Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7-14-2010 The Weekly Claw

Quite a bit to discuss this week, so place your seatback in the up position, stow your tray tables, and tighten your 4-point harnesses. This is not gonna be a smooth ride!

On July 17, 1996, shortly after I asked for Mrs. Crawfish’s hand in marriage, 230 people were killed aboard Trans World Airways flight 800 when it exploded 12 minutes after takeoff over the ocean off Long Island. The official government report said that a spark of unknown origin set off the vapors in the center fuel tank, which was empty for that flight. A large number of people with experience in aviation mishap investigation and military weapon systems contest that conclusion. They say that the most likely reason for the jet to explode over the ocean was the impact of an anti-aircraft missile. There is puh-lenty of evidence of a government cover-up, especially since the government’s point person on the case was Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who later put up the walls of separation between our intelligence agencies which made 9-11 much easier for the muslims to accomplish. Gorelick also went on to earn millions of dollars helping to run Fannie Mae, with policies that directly led to the collapse of the credit market and the economic downturn that gave us President B. Hussein Obama. She resigned from that post to take a seat on the 9-11 Commission, where she whitewashed her own role in that disaster and blamed the intelligence services for following the rules that she had put in place. Whatever the cause, remember the victims.

Do y’all remember the final wrangling for votes on Obamacare? It came down to a few Democrat Congresscritters, led by Bart Stupak (D-Michiganistan), who opposed any taxpayer funded abortions. King Barack I and Queen P-Lousy promised Stupak and the rest of us that there was language somewhere in the 2300+ pages (that we would have to enact before we could find out what was in it) that would prohibit taxpayer funded abortions. Well, y’all can all say it with me…BARACK AND NANCY ARE LIARS! The Health and Human Services Department is giving Pennsylvania $160,000,000.00 under Obamacare guidelines to set up one of those “high-risk insurance pools”, and this pool will pay for any abortion that is legal in the state. Hopefully, there are lawsuits already being filed in federal court against this.

Speaking of liars, Prince Dingy Harry was questioned about national figures that show approximately 17% of construction workers are illegal aliens. His response was “not here in Nevada.” Does he mean that the number is higher in Nevada or does he believe We the People are stooopid enough to believe anything he spews?

The horrid refereeing provided by FIFA for the World Cup continued on through the championship game, where the English referee showed blatant favoritism for the Spanish team, including denying the Dutch an obvious corner kick and an easy-to-call free kick both with about 8 minutes left in extra time, the last of which led directly to the Spanish goal in their 1-0 victory. The ref thought the game was primarily all about him, secondarily about Spain, and by the way the Dutch were playing as well. Spain was indeed the better team, but the Dutch were robbed.

When she was in her confirmation, Affirmative Action SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor promised that she would support the 2nd Amendment. In the cases that have come before the Court since then, she has proven herself to be a LIAR and anti-Constitutionalist. Elena Kagan is also pledging to support the whole Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, but knowing her past do you believe a word of it? The Crawfish sure as @(*)@&%% doesn’t. The NRA doesn’t either, and they are trying to educate the public about Kagan and her opposition to our Constitutional rights.

His Majesty made a “recess appointment” this past week for the position of head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He didn’t have to do it because the GOP has been blocking the confirmation of his nominee. Far from it. It is the Democrats who have been avoiding confirmation hearings, because they KNOW how controversial he is and that it would reopen the whole Obamacare debate. They really don’t want that debate within 120 days of the mid-term elections, especially with these comments on Donald Berwick’s record: “Any health care funding plan that is just equitable civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional” and “I am romantic about the NHS (Britain’s failed socialized health care system); I love it. All I need to do to rediscover the romance is to look at health care in my own country.”

Claw contributor “Peppermint2” sent along a terrific short piece by Andy McCarthy of the National Review Online. It seems kinda funny how the Affirmative Action Attorney General and his Injustice Department are going after Arizona, where the new anti-illegal immigration law is not yet in effect, instead of Rhode Island, where the same law has been in place for a while and the cops enforce it and support it. Could it be that Obama and Holder are just doing this for a political splash before the elections? Probably, since the law in Rhode Island has already been upheld by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Estrada v. Rhode Island, in which the Court noted that the Supreme Court had said in Muehler v. Mena that police officers can ask for anybody’s immigration status verification whenever they want? By the way…Muehler v. Mena was a UNANIMOUS decision. Even Ginsburg agreed!

A female reporter asked Propaganda Minister Gibbs a question regarding immigration law that completely floored him. He looked like Obama without TOTUS. Of course, the question is on that needs to be shouted by the media, but they won’t. A tip of The Crawfish’s hat goes to my Gahdfaddah of blogging, GunnyG.

