Friday, January 8, 2010

1-8-2010 The Weekend Claw

This weekend’s column is a bit shorter than usual…STOP CHEERING!...but there’s still enough to get your brain cells active.

Aw shucky-darn. The Alabama Crimson Tide lucked out Thursday night when they managed to knock Colt McCoy out of the national cham-peen-ship game in the first quarter. McCoy’s replacement, a true freshman, threw 4 interceptions and had a fumble, leading to the defeat of the Texas Longhorns.

It has been said that Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy and Dingy Harry Reid are leading the Democrats on a kamikaze mission in order to “fundamentally change” our nation from a Constitutional republic into a European socialistic entity. This week a couple of Senators signaled that they are beginning their terminal dives into our ship of state, giving their political lives in service of their emperor. They will vote hard-left for the next year, completely going against what the people of their states desire and what the Constitution requires, and will end their political careers in the process. The Dems know that they will not have power forever, and are willing to lose some powerful players in order to put their anti-Constitutional socialist programs in place, knowing that once those programs are in place, they will never be overturned. Byron Dorgan (Donkey-Frostbite State) announced his impending doom on Tuesday afternoon, while Chris Dodd (Donkey-Countrywide Home Loans) made his announcement on Wednesday at his Connecticut home, paid for with his illegal sweetheart mortgage deal.

Red Nanny’s capability to tell lies that she truly believes surpasses even Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” Clinton. When C-SPAN challenged her and Dingy Harry to open up the Obamacare negotiations to public scrutiny, she actually said “There has never been a more open process for any legislation.” Really? So why have you been forced to have votes on weekends and at 1:00AM? Why have you refused to consider amendments not specifically brought by the House or Senate leadership? Why have all negotiations been closed to all but the leadership? Why did Harry Reid’s staff write the Senate bill in secret so that his #2, Richard “Turban” Durbin had to admit that he had no idea what was in it before the vote?

When even See-BS News is slamming the Democrats for their complete lack of transparency, you know the bloom is off the rose.

Ray Stevens gives us his take on Obamacare with a new song and video. Y’all might remember Ray from such classics as “Ahab the A-rab”, “It’s Me Again Margaret”, and “The Streak”.

The evidence of Glo-Bull Warming was seen in dozens of headlines around the nation and the world this week, with Seoul experiencing its greatest snowfall in 70 years, Britain getting its heaviest snowfall in 50 years, and Vermont getting its biggest snowstorm in history. Even Miami wasn’t spared, with the Orange Bowl being played in the coldest temperatures of its history.

It is now officially fact. The Arctic is warming. The seal population is dying off rapidly. Where masses of ice once were, there are now rocks. Some glaciers are just gone! See, it is right here in this report. Oh, my bad. That report’s dated October 10, 1922. So why are there still seals and glaciers 87.5 years later?

The envirowackos finally got what they deserved. For a long time, they have been harassing Japanese whaling ships. They even made a television series about it. Well, one of them was firing projectiles in an attempt to disable the propellers of one of the Japanese ships, so another Japanese ship rammed and sank the envirowacko vessel. Domo arigato, Shonan Maru!

I’m sure y’all remember back last year when Obama’s “Pay Czar” limited all salaries at companies receiving bailout money to a half-mil. Looks like there’s an exemption for executives of the companies that were the biggest dominoes in the financial industry collapse and are receiving unlimited bailouts.

The arrogance of this Administration is a wonder to behold. While admitting that he had not read the letters from state Attorneys General regarding the Obamacare bills, White House Press Lord Gibbs said “I do not believe that anybody has legitimate constitutional concerns about the legislation.” No legitimate Constitutional concerns? Is he daft? Oh, that’s right. This Administration doesn’t believe that the Constitution is legitimate. During the campaign, The Chosen One stated that the Constitution is a “flawed document”.

This one was sent to me by multiple readers, which makes me glad to know that my fans are as properly skewed as I am, but the first was Townhall blogger “Saltwater”. Unlike President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize, this award was well-earned.

