Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7-7-2010 The Weekly Claw

Does every grocery store, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, and such have bunches of electric ride around carts because so many Americans are fat, lazy slobs, or are so many Americans fat, lazy slobs because all of those stores have the ride around carts?

Okay, we have a nomination for the stooooopidest statement of the year. Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy says that unemployment checks are an economic stimulus and create jobs. Just how many of your brain cells must you kill to come up with that kind of idiocy?

Thank God that this guy is okay. Team President Nolan Ryan visited him in the hospital and gave him the ball he had been trying to catch.

We’ve all been watching and waiting for the complete collapse of California’s economy and government because of their excessive spending, regulations, and taxes, but it appears that another liberal-dominated state is going to win the race. Corruptionois can’t pay its bills, not even for essential services. This is what Obama, P-Lousy, and Dingy Harry want to see happen to our entire nation!

That kinda fits in with this column. I’m not saying this is true, but it does fit in with a lot of what The Crawfish, Gunny G, and a lot of others were warning about during the campaign and the first 18 months of His Majesty’s reign. A tip of The Crawfish’s hat to Poll Katz e-mailer “REC48” for that one.

Meanwhile, the Germans have seen what socialism does to an economy and are looking at every way possible to cut spending instead of increasing it. They and the rest of the G-20 nations tried to tell Obama that massive government spending does nothing to spur job growth or economic recovery. They have proven that it does the opposite. Since Obama wants the USA to self-destruct, he told them all to take a flying leap.

The next time you hear The Chosen One spout off that our current economic woes are all W’s fault, just remember what The Crawfish and all of his blogger friends have been saying for the past 3+ years about our economic and credit policies. A lot of it is contained in this column, which was also sent to us by Poll Katz e-mailer “REC48”.

Don’t ask me why, but I had an urge this week to search for a music video on YouTube. My all-time favorite band, Rush, was the guest of NASA for the April 12, 1981 launch of STS-1, the first orbital mission of the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle was the Columbia, and the pilots were John Young and Robert Crippen, both of the United States Navy. The band wrote the song “Countdown” after the event, and the song includes many of the sounds and radio calls from the launch. It was released on the album “Signals”, and when they played it in concert, scenes from the launch were displayed on a video screen above the stage. The Crawfish went to the Dallas show of that tour. It may never have been a big hit song, but it remains one of my personal favorites.

While we’re on the subject of NASA, regular Claw-contributor “INTHENOW” sent along this gem about Dear Leaders newly announced top 3 objectives for NASA. The first two make some sense, as they are to “re-inspire children” and “expand our international relationships”, although that second one could really be not-so-good considering who the nations are that he wants to have “relationships” with (Iran, Syria, North Korea, the Palestinian Authority…). The third objective is one gigantic red flag: “reach out to the muslim world”. The only way involving space that we need to “reach out to the muslim world” is to launch a large number of ICBMs at said muslim world. The opinion piece by Byron York is a must read.

It just might be time for the US to start taking serious action against Syria. Oh, wait…I forgot…our current government WANTS the destruction of Israel. Silly me. So sorry.

Looks like the weirdbeards (literally) of Iran have gone even more stoooopid than we figgered they’d go.

Here’s some testimony from the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings that should be key, but we all know that the liberals will just give this gentleman lip service and vote in favor of the anti-military, anti-Constitution, pro-partial-birth-abortion, pro-radical homosexual agenda, anti-Israel nominee of the anti-military, anti-Constitution, pro-partial-birth-abortion, pro-radical homosexual agenda, anti-Israel President.

Why did anyone really consider Ah-nahld to be a Republican? As if being married to the Kennedy family wasn’t enough, how’s this for liberal stooopidity from the former body builder?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. I feel bad for that fan but really, reaching out that far to catch a ball?
    The Illinois corruptocrats are like crackheads when it comes to spending. And addiction shared with the brainiac socialists in DC.
    The articles about Barry possibly being a sleeper agent, the new reach to make nice with Syria and his new orders to Nasa kinda go together. When I heard about the Nasa "mission" I thought this just goes further to show Barry as a muslim undercover operator.
    By the way, Michelle Malkin's web site has some pretty funny photoshop entries for Nasa's new logo.
    Like Ahnald has nothing more serious to take of than caged hens. Time to stop with the steroids in your morning coffee Ahnald.

  2. Another good issue, Crawfish. I especially like the info on NASA and California.

    Personnally I don't believe that O'Vomit is a sleeper agent. I think he is nothing more than your standard, Far Left, Socialist Dumbocrap. And he is not as smart as some that came before him (Bill Clinton comes to mind as a much smarter Dumbocrap). O'Vomit cannot evem give a speech without the use of the TOTUS. I remember several speeches where Clinton went off the subject of his "written" speech and did so very well.

    As for California, I am enjoying watching the "meltdown".

  3. 1. California is going broke, Illinois is going broke, New York is not too far behind. Is this a variant of the Cloward and Piven strategy?

    2. I have felt Obama was, if not physically an agent of the Soviet that he was a willing puppet. Look at his acquaintances. Look at his financiers. But in the vast scope of conspiracies you must also look at the fact McCain THREW the election to Obama as sure as Benedict Arnold tried to give the fort at West Point to the British.

    3. Wierd, ain't it. The US "...has not ruled out the shooting down of any Isralei aircraft passing through Iraq to bomb Iran. At the same time Saudi (no friend of Israel's) has been making gestures it might allow an overflight for that purpose.
    War and politics.
    And religion.