Iran’s pet terrorist group Hezbollah has been caught setting up a network in Tijuana, Mexico. Since The Chosen One wants muslim terrorists to defeat us anyway, this will probably have no effect on his border policies. Of course, if the Hezbullies had brains, they’d be setting up across from the Arizona border, since the California border actually does have fencing and active Border Patrol patrolling, while Arizona’s border is wide open by federal decree.

All I can say about Stan Cox is that he has to be one of the biggest unadulterated morons in the history of the Washington Post. Not going to work on hot days is an option? Is he on crack? Sorry, dumb-bass, but I’ve got bills to pay! This week, The Crawfish started working night shift. That means I drive 40-50 minutes to work in the hot part of the day. This week I am doing so without air conditioning, because my ventilation system on my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe crapped out. I need my a/c so I can get to work and be something other than a stinky sweatball!

It looks like Red Nanny P-Lousy is safe within her own district now. Than Franthithco has banned the sale of pets other than fish within the city. Well, she IS very much a dog and is the pet of the lunatic left! The people of that city really do need to wake up and smell reality once in a while. If Osama bin Laden set off a nuke there, I’d feel sorry for the loss of a lot of landmarks, but that’s about it.

With less than 120 days before the mid-term elections, the Democrats are forming a circular firing squad. What did those governors really expect from a hard-left Administration coupled with an extreme left Congress?

Y’all know that concrete canyon in El Lay that has been the scene of many memorable chase scenes in movies? You know, the one that sometimes has a few puddles in it? In order to greatly expand their regulatory powers to include anything that might find its way into that canyon, which is in reality the storm sewer runoff for the city, B. Hussein Obama’s EPA has declared it to be “traditional navigable water” and therefore subject to all of the regulatory powers under the Clean Water Act. Next week, they plan on giving the same designation to Pamela Anderson’s nether regions.

Whodathunkit? One of the biggest groups supporting Comrade Zero in his campaign was the teachers’ unions. Now they are angry with him and calling for the resignation of his Secretary of Education, Alikskyite Arne Duncan. You know him…the friend of Barack who wrecked the Chicago schools but has the same socialist ideology as B. Hussein Obama so he got a big promotion.

Here’s a big difference between mostly liberal Colorado and Texas. In Texas, this guy would be free, with no charges pending, and would be hailed as a hero and patriotic American, while the other two would be in jail awaiting trial.

The Dems keep blaming W for all of our problems, but take a look at the unemployment numbers since 1995 and notice that as soon as the Democrats’ policies started taking effect the numbers jump! It is time to put the blame where it belongs, on the heads of P-Lousy and Dingy Harry!

Here’s a WONDERFUL idea from the Democrats! Representative Chaka Fattah (D-Filthadelphia) is introducing legislation that would tax you 1% on every ATM withdrawal. If you read the linked article within this article, you’ll see that the proposed legislation would actually put a 1% tax on EVERY debit card, credit card, or cash transaction with the exception of stock purchases. They even want to tax transfers from your savings account to your checking account. What’s next? Are they going to tax you for using the restroom? (Maybe I shouldn’t have written that…it might give ‘em ideas)

Then again, His Majesty’s Science Czar wants to take the taxes from Crrap-And-Tax and redistribute that money. He doesn’t want to redistribute it to our own people, but rather to the “global south”, such as South America, Africa, and southern Asia. Where does he find these socialist idiots?

How do you make a financial system overhaul bill unConstitutional? Well, I mean besides letting Chris Dodd have anything to do with it. How about putting racial and gender quotas into it? Yeah, that’s sure to help the economy.

Blacks in Oakland didn’t approve of a jury’s verdict regarding the death of a black man by a white cop. The result? Rioting, as per usual. Imagine if whites did that for every trial involving a white victim of a black perp when the result was not a death penalty conviction. Those rioters are gonna be free to commit all sorts of mayhem starting this week, since Oakland is laying off 10% of the police force because of budget shortfalls. Just like every liberal city does when their spending outstrips income, they are cutting cops and expect firefighters next instead of cutting spending on the leeches that inhabit Oakland. Take a look at the list of crimes that the cops will no longer respond to.

Every once in a while, Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin has a post that just simply needs to be passed along. This is one of those posts.

The NAACP has gone over the edge as well, as if y’all didn’t see that one a mile away. Now they are protesting in favor of the white SEIU thugs who beat up a black Tea Party member outside of a Representative Russ Carnahan town hall meeting. Yes, these white guys beat up a black man and called him the n-term multiple times, but the NAACP supports them. In other words, the NAACP is now simply a part of the SEIU and takes their orders from the union thug bosses.