Oh, and GO COWBOYS! Beat the Filthadelphia Illegals!

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“If, from the more wretched parts of the old world, we look at those which are in an advanced stage of improvement, we still find the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry, and grasping the spoil of the multitude. Invention is continually exercised, to furnish new pretenses for revenues and taxation. It watches prosperity as its prey and permits none to escape without tribute.” – Thomas Paine

The Constitution of the United States


  1. Friday Funnies...A)Long,short,who cares? They are ALL good,ol'son.B)Too damn bad the whole frigging dhimmi party wasn't jumping ship.Preferably in shark-infested waters. C) HJC. Has there EVER been a more dimwitted,asinine speaker than this botoxed biotch? D)Here is that story that lights my azs. OK,all you alphabet-soup networks,WHERE THE F@CK WERE YOU WHEN THIS AZSHAT'S CAMPAIGN STARTED??? THEN was the time to question this f#@^*r. NOT now,when the gahdam damage has been done.IDIOTIC,STUPID PIECES OF S#!T ANYWAY. Now,back to my normal rant.E)THAT was cool!!F)Here in Florida,where it is supposed to be WARM this time of year,the lines are LOOOOOONNNGGG to kick the Fraudacle right square in his azs.Supposed to be below freezing tonight,tomorrow,and Sunday here in Sarasota. Some REAL global warming would be MOST welcome here.G)You suppose THIS report is the basis the frauds at East Anglia CRU based their hoax on? Seems as likely as anything else the bastards did.H)I'm good with this. IF these fishing vessels are operating WITHIN the regulations,and these fricking moonbats,along with Greenpeace and like ilk,are harassing these ships,EFF it,sink the moonbats.Do us ALL a favor.I) OF COURSE they'd get an exemption. If YOU sent the DNC as much money as these jachoffs did,YOU would be exempt too.J) Gibbs.My Lord,what a WASTE of a perfectly good f@*k.Whenever I see this cluck,visions of 2x4's whacking his smug grin off his face come to me.Too bad HIS mom believed in life.This whole damned administration has no concern for the Constitution in ANYTHING they attempt. I know you remember theP.L.L's words in that radio interview. "The Constitution is a document of negative liberties".K)Thanks for that link. Another stop to visit. That Census Sprinter van looked more like it was heading to a Cup race.Hmmm...6 weeks to Daytona!Boogity,boogity,boogity,let's go racin',boys!! C ya Tuesday,stay warm!! Burn Algore.

  2. HI,
    Just a FYI the link for Janet Imcompitano on my site has a error, the correct link is...

    Noticed it on the trackbacks.

  3. 1.Sam Bradford at OU. Now McCoy at UT. I'm beginning to believe the ol' quarterback headhunting is coming back into vogue.
    2. Those politicians are not retiring from public life. They are merely withdrawing, regrouping and will return. After all, it will be much easier to run for office in a few years if you do't have to explain why you lost your last election and can explain inactivity via family, health, etc.
    3. Poor Al. He's beginning to look more and more like Al Bundy the loser than Al Gore the VEEP.
    4. Those dumass greenpeacers. Don't they know not everybody in the world will put up with their BS. Specially if it is going to cost money to do so.

  4. claw: the race in NV is very open and with Harry now about 10 pts behind both the Tark and Sue Lowden, there is a good chance to pick that up. With Dorgan out, John Hoeven of ND, the guv could win that seat. Castle will win in Del. There are many chances if only the Stupid Party, the GOP, would unite with Libertarians, Indies, and Reagan Dems. Weren't the Eagles pathtic. For me, time for Mac to be traded for some draft choices. Drop by my latest on Obamacare and my wife friend. Thanks.

  5. What a bunch of you know whats. I fell over (again) when I heard Nancy talking about how great the transparency was on the bill. Really? Does behind closed doors really a secret code word for "transparency?"

    Good stuff as usual.


