?) on earth. Carbon dioxide is necessary for plant growth. The Obama Administration is now declaring carbon dioxide to be a dangerous gas. Sorry, but if you want to green the planet, you need carbon dioxide. Every 5th grade life sciences student knows that! The socialists in our government just want another tool with which they can
control our lives and businesses. They will make exceptions to the regulatory laws for anything owned or operated by the government or their liberal friends, so when private industry is destroyed and replaced by Soviet-style state-owned industry those emissions won’t matter.

If you don’t believe that there is a serious threat from the extreme left via “climate change” then you really do need to open your eyes. Regulation, not legislation, is
the preferred manner of marxist-socialist takeover of our nation. So sayeth Carol Browner of the EPA, failed environmental czar Van Jones, and regulatory czar Cass Sunstein. Elections have consequences, folks. The media and the leeches of society have foisted this bunch upon us. It may take decades to dig ourselves out of the mess that they’re going to push through. This Administration HOPES to CHANGE our nation from a free Constitutional republic to a socialist dictatorship.

The Republican
gubernatorial primary race in Texas is really a microcosm of the debate within the GOP. Does the party embrace conservatism, which wins every time it is used, or does it go squishy moderate and remain Democrat-lite?

The legal department in the White House and the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department are in a pot of hot water regarding the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case. The DOJ is
not allowing personnel to testify before the US Commission on Civil Rights after they have been legally subpoenaed, because of internal regulations put in place in 1951. Yes, internal regulations trump legal subpoenas, according to Eric Holder. DOJ personnel who have been before Congress have flat out lied about the case, and the DOJ has stonewalled further Congressional investigations. Folks, this is making Janet Reno look good! On top of all that, two of the White House Counsels and the top Deputy Attorney General have resigned in less than one month. Is this going to shake out as the new Watergate?

Meanwhile, a review of ACORN, paid for by ACORN, shows that while they have management problems,
they have broken no laws. In related news, The Crawfish has some genuine Roswell aliens to sell ya.

What some Senators will do for a little action…sheesh! Max Baucus not only got involved with one of his staffers while he was still married, but he even nominated her for a job as US Attorney for Montana. He said that she was highly qualified for the job. Really? Her previous experience was limited to being a DEPUTY County Attorney. Isn’t this kinda like saying the defensive backs coach at Podunk High is qualified to be the next head coach at Notre Dame?

It really would be nice if Congresscritters and Senators would play by the rules. I’m not just talkin’ about abiding by the Constitution here. They can’t even follow the rules regarding
freebies from lobbyists. Is it time for term limits, yet?

The White House is refusing to allow Congress to question Social Secretary Desiree Rogers concerning the intruders at the state dinner, despite the fact that it is the job of her office to verify the status of everybody coming through the door of those events. So what does this Chicago crony of the First Fashion Disaster have to say about
party crashers at the White House? How about “Lots of people just come anyways, they won’t take no for an answer,” she said. “Finally I just said, ‘Alright, come on in, it’s no use kicking you out.”

The indoctrination of America’s schoolchildren continues, as schools in Missouri have found
notebooks and pencils with Obama campaign slogans and symbols among the supplies delivered to them from one company.

The liberal war against Fox News continues. Mara Liasson has been appearing on “Special Report” and “Fox News Sunday” as part of the reporters’ roundtable for a decade, and she is always identified as being from National Public Radio. Well, NPR, under orders from the White House and folks like George Soros, is pressuring her to
leave Fox News because that outlet shows bias. Like there’s no far-left bias at NPR.

During the campaign and throughout this year, President Obama made a lot of solemn promises regarding health care and taxes. How do his actions and the bills being put forth by the House and Senate match up with those promises? Senator Cornyn of the Great State of Texas
gives us the facts.

