Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8-4-2010 The Weekly Claw

Another nutty week has passed, and we’ve got a lot to discuss. Ya know it was one of those weeks when The Crawfish isn’t even getting into the ludicrous decision by a judge saying that California’s constitution is unConstitutional because it now bans queer marriage. I could do a whole series of columns on that decision, but (grits teeth) I shall refrain.

Well, I’m glad to see that some of the Republicans have finally awakened and started doing some research on what the socialists are doing with OUR tax dollars. A report was released this week detailing some of the expenditures from the so-called “stimulus” bill. The report is over 70 pages long, but you can get a good idea from scanning the table of contents. Let’s see….$54,000,000.00 to the Mohegan Tribe (which is swimming in money from their mega-casino and resort) for a tribal government center that will also include a practice facility for the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun (which plays in the Mohegan Sun Arena, part of the Mohegan Sun Resort), $1,200,000.00 for research into marketing video games to seniors, $193,956.00 to “estimate the impact of stimulus funds on the perceptions of citizens and the choices of local community decision makers” (here’s a hint: if the people knew what you were spending it on, they’d be even MORE PISSED OFF!), $554,763.00 to replace the windows in a Forest Service Visitor Center near Mount St. Helens (the center was closed in 2007 and boarded up, with no plans to ever re-open). Do ya get the point? Outrage after outrage.

I found it to be quite telling when the front page photos in most major newspapers on Thursday showed people celebrating the fact that a judge had ruled in favor of unfettered illegal immigration. Yes, let’s CELEBRATE the breaking of our federal laws. Once upon a time, America’s newspapers were in favor of the United States. Too bad for them that the judge just ruled on her liberal beliefs and not the law. The basis of the Arizona law was already upheld by the Supreme Court with the 2005 Muehler v. Mena case, which happened to be a unanimous decision! Besides, if local and state enforcement of federal laws causes sooooo many problems for the feds, then let’s just tell all local and state cops to stop enforcing federal laws such as kidnapping, bank robbery, illegal drug possession/distribution/manufacturing/growing…ya see where I’m goin’?

The US newspapers don’t mention a word about it, but Canada Free PressBand of Bloggers gets credit for that one! points out that the judge in the case has no say in the matter. Only the Supreme Court can rule on it. The Constitution’s Article III, Sec. 2, clause 2 says: “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.” Bobbie of the Band of Bloggers gets credit for this'un.

I guess even Lindsey Graham has an occasional good day. He must have read The Crawfish’s American Tradition Party Platform 2008 and decided that the ending of birthright citizenship for babies born to non-drybacks might be a good idea, although regular Claw reader and blogger BrianR has pointed out repeatedly that the 14th Amendment’s language does not give birthright citizenship to persons born here who are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States (meaning citizens of other nations).

As we have expected, the Administration is exploring ways to stop enforcing our immigration laws and give amnesty, but they know the Democrats would lose their majority in Congress PERMANENTLY if they voted for amnesty. Well, there are some memos have surfaced detailing steps that the Administration can take to circumvent Congress and the American people. Yes, Obama and his minions will do whatever it takes to give blanket amnesty to non-drybacks and to open our borders for all. Do they really want blood running freely in the streets? Do they want the people to revolt? Well…..that WOULD allow them to throw away the 2nd Amendment and declare martial law.

WANTED FOR ACCESSORY TO MURDER: Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano. A Catholic nun was murdered over the weekend by an illegal alien with multiple DUI arrests. Federal authorities had released him into the population again, even though they claim he was eventually going to be deported.

The Mexican drug cartels have placed a bounty of $1,000,000.00 on the head of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ. This is a direct threat from foreign adversaries against American authorities. Will the Administration do anything about it? Yeah, right…figger the odds. They WANT Sheriff Joe gone!