    4. We saw it and laughed at the ludicrousness of it. Some Obama appointee wants to give animals legal rights. Arnold is merely falling in line. Like a good little Marxist.

    5. And speaking of outright Marxists...does the name, "Leahy" ring any bells?????

  4. NASA has been a huge moneypit for awhile. Though I love the thought of what some probes and satellites could accomplish and find around this galaxy, NASA has been infested with liberals who've wasted taxpayer dollars on failed exploits, such as the data base for NASA reports in the aviation industry, and many new programs are behind schedule, or don't even have one! I wish we had more Burt Rutans either in NASA, or after winning the xprize, inspiring others to take initiative and continuing spaceflight where NASA should be.

  5. I've been waitnig all week, where's the Gumbo? Funny that, I made Jambalaya on Monday.
    Plousy is a stupid statement! Did he catch the ball? Chitcago, what a surprise! Me too, But Socialist always tell me that Germany is the perfect example of Socialist Utopia.I'll add Beneth, Between, Behind,;Camera's Eye, The Red Barchetta,2112, and La Via Strangiato(so hard to choose though). Arnold, liberal? Eggsactly!

  6. Us Californians always were a bunch of dumb clucks so the Governator is just looking out for US! We're as upset at Illinois beating us out in the race for the bottom of the fiscal pit as Germany fans are about the World Cup.

  7. Good pile as usual,Craw. C ya next week.

  8. I know the ones in the carts will want Wal-Mart to bail THEM out!!as far as AHNOOLDis conserned he is more a lib in RINOS clothing. (new post up)

  9. "nanny dearest" also thinks that 60 percent of Americans who oppose Obummercare don't matter!! she and all the rest of the Obammabots are gonna get anpther lesson in November!!!

  10. RUSH !!!

    Saw Countdown performed in the Frankfurt Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany, May 1983 the night before I left for my next assignment in Dyess TX. Center front row, balcony seats, awesome especially since they had problems getting the opening acts off and Rush onstage that Rush played way past their normal closing.

  11. B-mom,
    -a neighbor of mine was about 20 feet from the incident. The ball went over the guy and bounced back toward him. His back was to the rail and he lost his balance.
    -They're just a couple of steps ahead of Californication and Noo Yawk
    -Bu'raq al Obama does seem to favor the muzzies over the USA
    -I saw those logos...good stuff!
    -Ahnahld is first and foremost a moron

  12. Ghost,
    Obama is a far-left socialist muslim. Clinton, on the other hand, was a master POLITICIAN ( and poon hound) who was medium lefty.
    Let Corruptionois, Caulifornia, and Noo Yawk go Tango Uniform right after the conservatives take over the Congress...NO BAILOUTS!

  13. Buck,
    1) Just stooooopid liberals in action.
    2) The only question is who he wants to surrender us to, the socialists or the muzzies. I think he wants the socialists to wreck us from the inside so we can't stop the muzzies in the rest of the world.
    3) Some things get curiouser and curiouser...
    4) Or a good little IDJUT!
    5) You mean "Leaky"???

  14. Eric,
    NASA has been misused for quite awhile. Time to put the explorers and pilots back in charge.

  15. Jim,
    -I ate gumbo all week. Made a pot on Saturday when the fridge turned off and the chicken in the freezer thawed. Was planning to make it on Monday.
    -P-Lousy makes Biden look brilliant.
    -No, but Nolan Ryan gave it to him in the hospital.
    -Corruption and liberals on crack...The Chicago Way!
    -And Germany is turning hard away from socialism!
    -La Villa Strangiato was always the last song I listened to before leaving the locker room for warm-ups when playing HS football.

  16. Skep,
    If Cali hurries up, they can still win the race! Just imagine if Gray Davis was still in charge!

  17. Clyde,
    What? No multi-chapter reply?

  18. Knight,
    Will she get the hint when Dingy Harry flames out?

  19. Flame,
    I saw them in 81, 83, 02, and 09.

  20. Lost his balance?
    When the kids were little I always got nervous at venues like that.
    It's easy to lose your balance when you're up in a high seat.

  21. B-mom,
    he went home from the hospital yesterday

  22. I think she already has--her Botox is inflamed!!!What gives me more hope is more and more are waking up to what is really happening in washington and how it effects them. Obummercare is a direct assult on our constitutional indavidual rights and the lame excuse we have for a press is more focusesd on what happens to Linsday Lohan!!

  23. Knight,
    I don't think Nan will get the message, since there's a bunch of people in her district who say she's too conservative for Than Franthithco.

  24. From Brianr's Site:

    didn't know your father was a Warhawk pilot (I'm assuming Warhawk model instead of Tomahawk of Kittyhawk due to the time period of ground support in Italy). A family friend was an A-36 Apache and P-47 Thunderbolt pilot doing ground support in the Italian campaign. Thankfully, Pete and his wife, Carol, are still with us and neighbors of my parents."

    Dad was in the 33rd Pursuit Group. He made one carrier take-off from the USS Ranger into North Africa (Kittyhawk P40, "Old Spooks"). He went thru the entire North African campaign, Pantelleria (sp?), and Sicily in P40 Kittyhawks ("Old Spooks" and "Old Spooks II".

    My understanding is that he received a Warhawk P40 for the Italian campaign ("Old Spooks III").

  25. Gray,
    That was a tough warbird. They were good for low to medium level stuff and did very well in the North Afreakan campaign.


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