Even when the Obama Administration uses completely false numbers to try to prove itself effective, they still fail. Recently, they claimed with great fanfare that they had “created or saved” 640,329 jobs because of the “stimulus” that they ramrodded through Congress. This number has been proven to be a lie, with many of those jobs coming from congressional districts that don’t exist or entities that count every job (plus a few) as “saved” if one person got a raise. Anyway…the average job in the US pays $59,867.00 per year (where are THOSE jobs?!?!?!), but if you divide the $157,800,000,000.00 of the “stimulus” that has been allocated so far by the 640,329 figure, the government has shelled out $246,436.00 per job. If the government had simply given out that money to the people, with each person getting the $59,867.00 average, that would have given paychecks to 2,635,842 people. So where did all of that money go?
Gummint inefficiency on display.

So how exactly does President Obama plan to boost jobs in our nation and break out of the recession? He plans to “
spend our way out of this recession” by throwing more of the “stimulus” money around. Let’s take a look at this proposal, shall we? We’re running the highest, by far, deficit in history. Other nations are looking to bail out of the dollar as a reserve currency because our deficit spending is devaluing it. The devaluation of the dollar is eventually going to bring us rapid inflation. Rapid inflation will cause even more jobs to be lost. The model he is using is FDR’s New Deal from the 1930s, which did nothing to break the Great Depression. The New Deal actually lengthened the Depression, which was only broken by the massive production of WW2. You don’t have to be an Ivy League-educated tax cheat to understand where this is going to lead.

On the 68th anniversary of the day that will live in infamy, it appears that one of the last mysteries of the
Pearl Harbor strike has been solved.

How far will the liberal media go to destroy all boundaries of moral standards on television? Consider the ads CBS is now running supposedly to promote two “Frosty the Snowman” shows. The ads use dialogue from two CBS “comedies” that are already full of inappropriate and anti-moral material, “Two and a Half Men” and “How I Met Your Mother”, with video scenes from the
Frosty cartoons. The dialogue involves strip clubs and collections of pornographic material, among other things. The networks have been doing this kind of stuff for years. First, they will introduce a formerly forbidden word in a drama series in the 10PM EST hour. After the initial uproar, that word becomes acceptable during that time slot and is used frequently. It eventually moves down the time slots to include what used to be the “family hour” at 7PM EST. Just look at how lately a term for a feminine hygiene product and a term for female dog have become regular fare in 7 or 7:30PM “comedies”. Liberals and Hollyweird (there I go repeating myself again) won’t be satisfied until all traces of morality, religion (except Islam), and decency are removed from American life.

As long as we’re getting rid of moral standards, we need to revisit Obama’s Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings. This guy is simply disgusting. The sex acts that he advocates for teenagers would make madams of years gone by blush. Check out the
Washington Times article yourself, but do so on an empty stomach. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Democrats consider to be a model citizen worth emulating.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at
CrawfishsClaw@yahoo.com and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“Demagoguery in the pursuit of bigger government is no vice. Bipartisanship in the pursuit of socialism is no virtue.” –Barry Goldwater

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Everything the libs are doing is for power and money. They're so obvious. It's a wonder more people don't see it.
    If any of you watch the link about Jennings' assembly for teenagers, take his advice. Make sure you have a strong stomach. If any heterosexuals did what those heterophobes did, they would be in jail.

  2. Cont'd.. K) Well,SHAZAM,imagine that.An ACORN-paid review saying ACORN is innocent.They must think EVERYONE outside D.C. is some kind of moron. L)Here is a classic case,much like Tiger,of letting the wrong head do the thinking. Unlike Tiger,who's indiscretions will mainly serve to shrink the bank account by a HUMONGUS amount,Max's would lead to YET more incompetence in the U.S. atty's office.M)RULES??!!?? We don'neeed no steeeenkin' RULES!!N) Wonder what this twit would be saying if she let some clown through,because he just WOULDN'T take NO for an answer,and it turned out to be someone who wished harm on Obama.HJC,this bunch is SO incompetent they can't even get social events done right,let alone such minor stuff as policy.The Secret Service NEEDS to tell this nitwit EXACTLY what must be done when someone "just won't take no for an answer".O)Accident my azs.Wasn't it Hitler who said "get'em young"?P)I commented on this at Am.Thinker.The best advice for Mara,whom I like,even though she is to the left,she is somewhat reasonable most of the time,is to tell the bozos at NPR to get stuffed.Q) Promises 1 thru 9,EPIC FAIL.It is simply DISGUSTING when you CANNOT believe A WORD the TOTUS says.R)HJC,the author's bio was longer than the article.ALL the stimulus,Porkulus,or whatever nom de plume you give it,is nothing more than a slush fund for the dhimmis vote-shopping.S)The ONLY way for Obama to increase the private sector economy is for him to resign.Period. Everything coming out of those P.L.L. is KILLING private sector confidence. Cont'd....