Back during the 2008 Pennsylvania Primaries, The Crawfish downloaded the Obama campaign manifesto, “The Blueprint for Change”. I ran a 16-part series tearing it apart line by line as a warning to all who were buying into the hype of “HOPEANDCHANGE! (but don’t ask any real questions)”. Now that we’ve had 18 months of The Chosen One, are my warnings proving to be true?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Tax Cheat Timmy admitted on ABC that the “Recovery Summer” is nothing more than bovine excrement! He said that some jobs will soon be available, which will cause people who have quit searching for jobs (and are therefore not counted now in the unemployment numbers) to start searching for jobs again, and the unemployment percentage will go back up as a result. That is going to precipitate the numbers going back down if the jobs really do reappear, which he is guessing that they will eventually do. This does mean that the real numbers are probably much higher than the official 9+%.

The “No Shi’ite, Sherlock!” moment of the week comes from Israeli President Shimon Peres. In an interview, he noted that there are now millions of muslim voters (WHY???) in Britainistan, and the Brit Members of Parliament are pandering to them with pro-arab and pro-“Palestinian” bias that dates back to the partitioning of the middle east.

Over the years, and especially since the 2008 primaries, the liberals of America have repeatedly called conservatives “fascists”. Well, our good friend GunnyG has a new column up that examines fascism by its definition and compares it to everything the left in America has been doing. Guess who the fascists are!

Every once in a while, the courts in California do something that is completely shocking. Most of the time, it is not a good shock. This time, it is a very good shock!

The Dim-ocrats’ poster boy for the lack of good mental health care in our country is at it again. Representative Grayson of Florida has used over $73,000.00 of YOUR tax dollars to produce a DVD of his greatest accomplishments during his term in office and mail them to all of his constituents. Since this was not done by his campaign staff, it does not count as a campaign mailing, so all expenses are paid for by us. So what are his accomplishments? Making the rest of the Dim-ocrats look positively smart?

The people of Taxachusetts are seeing the fruits of unfettered rule of Democrats yet again. This time, the Dims in the legislature are trying to take away the citizens’ right to petition for ballot initiatives. In other words, they are going to completely shut the people out of the legislative process, with the sole exception of who they get to vote for. Since they have conditioned the majority of the people to vote for Dims no matter how screwed up they are, the legislators have no fear of the people. Do those people need a new Lexington and Concord?

Uh oh. The Dims are showing their racism and anti-Semitism again. For the millionth time The Crawfish must ask why Jews mostly vote for these people.

Ya know, I thought the Democrats were the ones going absolutely bat guano about companies that received bailout funds giving their executives huge bonuses that were essentially paid for by the taxpayers. As ESPN’s Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend!” His Eminence Sultan Bu’raq al Obama has appointed Jacob Lew to be the new head of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Mr. Lew was paid $1,100,000.00 by Citigroup, one of the big Wall Street firms that received billions in bailout money, in 2008 and received a bonus of $900,000.00 before leaving to join the Hillary! State Department. Hold on a moment. Aren’t those big bonuses supposedly made to keep the top notch people at their companies? Why did he leave Citi to join Hillary! if he had just gotten such a bonus?

Daniel Flynn has a very timely column that examines the NAACP and their history of racism, which nobody in our government or media will call them on. Thanx to RJ of “Paul Revere’s Riders” for the link.

Okay, here’s a hint for those who want to avoid dying earlier than necessary. If two families want to enjoy themselves on a summer day, but not a single member of either family knows how to swim, the families should NOT go play in a river. This tragedy was caused by sheer stoooopidity, which the families had been stuck on for at least 18 years, as evidenced by the names of the adolescents in the water: DeKendrix Warner (first one in trouble but was saved by someone who jumped in after him), Takeitha Warner, JaMarcus Warner, JaTavious Warner, Litrelle Stewart, LaDairus Stewart, and Latevin Stewart. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see any of those names in the baby name books when we were starting our family 13 years ago.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."
-Constitution of the United States, Article IV, Section 4.
Quote suggested by Peppermint2 in response to the Obama-Holder-Judge Bolden opposition of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law