The NAACP had its national convention, and invited micHELLe to be one of their main speakers. Okay, so she’s the First Lady, so that fits. The main action, however, was to vote on a resolution condemning the “racist elements” of the Tea Party movement. Sorry, but the Tea Party movement is open to all Americans who prefer the Constitution over our current government. Minorities are welcomed with open arms. The Crawfish hereby issues an open challenge to the NAACP to show us examples of racism within the Tea Party movement. If the NAACP wants to look for racism, they should look at themselves for if THEY weren’t racists their title would be National Association for the Advancement of American People.

Props to Megyn Kelly of Fox News for taking on the head of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, regarding the Philly voter intimidation case. She got the idjut to actually say that the people who are upset about Holder’s actions are the real racists. Here’s part one of the interview, and here is part two. He even says that the perp’s calls for killing of “crackers” and white babies are words that have been “manipulated” by whites and Republicans. He even calls for reparations for all blacks, as if any living blacks were slaves. Megyn schooled his dumb-bass. Of course, she could have really nuked him if she had played this video of Shabazz praising Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban back in March of 2002. Thanz again to blogger “GunnyG” for this one.

Another world-renowned racist decided that he hadn’t been in the headlines lately, so he had to make a stoooopid and outlandish statement. Jesse-be-the-Jackson weighed in on the departure of LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and said that the Cavs owner has a “slave master mentality” and was treating LeBron like a “runaway slave”. Really? Do slaves get paid over $15,000,000.00 per year to play games? Why’d The Great Shakedown Artist have to bring racism into question? The answer, of course, is that he needed another headline and someone to shake down for a few million.

The liberals’ war against religion continues. A University of Illinois professor of Catholicism has been fired because he agrees with the Catholic Church’s teachings that homosexuality is naturally and morally wrong. Political correctness calls that “hate speech”, but bashing religion is FAVORED speech. Poll Katz e-mailer “Ginny” gets the hat tip for that’un.

Hold on…they’re at war with all religions EXCEPT Islam. The Administration of Bu’raq al Obama is still pushing it’s point that Islam has nothing to do with any of the violence in the world, especially in Afghanistan. Really? Then why is it that one of the central themes of their supposedly holy book is that all non-muslims must be converted, enslaved, or put to the sword, and the whole world must be conquered for Allah?

Here’s an update on the four Christians who were peacefully handing out Christian literature outside of a muslim festival in Dearborn, MI. They’re getting charged with disturbing the peace. Their actual crime is standing up for Christianity in a muslim-dominated part of our nation.

The Obama Administration, while denying that they do anything to oppose Israel, has now been caught partially funding a Libyan attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. So when exactly is this story going to be mentioned on the network news or in the Noo Yawk Slimes? Regular Claw contributor “Beachmom” gets the credit for this one.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

"Freedom- no word was ever spoken that has held out greater hope, demanded greater sacrifice, needed to be nurtured, blessed more the giver, damned more its destroyers, or come closer to being God’s will on earth, and I think that’s worth fighting for if necessary." – General of the Army Omar N. Bradley

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Good stuff as usual,Craw. Stay cool!

  2. Now that's a beefy claw. Well if the Obama's are liars then so are 90% of Dimoctritters...Hey, I'm on to something. Illegal workers have dumbed down many trades in this country. Trying to find a skilled carpenter or mason anymore is next to impossible. Sotomayor? I refer back to my previous statement. Gibbs? Uh, uh uh let me get back to you on that one. Hezbollah has been in Mexico for years, why stir the pot until they do something, like set off a dirty bomb? You think Cox wotks in the real world? They forgot Gumball Rally, best scene ever in LA River! Now Ihate to bunch the rest of it together, but the rest is all the crap that's just wrong, racism, illegal immigratin and reform that does more damage than good. Boy you put up a hack of a claw this week, that must have been a big crustacean! Thanks for the fill Mud bug! PS, new post at my place!

  3. Haven't taken the time to look over everything, though I plan to do so. However, I would like to offer you this little tidbit to go along with a couple of yours.

  4. It appears that Dearborn, Michigan is now a part of the Islamic World instead of the USA. I do not expect the O'Vomit Administration or the DOJ to do anything about it. But I do understand that several legal groups are about to take action to "hit" Dearborn with more lawsuits than you can shake a stick at. This should prove most interesting when they start.

    My favorite movie scene from the "LA River" is in one of my favorite Halloween movies, "Them" from 1954. The "giant ants" used the river (and the many drainage outlets) as an ant farm. James Arness was great as an FBI agent in this movie. BTW, because of this movie Walt Disney selected Fess Parker (who had a small part in it) to be Davy Crockett.

  5. Yeah, I saw the news here in Denver about the two illegals stealing the elderly man's truck. Liberal judges, taking the side of illegals, while screwing American citizens, once again. Sounds like the Dem party.