  3. Tues.Part three. Weird. Part 1 before 2?? T)Interesting article.I normaly don't watch NOVA,but this one I will.GOD BLESS all who died and were wounded and survived that horrible day. We went to Pearl a few years ago,when we were at the Arizona Memorial,I had tears running down my face thinking about what had transpired there that day.I had NEVER teared up in public before that. Those of you who have the good fortune to go to Hawaii,make SURE you visit this sacred site.If that won't move you,NOTHING will.U)That is simply sick. CBS won't die soon enough. V) This NAMBLA loving fool needs to be investigated. Would not surprize me in the least if they were to find kiddie porn on his computer. What a disgusting sack supposedly serving the country.WHAT is it about Obama that he puts such dregs on his staff? Sheesh.This whole bunch NEEDS to be in an 8'x8' with bars for window ornaments. Fine heap here,Craw C ya.

  4. Hmm... guess I'll have to re-post the first of three. I had said let me be the first to break wind in your new digs!mwahahahaha A) Obama has more like the Thomas Crapper touch. B)Wonder how much the "Pawn Stars" would give us for Dingy Harry? C)Anyone with two firing synapses could tell it is a hoax just by looking at WHO is the public face of this scam. None other than the Fraudacle.D)I wonder how much criminal activity THIS bunch of azshats have in their closet? They anything like the Lavendar Mafia?? E)The idiots from the Fraudacle on down ought to thank their licky stars for global warming. Imagine Dopenhagen under a mile of ice. Come to think of it,NOW would be a GOOD time for that to happen.F)It is DOPENHAGEN. Get it right,eh?mwahahaha Frigging bunch of hypocrites,anyway.G)A question for Coca-Cola:Now that CO2 has been declared a poison,HOW do you propose to stay in business,since YOUR product has as a main ingredient CO2? I WILL be "calling Lee free",since I have been consuming your poison since I was 2.H) Call it what it is. Hoax and Change. You know,like "shuck and jive".I)Now just WHAT business is it of the Slimes to try and pick the Texas gubernatorial candidate? Perry over KBH in a landslide,if Texans don't buy in.That azshat reporter thinks Perry is arrogant? He EVER interview ANY leading dhimmi? Now THERE is arrogance.J) You suppose Holder would prevent testimony if these thugs were white?? OOPS,meant to say part 2 before part 1. Some one call Ivan.

  5. b-mom,
    Jennings is beyond perverted.

  6. Ahoy Craw! Been considering a move myself - I already have a blog here, just haven't used it in many moons. I hope you find your new home to be full of swampy readership (what happened to the Swamp?). Next time you're in the DFW area, let us know and you can buy a beer for me and Bobs My Uncle!

  7. clyde,
    a) Call him Flushmaster
    b) about fitty cent
    c) the Prophet of Fraud
    d) The Green Terror...probably printed the bounties on recycled paper
    e) He does tend to show up wherever there is a major winter event
    f) Too close to the hash dens of Amsterdam
    g) I get my caffeine the old-fashioned way, cold and carbonated
    h) or BEND and OVER
    i) Perry is getting better every week
    j) Holder would still cover for them as long as the perps were anti-Americans