  1. Let's see how much bandwidth I can waste... A)I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW any marriage issue can come before the Federal courts.I see NO provisions in the Constitution regarding ANY type of marriage.B)Some amazing shit in there,no doubt.OUT,OUT,OUT with ALL who approved this travesty.C)Yep,sure does.The damned Congress has no clue of what is in the Constitution,let alone the state-controlled droolers of the media.D) Maybe so,but that won't get in Grahamnesty's way. Bet the farm.E) I think you are right. This bunch of asshats would LOVE to see violence to the point they could declare martial law. Would not at all put it past them.F) Figures another undocumented democrat kills an innocent citizen. Maybe it IS time to give the assholes the violence they are looking for. Hopefully,we can curb ourselves until the November Massacre is completed.G) I'm sure Sherriff Joe is crapping his knickers.At least we now know where some of the Porkulous money has gone,eh?H) A HUGE no-shitter,that.I)Tax Cheat Timmy. Tell me again,WHY was THIS the "only man qualified"to lead us out of the recession?This bozo can't even sling bullshit right.J) Glad to see Rip Van Shimon wake up.K) An excellent piece it was,too. As an added bonus,it got Ivan's underoos in a huge wad!L) A stunner,no doubt. What,1 out of 100 to the 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,power?M) Another reason to deny idiots the vote. At least it should be a SHORT DVD,considering his"greatest accomplishments"are,exactly,WHAT??Kinda like Obama's accomplishments.N) Short answer: HELL YES.O) Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes from McMahon. He is simply pissed that HE didn't get ALL the money.P)My guess? Got the pressure.Just a brief thought on Hitlary!. My gut says she has about had it with Obama. Look for her to resign before next summer to run against the asshat.Q) Flynn is spot-the-frack-on here.Thanks for putting that up.R) This is a tragedy to be sure. Can't help but feel bad for the family. BUT,that being said,swimming lessons ARE widely available. Had my granddaughter swimming before she was 2.As to the names,it is like the perky butt-munch Couric herself said,and I quote,"Where the hell do they get these names"? OK,mister,C ya next time!

  2. Clyde,
    a) I found where it is in the Constitution. 10th Amendment covers it!
    b) They all need to be voted out and sued for wasting our money in unConstitutional manners.
    c) The only people in DC that we can trust to uphold the Constitution are Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Scalia.
    d) Lots of lefties are now saying that the 14th's language does indeed mean that non-dryback babies are still citizens. English is just soooooo hard to understand when not written by lawyers.
    e) That would allow them to dispose of the Constitution and the 4 SCOTUS justices mentioned above.
    f) Deport all illegals immediately should be the #2 item on the GOP's campaign agenda.
    g) If they take out Joe, the fight is ON!
    h) That series was very frustrating to write. How many ways are there to say "THAT AIN'T CONSTITUTIONAL!"??
    i) Because he is a puppet of The Chosen One.
    j) Me 2
    k) Ivan is so easy to shoot down. He never provides any facts.
    l) Defecation occurs
    m) Take the vote away from those who own no property and pay no taxes. They have no skin in the game.
    n) They're trying to force it.
    o) Just sounds like a dumb-bass to me.
    p) Do as they say, not as they do....sheesh!
    q) Thought you'd like that one. I just wish the media would catch it.
    r) When I was 5, I could have gone at least 1/2 way across that river underwater, and then surfaced to finish it freestyle. The names.....anything to be anti-whitey.

  3. The massive Muslim migration to Britain is happening all over Europe. I traveled there back in the summer of 2001, before 9/11, and noticed there was a huge section of London that consisted of all Muslims.

    Liberals would let the same thing occur here.

    I was thinking along the same lines of Clyde. Hillary has a legitimate shot to run for president. You really don't hear too much news concerning her these days, which is why I believe she'll make a run. I just pray the GOP doesn't select another McShamnesty.

  4. Ah, another succulent claw. Indeed there is some meat to chew on mudbug, so I shall. Only 70 pages of waste? We all know that this was his payoff for his Chitcago thuggery to get ellected. Don't take Lindsey Graham too seriously, he's just bucking for a Brownie button. i thought there were ten planks the The ObamaNation "Blueprint for Marxist Change" manifesto. Unemployment went down? Gunny who? Grayson made a video of his greatest achievements huh? A one second video cost $73,000.00? So let me get this straight, De, Ta, Ja, Ja, Le, La and La all drown because they all tried to save each other from drowning when NONE of them knew how to swim?
    OK, that last one was hard to swallow. Thanks for a fine Claw!