  6. That's too bad Colt McCoy was hurt. It was a good game but with him in....

    I just wrote a blog on my guesses from the wild card games to the superbowl with scores. My scores have been off and my Sunday predictions were wrong, but I was right on on the Saturday games. Arizona and GB sure put on a game!

    With the economy not improving, horrendous bills being presented and shoved down our throats and an out of control debt left for our future to pay for... no wonder most liberals won't identify their political nature, or that more are considering themselves conservative. This far left administration is proving their policies do not work.

  7. Couple or three quick thoughts;

    1) We will never know what would have happened had McCoy not been hurt. Would the game have been different? Probably, but Monday morning QB's have 100% hindsight. It might could have been that McCoy could have had the best game of his career. It also could have been his worst game ever. There is no way to ever truly know period. The tide came to play, they played, they won. I give them their props, kudos, and congrats.

    2) The freshman, IMHO, played well enough under really hard conditons. He did throw 2 touchdowns, and drove the field for 2 field goals. Not to shabby for a guy that was only what about 19 years old, and only had taken 26 snaps all year.

    3) Changing gears; Komrades, PREZBO, Pelosi and Reid so promised a transparent administration. I knew from day one that that was a lie. Crawfish you're 100% correct about the midnight votes, weekend votes, closed door legislation etc. These folks are hellbent on creating a utiopian dream that will be the demise of the USA as we know it. But what do they care, their on the top of the heap right now,,,,

  8. Dang a few typos! That should read;

    1)They're hell bent


  9. clyde....
    a) tendjewberrymud
    b) Why do you wish such ill upon the intestinal tracts of the sharks?
    c) makes Tip O'Neil look competent and honest
    d) Like I said, when See-BS is taking notice, his Presidency is officially in the tank
    e) Mrs. Crawfish found it
    f) When there's ice on the flightline at NAS Jax, Glo-Bull Warming is officially debunked.
    g) Nah...they're basing global temps on the hot air from liberal speechmaking
    h) The wackos attempted to intentionally damage their ship...GAME ON!
    i) Fannie and Freddie were the number one cause of the credit crisis
    j) Gibbs is the worst in that job ever
    k) And let's make the temps rise at NASCAR events by bringing in Danica Patrick!

  10. AngryWhiteGuy,
    thanx for the correction. Dunno why, but I've had links go bad on me ever since I moved my blog over here from Townhall.

  11. buck,
    1) When did it go OUT of vogue?
    2) They're leaving ELECTED public life and going into APPOINTED positions so they can then become highly paid LOBBYISTS
    3) Quit insulting Al "Peg, I need a beer" Bundy!
    4) I still laugh every time I think of the FRENCH sinking the Greenpeace ship in port!

  12. Glenn,
    Reid's problems are even causing his son's numbers to fall!

  13. Susan,
    I'd really like to get a hold of their dictionary.

  14. Eric,
    Every socialist government in history has failed miserably. What makes these idjuts think they can do better?

    That AZ/GB game was amazing. Just hope Warner ain't that hot against Mrs. Crawfish's team...the SAINTS.

  15. Richard,
    1) The Tide did what they had to do. Can't take anything away from 'em. Too bad TCU went down in flames.
    2) Give him a full spring practice as starter and he'll bounce back. The stage doesn't get any bigger than that, even TX/OU and TX/TXA&M
    3) That heap is on very shakey ground.
    4) Do ya think I care 'bout typos? I knew what you were sayin'. Heck, I comprehend clyde and buck, don't I?

  16. Correction - It is not the "Frostbite State", it is the Frozen Chosen State.

    I know from experience before I became retarded, oops retired. It doesn't even have a chance at frost bite, goes directly to frozen. Still remember the winter that the high for the day didn't climb above -15 for three weeks, that and going bow hunting with the temps at -25, working snow removal in a blizzard with wind chill down to -90 and trying to ensure a clean runway for a bird to get down, or sandbagging before the Red River flood of '97 after an ice storm dropped power lines throughout the eastern side of the state.

    Flame On!


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