  8. clyde 2,
    k) I'da been shocked if ACORN had found ACORN guilty
    l) Baucus is just another scumbuzzard
    m) Rules are for the little people
    n) the Secret Service is falling on their swords instead
    o) my thoughts exactly
    p) Mara seems to be centrist to me, not lefty
    q) We saw this coming
    r) color me unsurprised
    s) As long as Biden, P-Lousy, Durbin, and the whole Cabinet resign first
    t) I'm gonna tear up in public 22 JAN at my retirement ceremony
    u) See-BS
    v) He's got at least 10 terrabites of kiddieporn

  9. G92,
    Don'tcha mean YOU buy ME a beer? I'M gonna be the unemployed one in 54 days. Should be in DFW in 60 days.

  10. Crawfish: Buddy, you are one of a kind. Free-wheeling, near to profane (propane?), spot-on conservative, patriotic and funny. Good luck with your venture. I think you're just great. Your humble servant and pal, Verne Strickland.

  11. Verne,
    thanx for stopping by. Don't be a stranger!

  12. Man-made Idiot Confrence
    Am I in the right Resturaunt? Looks different, taste like a claw.... Do ya think Dingy Reid understands that it's the Dimocrits that supported slavery? They all used 1200 limos, and left the provided buses empty
    Next the EPA is going to declare Capitolism is a serious problem now and for future generations.
    Only $246,436.00 per job saved? Wow wha ta deal!
    I thought Obama spent his way out of it in March??? I'm confused!
    I never imagined Frosty was aDimocrit!

    This meal was COLD! But hey, look at the weather, with Global Cooling and all.

    Thanks for the grub Mud Bug

    I had problem posting as well

  13. Craw,

    Congrats on the new blog. I posted the text below on my Facebook page and emailed the link to friends and family. I hope your readership continues to grow.

    Ciao, Tim

    “Anyone looking for a weekly no-nonsense and entertaining summary of news events should visit the “Crawfish’s Claw”. Craw exposes mainstream news sausage-factory products to reveal the raw ingredients being fed to the American public.”

  14. Jim,
    -quit insulting idiots like that!
    -New restaurant, same chef and waitstaff.
    -Dingy is proving himself to be unworthy of public office...AGAIN!
    -You expect the hoi palloy to lower themselves to using BUSSES??? Don'tcha know they be IMPOTANT PEEPS!
    -I saw something this morning about Representative Joe Barton having info on the EPA ruling, that it was pre-planned to be a completely political move and they knew their science was faulty.
    -They could give me $264,000 right now and I'd be able to pay off every bit of debt, replace my vehicles, and live nicely for a year while looking for a permanent job in Texas.
    -Japan has tried to spend and "stimulus" their way out of a recession for 15 years now, and it shows no sign of working there...but that's because they don't have the enlightened Dim-ocrats and The Chosen One running things.
    -That version of Frosty makes Tiger look almost saintly.

  15. Tim,
    thanx for the plug, and welcome to my new digs.

  16. Craw,when I got out of the military I got a job as a Deputy Sheriff here in Florida,I am now retired but that worked out quite well with a nice pension.


  17. Crawfish, If you thought the Washington Times editorial about Jennings made you queasy, the actions of the Jennings founded GLSEN will absolutely make you wretch.


    Safe schools czar my fat Irish aft.

  18. Donnie,
    I will be looking into Ft Worth PD and Tarrant County Sheriff's Dept. Thanx for the suggestion.

  19. Saltwater,
    I read that. Those folks need a 40mm spin-stabilized enema.

  20. Craw: how bout the CBS Frosty the Snowman and his porn collection??? What chutzpah! btw, I want on your blogroll. http://FinalRacKoonsAgainBlog.blogtownhall.com/ Thanks Craw.

  21. Rackoons,
    you'll be on there momentarily.

    Frosty's collection might cause some friction resulting in premature melting.

  22. Geez, the libs sure love to attack morality by promoting immorality, such as the washington post article, falsifying information, and the attack on opposition when they're in the wrong.

    This administration and the media should write a book called "Corruption and Me."