  5. 1. If the governmentput a halt on ALL grants, aid, stimulus and all other give-outs the savings could go a long way to paying off the national debt. Or replace stolen funds from the Social Security lockbox.

    2. I don't understand why the AZ AG didn't submit a Motion to Dismiss on the grounds the SCOTUS had jurisdiction, not the AZ District court. Unless the AZ governor and attorney general have not studied the Constitution either.

    3. Brian probably right. I just believe it is the wording but the gist is legality of presence v. jurisdiction. Of course the US has jurisdiction over anyone illegally in the country. But people here illegally should not be afforded the protections of the Constitution.

    4. More on previous. As a matter of fact jihadists caught trying to enter the country via infiltrating the border should be treated the same as the Germans caught in WWII. Besides. It's in the Geneva accords. They could be summarily executed. ipso facto.

    5. Throwing away the Second Amendment and declaring martial law is coming. That will be the first line of defense of a government threatned with being ousted by an irate citizenry.
    Pretty much what Ol' Georgie did to start the Revolutionary War. He prohibited assembly and his troops were on a mission to confiscate the colonists' firearms.
    So it's coming. It will be a matter of how it is handled.

    6. Illegals with multiple DUI's. Common. Nor do illegals carry insurance. Another multiple DUI illegal that killed two teenage girls not too long ago brought out a shouting match between O'Reilly and Giraldo. I lived in the "Barrio" for many years. I know several people who were involved in auto accident with illegal. Every time the illegal takes off.

    7. Sheriff Joe should get a few Army guys with Gilley suits to lay out near the crossing points and lay waste to any vehicles coming across the river.

    8. DeKendrix?, Takeitha?, JaMarcu?, JaTavious, Litrelle, LaDairus, and Latevin???
    Uh... Would I be racially profiling if I deduced the family was black??

  6. Another good edition Crawfish!

    Sorry I haven't been around more; but I have benn covered up with work. (Plus Mrs. Gray Ghost and myself went to Branson, MO, last week for a few days of R & R.) I talked to many people in the "Show Me" state while we were there. I am surprised the vote against Obamacare was only 70 to 30. I would have figured the vote would be 90 to 10.

    I didn't know that Sheriff Joe had that large a "reward" on him by the Mexican Cartels. Perhaps he should place a bounty of the same amount on those who placed it on him?

    As for the "names", how about "Polyester" and "Dacron"? My wife had students with those two names about 3 years ago.

  7. Its laughable! when these MORONS get caughrt up in their own words! I am just thankful we have ways to record the crap to fling it right back into the lefts double faces!Between now and November we got a LOT to do.

  8. Eric,
    England and France are almost to the point of capitulation to Islam. Belgium and the Netherlands are close as well. Liberals are still stuck in the late 60s with their beliefs that if we just play nice, our enemies will love us and peace will reign and the flowers will all be pretty and.....

    Hitlery! has been doing a pretty good job of staying out of controversy and letting Obama look like the extremist he is. She's even money to win the nomination in 2012 in my book.

  9. Jim,
    -and the teacher unions are getting paid off today.
    -As for Grahamnesty, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn on occasion.
    -16 parts to his manifesto. Go back and check it out.
    -Unemployment went down because Obama "created" a bunch of temporary Census jobs and many long-term unemployed just abandoned the rat race.
    -Dunno who that Gunny character is...
    -His greatest achievements? We've seen those nutjob speeches on YouTube already.
    -As ol' Gump said, stooopid is as stooopid does.

  10. Buck,
    1) If we limited gummint spending to only Constitutional items, the budget would be in surplus.
    2) Probably didn't notice that clause and probably didn't know about Muehler v. Mena, either. Both are KO blows to that court.
    3) That's why I keep saying that we need to amend the Constitution to clarify the wording of the 14th to specifically exclude non-drybacks.
    4) To quote Harrison Ford in "Apocalypse Now", "Terminate, with extreme prejudice."
    5) and how the opposition organizes in the age of Big Brother monitoring all forms of communication.
    6) Just another reason to take away all of their jobs, all of their healthcare, all of their "rights", deport 'em, and shoot any crossing the border.
    7) Not Army...MARINES! (and maybe a retired Sailor)
    8) Nope. Just being observant of stooopidity.