    You should read a bit about Black Liberation Theology. I haven't payed much attention to it in the past, but lately have decided to take a look. When I say its a perversion of the bible, that would be an understatement! It's right up there with Nazism and the KKK.

  6. Craw,

    Well done! I LMMFAO on Dingy Reid's claim. NV's drywall industry is run by illegals, for illegals.

    Eric, don't forget the Nation of Islam's "mothership" coming to take them back to "paradise!"

  7. 1. Now waitaminnit! (to quote Bugs Bunny)...That TWA was on a trans Atlantic flight and it didn't top off all the tanks? Granted West to East you get the benefit of the jet stream but I never heard of an aircraft going that far without full tanks... "It just don't add uppp." (to further quote Bugs)

    2. Who was it...Hitler or Napoleon or someone that said, "Treaties are made to be broken."
    Seems like promises to Congress are about the same....

    3. Soccer...Dutch and Spanish teams...who won... Kinda like asking the Harley biker if you pushed a Yamaha and a Honda over the Grand Canyon which would hit the ground first... The biker shrugs and says, "Who cares?"

    4. Now.. if Sotomayor and Kagin were riding on the Yamaha and Honda..........

    5. Berwick is just a subtle reminder of how much work the new congress is going to have to do and also how much we need to make sure we have a new congress.

    6. Maybe Hezbollah is setting up in TJ because (1) there are close to metropolitan areas to shoot rockets at; and (b) they like to go see the nightclub act with the woman and the donkey..

    7. San Francisco earthquake of...'03 or so... Right place, Lord, but the timing might be a wee bit off.

    8. Navigable waters, eh? Refer back to #5.

    9. I hope Colorado juries are familiar with "jury nullification".

    10. Final: Anyone notice how many times the alphabet channels' news played and replayed the Mel Gibson tape? Uh..did anyone see or hear of any of the alphabets playing the "I hate crackers...kill some crackers...kill their babies..." video? Once? No??

  8. 100% spot on!! When more and more find out they been lied to,cheated,and babboosled by this DIM-o_crat party controlling Washington the voting this November will be a Consrevative TITAL WAVE!! I hav also JOINED your crew in the FREEDOM blogger Bregade!! come on by..I value your input(and other conservatives)

  9. Oh, I do love the picture of a circular firing squad! May the Dumbocrats do it!

  10. "Harry" is a HEMMOROID!!!!Navada has a real choice this November--sharon has the RIGHT "angle" as far as this twwo-faced wannabe that is in the White House --I wish it was 2012--NOW!!

  11. Sorry it took so long for me to get to commenting, but here we go...

    too late. I got a bad sunburn on Sunday.

  12. Jim,
    -If your party's symbol is a jackass, what does that say about your personality?
    -All of the skilled ones are in unions, so they cost 300% more per hour and take at least twice as long.
    -Sotomayor makes Ginsburg look competent, and Kagan makes Sotomayor look brilliant.
    -Gibbs is the Arrogant Imbecile.
    -Well, that IS part of Obama's plan, ain't it? He'll blame it on the Tea Party and that will be his Reichstag moment.
    -Cox occasionally sees the real world from his penthouse window, or maybe if he watches a LOCAL news broadcast.
    -I'd say the ones in "To Live and Die in LA" and "The Italian Job" were real good'uns.
    -I promise that this week's edition will not be as long.

  13. Ender,
    I saw that story and just had to laugh. Sometimes those idiots make themselves more of a cartoon than the best Hollyweird writers could ever do.

  14. Ghost,
    I wanna see those lawsuits succeed in a big way.

  15. Eric,
    I covered a lot of the BLT stuff during the campaign over at my old site. Sick and racist stuff from "doctor" Cone.

  16. Gunny,
    Does Dingy actually believe himself? If so, he's one of only about 100 who believe him!

  17. Buck,
    1) With full tanks even the old versions of the 747 could go across the Pacific. The Atlantic only required about a half-fuel load if it wasn't heavily loaded.
    2) Promises by ANY Democrat, and unfortunately a lot of Pubs as well.
    3) Watch it, bub! I played the game for 20 years and refereed it for a few as well. I love the game, and can appreciate a 1-0 game if it was well played...kinda like the baseball lover who loves a thoroughly boring 2.5 hour shutout game.
    4) Put Ginsburg on a Suzuki and Holder on a BMW....
    5) Amen!
    6) Purplegimp on her wheelie isn't as entertaining as a donkey show?
    7) That was just a preview...we can hope.
    8) How can a lack of water translate into "navigable waters"?????
    9) Let's hope at least half of 'em ain't stoned!
    10) The alphabet channels played a tape of Mel Gobson? Which one? I love "We Were Soldiers"!

  18. Interface,
    Do they fire around the circle or straight across?

  19. Blackpen,
    please stop insulting roids like that!


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