  23. Questions for the Clawfish:

    1. Which Galileo are you referring to? The hero of the 'Eebil religious voises Nobil scienters' folktale told in elementary school texts, or the one who had the gaucherie to, despite a previously favorable papal response to his work, call the Pope an idiot? It's been my understanding that, which was a political judgement, was the real reason Galileo had, erm, 'problems' with the Roman institution - calling a man who claims to be God's representative on earth a simpleton isn't exactly a good way to endear yourself to him.

    2. Craw, don't you remember, human beings were sending probes to Mars back during the last cold spurt, and have been sporadically ever since. That Mars has gotten warmer during that time simply proves that human beings are responsible, don't you understand?

    3. The newest press release by a member of the NPR broadcast team:
    "tHEre is no bias at nationaL Public radio. national public radio is a MiddlE of the road PubLic sErvice designed to provide informAtion and uSEful knowledge to tHosE who Listen to national Public radio. only a vicious conservative sMEar campaign would suggest otherwise."


    4. Hmmm...If Reid's going to hearken back to Antebellum times, might I remind him that, by and large, it was the plantation slaves who had 'guaranteed health care' in that day? From what I understand, the average free man, of whatever color, had to fend for himself (possibly with the assistance of his neighbors). Perhaps a minor clue to where we're supposed to be headed?

    5. If the group offering the bounty isn't directly affiliated with the Democratic party or the unions, as their spokesbeing in the article claims, then I think we've got another crop of, what's the phrase, 'useful idiots'?

    6. Meester Clawfish, please tell me this. Do your Roswell alieens speak the Mejecano tounge? Oh, and can we official declare that Poison Oak is the only thing sprouting from these ACORNs?

    7. Check me on something - assuming the Obamaic numbers are correct, exactly how many negative jobs would exist if he hadn't acted? Some of the claims I've seen seem to indicate more jobs 'saved' than actually exist in some areas.

    8. Model: Computer term. "1. A description of observed or predicted behaviour of some system, simplified by 'ignoring certain details'. Models allow complex systems, both existent and merely specified, to be understood and their behaviour predicted. A model may give incorrect descriptions and predictions for situations outside the realm of its intended use. A model may be used as the basis for simulation." Exactly what we've got. Ignores certain details, gives incorrect descriptions and predictions outside of his own narrow stream of thought, and no doubt simulates 'normal' behaviour occasionally.

  24. Eric,
    change the book title to....
    "Corruption IS me!"

  25. Ender,
    1) Yep, the Galileo who kept proving that the sun is the center of the solar system, despite the "settled science" that said Earth was.
    2) Dang...forgot the Viking probe
    3) That statement from NPR came from PBS' ace reporter and anchorman, Kermit.
    4) WOW! Great point!
    5) Shall we mow down the crop?
    6) The aliens do not speak non-dryback, and the Poison Oaks lean so far to the left that they tend to fall over.
    7) Wait until you see something I found today regarding jobs "saved". It will be in my Friday edition fer sher.
    8) That is definitely the MODEL we've got running this country.
    9) Thanx for stopping by and commenting.

  26. I just saw part of Barry's speech from Norway.
    Pathetic and disgusting.
    He basically did the America is evil and has attacked other nations with no provocation but now that I'm in charge, we'll bow to the world and not take military action unless the rest of you approve.
    What a tool.

  27. b-mom,
    I'm gonna have to check it out. I might need to do another special edition to Claw a speech.

  28. Minor quibble, Clawfish. From what I've read about the issue, the real problem was that the earth was no longer at the center of the universe - and that was a problem because it appeared to unduly exalt the earth. (The center of the universe, pre-gravitational theory, was the point to which everything fell; in other words, we're sitting on the the universal trash heap.) Again, though, from what I understand, then, as with todays 'settled consensus science', the whole thing was mostly political.

    Oh, and go back and reread that NPR statement...pay attention to letter case. The spokesbeing might have a wee bit more intelligence than you think.

  29. Ender,
    the geocentric universe thing was still "settled science" until Copernicus happened along and really hacked off the "establishment".

  30. Wow, it sure looks tame without all the colorful fonts and links!

  31. Brian,
    still got the links, just not the colors.

  32. I believe Goldwater said, "Extremeism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice."


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