  11. Ghost,
    -Even Mizzura has 30% leeches.
    -Unfortunately for us, bounties such as that one are against international law and we've gotta be better than the bad guys. Of course, if he pays some folks to do a reconnaissance and they just so happen to feel that they are in danger and must take out the opposition before they themselves are taken out......
    -Polyester and Dacron? Who in the world would do that to a kid? That should be grounds for a child abuse charge.

  12. 8th,
    Are they TRYING to make Biden look intellectual?

  13. Craw,

    You nailed it. As far as I am concerned, this entire regime is chargeable for if nothing else, a violation of their oath of office. Damn the lot of them.

  14. Re Lindsey Graham:
    He must be serious. One of the newslibs carried by my local paper's editorials has already started spitting teeth about how RA~ACIST he's being!

    I'm assuming these memos will soon be getting massive play in the nationwide nightly news, Craw. Of course, the entire essence of that play is likely to be 'SEE WHAT THOSE EVIL WICKED RETHUGLICANS ARE DOING TO BESMIRCH THE NAME OF OUR POOR BENIGHTED MASTER OBAMA!'. And yes, I'm imagining them screaming like that, even if they manage to hold it in while on camera.

    Either that, or they'll be perfectly reasonable in explaining why these memos are just like the climategate memos and therefore cannot be trusted until thousands of scientists with grants from liberal congressmensch have looked over them and refuted their contents.

    Re: Sheriff Joe.
    Isn't there some kind of pithy quote about knowing a person by the enemies they keep?

    "Of course your predictions are untrue, Capitalist Crawfish Scum. His glorious excellence Presidente Obama will lead us into a new era of justice and peace and light and ice cream five meals a day.

    Of course your predictions are untrue, Capitalist Crawfish Scum..."

    "How dare Grimm gain money from the Jews before I can obtain money from them! How dare he!"

    Not sure about that list of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's racist moments, Craw. Number eight is clearly specist, not racist.

  15. Gunny,
    I want someone in Arizona to sue the Justice Department for bringing their lawsuit and for bringing it into a court that has no jurisdiction. Preferably the family of a wetback's victim.

  16. Ender,
    -Grahamnesty can't be all that serious. He voted for Kagan, which means he cares not what the Constitution says or means.
    -The memos have disappeared from every news outlet, even Fox News.
    -Joe's enemies prove him to be a real American!
    -I'm proud to be Capitalist Scum!
    -Isn't Jewish money supposed to always go to the Dim-ocrats?
    -That's about the best comment I've heard regarding the NAACP's list!

  17. Craw-
    Saw that you posted over at Kevin Jackson's place. *That* was a funny column. I read the same article on swimming to my son, no names. He said,"Mom, were they black or latino?"

    As for the I-2, another killer, multiple DUI's- as Buck common around here, too. Our Sheriff Harrison has seen several get deported for murdering people and they come back under another alias. WTF, over?

    Lastly, stop by and read this:

  18. Nee,
    -As soon as I told my wife about the drownings, she immediately said that they must have been black from inner city Shreveport...BINGO! (She's a Creole from Loooziana)
    -Any illegal who kills an American should be executed, not deported.

  19. Sorry to those who saw that racist rant by one of Gunny's trolls who tries to fool people into thinking his racist spews are being done by us. What a jerk.

  20. "I thought there were ten planks the The ObamaNation "Blueprint for Marxist Change" manifesto." Sorry Mudbug, you're right, it's the ten planks of the communist manifesto, I get those to confused all the time.
    I recently did a blog on just the topic about Liberals posing as conservatives and acting racist.
    BTW new post up I think you'll find interesting.

  21. Jim,
    quite a bit of his "blueprint" was indeed from the Communist Manifesto, just with the words changed. Same meaning and intent.


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